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32.7% of kavitharia's followers are female and 67.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.30%. The average number of likes per post is 72 and the average number of comments is 15.

Kavitharia loves posting about Soul, Entrepreneur, Business.

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32.7 %
67.3 %


  • Photography 61.09 %
  • Travel & Tourism 57.16 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 55.39 %
  • Business & Careers 49.59 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 48.65 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 39.59 %
  • Music 38.81 %
  • How-to & Style 37.49 %
  • Art & Design 37.34 %
  • Books and Literature 37.15 %
  • Entertainment 36.05 %
  • Luxury Goods 35.34 %


104 9

Sometimes, what we’re seeking is not just a gentle nudge in the right direction; we’re seeking permission. We’ve become accustomed our whole lives to seek permission before we do something, so now we find it incredibly difficult to give ourselves permission. As a child you would ask and take permission to eat before your next meal. As we grow older we seek permission (or validation) from friends and society before embarking on a new ordeal. As adults, we seek permission from our boss on the next move we make on a project or account. Permission isn’t necessarily bad, and it certainly has its place in society, but when you now step into your own business as the leader... You have to remember and realise that permission is in your own hands. You gather all the information and help you need, you can learn everything that’s important, and yet finally, YOU have to make your move. You have to call the shots. And this is what most people find the hardest. Here’s the thing... Choice is so vitally important to create momentum and keep moving forward. When you make a decision, you are cutting off all the options and choosing one path for yourself. This is hard. But this is needed. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for what you decide to do. Just yourself. Give yourself permission to start creating more content than you consume. Give yourself permission to raise your prices if you’re being underpaid. Give yourself permission to pivot the direction of your business with bold confidence if that’s what is needed today. Give yourself permission to close your laptop and rest, if that’s what you need today. What do you give yourself permission to do in your business today/this week? Comment below! I’m with you. Thanks for reading.

66 12

Found thousands of these on my 4.5 hour hike today. Autumn is in full swing gently reminding us that progress, change and transformation are all part of life and the journey we are on. The trees are losing their leaves and none of them are worried! It’s time to pull out those comfy sweaters, thick socks and warm pots of tea with a really good book! What lesson does autumn present to you this year? Let me know 👇🏽

45 26

I help people turn what they know into thriving, profitable businesses. I help people use their influence to have more impact and income. Tell me: how do you help people? Leave a comment 👇🏽

56 21

I’ve noticed this about me recently and I wanted to share it with you... Every time I go to a lake, a river or a stream, just like I did on this day 3 weeks ago, every time I notice stillness and see the absolutely jaw-dropping mirror reflection of the trees and the open sky, I feel immensely happy. My soul lights up. I am washed over with calmness and inner contentment and any sense of anxiety, rush or confusion eases completely. Anyone else ever feel like that?

61 25

Let me take you back a bit. 🐹 Between 2005 and 2009, I spent several years building and growing my first online business teaching musicians how to get more gigs, grow their careers and sell more music. That’s where I really built the foundation of my marketing + business knowledge, studied direct marketing and learned about marketing automation... I started on my own as a solopreneur before realising I needed a team to help me. (That’s a lesson for another post!) Little did I know that those formative years were going to be kindergarten to what followed in the next 10 years of my career up till this very day. However — motivated and ambitious me thought I could make absolutely anything work. I had a model, I had a system, I knew what was working and what wasn’t, surely I could take ANY idea and build a six-figure business on the Internet! Somehow, I stumbled upon Google Trends and realised that there was a huge demand of people searching for healthy & happy hamsters. Dollar signs of potential lit up in me and I went chasing... I spent 6 months slogging away trying to read every book about hamsters and to write my own 60-page guide. FACT: I’ve never owned a hamster Yet I did it, I wrote this guide and thought I could package and sell it with a strong sales letter. I put money behind advertising and I had launched a new project online... It took 6 months before my one and only sale. It was a horrible failure and a sobering lesson: if you don’t have passion for your subject, your business isn’t going to work. Never chase a business idea just because of money. You must have passion or your ideas will never fly. You’ll just never have enough energy and value to push it through. More soon. Thanks for reading. Kavit

77 6

Being outdoors is the entrepreneurs magical secret. An extended walk, swimming in the sea, a cycle ride, or whatever you enjoy doing. Movement in nature moves our mind and spirit away from being problem-focused to becoming more solution-focused. It inspires you to be creative and innovative. The sun shines not on us, but in us. Being outdoors moved you from being ON the world to IN the world, and that’s where you can identify the biggest breakthroughs for your business. 📸 took this photo on a recent trip to Devon! England is beautiful.

83 9

There’s a big difference between just running a business and running a business that is PROFITABLE. You need these 5 key essentials. Without them you’re always going to be lagging behind. 🙏🏽 INTENTION. Starting a business isn’t for everyone. It’s a lot of hard work, and in nearly every case I’ve come across, it cannot be “balanced”. When you have your own business, it’s incredible difficult to achieve that elusive “work-life balance”. So, to make it a success, you must start with a clear and purposeful intention. WHY are you in business? Why are YOU running this business? What’s your purpose? What’s driving you? Is it money? Service? Transformation? Self-growth? Be clear on your intention. 👊🏽 TOP 3 CHALLENGES When you set out to do business, you step out to solve a problem someone is facing. List 3 problems you’ll be intently focused on solving. What challenges do your audience have that you’ll become the expert at solving? 🕊 YOUR CORE OFFER Most people don’t buy because they are UNCLEAR about what you can do for them. People don’t buy coaching, consulting or (product), they buy the outcome you’ll create and the transformations they’ll experience. Get to the heart of your core offer and don’t be afraid to share and sell it. 🚗 JOURNEY OF GROWTH & INVESTMENT Your audience is asking you to hold their hand and take you in the direction of their dreams. You are the catalyst. Your offering solves their problem. But they won’t buy if you don’t prepare a journey for them to go on. The funnel starts with free content. Use IG to engage. Offer something of useful, instant value and move them to your email list. Nurture them. Take care of them. Present your offer regularly. You want to become oversubscribed. 😍 OBSESS OVER YOUR CUSTOMER Feel honoured to serve every customer you get that fits your criteria. They have chosen you. Do the best you can. When with them, obsess over their journey. Move them to transformation. Be your customer’s biggest champion, and they’ll be your biggest champion in return. Please let me know whether these kind of posts help. Also, which of the 5 do you struggle the most with?

68 21

I’ve been in the “online business” world since 2005. Let me tell you this... starting a business isn’t easy. It isn’t for everyone. You need courage, clarity and confidence. If you have a flame burning within you, if you have a real desire to help people, if your internal motivation is strong enough, if you have a big enough WHY... you can do it. If you don’t, you just won’t succeed. It takes heart, guts and sweat. One of the biggest struggles I hear from people is with PUTTING THEMSELVES OUT THERE. Have you ever felt that yourself? Why? Mostly because of self-doubt. 👉🏽 I don’t speak well enough... 👉🏽 I don’t write well enough... 👉🏽 Am I good enough? 👉🏽 Do I know enough? 👉🏽 Is my course/coaching/service good enough? 👉🏽 What will they say about me? 👉🏽 What if I promote and nobody buys? Look, if you’re reading this... ☄️I don’t want you waiting on the sidelines, playing the game from the substitutes bench. I want you in the game. I want you scoring the goals. The only way to push past is to be very very good at what you do. 1. Practice practice practice cements your confidence and leads to your expertise 2. Create more content than you consume every day (whether you publish it or not, create create create) 3. Pitch your offers and sign up those customers or clients! If you have a deep passion, you’ve been committed to learning and growing, and you KNOW you have what it takes to change lives with your work.... you have to take the big step and start putting yourself out there. 🛫✈️🌍 This lotus took a long time to grow. It took the time to strengthen its foundation, work its way through the murky waters and finally rose above it all. Be like the lotus. You can do the same. You can do it. Are you with me?

101 19

Sending you love and positive vibes wherever you are in the world! 🧡 make your work a vehicle of sharing love. share it on today...

57 4

Take one step at a time. Tap ❤️ if you agree. Sometimes, with a bit of faith, confidence and support, you can make a few jumps. More often than not though, it’s a single step at a time. Isn’t this how the tortoise wins the race? #worldmentalhealthday2020 #businessowner #slowlivingmovement

63 6

Feel like you’re in the hamster wheel? Then stop. Take a moment to breathe. Realign with your strength and what works. If “getting clients” is the goal, focus on the doing 3 things. 3 is more than enough. Just do them very well and do them consistently. It will work!

81 14

If I get some Yessses I’ll make some time and do it >>> Thinking of doing an “ASK ME ANYTHING” IG live to talk all things purpose-driven marketing, business, goals and achievement. Would you join/watch? What would you like to ask? Post below.


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