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Texas gal portrait taker here. clay wrangler at @katmalonemade personal at @mamakatmalone
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.30%. The average number of likes per post is 37 and the average number of comments is 4.

53.85% of the followers that engaged with katmalonephoto regularly are from United States, followed by Australia at 5.98% and Mexico at 5.98%. In summary, the top 5 countries of katmalonephoto's posts engager are coming from United States, Australia, Mexico, Iceland, Germany.

Katmalonephoto loves posting about Photography, Nature & Outdoors.

Check katmalonephoto's audience demography. This analytics report shows katmalonephoto's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 53.85 %
  • Australia 5.98 %
  • Mexico 5.98 %
  • Iceland 4.27 %
  • Germany 4.27 %


18 3

It’s kind of ridiculous that seniors like @emelinemontague are allowed to be so dang cool these days. Just sayin, I wasn’t half this cute at this age lol. Hey I’m happy it’s this sweet thing because she’s a diamond for sure! Can’t wait to shoot with more seniors this year, this is the perfect time to get those photos done early and have plenty of time to order senior cards!

32 0

It’s that time of year & boy have I been busyyyy with some beautiful family sessions lately! Gosh this one was so darn sweet too with having photographed these cuties last year when Mercy was pregnant with this lil gal! I love love love getting to shoot with the same families, year after year. Thanks @thelumenroom for allowing us into your new location early, y’all are 👌🏼 Such good memories! Happy Thanksgiving y’all! - - - - - #indipresets #dallasphotographer #dallastx #dallastexas #texasphotographer #oklahomaphotography #okc #oklahomacity #oklahomaphotographer #tulsafamilyphotographer #familyphotoshoot #doingneutralright #texasfamilyphotographer #dallastexasphotographer #familyphotography #northtexasphotographer #tulsaphotographer #familyphotoshoot #familyphotographer #dfw #okcphotographer #dfwfamilyphotographer #desertphotography #fortworthphotographer #dallasfamilyphotographer #tulsa #fortworthfamilyphotographer #neutralslikethese #okcphotography #katmaloneportraits #katmalonephoto

23 3

I felt like sharing one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken from one of my favorite shoots ever in these magical September wildflowers with @lundengarcia & her man Daniel. I need to get back to this place and shoot here again, it was just that good. Anyway, who’s up for a little cooler weather?!

41 1

Florida magic, take me back ✨ @sarah.freeman92’s sunset fam photos. I haven’t edited a photo in a moodier style in awhile, but this one just called to me to be deep and beautiful & I’m glad I answered.

58 5

Motion photos are some of my fav photos these days ✌🏼

42 2

This family is so near and dear to our hearts, Curtis being Michael’s roommate and fellow arch studio mate from our OSU days. It’s been such a treat to get to know them, see their fam grow, talk about Jesus, & now photograph such sweet, beautiful memories in a place that has always been like a second home to me—Destin. Thankful, thankful for sweet friends like these & I’m so happy Benny & Shep had such a great time together!

31 4

Literal angels of human beings right there. I’m so stinking excited for y’all to be parents!! Thankful and praising our Abba Father that all three of you are happy & healthy. God is good. I’m still obsessed with these blue hour photos ✨🦕

38 4

Whatever season I am currently in tends to be my favorite, but spring & fall are my top two as I love the transitions of life. Winter and summer can be a little long for me, but I do love them for their own characteristics, especially as they make me more appreciative for the other seasons. Spring takes the boot as it has so much new growth and as a crazy plant lady, I’m here for that. Anyway, random rambling thoughts to accompany this pic I took a few weeks back of the b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l @claire_mcshane. Really wishing I could shoot in all of these new flowers that keep popping up, but I am super duper thankful for this period of rest. Next spring you best bet I’m gonna be doing all of the spring sessions!!

45 11

Blue & Golden Hour goodness with two gemstones of people. I honestly can’t wait to start photographing more maternity shoots when we’re able to be near each other again ✨🌞

44 7

Can’t believe this was just early last week, these days are blending together now that Michael is working from home too. Not gonna lie, we’re huge homebodies so this has been a real blessing to have him here more, but I do miss people contact, coffee shops, & thrifting real bad. Is there something you didn’t realize you would miss so much & it’s finally hitting home for you? Let’s cope together! ps. @claire_mcshane you’re a real life babe ✨

26 3

Cacti for alllllllllllllllll the days & feels. 1000% okay with that.

41 3

Gimme all the lake sessions.


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