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Industry kid grinding as a Plus Model➕ while enjoying motherhood👧🏽
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51.2% of kaimorae's followers are female and 48.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.20%. The average number of likes per post is 5601 and the average number of comments is 84.

Kaimorae loves posting about Moms, Plus Size, Modeling.

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51.2 %
48.8 %


  • Entertainment 85.61 %
  • Music 73.70 %
  • Children & Family 71.17 %
  • Art & Design 58.64 %
  • Movies and TV 57.50 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 53.33 %
  • Business & Careers 50.53 %
  • Books and Literature 40.07 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 34.38 %


1,703 29

#ad 1st round of @boombod shots DONE & I’m wondering why I never tried em before🤔 These shots are designed to cut cravings, reduce bloating & get the bod back on track...helped me smooth out some of my butter rolls as shown in my unedited photos😜🧈 So who’s looking for a boost to get things moving in the right direction? I def recommend giving this program a shot & with BOGO free going on at boombod.com why not start now😊

1,960 37

#ad Come through waist🔥 Been sticking with my @boombod shots for the last few days now & they are coming through with the work honey👏🏽 Just 3 easy shots a day is helping get me back on track - I’ve been snacking way less & bloating is where? Got my tummy on curvy flat boo😜 Seriously, gotta give this program a shot & with BOGO Free on right now it's the perfect time - check out ALL their flavors at boombod.com & let me know how it goes😘

23,422 436

Yesterday my @babybellarae turned 4 yrs old🎉 This lil chocolate drop is the sweetest, sassiest, smartest, shake-a-booty-est baby ever😂 So glad to be your mommy kid💕🥰 Y’all check out her original hit song “Sparkly Everywhere” 🎤 #DecemberBabies #HappyBirthday

12,106 193

Cold LA mornings, make me wish I was still in Miami Beach in my @apluslosangeles swimwear👙

9,068 126

New @apluslosangeles swimwear👙 Left this image unedited (yes it does have a filter though) to state that a little extra roll here & there ain’t never hurt nobody😊; many even prefer it that way😋 We randomly caught this improv iPhone shot📱📸 while filming for the lit curvy hot girl summer pool party💦🧜🏽‍♀️ *Details coming soon*

2,679 40

#ad A week in on my @flattummyco tea program and u can’t tell me I don’t look slimmer; loving the progress. Stomach on its way to being flat flat and my bloating is disappearing. Check out their big summer sale to be on the same path‼️

4,286 63

#ad You know that your @flattummyco is working when u can still fit your 8th grade ymca shirt comfortably😜 switched over to their detox tea program to get this bloat under control and my tummy is back to feeling flat. I suggest getting both the tea & shakes to alternate throughout the summer

4,133 32

#ad Looking for the perfect weight loss shake, look no further than @flattummyco🥤. I use them so much that I upgraded to the big boy tub but trust I keep my individual packages for on-the-go moves🏃🏽‍♀️. They help curb my cravings and heighten my energy levels. You have got to check them out for yourself!

1,961 29

2019 has got me feeling EXTRA motivated - how about y’all?! If not, let @flattummyco help you out to start the year off right by slimming out that waist - personally the shakes & these appetite suppressant lollipops are my go to’s - but you should really check out them out yourself!

3,424 53

Dec bdays = lots of cake🎂meaning my @flattummyco shakes are definitely a necessity to finish out the year & holidays to balance our things

5,448 229

It’s a real one’s bday🎉🎁😘 #Dec5th #sagittariusseason

5,036 44

If you weren’t lucky enough to get @flattummyco’s new shake flavors before they sold out, NOW is your 2nd chance as they are back in stock (and 20% off for Black Friday). I’m using the tea to cleanse out from yesterday💩 lol. Remember summer bodies are made in the winter so stock up! Don’t mind my #bathroompic feat my mini me👧🏽 #NoFilter

9,752 188

Cranberry/Red Wine🍷 or Neon Orange🍊 Whichever you prefer, @apluslosangeles has them both 🔥 #CurvyModel #Lace #ModelMonday #FullFiguredFashion #PlusModel

2,747 28

Suns out☀️Buns out😝 . . Dress & jean jacket from @curvysense/ CurvySense.com - Use promo code: KAI20 for💰 off‼️ #PlusSizeModel #FullFiguredFashion #CurvyModel #ThickThighsSaveLives #PlusFashion #PoolPartyReady

9,109 110

Red lip💋White dress👗Classic combo for a night out🌃 . . Dress from @curvysense/ CurvySense.com - Use promo code: KAI20 for💰 off‼️ #PlusSizeModel #FullFiguredFashion #CurvyModel #PlusFashion #MommysNightOut

2,243 28

Super happy with my progress. Yep, almost a month of @flattummyco shakes down and my tummy is looking pretty good. Wonder what flavor @flattummyco will come out with next?🤔

5,624 65

🖤#CurvySenseDoll Harajuku grunge style🇯🇵 . . Shop this entire look on @curvysense/ CurvySense.com with $$$ off using promo code: KAI20💰 #PlusSizeModel #FullFiguredFashion #Grunge #StreetPhotoshoot #PlusFashion

3,700 43

Boost your summer results ASAP as @flattummyco’s shakes are 3x more effective than diet & exercise alone. Doesn’t hurt that it’s jam packed with protein + vitamins AND 20% OFF today too! Click on the link in their bio!

5,024 51

🍊@apluslosangeles creamsicle🔥 #PlusModel #Curvy #FullFiguredFashion #kaimorae #summer18 #PlusIsEqual #HonorMyCurves

12,516 193

This lacey 2-piece from @apluslosangeles was a hit at the @miamicurvesweek fashion show🔥‼️ Thank you ladies for having me slay this year, I look forward to next year’s even bigger & better show😊❤️

17,258 287

Little miss @babybellarae rocking her @tiinytreasures outfit🌹 on this beautiful Sunday afternoon looking too cute if I must say so myself😊 Check out their website moms & dads, you won’t be disappointed‼️

6,544 59

Summertime vibes ☀️😎💛 Stay tuned for more of this @apluslosangeles 🔥collection‼️ #PlusSizeModel #LABasedBrand #Curvy #PlusSizeFashion #BlackGirlMagic

4,153 45

Let @FlatTummyCo help get that tummy back flat this summer. They have 20% off going on right now, and I’m allll about this. Their lollipop program is definitely a summer necessity. You can throw them in your beach bag and they help hold you over in between meals. So serious! You need to check them out!

4,138 30

Yo these @FlatTummyCo lollipops taste just like regular ones to my surprise😯🍭. I’ve been using @flattummyco products for a while now and love how they help keep my stomach flat. And with 25% off bundles right now, you really should get in on this. I swear the programs are super easy to follow. I’ll have my shake for breakfast to keep me full all morning, then when my mid-day and/or late-night sugar cravings hit, I’ll can now have 1 of their appetite suppressant lollipops and be good to go! It’s the perfect treat with only 35 calories. What’s not to love about getting results without feeling deprived. #4DifferentFlavors

2,739 16

Right on schedule with getting my summer-body back with a little help from @flattummyco. I just completed their shake program and my stomach is definitely feeling better & looking tighter. It’s honestly pretty easy if you keep it fairly healthy eating wise while replacing 5 meals a week with the shakes. Add a bit of exercise in the mix and voila✨ Try it to see for yourself!

7,688 95

Thank goodness we don’t always look like what we’ve been through🌼

3,459 30

Sooo y’all finally ready to get started on your health kick? Join me on @flattummyco’s shake program. As you all know, I’ve been using them for awhile now and they’ve been just what I need to help my stomach look tight + toned. I’ve already stocked up on them and now it’s your turn since they’re 20% off right now. If you guys haven’t tried this program yet, you really should.

1,695 35

Did you know it’s National Cookie🍪 Day? 😒Well @flattummyco does & got us covered with these delicious shakes that help curve that sweet tooth. Plus they’re having a FLASH SALE⚡️ that makes their Flat Tummy Tea 20% OFF! And since I’m almost done with my Flat Tummy Shake It Baby program, I’m definitely gonna use this sale to re-up on some of their detox tea simply because I need it with summer approaching so quickly👙😎. Let me know which you decide to grab #FlatTummyCo (Slide ⬅️ to see how Bella Rae wouldn’t let Mommy live while trying to record these😆)

6,867 82

You already know @flattummyco’s Shake It Baby program is helping me get this tummy flat while curving my cravings. Bittersweet that some of my clothes aren’t fitting my waist like they use to though it feels good to be getting closer to my fitness goals! Hit up www.flattummyco.com for yours & let me know which flavor you get!

6,009 68

Realized I literally have no selfies in my phone anymore. They all have cameos from my little person @babybellarae 😂👧🏽 #motherhood #mommyandme


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