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Former National Geo Picture editor and photographer. Here because of a photography obsession.
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34.9% of kaigner's followers are female and 65.1% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.50%. The average number of likes per post is 1095 and the average number of comments is 72.

Kaigner loves posting about Photography, Travel.

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34.9 %
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  • Travel & Tourism 90.34 %
  • Photography 87.05 %
  • Sports 47.34 %
  • Art & Design 46.58 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 44.86 %
  • Business & Careers 41.27 %
  • Technology & Science 40.58 %
  • Movies and TV 37.64 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 36.49 %
  • Pets 35.49 %
  • Home & Garden 34.55 %
  • Books and Literature 33.02 %


893 15

Meet The Family. . Harpy Eagles mate for life. A set of parents raises one chick-and invests close to two years of their lives doing so. This rate of reproduction does not bode well for the species as their home forests are felled and burned by the minute. . I spent almost two weeks with this magnificent Harpy Eagle family. And while It is said that the Harpy female is the one who solely feeds the chick (as Dad’s job, in the early days of life of the chick is to hunt), I witnessed something different. Occasionally, after Mom had inspected Dad’s takeout delivery, and after she’d hovered over it and ‘protected it’ for a while-she would look at Dad who was sitting on a neighboring branch watching. He’d tentatively jump down onto the nest. He would acquiesce to her - and keep his head lower than hers in submission, as she would pull small pieces of meat from the carcass on offer. EVER so gently she would pass them to him, and ever so gently he would take them from her. He would then reach around her to Baby. He would then even more gently offer the morsel to his daughter-as Mom would watch on in approval. . Check out the October issue of @natgeo Magazine to read more about this family. And, if you are interested in seeing Harpy Eagles in person-join one of my photo tours to Brazil! . #harpyeagle #harpy #eagles #birds #birdsofprey #birdfamily #nesting #amazon #wildlife_perfection #wildlifephotography #bestbirdshots #babybirds #raptors #nature_perfection #naturelovers #birdsonearth #animals_captures #natgeo @evertonbpmiranda @rachel_nuwer @ilcp_photographers @natgeobrasil

777 27

Meet Baby. . The baby Harpy Eagle is a force. Similarly shaped to a cotton covered Thanksgiving Turkey, this phenomenal creature grows by the minute. I met Baby for the first time when it was two weeks old. Four weeks later I returned, and Baby had gone from a teeny little ball of white fuzz smaller than most of the sticks in its treetop nest, to this strong filled out chick. At the time of my second visit, in my mind, Baby was a “He.” We had conjured up different male oriented names for the chick, as my guests and I watched in amazement at the behaviors of this prehistoric looking baby and it’s family. . A month or so later, when I asked biologist @evertonbpmiranda if he might know the sex of the chick, he confirmed that “He” was a “She;” which made me happy, as this chicks Mom is one of the most badass creatures I’ve ever met. Baby Harpy Eagles stay with their parents for over a year. To learn more about the magnificent Harpy Eagle and the efforts to save it, check out the October issue of @natgeo Magazine! . #harpyeagle #harpy #birds #birds_adored #raptors #raptorsofinstagram #bestbirds #bestbirdshots #wildlifeconservation #brazil #amazonrainforest #savetherainforest #eagles #endangeredspecies #nativewildlife #baby #babybird #chick #eaglet #babyeagle #natgeo #natgeowild #birdsofprey #birds_captures @ilcp_photographers @birds_captures @raw_birds #birdsonearth @birdsonearth @birds_adored @elite_raptors

1,305 63

Meet Mom. . In the first weeks of life of a Harpy Eagle chick, the female rarely leaves the nest. The male is tasked with bringing home breakfast lunch and dinner as his family patiently waits to be fed. The female thanklessly receives the prey, hovers over it, then slowly feeds it to an ever ravenous chick. . Occasionally, Mom leaves the nest to stretch and survey the scene, only to quickly return to tending to baby and telling off Dad. . Want to learn more about one of the world’s largest eagles? Pick up the October issue of @natgeo Magazine! . #harpyeagle #harpy #raptor #birdsofprey #birds_adored #eagles #brazil #wildlife_perfection #wildlifephotography #wildlifeonearth #bestbirds #tropicalbirds #birdsadored #raptorsofinstagram #wildlifeconservation #birdsonearth #animals_captures @evertonbpmiranda @birds_adored @birdsonearth @animals_captures @natgeobrasil

1,293 148

For subscribers, the cat has been out of the bag for a couple of weeks, but today I am deeply PROUD to celebrate my first feature story on the physical pages of the October issue of @natgeo Magazine. Not only is the personal feeling one that causes a welling in the eyes, the feeling of giving a threatened species exposure on the pages of this respected platform—is of deep satisfaction, and gratification. . I grew up ensconced in the pages of National Geographic. I was enamoured with the oceans of @daviddoubilet , as I’d grown up next to the Red Sea, and his pictures, no matter what water body they were taken in, took me back to the only place I’ve ever called Home. NG was my animal dream world, the pages where magic happened, and the place where I got all the facts for my middle school reports. I’m not sure then that I wanted to be the photographer, but, I wanted to be with the animals-the way the photographers on those pages got to be with the animals. . Today I’m grateful and humbled. Thank you to @rachel_nuwer for the wonderful reporting, to @alexa_keefe and @kfmoran the trust in assigning this to me, and @evertonbpmiranda & Charles Munn for the incredible and thankless work you are doing to bring light to and help the magical Harpy Eagle. 22 meters up, in the forest canopies of South America, lives Harpia Harpyja. Their forests are threatened by human destruction—deforestation and fires, but, they persevere. If you are ever able to see this species in person, please take the opportunity. To watch this eagle exist, is to affirm our smallness as humans; it’s a truly humbling experience. . I’d put more of the story here, but, I’m just going to smile and say, “read it in the magazine!’ because today I can. Thank you to all who made this happen. The October issue is a personal milestone. And little girls’ dreams, as cliche as it might sound, can and do come true. . #natgeo #eagles #harpy #raptors #birdsofprey #birds_captures #birds_adored #onassignment #wildlifeconservation #natgeowildlife #brazil #dreamscometrue✨

1,796 267

A few days ago, on a hike along the Rio Grande in New Mexico, I came across a dead violet-green swallow. We thought nothing of it at the time, just that it was unfortunate that the bird, perfect in death, had met it’s demise. We continued our walk, and further up, in the dirt path lay a yellow warbler. The bird, again, looked 100%, except that it was dead. I sent a picture to @acouplewithoutborders who confirmed that it was a Wilson’s Warbler. I inquired as to why there might be two perfect looking dead birds in the area—quickly satisfied with the explanation of the fact that there’d been a recent cold snap in the area-I didn’t think more of it-until fifty feet further. I found seven dead birds that day, and feather remnants of many more. . It turns out, there is so much more going on here than a cold snap. . My seven plus dead birds are part of a larger-horrifying story - one one so far, without answers. A mass death event has been happening in New Mexico, and according to a special section on @inaturalistorg , is also being reported in other states. The first cases, which were initially seen as normal, were found in August. But, discoveries have continued up until now. The dead birds have been found in five Southwestern states, as well as in Mexico. Biologists do not yet have an explanation for what is happening—but all know it’s very, very bad. . If you are interested in knowing more-click the link in my bio for an @audubonsociety news story on the case. . We need to do better. I have little doubt these birds are dying as a direct - or indirect cause of human impact. . #deadbirds #climatechange #birds #warblers #songbirds #wildlife #humanimpact #wildlifeconservation #newmexico #migration #audubonsociety #swallows #birds_captures #nativewildlife #songbird #nmsu #blm #massdeath #cornelllabofornithology #usfws #migratorybirds #birds_nature #birdsmatter #nature #naturelovers @ilcp_photographers @laurapaskus @cornellbirds @usfws @birdsonearth @americanbirdconservancy @americanbirdingassociation @nmsu @liveloveconserve

1,575 54

That moment your computer calendar reminds you that you had a Pantanal trip happening tomorrow—and because of Covid 19 it was cancelled. . I can’t wait for a better ‘normal’ than this. Hopefully it’s a reminder to all of us that if we do not actively protect and preserve the planet we live on, it will eventually put us out of business. I consider the #pandemiclife a serious warning. If we don’t heed it-and start paying attention to, and fighting for the environment-and against the environmental changes being made behind our backs-we will pay more dearly the next time. And there will be a next time-and even sooner—if we don’t stop our selfish human ways. #Mothernature isn’t messing around. . The Harpy Eagle is a species suffering the effects of deforestation. Being the largest eagle in the world, it chooses the largest trees to nest in; and lumber lords choose the largest trees to fell. It’s not sustainable. . You can help by supporting good science and organizations that are doing work to keep rainforests and the wildlife that lives within them, intact. Check out @rainforestalliance @save_the_choco @reservaylt @evertonbpmiranda @rainforesttrust @amazonwatch @survivalinternational @rainforestactionnetwork If you know of other respectable organizations saving forests and wildlife please add them in the comments. Every little bit of support helps!! If you are able to donate time, money, or even spread awareness-it helps. . #harpyeagle #amazonrainforest #birdsofprey #raptors #eagles #bestbirdshots #animals_captures #animalshots #animals_magic #conservationphotography #wildlife_perfection #wildlifeonearth #wildlifeprotection #rainforest #rainforestalliance #savetheplanet #natgeo #natgeowild #birds_captures #birds_adored @birdsonearth @birds_adored @birds_captures

1,601 97

BOBCAT CHRONICLES: It is hard to explain what it feels like; to sit in the dirt, in the still before dawn, facing a step where ten hours ago, four bob kittens were playing. It’s always the same question: did they make it through the night? Did the raccoons finally stick their sinuous hands into a pile of snoring Littles? Was LG gone too long? Did the rattlesnake stay still enough to avoid detection-and land a snack? And when they don’t emerge—I begin to lose my sane animal mentality, and slip into the silly well of human emotion. The thoughts become gunfire frantic: Where are they!? Are they dead!? Is it my fault!? Was the bump in the night under my bedroom, the one I heard but ignored, the moment of their deaths?! Is everyone gone!? . And then I hear the silent whispers of a furry body fitting itself through the metal fence behind me. She is back. But where are they? And as if some kind of telepathic signal exists, they appear in a mess, pouring through the hole next to the step I’ve been staring at. They greet her as if it’s been months, and immediately ignore her for play. . The smile is already on my face before I notice it. I feel foolish and ridiculous. But no one is there to judge my brain. In the scheme of the imploding world outside of this fence, these lives are inconsequential. No one would ever even know they are here. But I know. And now you know, and that, is how we make bobcat lives matter. . #bobcat #bobcatchronicles #kittens #kittensdaily #wildlife #wildlifeconservation #wildlifeonearth #animals_captures #animals_geolife #wildlife_perfection #wildlifeonearth #babies #wildanimal #nativespecies #cats #catslovers #wildcats #conservationphotography #conservationeducation #sonyalpha #sonycamera #natgeo

935 52

The ever fascinating circle of life. Rattlesnake vs. Mexican ground squirrel. . Did you know that rattlesnakes have a very high failure rate? They can try for days to hunt a meal. These snakes strike their prey-inject venom-and then go about their business. They allow enough time (sometimes hours) to pass for their meal to succumb to the venom-and then they go back out and find it. This is my second encounter with a rattlesnake who was ‘hunting’ for the meal it had struck earlier. I watched this snake come out from under a tire where it had been resting. I followed it around for about twenty minutes -photographing as it went from bush to bush ‘looking for something.’ It finally ended up at ‘it’s’ squirrel which was laying dead at the base of a bush. The snake knew exactly what it was looking for. This species never fails to amaze me. . #rattlesnake #snakesofig #snakelover #wildlifephotography #wildlife_perfection #natgeo #amazingnature #animals_captures #animalshots #natureseekers #reptiles #nature_sultans #animalbehavior #wildlifeonearth #amazinganimals #prey #nativespecies

1,019 71

Thank you for this, Sir Walter Camilo Meeplethorpe of Bobcat Manor. You made our evening. . #roadrunner #bobcatchronicles #birdsofinstagram #birds_captures #animallovers #birds_adored #naturelovers #nature_perfection #naturephotography #dust #wildlife_perfection #wildlifeprotection #wildlifeonearth #beautyinnature #natgeo #smallbeauties #birdshots #bestbirds #texaswildlife @natgeo @natgeowild @ilcp_photographers @animalplanet @animals_captures @audubonsociety


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