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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.00%. The average number of likes per post is 517 and the average number of comments is 13.

Justretching loves posting about Game, Fashion, Photography, Nature & Outdoors, Food & Drink, Film, Music & Books, Cooking.

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222 2

My first time trying the @dutchladymy juicy milk. Truly a distinct taste! Had never had milk made with real fruits and rich with lots of benefits like Vitamin A,C & E as well as Inulin! • They’ve got 3 flavours - Strawberry, Orange & Mango. Go get your own now at the nearest store and share me your #JMSippinFresh expressions. Did I mention if your post were creative you’d be bringing home a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G and many more prizes! 😆 • #12JuicyMilk #DutchLadyMY #DLStrongMeStrongerUs #jmsippinfresh

337 6

Had a blast at the 7-11 Pepsi concept store at its launch! Definitely a first for a 7-11 store that looks completely Sci fi. Defo recommend that you guys check it out! • They’re also having a contest right now from the 8th April - 8th May, with 80 pestle & mortar Pepsi T-shirts to be won. Here’s how to join: • 1️⃣ Snap a photo of yourself in the Pepsi x 7-11 Concept Store 2️⃣ Upload your photo with a caption to IG or Fb and hashtag #PepsiConceptStore 3️⃣ The most creative picture and caption on IG or FB will win the limited edition Pestle and Mortar T-Shirt

304 4

We all scream for ice cream🍦 • Particularly, the new Magnum Cookies and Cream! I really enjoyed the blend of Magnum’s signature Belgian white chocolate, cookie crumbs filling, and cookie pieces. The perfect combo that will make you instantly #PlayfullyMagnum • Get it at the nearest petrol station/ convenience store or get it delivered to you via Grabfood or Foodpanda today! Let’s be #PlayfullyMagnum together #MagnumCookiesandCream

296 2

Stress less and enjoy the best 🥔 • Check out the all new, limited edition Mister Potato flavours, Spicy Buttermilk Prawn & Chicken Jerky ! Available at any super/hyper market near you! • If you do decide to get one, you could join the “Do you HAHA or CLUCK CLUCK?” challenge to stand a chance to win RM288 cash prize!! • Here's how to join: - To participate, consumer must post a creative consumption picture on IG/ video with the flavour that they like. - In the caption/video, tell us why you like the flavour via a crosstalk manner. - The most creative entry will win RM288 weekly - Must end captions with hashtags #HAHAcLUCKcLUCKCNY #MisterPotatoMY #TeamSpicyButtermilkPrawn #TeamChickenJerky #ChickenJerky #SpicyButterMilkPrawn #HAHAcLUCKcLUCKCNY #MisterPotatoMY @MisterPotato_MY

273 4

Nothing brings me more joy than to receive red packets during Chinese New Year 🧧🏮 • Speaking of red packets, @tunetalk is organising a contest. Giving away RM500 worth of red packets on their Facebook page • Head over to the Tune Talk's Facebook page to know more now! Huat ah! #ttcny2021

311 2

It's so much easier settling my phone bills with @celcom Life App! • It can literally be done anywhere and anytime without having to step out of my house 😌Go grab your chance to top up or pay your bills with the Celcom Life App and stand a chance to win a Myvi, Honda motorcycle, and a pair of AirPods Pro! Hurry and top up with the Celcom Life App now! • #BeAWinner #Celcom

353 13

Off to work 💼😎

464 11

Doing that Charles Xavier pose 😂 • Big thanks to @reebokmalaysia for the shoes #clubc #reebok

462 15

My ultimate twin 😉🍃

472 7

Hi lovelies! New cover dropping tomorrow at 3pm (GMT+8). Subscribe to my channel for more covers🥺 it really helps! 😘 • 📸: @terrence__life

425 3

Throwback to GVF with my boos😭😭😭! Still in awe that it’s cancelled this year 🥺🥺

351 6

Bitch I’m a cow, bitch I’m a cow. I go moo! 🐄

502 8

Your boy is about to start a mukbang channel 😉 jokes • But jokes aside, @foodpandamy is offering 30% off for all foodpanda (delivery & pick-up) orders with the use of the PROMO code: PANDAPAL. • The offer extends to pandamart orders nationwide via app or online. So as long as your orders are RM 20 and above they’re applicable. The maximum discount offered is rm 20, and y’all can have the option to have self pickup or delivery at your doorstep #foodpandamy

349 3

We’re all dressed up ready to crash your open house and steal your red packets 😎 #sevenvaultcny

367 12

Got a little attitude going on here 🤴🏻 • 📸: @ed_tlk

390 11

Ain’t gonna wear no boring suits for a formal themed wedding 😉

361 24

Being basic is so last year 💁🏻‍♂️

502 28

When your friends tell you to act natural because your crush is passing by 👀#nerdunit

406 17

Damn the @bouncemy carnival is finally complete y’all. • Yo they have RM 9 Worth of beers from 5pm to 9pm every day. And lots of other promos. Worth it af #BounceMY #BounceCarnival

328 3

Most of y’all would have probably heard of @carousell.my by now. But if you have not, they offer y’all way cheaper alternatives with both new and secondhand goods • I’m selling a few stuff of my own, on the app. My Carousell username is: [nick.chia] Go check it out! Maybe y’all might like some of the stuff I’m selling! Support me aight. Your boy needs more cash 💴 #CarouStyle #carousellmy

396 4

A wise man once said, exercising is more of a celebration of what your body can do, rather than a punishment for what you ate. • Push yourself to workout even though you’re lazy af which I know I always am! • Recently I’ve tried @celsius.my. A fitness drink that aids in speeding up metabolism, so you can burn more calories and maximise your workout. If y’all wanna try, 7-Eleven or AEON sells 'em, but remember, a fitness drink can only boost your performance. That first step to a healthier lifestyle is all on you! • #CELSIUSmalaysia #preworkoutdrink

347 11

Your boy right here is finally wearing the @acuvueMY monthly contact lenses. All mah friends know how blind I am when I’m putting on shades 😎 lmao this blind boy can finally see people walking a few metres away from me clearly 😂. • The HydraMax technology helps maximize and maintain hydration throughout the lens, so I AINT gotta twitch my eyes constantly with lasting comfort for a whole month. #VITA30dayschallenge #AcuvueVITA #acuvuemy

370 2

Super grateful to be surrounded by the most supportive friends in my life, but not all of us have that ☹️ The world mental health day just happened and I’d just like to bring a little awareness about mental health. Mental health is something everybody has, but it’s a matter of how good or how bad our mental healths are. • I’ve personally never experienced my mental health at its lowest but I’ve seen so many out there who have and This omniprésence of mental illness is only increasing in our era. Over the short course of my life, I’ve seen countless completely disconnect from the world. From being the most talkative and cordial person, to a person who wallows in angst on days end and contemplates suicide. I believe we overlook mental illness so very easily and turn a blind eye to these frail souls in their time of need. I’ve seen my very own high school teachers disregarding the very existence of mental health issues during the downfall of their student’s grades. Unknowing that their little actions could very well be the catalyst of their suicidal thoughts. • This beautiful soul standing beside me in the photo is the epitome of someone who has gone through so much In her life from many hapless incidents. From a person who’s always been exuberant to someone whose voice was stripped during her darker days. I’m ever so glad that she’s grew to be the strong person she is today albeit all that has happened. • If you’re dealing with mental health issues I hope you can find it in you to talk to someone you trust most. I understand that actions speak louder than words. Some take even up to 2 years before that silence is finally broken, but this leap of faith will significantly aid in easing your pain. My mental health might not have been as bad as my courageous friends but I’ve dealt with my fair share of inner demons to know that sometimes not everyone understands you. That is why I urge, you speak to the right person you trust. They survived, they lived, but not everyone does. • If you’re having a hard time with your mental health, by all means drop me a dm. I want to be there for you and lend an ear to any of you 💙 @narellekheng #part2 #tears #blue #letmebe

379 14

There’s no such thing as too many sunglasses 🕶 • Hey guys don’t forget to check out casetify! Their shock proof cases be boujee af!

507 5

Internship got me missing this squad fondly back in college 😔 Love and miss you guys 😘❤️

435 24

Serving you Billie vibes 🥑 Complimented with the stunning #Adidasoriginals 👟 Ozweego from @footlockermalaysia 😍#footlockermalaysia

532 30

Fashion week outfit inspo comes from the one and only @kendalljenner

467 7

“Ballin’ with hullera, she the bad Minah, you a fuckin’ loser, drink a diet cola”

514 3

We call this the “do the Wina” pose, where one leg is straight and the other leans sideways 😂

383 6

Nope, definitely don’t see anyone in the pic 👀

724 22

Swipe all the way to the left ⬅️to see where my GVF Day 2 outfit is inspired from! • Didn’t get any solo pics before the sun set but here’s some with my boos 😘

570 7

Day 1 of good vibes well spent! 🙈 • Special thanks to @gushcloudmy • #LACREMERIAvibes #LACREMERIA #nestleicecream

566 21

Fineness is still the way to kill 🔪😉

546 22

Nobody likes us, except for us 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♂️. Love y’all 😘💘

672 24

Self-confidence is still the best outfit out there 😉 • 📸: @_sarahhadi

707 20

An attitude a day, keeps the doctor 👨‍⚕️ away 💁🏻‍♂️

691 17

You can’t sit with us! 🙅🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♂️ • Things hasn’t exactly been hunky-dory lately but I’m grateful for having the undying support of my friends with me 💕🙈

434 5

Kinda late but wishing you beautiful people a Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️not just to all the taken people out there but also to the singles 😘. • Beautiful flowers from @avantgardeblooms suited to surprise a special someone 💘

1,067 53

My smile is beamin, my skin is gleaming 💆🏻‍♂️

445 8

Imagine if food could talk 😂 Well, we could only imagine. Don’t forget that @samsungmalaysia is organising a giveaway that requires u to unleash your wildest imaginations. The details are at my previous post and are super simple! • #ImagineNationNote9 #SamsungMalaysia #sp

714 10

This is a perfect representation of us in college every day. 😂 College isn't fun without all the chit-chatting with friends like this. • Samsung is organising a contest. The Contest will be on for 6 weeks. There are 3 themes and one theme will be announced by Samsung every 2 weeks. • All you need to do is to: 1)Watch out for the weekly theme. This week’s theme is the Chitter Chatter ImagineNations 2) Take a picture that is relevant to the theme and doodle it with your imagination! 3)Upload to Instagram with Hashtag "ImagineNationNote9 " and tag @SamsungMalaysia. This theme will end on 14 January 2019. • There are 2 x Note9 & 1200 Selfie Museums tickets to be given away. #ImagineNationNote9 #SamsungMalaysia #sp

844 9

I can buy designer, but this Fashion Nova fit 😎 • Guys recommend a good @spotify playlist to me anyways speaking of Spotify if you guys want to get 30 days free subscription all you gotta do is click the link on my bio. #spotifypremium #promotions #fashionnovamen

345 4

Y’all don’t forget to put a smile on your faces 🙂, it’s therapeutic 😉. • Got my daily dose of fresh juices from @thecooljuice. Huge thanks to them for sending me their juices!

628 20

Y’all The Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale is happening from now until the 12th of December. • So don’t forget to Enjoy Daily RM12 Deals from The Shopee Mall & get 120% Cashback everyday!
FREE SHIPPING from RM12! • • Stand a chance to win Shopee voucher worth RM30. •
STEP 1: Follow @shopee_my STEP 2: Like this post STEP 3: Comment #ShopeeMY1212 as many times as you can • One lucky winner will be selected randomly and win RM30 Shopee voucher! 
Winner will be announced on the 21st of December 2018 #ShopeeMY1212 #Shopee1212BirthdaySale @shopee_my

704 11

Throwback to my birthday party. Super thankful to everyone one of you who came. Love y’all to the moon 🌙 and back 😘🥰 • Huge thank you to @partyperfect.my for their balloons! They look amazing 🤩

894 7

So much love for this boo 😘 • Huge thank you to @luxottica and @rayban for the sunglasses. They’re a new collection so check them out ❤️

522 6

Wondering what to get for your loved ones on Christmas this year? ❤️ • @DanielWellington is now offering a special 10% off for any 2 or more items purchase. If that ain’t enough? You can use my discount code justretching to get additional 15% off on www.danielwellington.com +Free Shipping +Free Xmas Wrapping. • #DanielWellington #DWforeveryone

571 10

Sometimes it’s best to play by ear, and that is why I pave my own way and see where that leads. I guess this is what my tattoo signifies for me;that having a trajectory map of our lives pales in comparison with actually listening to our instinct and acting on it, for that has its better advantage. And maybe someday I’ll find my very own way in life. That’s the very short anecdote I wish to convey through this little work of art. • Tattoo done by: @l.rabanni Shop at: @electricdreamscollective

758 8

On wednesdays we wear pink 💗

1,036 13

Always wearing unplanned matching outfits with this one 😎 • Ever since I got my facial and laser treatment from @bellafacciathefaceart my face has been feeling so much brighter, y’all should check them out, they do way more than just facials.

734 8

Your everyday basic peeps with a tinge of blue and yellow just like the way @samsungmalaysia does it • Create your very own posting with a creative doodle and unleash your imagination to take part in their giveaway #gottahaveit #blueandyellow #GalaxyNote9 #sp

425 11

🎁 ‼️GIVEAWAY‼️: Win a pair of Leicester Coin Cases (worth $250) from Book II: Jekyll’s Hyde 🎁 1) Follow @gnomenbow 2) Like this post 3) Tag 3 friends in the comments below 4) Fill in your details here in the link in my bio • Contest closes next Sunday, 16th September. Winners will be announced on 17th September. Good Luck! 🌈🌈🌈 • • • #Gnomenbow #storytelling #leather #bag #bags #wallet #wallets #bracelet #bracelets #accessories #jekyll #hyde #jekyllandhyde #reversible #jekyllshyde #shedyourhyde #duality #giveaway #coincase #radical #tatoo #usaleather #fullgrainleather #tatoogun

510 7

Blue and yellow for the days just like the way @samsungmalaysia does it • #gottahaveit #blueandyellow #sp

925 36

Once the meat enters my mouth I’m gonna have to swallow 😏 • Y’all don’t forget to join @Samsungmalaysia’s giveaway! Here’s an example of a blue and yellow themed pic with your own creative doodling done on your phone #gottahaveit #blueandyellow #sp

516 13

A few more days till my break is over 😞, notice the blue and yellow theme, it resembles the colours of @Samsungmalaysia • Don’t forget to join @samsungmalaysia’s giveaway by posting a blue and yellow themed photo! #gottahaveit #blueandyellow #sp

996 20

We’re shady like that 😎 • Appreciation post for this one 😘. Im so not ready for our next semester to start again 😫


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