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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.40%. The average number of likes per post is 276 and the average number of comments is 8.

61.62% of the followers that engaged with justinsantora regularly are from United States, followed by France at 3.03% and Germany at 3.03%. In summary, the top 5 countries of justinsantora's posts engager are coming from United States, France, Germany, Canada, Venezuela.

Justinsantora loves posting about Art, Design, DIY & Crafts, Education.

Check justinsantora's audience demography. This analytics report shows justinsantora's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 61.62 %
  • France 3.03 %
  • Germany 3.03 %
  • Canada 3.03 %
  • Venezuela 2.02 %


196 8

Glowhouse 001 Just some weird stuff on a Tuesday evening while I listen to a lot of Neil Young. This was done in procreate. Going to do a couple more of these as I have time because they’re fun. . . . #illustration #drawing #procreate #weirdtuesday

205 3

Here’s a couple more imagined Midwestern scenes done in procreate this weekend. Sepiatone vibez. I hope your week is off to a good start! I’m about to finish printing a poster (for a livestream event) and then start another one this week. Stay safe, be kind, and vote them out! . . . #illustration #drawing #procreate #process #wip #procreatedrawing

232 2

Having some more fun in procreate! It had been a while since I drew a water tower. Might make a series of mini prints like this. . . #illustration #drawing #digitaldrawing #procreate #suburbs #justinsantora

322 13

Would you believe I drew this last night before that fly landed on that sanctimonious authoritarian bastard’s head? One of my favorite things to watch is my two cats chasing a housefly. They caught a big one yesterday afternoon, and this was fresh in my mind. So here’s a quick cat (and fly) drawing. Fuck pence. . . . #illustration #catsofinstagram #drawing #digitaldrawing #procreate #votethemout

278 5

Hi! Two new prints have just been added to my store. The tape recorder print is entitled “Memory” and is a two color 18x24” screenprint on cougar natural coverweight paper. Signed/numbered edition of 40. The other is a poster for @mtjoyband, a three color 18x24” screenprint on cougar natural coverweight paper. Signed/numbered artist edition of 40. Link in bio! Cheers. . . . #illustration #posterart #printmaking #screenprinting #posters #artprint #mtjoy

373 9

Here’s another little burning house sketch in procreate. Swipe over for a time lapse video if you’re into those! Hope you’re doing well and finding some joy somewhere in this fucked up world. Thanks for looking. . . #illustration #procreate #timelapse #drawing #digitalink #justinsantora

161 1

Happy Tuesday to you! Here are a couple of screen grabs from @procreate this morning. Been having fun drawing fisher price cassette decks and tiny moon phases. Oh, and leaves! And listening to Jawbreaker. . . . #illustration #drawing #procreate #ipaddrawing #process

212 15

Here’s a drawing for something I’m working on right now, along with the rough pencil guidelines in red. Did anyone have one of these as a kid? My brother and I had a similar one, but it had a separate microphone that mounted to the side, I believe. Anyway, happy Friday in this very sad, very broken world. . . #drawing #illustration #digitalink #process #procreate #photoshop

402 6

Working on some new poster stuff that I’ll be printing this week. Why is the Chevy Impala such a good car to draw? I’m guessing it’s that boxy chrome fender and slanted grill. . . . #illustration #drawing #photoshop #digitaldrawing #posterart #screenprinting #chicago

463 10

I just added this black capped chickadee painting to my store this morning. And just for fun and practice, I took a snapshot of the painting and “inked” it in photoshop (swipe over for the black and white version!). . . . #painting #gouache #acrylicpainting #drawing #illustration #birdsofinstagram #justinsantora

229 10

I haven’t posted in way too long, so here’s a weird grab bag image dump from my phone! 1. My old band’s album cover, painting and type by me, 2013 2. Self portrait exercise from earlier this year 3. A design from 2017, my only open edition print 4. Some really good (if I may say) quinoa chili i made a few months ago, vegan of course. . I hope you’re doing well! I just wanted to say hi. Happy Friday, and please stay safe/be kind in this profoundly scary world. #painting #drawing #selfportrait #fuckwhitesupremacy #vegan #theskywescrape #imagedump #justinsantora

310 9

Part of a new thing! I love drawing peeling paint. Drawn on my trusty tablet monitor in photoshop. Fuck the GOP. #illustration #drawing #screenprinting #digitaldrawing #photoshop #justinsantora


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