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Powerlifter @stoicgear @liftunlimited Athlete https://www.lift.net/ref/JK/ Programming/coaching inquires: DM or email below.
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30.8% of justinkalkin's followers are female and 69.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.50%. The average number of likes per post is 640 and the average number of comments is 13.

Justinkalkin loves posting about Training, Coaching, Fitness.

Check justinkalkin's audience demography. This analytics report shows justinkalkin's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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30.8 %
69.2 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 98.00 %
  • Sports 54.55 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 49.59 %
  • Business & Careers 34.28 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 32.91 %
  • Movies and TV 32.56 %
  • Art & Design 32.24 %
  • Entertainment 31.60 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 31.34 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 31.34 %
  • Music 30.80 %


426 13

Technique felt pretty off today (scapulas wouldn’t stay retracted at all lol), but got all the work in with all the prescribed numbers! First time over 85-86% on bench in a while! Top set was 1x1 @ 172.5kg/380lbs 96% 1RM, which was not my best, but not my worst. My left shoulder came untucked towards lockout, which made the lockout kind of wonky, but nonetheless it didn’t feel too heavy in my hands. Then threw on the slingshot and hit 2x2 @ 182.5kg/402lbs, 6lbs over my all time PR, misgrooved the first rep but corrected the 2nd! Dropped down to a 2x2 @ 155kg/341lbs 86% 1RM with the @benchblokz 1board, and a 3x4 @ 142.5kg/314lbs 79% 1RM with the 1board as well. For feeling off, today went much better than expected! Onto the next! #5weeksout #trainstoic #stoicgear #liftunlimited #andywangsystems

626 14

Pretty solid session today in all my @stoicgear @liftunlimited gear! Top set was a 1x1 @ 257.5kg/567lbs 93% 1RM, which moved pretty smooth, especially for not going above around 530 since the meet in June (excuse my hyped, I spazzed because I was happy with depth hahahaha)! Backed down to a 2x2 @ 227.5kg/501lbs 82% 1RM and a 3x3 @ 185kg/407lbs 67% 1RM on pause squats, moving well! Finished up with some easy pit shark 10s @ 4 plates, didn’t push those as much as last week because I was pretty exhausted. ONTO THE NEXT! #5weeks5daysout #andywangsystems #stoic #trainstoic #liftunlimited

660 13

Very solid session today! Smashed an EZ PZ 2x3 @ 147.5kg/325lbs 82% 1RM on close grip bench with the @benchblokz 2board (2nd set shown). Backed down to a 2x5 @ 140kg/308lbs 78% 1RM, which both moved great! Finished up with a 4x10 @ 164lbs on the bamboo bar bench, which is actually the most I’ve ever done on the bamboo bar! ONTO HEAVY SHIT THE REST OF THE WEEK, LETS GET IT. #6weeksout #andywangsystems #stoic #trainstoic #stoicgear #liftunlimited #apemanstrong #benchpress

683 13

Deload session 4/4 done! Smashed an easy 5x3 @ 207.5kg/457lbs 69% 1RM, which all felt like RPE air (slight left look for @builtinsideout ). Then moved onto Pit shark RDLs with 5 wheels! Finished up with bamboo bar bench 12s @ 148lbs feet up! Overall solid session. READY TO ATTACK NEXT WEEK. #6weeksout #andywangsystems #uspa #stoic #stoicgear #trainstoic #liftunlimited #uspapower

585 14

Deload session #3 from yesterday, done. Smashed an easy 2x3 @ 147.5kg/325lbs 82% 1RM on bench (crazy to me that 325 is deload weight now!!!). Backed down to a 2x5 @ 140kg/308lbs 78%1RM and a 2x3 @ 130kg/287lbs 72% 1RM with the 1board (instead of spoto), which both moved well! #6weeksout #andywangsystems #stoic #trainstoic #stoicgear

723 15

Deload session #2 of the week! Smashed easy sets of 5 @ 475lbs 78% 1RM (55lb bar) on low bar squats today! Backed down to paused SSB 5s (not shown). Then finished with sets of 12 on the pitshark @ 7 plates (shown) and dB RDLs (not shown). We are MOVIN! Onto the next! #7weeksout #andywangsystems #stoic #stoicgear #liftunlimited #squats #volume

673 17

Just putting in the work. 4x4 @ 315lbs 80% 1RM close grip 2board bench work with the @benchblokz today. Finished up with 4x12 @ 148lbs on the bamboo bar, which was pretty challenging, but felt great! Overall, everything moved well! One day and one session at a time. Onto the next 🙏🏻👊🏻. #7weeksout #andywangsystems #stoic #stoicgear #liftunlimited #apemanstrong #uspapower

717 38

Smashed DEADS TODAY. Great session with one of my closest friends/training partner @stanley.murkland because when we are lifting together, we leave NO DAMN DOUBT and bring all the HYPE and INTENSITY. I started off with a top single @ 280kg/617lbs 93% 1RM, WHICH was 🔥, heaviest I’ve gone since the meet in June and I’m super happy with how it moved!! Backed down for some sets and a triple @ 529lbs (shown). Finished with some bamboo bar bench. Everything MOVED WELL! Onto the next! #7weeksout #andywangsystems #stoic #trainstoic #stoicgear #uspa #deadlift #hookgrip

620 5

GREAT BENCH SESSION TODAY! WE ARE BACK ON TRACK! WE HEALED UP LIKE FOOKIN WOLVERINE. Top set 1x4 @ 340lbs 86% 1RM, moved @ RPE shoulda thrown it through the roof (15lbs heavier than last weeks top set and moved moved and felt much easier)! Then I threw on the @benchblokz 1board for a 2x5 @ 315lbs 80% 1RM and a 3x4 @ 295lbs 74% 1RM, which both moved phenomenally! Did all 1board work after the top set just to give the pec a break from about an inch or so less of ROM, which helped tremendously. Last week I did back offs with the 2board, today with the 1 board, next week, plan is no board 🙏🏻👊🏻. Big positive step today! Onto the next! #7.5weeksout #andywangsystems #uspa #stoic #trainstoic #stoicgear #benchpress #readyforwar #OVERCOME

626 8

Just putting in the work and doing what I can. Had to cut out a couple sets of squats today just because my back and legs were on 🔥 lol, so I added 2 extra sets to belt squat to get the volume in. Started with low bar squats (55lb bar) and did 1x5 @ 225kg/496 81% 1RM, backed down to 200/440lbs 72% 1RM for 5s and ssb work @ 374lbs (65lb bar) for paused sets of 6. Finished with belt squats, hit a 5x12. Some days you just need to do what you can and move onto the next! Big things coming! Onto the next! #stoic #trainstoic #stoicgear#liftunlimited #andywangsystems #uspa #8weeksout #FIGHT

597 10

Solid session today! On the menu was a 4x5 @ 320lbs 81% 1RM on close grip bench with the @benchblokz 2board, which felt pretty solid!! Finished up with some bamboo bar full ROM. The last week and a half has been pretty rough dealing with my trap/pec/scapula issue I was having and still have a bit, but today I finally felt super comfortable under the bar, with very little discomfort🙏🏻. Shoutout @stanley.murkland for literally helping me set up even every single set of the day, I appreciate you homie 🙌🏻. Big things KHEMMIN. #8weeksout #andywangsystems #uspa #stoic #trainstoic #stoicgear #khemmin

608 9

Just putting in the work. Programmed was a 4x5 off blocks, I did 1x5@ 545lbs 83% 1RM moved around RPE 7! Then dropped down for the last 3 sets of 5 to 495lbs 75% 1RM, and took away the blocks and hit some back down 4s (not shown). Finished with some bamboo bar bench 10s, which felt great. Onto the next. #8weeksout #stoic #stoicgear #andywangsystems #liftunlimited #excuseme #uspa #NOEXCUSES #F@CKHATE


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