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photographer at: @juliannycasado model // multifaceted soul // lifter of spirits 📍NYC // #JuJuish -all things pertaining 2👇🏼
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48.7% of ju_wels's followers are female and 51.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.00%. The average number of likes per post is 292 and the average number of comments is 25.

Ju_wels loves posting about Fashion, Lifestyle, Modeling.

Check ju_wels's audience demography. This analytics report shows ju_wels's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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48.7 %
51.3 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 65.08 %
  • Music 61.81 %
  • Art & Design 57.69 %
  • Entertainment 51.96 %
  • Photography 48.63 %
  • Business & Careers 45.49 %
  • Children & Family 41.60 %
  • Movies and TV 39.83 %
  • Books and Literature 39.49 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 34.20 %


369 38

Stellas Got Her Groove Back ✨ This week has been great! My new place is coming together beautifully, seeing my friends and making new ones has been the highlight of my week. •What’s one thing you’re grateful for this week?! • As promised outfit details tagged and my pants linked in bio 💋 #JuJuish

314 14

“Direction” it’s good to have some. Chances are they’ll be detours. Sometimes even long rest stops. Days were “the going gets rough”, but so long as you stay the course.. you’re bound to end up where you’re meant to be anyhow💫 #JuJuish

353 17

I’m in the mirror looking at a work of art. #harderthanmydemons

221 17

Currently 🤯😫

209 10

The road maybe long , but the journey is worth every step 🍂 . Hi souls 👋🏽 it’s been a few days and a busy few for me. How are you?! What’s new?! . I find as everything around us evolves so do we. Releasing old habits & thoughts, nesting in our homes bringing those round pumpkins in , moving forward in directions that seemed impossible not too long ago , etc... Wherever you are in this Libra season, I hope you are presently enjoying every moment/ lesson/ challenge that you encounter along the way 🧡 . #JuJuish

429 45

New Rule: Make a friend wherever you go . I named & had lunch with the dog, I made sure the baby turtles got home, and the monkey , well she was kinda shy so we took it slow 💕 . #JuJuish #AlongTheWay

140 12

It’s a dream of mine to own vacation homes, and not in the sense for self indulgence but for “experience” building. Since I can remember my favorite thing is a great time, having one & creating one. Life is to short for grudges & hate. It’s probably the biggest motivation for why I love photos so much. Frozen moments of joy and time. Physical representations of how you felt and “what a time” it was/ or must’ve been. When I was in college I worked for Marriott and I lasted 4 years with the company, I did every job/ role imaginable. I started at the front desk, making more money then my small towned soul could imagine ( I was making 7.50 at cvs during my senior year, so you can understand) I learned everything I could about Internal management systems and coordinating a crew. I was a greeter, practicing Marriotts 15/5 rule, luckily my smile was always real ( I secretly hated standing in one spot) I love talking to people, so this one came natural. I was a housekeeper, and let me tell you those lady and gents deserve medals & raises ! I had a roster of 17-20 suites a day! I’d hope they were all refreshes instead of check outs because most people just wanted coffee & fresh towels, those were the easy checks off my list. I transferred hotel ranks and learned to fold linen like Martha Stewart couldn’t imagine. I cleaned meeting rooms and public areas. Hospitality taught me a lot that simple customer service could not fathom, but I honor them both. As I’ve traveled I’ve had the luxury of perceiving places from a different stand point, & yes I turn down the rooms for the housekeepers wherever I stay ( cause I know the drill & if I can make it easier...) my friends sometimes think I’m crazy cause “you don’t have to do that” but I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t extending myself.. I also pay close attention to how others treat those who work in service roles, cause it says ALOT about people (believe it or not)... so all in all I’ve witnessed both sides of the coin and I’ve taken notes on what a great experience should feel like , for all parties. Cause it takes a village. I had the honor of staying at this beautiful villa in Tulum & here are a few of my favorite parts of it.

496 37

Having a SAY is a beautiful thing ✨ . Are you registered to vote?! Sorry, I know you thought this was some cute vacation nonsense but now that I have your attention 🙃 THIS IS YOUR FRIENDLY REMINDER, GET REGISTERED!! Election Day Is Nov 3rd, Ju got time! It’s #latinxheritagemonth and a lot of #latinos will not be able to participate due to #daca status or being undocumented, we make up a huge portion of this countries demographic and those muted voices will be missed 💔 Also @instagram makes it so easy ! They have added a “request mail in ballot” option that pops up everytime you log on.. it’s a simple click. Don’t sleep on it. Cause some people don’t have that luxury. FLEX THAT VOICE, JU HEARD! . #JuJuish #VOTE

262 23

Vacation but keep it safe 🌴

587 127

Weather is not the only thing that experiences seasons 🍂 . Have you been listening to that little voice in your head? Is it building you ? Or judging you? We learn so much on how to communicate ourselves to others , but who’s taught you how to communicate YOU to YOURSELF? . If you’ve answered “judging & no one” to these questions. I implore you to become that person for yourself. Learn to water the garden that is YOU , aid yourself in blooming this season , and every other. Just like plants we need time, light, love, water, and tending. We need fences & pesticides to keep the weeds & eager taking hands away. We are fruitful beings, but only when we become in tune with our natural processes. It’s so easy to become discouraged, not only with the pressures of the outside world but with our own expectations. . You may think “damn I kill plants (lol)” & I say this because I was that person. I thought it was HARD, it wasn’t for me , I didn’t have that gift... all it took was time! Quarantine gave me a gift of space and time, I challenged myself with one plant and then as I watched it flourish I bought more. Now I one a dozen happy babies, all with different needs and moods. I plan on buying more! While this metaphor might seem cliche I promise you it’s not, the attention and love you give to yourself is just the same. If you start in one problem area and tend to it , learn it, understand it, and honor it for what it is or could be. You’ll be amazed at the progress effort and time can conjure up. Fall into your season, let those dead leaves & ideals roll off of you like rain clearing the dirt. Purposefully, Naturally, & Essentially. . Shift Unapologetically 🌱 . . #JuJuish


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