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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.80%. The average number of likes per post is 133 and the average number of comments is 6.

45.45% of the followers that engaged with joanne_marasigan regularly are from Brazil, followed by United States at 13.64% and Italy at 4.55%. In summary, the top 5 countries of joanne_marasigan's posts engager are coming from Brazil, United States, Italy, Venezuela, Pakistan.

Joanne_marasigan loves posting about Travel, Fashion.

Check joanne_marasigan's audience demography. This analytics report shows joanne_marasigan's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Brazil 45.45 %
  • United States 13.64 %
  • Italy 4.55 %
  • Venezuela 4.55 %
  • Pakistan 4.55 %


132 4

Someone misses me from the North. Swipe left to see our family photos. 😍❤️

123 3

Have you seen the latest billboard in Edsa - Ortigas, C5 Kalayaan and C5 BGC South? It’s already up and airing! ❤️😊 Tunay na #WalangTamlayMoments kapag kasama ang Kukubima EnerG Drink! Dahil ito ay mayroong mga Vitamins B3, B6 at B12 na tunay na tulong-proteksyon at kasangga laban tamlay at kahit ano man ang laban! Juice na, Energy Drink pa! #KukubimaEnerG Now available in our leading stores Mercury Drug, All Day, Shopee and Lazada! #WhiteMonkeyDigital Campaign PT Sido Muncul Tbk - Philippines So grateful for this opportunity. 🙏🏻 Thank you so much to the team @juantojuan @evotista @lizzheeey @lizzheeey @_josesanjuan Hoping to work with you again! It was definitely an amazing experience.❤️

350 46

Prima Tanza in Cavite is the 1st ever condominium community by @luminahomesofficial — the affordable housing arm of Vista Land.🏠 To know more on how to #RedefineMetroLiving and be part of the growing sales network of @primatanza_official, join the virtual event this June 11, 2 pm! Register here: or visit their website for more details #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #igers #igersph #love #instagood #travel #beauty #photooftheday #lashes #fashion

75 2

Only gouda vibes here.💯

241 16

Launching in June. 🙏🏻 #digitalcommercial #energydrink

86 6

You’ve stolen a pizz-a my heart 🍕🍕🍕 Aventino’s Pizza which originated from the Island of Siargao is now in MANILA! It’s available for dine in, take out, pick-up and delivery. @aventinospizzapasta.pasay #aventino #aventinopizza #food #foodstagram #pizza #pizzalover #pizzatime #siargao #siargaoisland

213 9

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” ✨ Elisabeth Kübler-Ross #clozette #esteelauder #esteelauderph #makeuplooks #skincare #skincareph

45 0

Midnight Glow or Siren Nights? 🥀 Beauty box from @esteelauderph #clozette #esteelauderph #esteelauder #skincare #skincareroutine #lifestyle #makeup #makeuplooks #advancednightrepair

164 11

An Open Letter to Every Person Who Lost Confidence and Self-Worth ✨ When you’re recently experiencing a lot of setbacks and everything seemed to be far from what you’ve imagined, you’re not alone. If you are facing rejections in life, from friends you thought would not vanish, from jobs and graduate schemes you are applying to, when all you wanted is the feeling that someone has faith in you. If in a short space of time you went from feeling like you could take on the world to feeling like you couldn’t give the world anything, I feel you. If you ever felt like you've lost your confidence, and your mind turned all of this into a negative reflection of yourself, take time to realize that you don't need another person or personal achievements to be a great one. It wouldn’t matter if it seemed like nobody had faith in what you can achieve - what matters is that you have faith in yourself. So when life gives you rejections, use them to make progress. Don’t let setbacks in life overpower your confidence. If life was a smooth road in which we got everyone and everything we desire, it would be a pretty boring existence and we’d never be grateful for what we do have. Don’t build your confidence on the basis of something or someone else, you’ll always have your genuine constants anyway. So build it on you, build it on everything about you, your imperfections and your best qualities, for you are brilliant. You just have to believe in yourself.

132 6

Juggling the demands of academics as a medical student, handling our online business, and personal life issues can be a constant battle. We are sometimes forced to make unpleasant choices from time to time, but the key is to keep going. As difficult as it can be at times to keep everything in perspective to balance work and life, I’d confidently say that it’s possible to do so. ✨✨ That’s why this March, I’m glad to be part of @charmeefeminineph Women’s Month campaign encouraging women to keep being bold, unstoppable, and be the ripple who will someday help change the world. To all women who are reading this, you are incredible, strong and independent, we deserve to be celebrated for extraordinary roles we play in society. Happy National Women’s Month! 💜💜💜💜 #realtalkwithcharmee #nationalwomensmonth

34 0

Power Mango Smoothie Bowl💛💛

84 0

How To Drive A Mustang GT 🐎 (to Meat Plus 😂) @_jamesvelasquez

32 0

Morning Mojito 🍃

95 0

This is what I always tell him “You are my favorite person.” 😍

246 5

Sharing with you what’s my daily schedule like in case you guys plan to work from anywhere to maximize efficiency and productivity of remote work pre-ECQ:💛💛💛 6AM: swim on the beach, 7AM: hearty breakfast, 8AM-5PM: class, 6PM-9PM-work, 9PM: dinner by the beach, 10PM-late night happy hour. Cheers! 🥂

34 0

Best escape anyone can have 🥰😉

119 1

Had our best time here with my love @_jamesvelasquez but we will see you again when the world is safer. 🙏🏻 Thank you for an extended Valentine and Birthday celebration @thespawellness 🍃

100 1

White Mustang GT, no stripes. 🙏🏻 Thanks for letting me experience this with you thus inspiring me to hustle harder @_jamesvelasquez ❤️

45 0

Long live happy hour with the best date ever! ❤️ @_jamesvelasquez

21 0

Call me ‘old-fashioned’ 😉✨

139 1

Roses are red, violets are blue, how did I get so lucky with you?

177 17

Spa dates are always a good idea especially at @thespawellness after a stressful week or strenuous physical activity best paired with @trulifeph collagen. And also, they’re giving us an amazing treat! Swipe left to checkout @trulifeph Instagram account for more details. We’re definitely ready for another month! Stay safe and healthy inside and out. ✨ Uploading a video on IG TV to share with you our full experience. 🍃 #healthytrulifefirst #TruMeaningOfLove #TruLifePHxTheSpa #HealthyTruLifeFirst #TruMeaningOfLove #trulifephxthespa

93 4

There’s something magical in the way that coffee can brighten our morning mood and give us the spark to seize the day. It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee. How about you, what motivates you to get up in the morning? @nescafeph #TapangNaDiSusuko #NescafeOriginal

262 8

Not even moisture-laden air can create bad hair days. ✨✨ @vitakeratin Available in Shopee, Lazada, FB marketplace, and leading supermarkets nationwide. #unlockyourawra

284 10

WHEN WILL IT END? 🦠 It’s impossible to say with any degree of CERTAINTY just how long the pandemic that took the world by storm this 2020 will last. Physicians made during this crisis will prolly go on duty like this. And now, we must talk about the quarantine guilt- the feeling that you should be doing something more to BETTER yourself. Just a reminder that when Shakespeare was quarantined because of the plague, he wrote King Lear. Let’s focus on a future that is filled with hope. 💯🙏🏻

50 0

Practice self-care this quarantine season with this Keratin treatment @vitakeratin 💕💕💕

208 12

We're in week sixteen (seventeen? eighteen?who knows) of self-quarantine, which means most people haven't been to the hair salon in months. I’ve been dyeing my hair for years now and for some of us that's no big deal, but for people with short haircuts, dyed hair, or other hair treatments, a few months feels like forever. Just sharing with you my DIY treatment for the past months at home. Vitakeratin has Keratin + Vitamins that strengthen hair to prevent breakage, thus becoming smoother and easier to manage. #vitakeratin #vitakeratinph #unlockyourawra with @vitakeratin ✨✨✨

166 4

Let’s live in a balanced state so that we can be on our optimal level in all aspects of life. Now you choose what you need, is it Vitamin SEA or C? Choose wisely. 💙 #health #healthandwellness

259 6

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Happy Holidays!🎄

270 8

Bringing peace to the outside world #wonderwoman Happy Halloween!

164 7

First time to try @tigersugarphilippines newest flavors! They recently launched 2 of them - Brown Sugar Boba Cafe Latte with Cream and Brown Sugar Boba Chocolate with cream in collaboration with @hersheys So whether you’re a coffee or a chocolate lover, Tiger Sugar has a lot to offer! New flavors on limited cups per day only to preserve freshness. 🥤 #tigersugarmixitup #tigersugarchocitout #tigersugarespressoself #tigersugarxhersheys

123 2

Have you ever gone into a vacation with the intention of rest and rejuvenation, but then find yourself about to return to work or school still tired and not as refreshed as you’d hoped? I definitely have. There are situations which are beyond our control and we sometimes can’t afford to fulfill that as much as I want to. And in my daily life, my non-vacation life, it simply comes down to priorities and I’ve always got Kamillosan M Spray with me to soothe and relieve my throat, the chamomile extract really helps me to keep going since we would always want more time during our day. #NaturalPowerofVoice #kamillosanph

73 1

How do rainy days make you feel?🌧Sometimes you just need to disconnect and enjoy your own company. Find a perfect place to stay using @oyophilippines with my code “OYOJOAN”. Just download the app to get 50% off on all your bookings using my code! You can have your bookings through @oyorooms worldwide.❤️ #OYO #PerfectSpace @oyorooms

137 6

And just like that - your Monday has changed for the better! 🌮Before July ends, please don’t miss visiting @arldonerkebab at @robinsonsmallsofficial @robinsonsgalleriaofficial in South! ❤️ Special thanks to @wondersmedia for welcoming me to your family! 📸 @edwarddotcom #AuthenticDonerKebab #GrandOpening #arldonerkebab

82 5

If drinking coffee is not just a morning ritual but a way of life, then is the place you need to go! Happy to be part of ‘s grand launch! ☕️ They offer your favorite homegrown coffee 100% arabica beans, to every classic Filipino dish that we all crave. You can visit them at Victoria Sports Tower 2 in QC. See you there!❤️ #therojoway #rojohousewarming #rojocoffeeph

243 16

All glammed up by @nadynnemarie 💕 Since I usually wear neutral shades, I’m very wary of brighter shades. But she did her magic and used pink and cranberry tones which I never thought would make my eyes look brighter and lighter. She opt going for a super-blended eyeshadow look that seamlessly transitions from my lid shade to my crease shade with a satin and shimmery finish. Thanks @nadynnemarie for adding a bright pop of color, didn’t thought I would love this as much as I love neutral and dark smokey eyes. Pink eyeshadow is one of those surprising makeup trends that is universally flattering, it can be feminine and tough at the same time and there are so many ways we can wear it and really make it our own. Thank you @nadynnemarie @icountplanes !

130 3

It’s the time of the month again with @shopee_ph! Add to cart now and don’t forget to use my code (SHOPEEXJOANNE) to get Php100 OFF. Valid until April 26 only! 🧡🧡🧡 @shopee_ph #ShopeeSuperFashionBeauty

104 6

Mornings you deserve. ☀️

134 4

Pulled off a Gen Y surprise for our golden man. Here’s to 50 years of incredible you and an incredible 50 more! Happy Birthday, Daddy! ☺️

74 2

FINDING THE CALM AMIDST THE CHAOS | Juggling the demands of our personal and professional lives has always been tricky, but never more so than now.

169 5

2/3 WHAT ALL THE FUSS IS ABOUT⚡️ X-A5 was released last 2018, it comes roughly a year and a half after the previous X-A3 and no, you’re not going mad, there wasn’t an X-A4 in-between. Firmware wise, there are some neat additions, with one which it allows real-time viewing. It’s easier for me to see a preview of my photo especially when I take flatlays wherein the smallest detail can be seen. It also never ceases to amaze me how few know about this, but the SR+ mode is Fujifilm’s answer to the ubiquitous ‘Auto’ mode. Fujifilm’s SR+ mode will automatically select the optimum autofocus and exposure settings from various presets. I just admire how it works in most brightly light settings, the image quality was very good, depicting tones and colors accurately and vibrantly. Trying it out on a flatlay photo of my summer essentials!☀️ #BrightMode #PortraitEnhancer #NightPlusMode #FujifilmPHxSampleRoomph #XA5challenge #sampleroomph

300 16

1/3 MIRRORLESS JOURNEY In 2015 where it all began for me in this field, I got to try the entry-level mirrorless camera aimed at beginners and social photographers. A retro two-tone styling, contoured grip, with physical toggles and switches defines a throwback to the days of necessarily rugged metal bodies, optical viewfinders, and mechanical switches with satisfying clicks and clunks. It is the most essential tool that I carry in almost 4 years of blogging. It’s clearly designed as a step-up from a point-and-shoot compact for capturing moments, and with that I just clearly made the right choice by choosing @fujifilmph 📷 I snapped this photo using the portrait mode (in which there are 5 levels to select from) utilizing the feature of 180 degrees tilting touch screen. Just wanna show you how natural and crisp it was straight out from the mirrorless camera.❤️ Swipe to see the raw photos!

120 3

Let’s travel back in time! Took me back to 2010 when it was first released. Letting you guys who belong Gen Z and Gen Alpha experience this! The Double Down is finally back in the market. Grab yours now from any KFC branch nationwide! #KFCDoubleDownPh @kfcphilippines

83 5

Taking a quick break from my desk to check out @shopee_ph quiz which is happening today at 9pm. See it for yourself by downloading the app and get as much as 300k Shopee coins by answering questions hosted by celebrity guests. Just don’t miss posting your experience and tag them as well! They’re going live in a bit. 🧡#shopeequizph @shopee_ph

121 2

What a way to start the year! We all know that KFC’s Original Recipe makes their chicken so tasty, and now it’s found its way into cracklings form - all chicken skin, all the best part! Can’t believe I get to enjoy the best part only this time! It comes in two sizes too. So if you’re like me and can’t get enough of their skin, share it! #KFCCracklings #OriginalRecipe"

122 1

Just sharing with you my past Holiday #InCRÉMAble Creation: Alaska Créma whipped cream topped with mallows, cookies and sprinkles and Alaska Créma Strawberry🍓and Mango Trifle recipe from Join me as I could possibly see 🛫Taiwan again or any other local food trip destinations by also sharing your Alaska Créma dish. For the full mechanics, please check this out #MakeitInCrémable

182 3

Shop with heart for those you love! You have few more hours left to get the biggest deals from @lazadaph ’s 12.12 Grand Year End Sale! Link in my bio to start shopping now. #lazada1212 #Merry1212 #grandyearendsale

138 3

May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love. Kudos to my mom, you deserve all happiness in the world which is why I am so excited for @lazadaph ‘s 12.12 Grand Year-End Sale this coming December 10-12, so start adding to your cart! Let’s all shop with heart this Christmas for our loved ones. #Lazada1212 #Merry1212 #GrandYearEndSale 🎁

2 1

May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love. Kudos to my mom, you deserve all happiness in the world which is why I am so excited for @lazadaph ‘s 12.12 Grand Year-End Sale this coming December 10-12, so start adding to your cart! Let’s all shop with heart this Christmas for our loved ones. #Lazada1212 #Merry1212 #GrandYearEndSale 🎁

108 5

A great sunday y’all! A sight of this fresh collection of boxed blooms in my desk today from . How I wish you would last forever.😍 Reminding everyone that it’s almost Christmas break, happy studying! #flowerchimp #sayitwithflowers

188 19

PAMPERING DAY FOR A CAUSE!On its third year, @_nailaholics is again bringing out the best for all of us with the #NationalPamperingDay event. An annual celebration of wellness and beauty is set on October 17 in all Nailaholics branches nationwide. On the said #NationalPamperingDay, you can enjoy a wide array of Nailaholics’ services from manicure, hand spa, hand massage, foot spa to foot massage for P10.00 only. Be sure to have your choice of services ready because #NationalPamperingDay will start from 10 am until 2 pm only. This celebration will not just celebrate YOU, but you helping out others as well, because proceeds from the event will go directly to Nailaholics’ community partner, the La Verna Aged Care and Dementia Village. Last day of tickets will be released today. Visit the branch near you and claim yours now for FREE! 💙

56 4

Missing my favorite cup of coffee mint mojito from @philzcoffee

122 6

Coffee, tea, or WINE? 🍷Yes, you’ve read it right! I just enjoyed my luxurious experience at @theblocbyjuniesierraandco with very welcoming staff and indeed professional beauty experts. I love how you made it different among the rest Mr. @juniesierra I would be back for sure! Not just for the wine but for the pampering experience and the relaxing interiors.✨Special thanks to Ms. @joyfromthebloc Mr. @kimcaravana @ludelramirezcreation20 ✨✨#ebloggersball2018

213 9

Just collated my photos from the #ebloggersball2018 and I can finally post them now! Showing my appreciation to the glam team @theblocbyjuniesierraandco @ludelramirezcreation20 @joyfromthebloc @joyskie24 and to the one who created this designer gown @princesstansisters .Thank you for taking care of my look! @aryanabeautyph @e_philippines #ebloggersball ✨✨✨📷 @juantojuan Thanks for your amazing shots!


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