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41.0% of jnasa's followers are female and 59.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.20%. The average number of likes per post is 436 and the average number of comments is 16.

31.39% of the followers that engaged with jnasa regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 5.11% and Germany at 5.11%. In summary, the top 5 countries of jnasa's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, France.

Jnasa loves posting about Travel, Photography, Adventure, Nature & Outdoors, Architecture.

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41.0 %
59.0 %


  • Travel & Tourism 86.07 %
  • Photography 84.70 %
  • How-to & Style 58.23 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 49.61 %
  • Art & Design 47.26 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 44.04 %
  • Technology & Science 41.41 %
  • Entertainment 37.95 %
  • Business & Careers 36.55 %
  • Home & Garden 34.55 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 34.14 %
  • Luxury Goods 32.99 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 32.30 %


  • United States 31.39 %
  • Canada 5.11 %
  • Germany 5.11 %
  • Australia 4.38 %
  • France 4.38 %


619 21

I stand here to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way. • Glacier Point, Yosemite. . This spot - it’s been photographed a million different times, at various times of day. I’ve made the drive countless times myself. Though on this trip, it felt different. The day before I had made the 19 mile round trip hike to Half Dome. I had ascended and descended the infamous cables at the top. I was now intimately familiar with this granite beauty, also known as Tesaiyac (tis-sa-ack). A connection was created on that journey, that made all other hikes through the temple of nature, that is Yosemite, pale a bit in comparison. In a strange way it now felt as if we knew one another’s secrets. . Now, why did I come to this spot if it’s frequented so much? I mean, it’s not even the first full view of half dome as you drive up glacier point road. Maybe I, maybe we, gravitate here because, it’s a reminder that while El Capitan is the Jefe, all roads in Yosemite, lead to Half Dome. Or, maybe it’s because, as Thoreau said, “the universe is wider than our view of it,” and in order to process the beauty we see below, we have to literally ‘broaden our horizons’ and see it from above. Or, I simply needed to process how far I had gone the previous day. . Whatever the reason, this view will always be a bit different, in the best of ways.

645 27

Are You A Dreamer? • Arches National Park, Utah. . Just returned from a bucket list adventure in Yosemite (I know this photo is Arches, I’ll get to that I promise) - Hiking to Half Dome and ascending the cables to the top! I applied on a whim for the last day of the season and TBH, I’m still processing the whole thing. Feels like a dream, a 18.5 mile dream. It all got me thinking about how important and absolutely magical our public lands are. And also reminded me of all the fantastic adventures I’ve had in our parks, and how I cannot wait until the next adventure.

259 8

Give me one more life to see it all again. • Watkins Glen, NY. . Lately, more and more I feel anxious. I have seen so much, but there is more I want to see and more I want to see again. There are more places to explore, more photos to take, more art to create, for you, for me, for clients. Anyone else feel the same?

663 23

If we walk far enough, we shall sometime come to someplace - Frank L Baum. . Most of the stunning places I’ve been to have taken a bit of effort to reach (and a permit). They weren’t a spot off the side of the road. They weren’t a scenic loop. Most often, they took a bit of effort and miles of terrain to reach. I’m peripatetic, movement is my constant, it’s my soul. Plus, when you something as beautiful as this is on the other side of a hike, the amount of miles you’d go to reach it becomes infinite.

312 21

Where I can be, wild and free. - Nothing makes me happier than an open road, a challenging hike, and a beautiful view. Though, I have to say, sharing it with all of you in an effort to show you that there is a beautiful world out there to protect and occasionally dropping some knowledge is a close second. What we do in our day to day lives to help this planet, helps beautiful places like this, that are miles away from our homes. So, remember, leave no trace - no trash, no masks, no food waste, no human or pet waste, etc. if it’s not indigenous to the environment you visit, it shouldn’t be left behind. Keeping magical places like this, beautiful is the goal, always. Now, get out there, safely, and enjoy! . @michelobultra #PureGoldCEO #promo . p.s. I didn’t hike in the dress.

287 7

Tomorrow is National Public Lands day - the USA’s largest annual celebration of the great outdoors (including free admission to ALL national Parks). Which, in turn, got me thinking about how my passion for exploring and the beauty of our natural world, led me to photography. . Granted, I’ve always been the choose your own adventure, embrace the unknown, never refuse an invitation, go the extra mile, type. Even as a child, I preferred climbing trees, exploring creeks, sports and creating art, to watching cartoons. It’s no accident that my life came to be about creating art, traveling around the globe, pushing my fitness limits and feeding my love for knowledge and my insatiable curiosity. Nothing brings me more joy than exploring this beautiful world, and connecting people to it, through visual images and storytelling. But, all the adventure, it’s not really about me, it’s been about Earth. This planet isn’t a bucket list, it’s home. My intent has always been to inspire and create a closeness to our world, not to help build a content checklist. Share what I’ve learned about my own place on earth by taking the open road, engaging in conversations with strangers, being out of my comfort zone, laughing at wtf moments, embracing the unknown, and seeing beautiful places, with all of you. And hopefully, I translate the beauty that is out there and show that, while we may have our differences, we’re all connected. Because there are the most fantastic people, places, & things out there. But finding them, and photographing them isn’t the goal . The goal is to be a catalyst - inspire other to take action to protect, and respect this magical place we all call home. . Which is why I applied to be the Pure Gold CEO @MichelobULTRA #PureGoldCEO #promo

533 16

Was It All A Dream? • Big Sur, California. . If there’s one thing we all have one thing in common in 2020, it’s grief. It looks different on everyone, but it is there. It isn't just death we have to grieve. It's life. It's the loss of what once was, of places that once were. It’s the change. It’s this world where we don’t truly know what normal will look like. All of these things cause us to grieve. And when we wonder why it has to suck so much. Why it has to hurt so bad. Why it feels so much like fear. Why it has to be so difficult, or why we can’t seem to adjust... . That’s when we have to try to remember is that anything in life can turn on a dime. That's how you stay alive. When it hurts so much you can't breathe, that's how you survive. By remembering that the good can also come out of nowhere. That’s what gets me through each hour of each day. That’s what gets me through the struggles. The hope that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. And clearer skies are ahead.

294 9

Rainbow Chaser. • Canyonlands National Park, Utah. . I’m thinking about an October road trip up through Utah to Montana. And, maybe teaching a photo workshop somewhere along the way (will keep you all posted). I am missing daily +10 mile hikes in nature, enjoying (photographing) sunsets without another soul around, and the occasional rainbow. Anyone else feeling the same?

304 9

I try not to play favorites when it comes to travel. I’m so eclectic that I love wandering cities, exploring museums, diving in oceans, lounging on beaches, reveling in luxury hotels, and hiking for miles and miles in the backcountry, and sleeping under the stars. Every place on this planet has something to offer, and whether I’m in a dress or dry fit clothing, I am content... With that said, if I am to play a bit of favorites with nature, Torres del Paine, in Patagonia, Chile ranks as a favorite. The end of the earth is filled with magic. Bonus, staying with @tierrahotels is beyond incredible.

407 22

Happy Belated 104 to the @nationalparkservice. A day late but honestly, what are days in 2020? Here are a few shots from some of my favorites (but not all of my favorites... because there are some I don’t have photos of... plus, you can’t really play favorites when it comes to Mother Nature... or when you haven’t been to all 62 parks yet. ). In order of appearance - @zionnps @yellowstonenps @sequoiakingsnps @haleakalanps @archesnps @yosemitenps @whitesandsnps @canyonlandsnps. Last but not least, remember, when visiting our national parks (or any bit of nature) - leave no trace when you visit the parks - no litter-graffiti- human waste - etc., keep appropriate (a lot of) distance from wildlife, stay on marked trails, & in case of bears: always bring a friend you can outrun.

480 6

Paint me a blue sky. •The Wave, Arizona • Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile, • Between St. Martin & St. Barts, Caribbean Sea • San Francisco, California • Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. . Missing blue skies at the moment with these wildfires raging in Northern California. Thought I’d share a few of my favorite with you all in the meantime.

475 21

I live in the clouds. Reality is not for me. People say I should come down. That the clouds are not a place for grownups to be. I smile at them. Maybe one day, I say maybe one day I will come down. But I never will. Reality is not for me. I shall stay up here. The view is quite breathtaking. - Andre Jordan. . • Mount Tamalpais, California. . Visiting my home in the Bay Area at present, and the heat wave we have right now is making everyone wish a bit of fog was rolling in. . Side note: One of my favorite modern poems - from me, to all the other dreamers out there.


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