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United Arab Emirates

🧘🏻‍♀️ 300hr certified #YogaTeacher in Dubai ✋🏼 Massage, bodywork + postnatal closing bones ⚡️ Seriel entrepreneur, founder @yApparel 📲 LET’S CONNECT👇🏼
Raml Za`bil
United Arab Emirates

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.30%. The average number of likes per post is 123 and the average number of comments is 20.

37.32% of the followers that engaged with jivamuktiwithdina regularly are from United Arab Emirates, followed by United States at 9.15% and United Kingdom at 6.34%. In summary, the top 5 countries of jivamuktiwithdina's posts engager are coming from United Arab Emirates, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia.

Jivamuktiwithdina loves posting about Health & Fitness.

Check jivamuktiwithdina's audience demography. This analytics report shows jivamuktiwithdina's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United Arab Emirates 37.32 %
  • United States 9.15 %
  • United Kingdom 6.34 %
  • Canada 2.82 %
  • Australia 2.82 %


121 19

I hope you are all fuelling your bodies as much as you are fuelling your souls! #nomnomnom @projeto.acai is giving you 30% off your first 3 orders when your order directly through them (link in their bio) ✌🏼 use code ⚡️DINA30⚡️ and enjoyyyyyyyy! #acaibowl #acai #supportsmallbusinesses #berriesforlife #projetoacai

150 22

i c h o o s e • I shared these affirmations yesterday on my virtual retreat and wanted to share it here ~ first heard on @kerningcultures: . . As much as crisis is terrifying, it is also clarifying. 💫 I choose to use this time to remind me of what’s important. 💫 I choose to use this time to help me actively seek the present the moment 💫 I choose to use this time to be in community and communion with what’s greater than us 💫 I choose to use this time to love myself on the days I feel low. What else would you add here? . . Sending you all love 💓 #justkeepswimming

84 17

u n c e r t a i n t y ❕ What is your relationship with it? Take a moment to hit the reset button with my virtual yoga retreat, streamed live in the comfort of your own home, tomorrow Sat Apr 11th. . . With so much uncertainty in our lives, I invite you to use as many hours in this one-day escape to connect to practices that will help you re-ground, re-centre, and re-align. While we can’t alter the circumstances of our external environment, we CAN work to soften our internal dialogue. Use this opportunity to step out of fear, and into faith, as we learn to trust and surrender into what is, here and now. . . We will begin the day with pranayama and meditation, and then move into a vigorous 90 minute morning yoga asana practice. After a long lunch break and optional offline writing / therapeutic activities, we will join back together for a gentle yoga flow, followed by chanting and meditation to close the evening. AM half day session: 8:30-11:30am • PM half day session 2:30-6pm• Link in bio for full details 💫

165 36

#throwback Missing human contact 😞 If you know me, then you know touch is a big part of my life, my work and my identity. I love to give long meaningful hugs, to provide intentional assists in class, and offer healing through body work and thai massage. Being in physical contact (even at least in a room together) with each other in my opinion is essential to human connection and spiritual growth. My hope is that after this virus blows over, that we will go back showing love through physical affection.. but my fear is that things will be... different. Only time will tell 💓 #ijustwannabeclosetoyou

152 14

Oh, to wide open spaces... What’s amazing is that if we close our eyes and bring our minds to something we miss, love or want AND we connect to the emotions associated with those - actually believe and feel into the emotions like we’re in that place / situation or with that person - our bodies don’t know the difference. We begin to actively change our chemical make up - from fear to love, scarcity to abundance, sadness to joy - our bodies reap the benefits as the nervous system is washed and cleansed with these positive emotions and intentions. And according to Joe Dispenza, we start to step out of our unconscious recurring past and into our future - one that we designed. Try this little exercise once a day, or more if you know you need. Sending you all love 💓

123 19

Group Yoga Classes on Zoom ✌🏼 Sunday’s and Tuesday’s at 8am + Monday’s and Wednesday’s at 6:45pm UAE time. 〰️ You can now book and pay online for my upcoming classes as well as my virtual retreat experience 🌴 〰️ Just keep flowing 🙏🏼 #jivamuktiyoga

137 14

#together • @rupikaur_ . . If you’re feeling alone reach out. Let’s all hold each other through these waves 🖤🤍 I’m here for a chat anytime...

76 9

Dreaming of travel... #throwback to our recent winter getaway at the @wonderinn_norway ☃️⛅️❄️

185 28

C R O W • for Day 7 of the • #shimisenlightenmentchallenge 〰️ Crow pose is an arm balance that requires strength, flexibility and focus. I love this pose because it’s all encompassing - the hips need to be open to be able to bring the knees high up on the triceps, the core engaged with a little rounding in the spine, and the arms shoulder width and strong - fingers spread wide to provide a stable foundation. You’re breathing, focusing, squeezing, pushing, pulling - you’re all in. 〰️ For many years I practiced just bringing my knees to my arms and shifting weight front and back, just to get a sense of what the pose would feel like so if you’re new to this pose that’s a great place to start - keeping your toes toes on the ground for stability and support. Eventually - when the fear of falling or failing subsides, slowly start to shift the weight forward enough until your feet perhaps elevate off the mat. But this takes time, focus and practice, there’s no need to rush the process. Have fun with it! Eventually the aim is to bring the heels to the bum and arms as straight as possible. Use props under to assist as needed. Don’t forget to point those toes! 〰️ First photo: crow prep / half crow • Second photo: crow to tripod headstand for a little extra challenge • Third photo: standard crow 〰️ Join our challenge! Follow: 1. @shimis.dubai 2. Our amazing teachers @simonastanton @alliemmclaughlin @missgreenteayogi @jivamuktiwithdina @yogagypsywarrior @del_zer @laura_weston_ @megwilson_yoga @sohumdxb @yogi.dee @michelletamyoga @gypsyfitdxb @brittany.p.s @benedicteyogini @medinamaste @amandayogaflow @ameliajane.yoga @lea_daaboul @livewellcommunity 3. Use the #shimisenlightenmentchallenge 4. Post on your IG story or page 5. and have a blast! Follow @missgreenteayogi for tomorrow’s pose ✌🏼

70 22

Let’s connect a little more 🍃 My first virtual retreat experience is here! Scary but exciting. Join a group of like minded individuals on • Saturday April 4th • via Zoom from the comfort of your own home. Take a day (or half day) to connect to practices that will help you re-ground, re-centre and re-align 🧘🏽‍♀️ While we can’t alter the circumstances of our external environment, we can work to soften our internal dialogue. Use this opportunity to step out of fear and into F A I T H ✨ Full day and half day option available, if you lost your job and need support I’m flexible. #connection More details www.dinaghandour.com


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