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Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Military Wife, Mom of 4 & Texan 🇨🇱 📍San Diego

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.30%. The average number of likes per post is 230 and the average number of comments is 8.

46.6% of the followers that engaged with jessbkr regularly are from United States, followed by Australia at 6.8% and Canada at 5.83%. In summary, the top 5 countries of jessbkr's posts engager are coming from United States, Australia, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom.

Jessbkr loves posting about Fashion, Hair & Beauty, Design.

Check jessbkr's audience demography. This analytics report shows jessbkr's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 46.6 %
  • Australia 6.8 %
  • Canada 5.83 %
  • Italy 3.88 %
  • United Kingdom 3.88 %


222 3

Matchy matchy with my best girl 🌸 in our @ir_artwork Biggie tees! Also my favorite skirt from @baethelabel still good in the 4th trimester and beyond 🙌🏼 this Sunday is full of sleeping in extra late, football, a trip to Walmart to check new arrivals, car wash, quick trip to the beach, and sonic route 44 cherry limeades! 😅 long wish list but they will get done! I’m dragging everyone out of the house whether they like it or not 🙌🏼

153 3

About to go on a luxurious wine walk 🍷 straight to my kitchen for a glass and the only luxury part will be the 5 min it takes to open the bottle and take one sip before the big kids wake up Sway. He has recently decided to take up the art of fighting sleep and a bad habit of cat naps, c'est la vie! •••• On a fashion/shopping note I’ll have you know I took no part in Amazon Prime Day and I’m shocked at my self control 😂 which has given me an idea since I didn’t participate in no shop September the remainder of the month I’m going to shop from my own closet in an effort to clear my clothing hoard a bit (it’s baaaad bad bad) wish me luck 🤪😂 could you use a month of shopping from your own closet?

300 12

Some people think I’m crazy for having all these babies! There are only 4 of them 😂 it’s definitely not easy but I couldn’t imagine my life without each and everyone of them. Some days are easier than others and sometimes I drop some serious f bombs 💣 but I wouldn’t change this crazy beautiful life for anything. These younger years don’t last forever and one day I will miss everything about this hectic, loud, stressful, wonderfully perfect season in my life but for now I will soak up the year I got to keep my babies home with me all day and homeschool them during a pandemic and sort of lost my mind, I will cherish the time spent frustrated cleaning boogers and dirty little hand and foot prints off the walls, I will always stop what I’m doing to pick up my 3 year old when he asks me bc I don’t know when it’s going to be the last time he will ask, I will endure the 5 min long rambling stories that don’t make sense from my 6 year old with the biggest smile, I will gladly spend the hour waiting for my 8 year old to finish reading a book to me just to listen to her sweet voice, and I will rock my tiny baby for the rest of the day not doing anything else because one day I will miss this, ALL OF THIS. This home is full. This life is full. These hands are full. This heart is full and for that I am so thankful.

243 0

• O N E M O N T H • loved to the 🌜 and back • sleeps like a champ • super nurser • nicknames Swayze like Patrick and Little Wolf •

279 10

Active loungewear ? Loungewear you can be active in ? Activewear that’s so comfortable it’s basically pjs 👌 All I know is this 2 piece set from @everlygrey is all I wear these days. Go to bed in it wake up and throw some sneakers on and a denim jacket and no one knows my ootd doubles as my pjs 💀😂 but the best part about this Whitney 2 piece is it’s nursing friendly with direct access without having to lift my top 🙌🏼 •••• when it comes to nursing do you adjust your wardrobe? Are you a shirt lifter? Shirt puller downer? Shirt pulled to the sider? A unbottoner? •••• for me over the years I have grown to despise lifting my shirts up to nurse it’s just (FOR ME) messy, in the way, and not how I would like to be seen yanking up my shirt to my neck slapping a baby on and my stomach or under shirt out. I would much rather pull down, unbutton, open from the side.

231 4

Did you really think we’d skip #october3rd 💋 Welcome to the fam Sway man where we celebrate Mean Girls Day and I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom! •••• no new shirts this year so here are some throwbacks 💗💋

175 3

Happy first day of SP👻🎃KY season! And happy three weeks to our sweet baby Sway! The kids say he looks like Georgie 🎈 in his little yellow outfit from @modernburlap ••• do you decorate for more for Halloween or Fall? I’m having a battle between cute fall decor and Halloween so we did both 😜 but I love to go full spooky Halloween with the inside decorations!

73 2

Tea for one!!!! Been taking all the time for myself.... and baby over the last 2 weeks. Taking in all the newborn snuggles bc they don’t last long. I’ve also made it a definite point to have some alone time for just me. Thank you @bohteausa for all the delicious teas to help ease myself into relaxation. The Garden teas are so good! Even though the self care “me time” lasts as long as a cup of hot tea and a quick shower right now I’m cool with that! Can’t spend too much time away from my littlest babe or I’ll start feeling like I’m missing something in my arms 😂 - a few ways I’ve taken time to relax with 3 kids and a newborn: 1) at home support from Asa . He takes the kids to the park so we can have some downtime and makes ALL the meals 🙌🏼 2) skin-to-skin with baby every chance I get. The best way to bond and help calm both of us. 3) hot cup of Cameronian Gold Blend tea and my favorite tv show. 4) shopping run! Even if I have nothing to get I still go wandering through the whole store 🙌🏼 ••• you can find the swipe up for BOH teas in my stories••• #bohteas #bohteausa #bohteamalaysia

393 13

• ONE WEEK • 7 DAYS • 168 HOURS • 10080 MINUTES • 604800 SECONDS of pure love with this sweet baby boy. Thank you @everlygrey for the darling grown set and swaddle blanket that is absolutely the softest and coziest blanket ever 🙌🏼

686 25

We are over the moon 🌙 in love with our sweet • Sway Malone • 2 days with this little 🌻 and he has completely stolen each and every one of our hearts! I’m not sure how we ever lived without him. ~ 4/10/20 6lb 12oz


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