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Design engine at @living_now_studio. Designer, architect , artist. St Petersburg, Moscow, New York. .
New York
United States

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.60%. The average number of likes per post is 443 and the average number of comments is 11.

11.49% of the followers that engaged with jenyauzhegova regularly are from United States, followed by Russian Federation at 9.2% and France at 8.05%. In summary, the top 5 countries of jenyauzhegova's posts engager are coming from United States, Russian Federation, France, Italy, United Kingdom.

Jenyauzhegova loves posting about Art, Design, Architecture.

Check jenyauzhegova's audience demography. This analytics report shows jenyauzhegova's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 11.49 %
  • Russian Federation 9.2 %
  • France 8.05 %
  • Italy 8.05 %
  • United Kingdom 6.9 %


147 5

@living_now_studio Ищем в команду чудо-проектировщика - архитектора-дизайнера, педанта, внимательного к деталям и с чувством прекрасного. Обязателен опыт разработки проектной документации. Мы фокусируемся на объектах гостеприимства: ресторанах и гостиницах. С нас – очень интересные знаковые проекты, работы много, она разная, скучно точно не будет, достойная оплата труда. С вас – желание работать, четкость, пунктуальность, аккуратность. Нужно будет много чертить. Поэтому, если это не ваша сильная сторона, но очень-очень хочется, пожалуйста, не тратьте время свое и наше. У нас будут периодически открываться вакансии, и будем расширять команду, но в данный момент нужен волшебник проектной документации. Ждем портфолио/резюме с примерами проектов/чертежей на почту

420 1

Оставлю здесь на память о времени в моем любимом опустевшем городе, который прекрасен Всегда.

608 15

Not easy to draw on site when you stay home. I started this collage while ago. Washington Square park is one of my favorite places in NYC. You can meet there the most incredible people. Very vibrant, very unique (well, not exactly at this moment though, but these times will pass soon). Desided to start posting my progress on instagram, since this is the only way I can finish this piece- with your support, guys.

572 103

Hello 33! Messy hair and golden stars on my face.. Couldn't be happier! Grateful for the past year, that was so generous for wonderful inspiring people around me, excited for the next year.

247 11

Design is energy. Beautiful lighting in our soon to open cosy restaurant we've been working for a while lately. Thanks, team. @living_now_studio

311 6

Everybody, even my dog love @avocado_queen_restaurant. Trying some new patterns for summer with my best design assistant. @living_now_studio #livingnowstudio #interiordesign

156 4

Для нашей @living_now_studio ищем в команду дизайнеров. Работа-кайф, проектов много. Лайк-шер-репост 🙏. Питер/Москва. Пишите лично мне в DM либо на

716 11

And once again - the @thenewschool building at 25 east 13th street. I'm often asked, how long did it take me to draw a sketch. Well, this one in particular took me 4 hours to draw (although I was rushing up). And even though I have no time to draw, while started, i simply can't stop doing that.. the building we studied together with my dearesr friend @adhocist JJ, happy birthday once again. Love you to the moon and back.

800 24

Back to my favorite process in the world. After one more semester at the architecture school I'm closer and closer to finally understand that I'm more an artist already, than an architect. Especially now, when the amount of digital work in the discipline is so big, that makes it sooo boring. Honestly, sometimes I reall wonder, where is all the craftmanship in the profession. Well, I always find my room within this field. #dailydrawing #marcyavenuecollage #archisketcher @azizosko borrowed you drafting board for good.

522 6

@blick13thst that's where all my money go:) check it out, guys. Amazing selection of art supplies . I have goosebumps when i go through the sheets of arches watercolor paper. windows above belong to our SCE faculty building at @thenewschool. I didn't find anything specific on the history of the building. Just that is was built in 1920's. Now it belongs to New School and it is a home for School of constructed environments, with Architecture, Product , Lighting and Interior design. Also Fine art, wood and metal shops, and other facilities. They have open studios at the end of every school year. So come check it out.

378 13

Keepers self storage facility at E 10th street and avenue D. Right across the road from the Dry Dock Pool. This unusual for the surroundings building was originally a factory, build in 1927-28 by J. Edwin Hopkins as an industrial bakery for Wheatsworth Inc., creators of the Milk-Bone dog biscuit and Wheatsworth Cracker. Considering East Village as a neighborhood of tenements and housing, this particular builsing is one of a kind in the neighborhood. The factory’s main product was the bone-shaped dog biscuit, but it also produced crackers (for human consumption) and flour. The National Biscuit Co. acquired Wheatsworth in 1931 and the bakery closed in 1957. Subsequent owners included the city and Columbia University, and the building is now a public storage warehouse.

491 9

#2.I was on my way to Brooklyn Heights Pier Park to draw skyscrapers, when I saw this old Fire Station. Couldn’t just pass by. This particular department - Engine 224 at 274 Hick’s St. - was established in 1886.  The firemen were very welcoming and gave me a short tour across the station and their daily routine. I was wondering, what is their day, if not on the call. They are doing inspections in the neighborhood, checking, that fire exits are well maintained, not blocked, etc. Now I kind of understand why, if you call 911 for an ambulance, there come firemen, and police. Since firemen are well trained for the emergency situations and in most of the cases arethe fastest to come, they are able to help with some reanimation (heart massage, breathing problems, etc). Also they have to check that equipment is working, keep the cleanness inside the station themselves, bathrooms, etc, so no cleaning ladies, guys. Basically, it is similar to the sea, where the youngest in the career, cabin boys, are cleaning the deck. A lot of firemen are doing exercise as well, to be in a good physical shape, so they have all the equipment, like weights, etc, inside the station, but the exercising is not an obligatory. You see few pictures following the sketch. On the 2nd one there is a historical tablet with all fire alarm stations in the neighborhood, labeled. So how it worked before. Back in the era, when no one had phones, the only possible way to contact fire department was through these corner towers (see the last photo). You had to run to it and push the handle (these handles are long gone), and the station received a signal with a certain code, and depending on how many times it rings, the firemen could learn, where the alarm is coming from. Nowadays everything is in the computer, but the tower numbering is still same. They have kept the tablet for a history record. What was new to me, and sorry if I point on an elephant in the room, but these alarm towers are still working, so anytime you are in a situation when you need an assistance, and can’t reach the phone, you do not have to call 911, just push one of these buttons, red or blue end help will come. ⬇️на русском ниже⬇️


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