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• National Geographic Photographer • Prints • Presenter Nat Geo Channel • TV Host • Speaker • Expedition Leader • www.ILCP.com

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47.7% of jasonedwardsng's followers are female and 52.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.60%. The average number of likes per post is 2532 and the average number of comments is 31.

Jasonedwardsng loves posting about Photography, Travel, Adventure.

Check jasonedwardsng's audience demography. This analytics report shows jasonedwardsng's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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47.7 %
52.3 %


  • Photography 84.71 %
  • Travel & Tourism 73.71 %
  • Art & Design 56.05 %
  • Entertainment 41.28 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 40.33 %
  • Movies and TV 40.31 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 39.16 %
  • Business & Careers 36.36 %
  • Technology & Science 35.78 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 35.16 %
  • Sports 34.70 %
  • Books and Literature 32.71 %


3,296 36

Twilight in the Garden of Eden. An endangered Green Turtle slowly rises through a curtain of sunlight to capture a breath before descending to a shallow coral garden. As darkness falls over the reef, the turtle will shelter beneath an overhang for safety. They are unable to retract their flippers, tail and head beneath their hard carapace. Please join me @jasonedwardsng for images and stories from my National Geographic assignments. @ilcp_photographers #jasonedwardsng @australia #seeaustralia @bbcearth #greatbarrierreef @natgeofineart #endangeredspecies @passionpassport #reeflife @earthalliance #seaturtle @smithsonianmagazine #findingnemo @disneyplus #gardenofeden @disneyplusau #coralreef @oceanx #scubadiving @oceana #snorkeling @oceanconservancy #underwaterphotography @australianwildlifeconservancy #icebergstoiguanas @natgeochannel #tranquility @seacam_official

2,767 38

It can be arduous and dangerous work being a male Lion in charge of a pride. Like all cats, lions are induced ovulators and therefore it requires multiple matings for the egg to be delivered. In fact, a male and female may couple up to 250x in twenty-four hours! Not only is this exhausting, but if rival males catch the scent of the female they will challenge the pride male during this time. These battles can result in serious injury or even death. Please join me @jasonedwardsng for images and stories from my National Geographic assignments. @ilcp_photographers #jasonedwardsng @bbcearth #bigcat @passionpassport #lion @earthalliance #lionking @disneyplusau #instacat @disneyplus #serengeti @smithsonianmagazine #catlover @africanparksnetwork #funnyanimals @africanwildlifefoundation #kingofthejungle @natgeomuseum #icebergstoiguanas

1,405 20

This is a quiet frame. A light breeze moving through a prairie in the Arctic. I have always loved capturing grasses, varying my focus and depth of field to record their fragile and brief song. It’s mid-summer and although the season is short this far north, it’s buzzing with activity as all forms of life prepare for the coming winter. Open habitats dominated by grasses, make up 40% of all terrestrial surface on Earth. Grasslands began about 25-million years ago and influenced the evolution and dispersal of humans out of Africa. We are now responsible for the demise of grasslands and savannah, as we expand agriculture and monoculture. These bountiful and serene worlds support everything from the largest land mammal, the elephant, to countless billions of termites building their complex towers from the Earth. Please join me @jasonedwardsng for images and stories from my National Geographic assignments. #arctic @ilcp_photographers #icebergstoiguanas @natgeointhefield #grassland @passionpassport #lessismore @natgeofineart #savannah @smithsonianmagazine #shallowdepthoffield @bbcearth #fineartprints

2,825 31

Weddell Seal are the only mammal to spend the entire year in Antarctica. The species does not migrate north as the sea freezes into a plate of ice, and temperatures and darkness descend over the frozen continent. Beneath the ice the mid-winter ocean is dark however the Weddell Seal find their prey of fish, crustaceans and octopus using their highly sensitive whiskers. They also have been observed blowing air bubbles into ice crevasses to scare small fish out! Please join me @jasonedwardsng for images and stories from my National Geographic assignments. @natgeochannel #jasonedwardsng @bbcearth #antarctica @disneyplus #seal @earthalliance #climatechange @natgeofineart #polar @disneyplusau #animalface @ilcp_photographers

3,040 31

The Serval, an agile and fleet-footed predator of the African savannah and wetland. A small prey and bird specialist the serval has long legs that propel the cat more than two meters into the air. Landing from their pounce they complete the kill with a bite to the neck. Populations are relatively stable in East Africa however, in the West of the continent they are poached for their skins and for the traditional medicine trade. Please join me @jasonedwardsng for images and stories from my National Geographic assignments. @ilcp_photographers #catlover @africanparksnetwork #jasonedwardsng @africanwildlifefoundation #serval @bbcearth #instacat #backlit @smithsonianmagazine #catphotography @earthalliance

1,703 22

The iridescent scales on a butterfly wing form flaming eyes, a menacing warning to would-be predators. Not only do the eye-spots potentially draw an attack away from the butterfly’s vulnerable head, but they also give the impression that its impossible to sneak up on the fragile butterfly when its roosting. The spots may even resemble the eyes of a predator! Both the larvae and the adult of a species will display eyespots as a defense mechanism. They are made up of concentric rings of contrasting colours, and rather than assisting with camouflage they make the butterfly more visible. There are many species of butterfly and moth that utilise this strategy indicating it’s a highly successful evolutionary trait! Please join me @jasonedwardsng for images and stories from my National Geographic assignments. #evolution @natgeofineart #butterfly @ilcp_photographers #icebergstoiguanas @natgeointhefield #rainforest @rainforestalliance #butterflyphotography @rainforestactionnetwork #insectsofinstagram @earthalliance #insectphotography @bbcearth #macrophotography @smithsonianmagazine #fineartprints @passionpassport #amazingworld @earth

3,930 70

I utilised my 100mm macro lens to dissect a Biracial Tree-Frog in a rainforest. These are actually four independent frames loaded into the post. It’s not often that a species will remain motionless, but I’m quite fast with my manual focus. I also kept the flash setting the same so that the exposure matched. Why manual focus? In macro ie closeup photography, your point of focus and depth of field ie how much is in focus, are critical. I prefer to set both the aperture and my most important focus element manually, and not rely on what the camera selects from a small plant or animal. Use whatever method works best for you, but be quick and do not disturb your subject for more than a few moments. I’ve seen photographers hammer reptiles and amphibians with hundreds of frames, and that’s not appropriate. Have fun, but always get in and out quickly! Please join me @jasonedwardsng for images and stories from my National Geographic assignments. @ilcp_photographers #jasonedwardsng @natgeomuseum #icebergstoiguanas @bbcearth #amazonrainforest @rainforestalliance #amphibiansofinstagram @rainforestactionnetwork #frog @smithsonianmagazine #climatechange @earthalliance #macrophotography

1,688 18

Deep, iridescent blues emerge during dark, grey days in the polar regions. Ice glows with an inner light when the suns harsh rays are kept at bay. Never be afraid of a dull day; it’s an opportunity to search for detail in your subject and to work with shadows, using them to sculpt your scene. Please join me @jasonedwardsng for images and stories from my National Geographic assignments. #polar @bbcearth #jasonedwardsng @ilcp_photographers #iceberg @passionpassport #icebergstoiguanas @natgeofineart @earthalliance #climatechange @smithsonianmagazine #antarctica @natgeomuseum #fineartprints

3,050 35

The piercing stare of an Ornate Hawk-Eagle in the Peruvian Amazon. They are powerful hunters and can take prey 5x their own size feeding on birds such as herons and pigeons, and also rodents like agoutis and rats. In the saturated greens of the rainforest, their brilliant yellow-eyes and striped breast are a splash of colour streaking through the canopy. Please join me @jasonedwardsng for images and stories from my National Geographic assignments. #amazonrainforest @ilcp_photographers #jasonedwardsng @rainforestalliance #icebergstoiguanas @rainforestactionnetwork #birdsofinstagram @passionpassport #birdsofprey @bbcearth #eagle @smithsonianmagazine #birdphotography @natgeochannel

3,350 40

#flashback to my days as a zookeeper. This is how we weighed Lion cubs when they were scheduled for a vaccination. Yes, they’re as cute and cuddly as they appear, and their fur is crimped with tiny waves when this small. We only handled them for medical reasons and never hand raised any cat species. Fun times! Please join me @jasonedwardsng for images and stories from my National Geographic assignments and beyond! #zookeeper @natgeointhefield #lioncub @ilcp_photographers #simba @zoosvictoria #babyweight @passionpassport #zoo @africanwildlifefoundation #zoolife @africanparksnetwork #cub @disneyplus #lionking @disneyplusau

2,191 32

The endless Pacific Ocean comes to a sudden and violent impasse on the razor-sharp lava flows of Rapa Nui. It’s only the immeasurable passage of time that will witness the power of wave to blunt the savage stone edges, grinding the improbable volcanic sculptures into dust. Please join me @jasonedwardsng for images and stories from my National Geographic assignments. #rapanui @ilcp_photographers #easterisland @natgeofineart #pacific @natgeointhefield #pacificbeach @bbc_travel #sunsetphotography @nytimestravel #volcano @passionpassport #islandlife @natgeomuseum #prehistoric @disneyplus #bucketlist


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