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👸🏽Life of a millennial navigating the biz world. 🦁Training you to be fit & confident AF. 💪🏽@o2fuelvaughan 👙@lolotantoronto
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Dominican Republic

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.30%. The average number of likes per post is 368 and the average number of comments is 54.

36.05% of the followers that engaged with janessalaureanoo regularly are from Canada, followed by United States at 12.79% and Dominican Republic at 8.14%. In summary, the top 5 countries of janessalaureanoo's posts engager are coming from Canada, United States, Dominican Republic, Australia, Mexico.

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  • Canada 36.05 %
  • United States 12.79 %
  • Dominican Republic 8.14 %
  • Australia 4.65 %
  • Mexico 4.65 %


293 69

Today marks TWO years since we opened @o2fuelvaughan 🥳!It’s crazy to think it’s been that long since our Grand Opening! Time flies when you love what you do! As much as it’s been rewarding, it hasn’t been an easy or glamorous adventure at all (especially this past year🤦🏽‍♀️). From moving to a completely new city where we didn’t know a soul, working to get clients in the door as a new business without a network here, learning the ins & outs of operating a brick & mortar business, navigating through my first hires AND first fires❌, being forced by the government to close for almost 2 quarters of the year, & then pivoting to virtual training for 5 months🙃 It’s been quite the rollercoaster! Good thing I love a crazy rollercoaster ride🎢🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ve grown so much in the past 2 years and as much as there’s been hardships, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that there’s been just as many celebratory milestone moments in this journey of being a business owner: We officially have the most passionate team of coaches that are dedicated to us and our clients👏🏽 We’ve built this tight knit community of positive, hard working, & supportive members who literally feel like our family🧡. AND... we launched our very own supplement line and SOLD OUT of 2 of the 6 products less than 24 hours after we launched...‼️🎉 It’s no coincidence that our O2 anniversary falls on the week of Thanksgiving -we have so much to be thankful for🙏🏽! Big shoutout to all of you who have cheered me on, believed in me, and supported me from day 1! There’s so many people who thought I couldn’t do it & I’m here 2 years later to tell you I DID AND I AM!😉

264 37

🦃BURN OFF YOUR THANKSGIVING FEAST🦃 w/ this quick but effective landmine combo💥👇🏽 I’m calling this the FEARSOME FOURSOME bc it has 4 drills that’ll have your metabolism fired up👏🏽 Oh & also, “Fearsome Foursome” is the name of a meal at one of my fave restaurants in my hometown..it’s a platter of fried appetizers meant to be shared w 4 ppl but I always used to order it for myself, HA!!!🍴🤤 1️⃣Landmine Squat to Press (slower on the way down & power on the way up ensuring you don’t go up on your toes until the top of the movement) 2️⃣Landmine Deadlift (ideally you should be able to go quite a bit heavier on this exercise than the 1st ..so be sure to add more weight once you master proper form!) 3️⃣Landmind Bentover Single Arm Row (keep your back flat by keeping shoulders back & chest out, send hips back nice & far, drive your elbow back squeezing those back muscles & shoulder blades together. Control entire movement without momentum taking over) 4️⃣Landmine Low to High Core Rotation (elbows straight, bend knees & hips, pivot your outer foot & power through the core to come back to starting position) Have questions about any of these? Need more cues or a modification? Comment below & I’m happy to help ya! Hit the SAVE button⬇️ so you can do this at your next session! Go through the combo 5x between 12-15 reps each w quality form☺️👏🏽 Who else is excited to head back to the gym tomorrow after a long weekend of stuffing your face & drinking all the vino!?🙋🏽‍♀️🍷🍴 Song: Franchise [Remix] @travisscott Outfit: @niketraining ALWAYS✔️✔️✔️

409 42

I met this lil boss babe almost a year ago & it literally feels like I’ve known her for a lifetime!🖤 In a short time we’ve been through what seems like a million ups & downs together in both our businesses & personal lives. When we met, we had both just recently launched our businesses. Instantly we hit it off & I knew this was going to be a super rare relationship where we’d lift each other up, celebrate each other’s wins, and give each other the support & advice we needed to hear👏🏽 The reason I’m sharing this is because as glamorous as the word “entrepreneur” has become since everyone & their grandma puts it in their IG bio, the HONEST TRUTH is that it can feel like a super lonely road. Then, try adding on the fact that we’re both young females who started our journeys earlier than the average person. For both of us, it became harder to maintain relationships because we couldn’t connect & relate with people on the same level we used to. The more I grow, the more I realize there are people who don’t want to see you grow. You’ll learn that many people only want to see you succeed if it benefits them, too🤷🏽‍♀️. Finding friends that understand when your schedule is jam packed & that you have SO much pressure on you isn’t that easy. Maintaining or finding relationships where there’s support without the jealousy is 1 in a million. Meeting people who will GENUINELY, truly be happy for your wins (not just their own) is RARE💎 . I feel so happy that last week we celebrated not only @vicbrocca birthday but also the one year anniversary of her beauty brand & the best team @velvebeauty which has grown SO fast💃🏽🥰 I couldn’t be happier for her!! We have a million more milestones to celebrate in the upcoming future! So.. Here is just your friendly reminder that someone else’s success is NOT your failure. Someone else’s win is not your loss. There is MORE THAN ENOUGH love, opportunity, money, happiness, success, clients, and abundance in the world for ALL OF US to have a piece of dat cake👸🏽🧁💰❤️

313 51

🔥INTRODUCING: @o2fuelvaughan EXCLUSIVE SUPPLEMENT LINE🔥 I’ve been MIA because we’ve been busy working our butt’s off to launch this!!! We had SUCH a hard time keeping this to ourselves but..finally spilling the beans on our BIGGEST SECRET!🤐 Our gym has quickly become known as Vaughan’s trusted LIFESTYLE TRANSFORMATION SPECIALISTS & now we’re offering a full range SUPPLEMENT LINE👏🏽 Our clients are getting exclusive early access to it & I can’t wait for them to try ‘em! You already know that O2 Fuel is THE BEST training program that provides a positive community, confidence, elite level training, accountability, & support..now it’s time to kick it up a notch & get to that NEXT LEVEL⚡️ 6 PRODUCTS DROPPING NOW: 💥WHEY ISOLATE PROTEIN BLEND in 3 flavours (Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Truffle, Birthday Cake) 💥IGNITE PRE-WORKOUT in 3 flavours (White Freezie, Blue Raz, Lemonade) 💥RECHARGE BCAA+ in same 3 flavours as above 💥RAPID SHRED FAT BURNER 💥MAX MUSCLE TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER 💥SUPER DETOX VEGETABLE GREENS My business partners, our staff team and I are STOKED to finally make this dream a reality & to have yet another way of helping you achieve your fitness goals👏🏽😁 At the moment we are only launching exclusively to our amazing clients but stay tuned because our line will be GOING PUBLIC shortly!⚡️😜 WHICH ONE ARE YOU MOST EXCITED TO TRY!?😋 COMMENT BELOW & YOU MIGHT GET LUCKY!

494 77

What people think working for yourself means: ✨Laying by the pool all day. ✨Making your own schedule. ✨Writing yourself big cheque’s. ✨Being the decision maker. What working for yourself actually means, which, usually, you don’t figure out til you’re at the point of no return: ✨Laying by your laptop & phone all day. ✨Making your own schedule just means working 80/hour weeks & choosing when to sleep vs. when to work those 80 hours🙃. ✨Being the last person on your team to get a cheque. ✨Making the decisions but feeling ALL the pressure. I still wouldn’t have it any other way & I have no regrets. But with all the glamorization of the word “Entrepreneur” and the fantasy of owning your own business portrayed in such a fluffy way on IG, I like to keep it real. There’s so many things I’ve learned over the last few years that I wish I knew before! How many of you are self employed, own a business, have a side hustle, or want to start up your own business? Comment what you do below or what you want to do⬇️ #MondayThoughts

260 26

HAPPY FRIDAY!⚡️❤️ Who else is planning to just spend time recharging this weekend? I know I am🙋🏽‍♀️ P.S yesterday our giveaway closed and my client @soniagiampietro and I gave away a super cute gym/weekend bag away (worth $197) from her collection AND 10 free TRAINING SESSIONS with myself and my team @o2fuelvaughan 🔥 IF YOU DIDN’T WIN.... Comment your BIGGEST fitness goal below & I’m going to pick a few more people to win some FREE TRAINING sessions on ME🧡🙏🏽

292 62

Just because you may not classify yourself as an athlete doesn’t mean you can’t train like one & FEEL like one🙆🏽‍♀️! I’ve tried so many different styles of training over the years both for myself & with my clients. I alwaaays go back to athletic conditioning which includes a mix of compound strength movements that focus on strengthening more than just one muscle group at a time, combined with drills designed to improve your speed & agility. Why? There’s a few reasons. First of all, it WORKS and honestly who doesn’t want an athletic body? I’ve never ever consulted someone who disliked the idea of looking and, more importantly, MOVING like an athlete. I’ve heard “I don’t want to be big and bulky like a body builder” but nobody has ever said “I don’t want to look toned, athletic, & agile”🤷🏽‍♀️ Athletic conditioning allows our bodies to use more than just one isolated muscle at a time and trains you to use the entire body as a whole -just like you do in EVERYDAY LIFE. Functionally speaking, training like an athlete is going to prepare you for tasks performed daily like: ⚡️Playing with the kids in your family and keeping up with them in a game of tag ⚡️Carrying groceries up your front porch ⚡️Decreasing reaction time which not only decreases risk of injuring yourself in everyday life but ultimately improves brain health and your ability to make decisions under pressure🧠 (super important especially for those with a busy lifestyle) ⚡️Improving mobility so you can actually squat down low enough to pick something up without hurting your back ⚡️Building endurance which is beneficial in more ways than one..I’ll let you use your imagination on this one😂 & just doing the activities you love doing without feeling gassed & in pain after. Honestly I could go on and on with that list! If you feel you’ve never been able to reach your fitness goals, or you continue to take steps backwards, or maybe you’ve hit a plateau in your progress... My team and I @o2fuelvaughan would love to work with you! We offer both small group training & private 1-on-1 personal training🔥💪🏽 DM me to get in! Limited spots due to COVID.

492 309

⚡️❗️GIVEAWAY❗️⚡️ Who else is STOKED that gyms are finally reopen? I know that SO many of you got demotivated during the thick of the pandemic. At-home training by yourself is NOT easy! I’m collaborating with one of my hardest working clients who was super consistent during our closure AND since we reopened. We want to help motivate you to get back into your training routine💥! What better way to get motivated than adding a new piece to your gym gear collection and FREE training sessions? I know that always motivates me😜 We are giving away TWO prizes: this super chic gym/weekend bag OR any bag of equal or lesser value from @soniagiampietro Stella & Dot website (link in her bio)📲 And 10 FREE TRAINING SESSIONS at my gym with me and my kick ass training team @o2fuelvaughan 💪🏽 GIVEAWAY RULES: 1️⃣Follow me @janessalaureanoo 2️⃣Follow @soniagiampietro 3️⃣Follow my gym @o2fuelvaughan 4️⃣TAG YOUR FRIENDS! Every tag counts as an additional entry. 5️⃣Repost to your story & tag me for a chance to win a couple free sessions on me, even if you don’t win😉 HAPPY TAGGING & GOOD LUCK!🥳 *Contest ends in one week & announced on my story. Contest open to Canadian residents but training prize only for GTA residents. Winner picks bag of equal or lesser value.*

515 88

It’s been a hot minute since I reminded the ‘Gram fam that on occasion I’ll take off my sweats & sneakers to trade ‘em in for makeup & hair🙋🏽‍♀️ #WhoDat #TomboyForever

403 32

There’s been so many “first time in a long time” occurrences this week and that made me the happiest lil J🤗 First time getting @starbucks in 4 months☕️...love a nitro cold brew with coconut milk & a bit of honey🍯 (Dear Starbucks: make these available at all locations PLS I BEG YOU!🙏🏽) First time going into a retail store in 4 months & I got some of my fave @nike socks from @sportchek 🧦✔️ New socks make me happy, don’t ask why. It’s just a thing I’ve always had😂 First time that we got to see & train our @o2fuelvaughan clients in PERSON in 4 over months (outdoors only)🧡! And my first time getting to wear my coaching vest in what seems like FOREVER! What are some things you’ve been taking more time to appreciate that you used to take for granted just a few months ago? Tell me in the comments⬇️

381 34

💥THAT FRIDAY FEEELING💥 Is it just me or is anyone else feeling like their emotions are outta whack lately!? Mine are just a big ‘ol mix of allll the feels🤪! I’m feeling happy & energetic because this hot weather is my FAVE and I love summertime☀️. I’m also feeling grateful for the supportive people in my life. Then I’m also feeling BLAHHH because I just want to open up at O2 Fuel already! It feels like we’ve been on lockdown for eternity and I MISS OUR CLIENTS! Let us go back to work😩 My empathy levels are also at an all time high because I’m worried about the people whose mental state and MENTAL HEALTH is declining the longer that gyms are forced to be closed🧠. At this point, I’m hardly concerned about people’s physical fitness.. My current main concern is for people’s MENTAL wellbeing! The frustration is real and we are gonna have to do some major damage control after this. It’s no secret that physical health directly correlates to mental health. This pandemic already hit us all hard and now we need our stress outlet back! Come on @fordnationdougford @ongov let us open already. If you agree that Ontarian’s NEED their fitness facilities back and your gym is still closed, comment below and tell me how it’s impacted your mental health⬇️🇨🇦 Oh and maybe tag Doug Ford while you’re at it😜

331 40

🔥AT-HOME DUMBBELL ONLY TRAINING SESSION🔥 . This complex focuses mainly on shoulders but has some legs thrown in via compound movements for some extra spicy burn!🌶🌶🌶 . 1️⃣Squat to Alternating Shoulder Press: DB’s loaded on shoulders, get deep into a squat & drive one DB up as you drive up from the squat. Alternate arms each rep. 2️⃣Bentover Rear Fly: for the lil baby rear delts! In Bentover position pushing the hips back & keeping a neutral spine, raise your arms up until they’re in line w the shoulders/parallel w the floor. Your elbows should have only a slight bend so they don’t lock out, but not fully bent. You will need lighter weights or objects for this one. 3️⃣Squat to Alternating Lateral Raise: when you drive up from the squat, perform a single sided lat raise leading w the elbows before the wrists (look in the mirror, it should look like your pouring out a jug of water -your wrist should not be higher than the elbow). Ensure you lower your arm with control. 4️⃣Jump to Front Raise: start in a low position to load power in the legs. Jump forward & raise the weight at the same time so when your feet land, hands are already up at eye level. Pause/freeze your entire body for 2-3 seconds when you land before lowering the weight SLOWLY. Backpedal & repeat. 5️⃣Around the World: perform a front raise and then move your arms laterally keeping them at shoulder height. Once they’re in line w your body, lower them suuuuper slow. . Beginners do 3-4 rounds & advanced do 4-6 rounds. Perform each drill until failure w PROPER FORM!!! All ya need is some dumbbells or pretend dumbbells so get at itttt!💪🏽 . Hit the SAVE button so you can use this for your next at home training session & let me know how it goes ⬇️🧡


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