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Athlete - @hd.muscle - ‘JSloading’ Fiancé - @tayloranne_schutz 🔒 Coach - @evolution_coaching_

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18.4% of jamieskippen's followers are female and 81.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.00%. The average number of likes per post is 211 and the average number of comments is 14.

34.07% of the followers that engaged with jamieskippen regularly are from Australia, followed by United States at 14.29% and Canada at 4.4%. In summary, the top 5 countries of jamieskippen's posts engager are coming from Australia, United States, Canada, Turkey, Kenya.

Jamieskippen loves posting about Fitness, Training, Coaching, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Cooking, Education, Humor.

Check jamieskippen's audience demography. This analytics report shows jamieskippen's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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18.4 %
81.6 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 97.41 %
  • Sports 73.02 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 57.42 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 36.68 %
  • Business & Careers 32.55 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 31.80 %
  • Travel & Tourism 31.28 %
  • Movies and TV 30.76 %
  • Books and Literature 30.53 %
  • Music 29.63 %


  • Australia 34.07 %
  • United States 14.29 %
  • Canada 4.4 %
  • Turkey 3.3 %
  • Kenya 3.3 %


55 6

“Integrity is everything.” 👊 @hd.muscle x Lebron 7 ‘Media day’ you guys know how brutally honest I am when it comes to supplements, training etc. The products this company is pumping out are some of the best you will find worldwide. 🇨🇦 Links in my bio if you are ever chasing anything - ‘JSloading’ saves you 10% also. Level up for summer. 💯 @filtrd.me

179 17

Don’t speak negatively about yourself, even if it’s a joke. Your mind and body doesn’t know the difference. Words carry energy. Change the way you speak about yourself and you can change your whole life. Positive vibes. Always CHOOSE happiness. 👊 #loveyourself

233 22

Classic Physique 2.0 - Loading... 👑 @hd.muscle

131 1

This has been a rough year. But fuck it makes me happy to see the Lakers back on top again, Kobe would be looking down with a smile on his face. 💜💛😭 Job done. #mambaforever

279 22

The secret to having it all is believing you already do. 💘🔒

260 8

Two of my favourite Shoulder exercises for 3D Delts. 🔥 Seated around the world dumbbell raises, and Chest supported lateral raises. Slow controlled movements, the aim should be to make it as hard for yourself and recruit as much muscle as you can. @hd.muscle

224 7

8 days doesn’t sound like a long time off social media but it’s probably the longest time away from it I’ve had in around 8 years. It’s healthy to have some downtime to yourself and give yourself a mental break from it all, detox your mind and really get your mindset in the zone it needs to be in. In my case for this upcoming prep. You don’t realise how much time our generation wastes on our phones till you remove Instagram, Facebook etc from your day. Don’t get me wrong social media is a great tool for being able to connect with people, friends, family, everyone all over the world. But more often than not people get so caught up in how their life looks on the gram rather than being living for the moment and being present in daily life. Find something to do in life that makes you forget to even look at your phone. 🤛 #instagains

186 8

Week 1 of pushing calorie intake up & pumping Giant sets. Still holding decent condition at 108kg first thing in the AM. 🦍 stage limit is pretty much bang on 100kg come Feb/March 2021. The past two weeks have been pretty shitty physically and mentally. A few little injuries killed my momentum with training the past fortnight which is frustrating & easy to get down about. But this week everything is feeling epic again, nothing improves your mood like booking two holidays. ✈️ 😂

305 20

FAT LOSS TIPS. 🍩🍿 Believe it or not, You can’t just take fat burners and sit on your ass and get shredded in 4 weeks, not even all the performance enhancing drugs in the world will do that. So here’s a few little fat loss tips; 1️⃣You need to be in a caloric deficit to get lean. Create this by controlling the calories going in and your energy output. 2️⃣Carbohydrates won’t make you fat. Not losing weight comes down to overall caloric intake. 3️⃣Everyone has different stubborn fat areas where the body stores fat. Unfortunately We can’t spot reduce body fat, but if you’re lean enough it will move eventually! 4️⃣Stop eating processed crap! It’s actually easier than it seems. Would you put cheap fuel in a Ferrari? 5️⃣Get at least 7.5-8 hours sleep, studies have shown that people who sleep 8 hour burn 55% more fat than people who sleep 5.5-6 hours. Think about that over a full week let alone 3 months. 🤯

177 27

Iso Physique in Melbourne vs Current Shape. It’s been a weird, weird year. 14 weeks in lockdown with no real gym access, but hey if you can progress while under this kind of pressure I feel like that says a lot about someone’s character. 💎⚒ Win or Learn, you only lose if you quit.

254 21

Ever had a week where it feels everything that can go wrong does? Well that was me this week. 😅 Training was 3/10 at best, and when I did get some momentum back with training I managed to tweak my lat on my third set of pull up‘s Wednesday. You can’t always control what happens but you sure can control how you react to them. Bad weeks make you appreciate the good ones. The best way to get yourself out of a rut or a run of patchy form? Keep showing up. Every day, aim to be 1% better. I know how cliche that sounds, but Momentum is king. 🤛

182 6

“Sometimes you need to get knocked down before you can really figure out what your fight is and how you need to fight it.” - Chadwick Boseman 🖤


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