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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.60%. The average number of likes per post is 16 and the average number of comments is 2.

35.83% of the followers that engaged with jahoag15 regularly are from United States, followed by Italy at 10% and Canada at 7.5%. In summary, the top 5 countries of jahoag15's posts engager are coming from United States, Italy, Canada, Germany, Australia.

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  • United States 35.83 %
  • Italy 10 %
  • Canada 7.5 %
  • Germany 5.83 %
  • Australia 5.83 %


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This is where I get to write now😁👏🏻😁. A desk!!! A real desk!! My oldest moved his room to the basement spare bedroom so now I get to reclaim his room as my office! I’m overjoyed! It’s still messy and unorganized but I’m getting there. And I’m loving having a workspace where I can close the door. Having the kids home more makes working at the kitchen table... as I’ve done for 4 1/2 years... even harder. And I now have my own space. I can organize files and keep better track of things with office paraphernalia like bulletin boards, drawers, files, etc. I’m so loving my new work in progress work space 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😁😁😁 it’s just fabulous!!! #authorlife #authorsofinstagram #writinglife #writingspace #yaauthor #yaauthors #yanovelist #authorsofig #midwestblogger #minnesotablogger #amwriting #amwritingfiction

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Author article 🗣 author @gabijustice shares with us her insight into the amazing world of being a tennis mom. And appropriately her new #yanovel coming out in November with @swoonromance is a #yacontemporaryromance with a tennis theme 🎾 Check out her helpful hints and insights into the world of youth tennis at https://www.juliehoagwriter.com/2020/09/29/tennis-for-teens-why-your-child-should-play/ Link also in my profile #tennis🎾 #tennismom #tennismoms #youthtennis #yanovels #yaauthor #yacontemporary #youngadultbooks #youngadultfiction #yaauthor #yasuthorsofinstagram #youthsports #tennislife #tenniscourt #tennisgirl #debutnovel

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Beautiful colors in Minnesota right now 😍 #minnesota #minnesotalife #minnesotablogger #minnesotafall #fallcolors🍁🍂 #fallcolors2020 #minnesotan

7 0

An author interview 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💖@jeremiahfranklin_author the Author of the #dystopian trilogy Dark Tomorrow visited my blog for an author interview 🎤 his series mirrors our world right now...2 teens fight to survive as a deadly virus decimates the Earth. Granted the current virus isn’t quite n that level, but it’s definitely worldwide. Check out his interview on my blog (link in profile at https://www.juliehoagwriter.com/2020/09/25/dystopian-ya-novels-an-author-interview/ ) #dystopianfiction #dystopianbooks #yanovels #yanovels #yanovelist #month9books @month9books #authorssupportingauthors #authorinterview #yaauthor #yaauthors #yasuthorsofinstagram #youngadultbooks #youngadultfiction #youngadultdystopian

11 2

Want a book idea for your child in grades 4-7? Check out @malaynaevans book series about siblings that time travel back to ancient Egypt. They go on an amazing adventure and must find gemstones, defeat the evil one, save the Royal family ... and rescue themselves too!!! That’s a tall order! Her book is available on Amazon. On my blog she shares about her book series (link in my profile). She’s also created a free activity to go along with the books. All great activities for kids who are at home and looking for something fun to do. The author is an expert on Ancient Egypt so she’s the perfect person to write these books!! Her books are published by the amazing @month9books 💓👏🏻💖✨ Check out her book today... your kids will thank you! My son and I are trading off reading it now... our review coming soon! #mgbooks #mgbookstagram #middlegradebooks #middlegradefiction #middlegradereads #middlegradenovel #middlegradenovels #middlegradeauthor #novel19s #booksforkids #kidsbookstagram #readingisfun #kidsreading

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Amazing football 🏈 game today for my son! It was such a close game but we won 🎉 He tried out ( #ad )the new lip protector mouth guard from @oralmart and he liked it 👍🏻🥰 He now has braces and this mouthguard works great for kids with (or without braces). It protects the lips and teeth... and it has a hole so it is breathable. My son played on offense and defense today and helped make the end of game tackle that secured their win! It was a real nail biter game in the last few minutes. He had so much fun as did we watching. So grateful for awesome protective gear like this mouthguard to keep him safe and protected as he plays. #oralmart #youthfootball #footballforkids #mouthguard #youthsportsgear #mouthguard #footballgames🏈 #youthsports #footballmom #footballmom🏈 #footballmoms #footballmomlife #midwestblogger #footballkids #kidsinsports #sportkids

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Happy Saturday! It’s a cool fall day here and we have my son’s football 🏈 game today so it’s perfect weather for a football game 💕 The trees are changing to beautiful colors now... it’s the same time of year as in my book Hungry Hearts... cool air, leaves crunching under your feet, beautiful leaf 🍁 colors greet your gaze, the smell of fall is quite distinct and lovely in Minnesota. It’s lush and earthy. Learn more about my #yanovel @swoonromance and the link post below 😉 https://www.instagram.com/p/CDuGTpNAi4K/?igshid=196fqf5gpnmka #youngadultfiction #yacontemporaryromance #yaromance #yaromancenovels #yaromance #teenbooks #teenbookshelf #bookstagram #booksforteens #juliehoag #swoonromance

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When life throws you a curveball, do you take it in the gut and keep running towards that goal, or do you let a little ball flatten you to the ground? I hope you keep going. Never give up. Never slow down. Never be done. Reach for those goals even if today it’s only an inch further, and even if it’s a inch back because tomorrow might be a foot forward. You can do it. I can do it. #goalsetter #succeeding #keepgoing💪

20 1

Sunflower 🌻 in my garden with a bee 🐝 on it. Love them blooming in the fall. This one is like 5-6 feet above my head. It towers over the garden like a majestic blazing queen. #minnnesota #sunflowers🌻 #fallflowers #fallflower #fallflowers🌼 #fallflowersinbloom #minnesotan #mnlife #minnesotan #gardenlovers #midwestblogger


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