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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.60%. The average number of likes per post is 1149 and the average number of comments is 50.

J.kowitz loves posting about Nature, Photography, Outdoor Activity.

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882 52

Blahhhh blahhhh long caption. Throwback to this sunset no fins dive with @juliana.velezg . Anyone else annoyed with what Instagram has turned into. In the past it was a creative platform for artists to share work, creativity, variety and promote their individualism. Now with the push to be like TikTok, following trends, using the same music, posting the same videos, following a specific video style, rediculous dance, using voice overs and pictures set to reels has taken away from the creativit...

1,566 45

Portrait sessions with these beautiful giants! @sava.bien.hawaii and @sea.marshall freedive down to capture images of the incredible tiger sharks cruising in the clear waters of the Bahamas. . . . . #tigershark #tigerbeach #bahamas #freedive #savesharks

1,396 56

Here are several shots from a variety of awesome dive locations, the first being @valentinethomas diving a Blue hole in the Bahamas. I'm excited to announce I will be hosting a trip later this year or early next year with @trovatrip . We have a variety of options to consider including Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Galapagos and more. I've placed a link to a quick survey in my bio to gauge where people are interested in going. We have can also tailor the trip to whatever people prefer, advanci...

695 33

A large school of Big Eye Jacks circle above me as I freedive below them to capture the light intermittently peering through the massive cloud. In the second picture one solitary fish makes it's way below the school of Big Eye Jacks. Which do you prefer? An amazing freedive as always with @freedivingcabopulmo . . #cabopulmo #cabopulmonationalpark #schooloffish #underwaterartwork #dive

1,012 42

A female Tiger shark nicknamed buttface cruises past a bit of chum as fish tear it to pieces in the clear waters of the Bahamas. People ask aren't Tiger sharks the dangerous ones, or which are the dangerous sharks. Every type of shark and every individual shark has a unique hunting style, feeding pattern, method of testing objects to determine if they are food, but none are out to target humans. This is why it's important to go with a guide who knows the type of shark you will be diving with ...

2,208 30

Wow these caves are amazong! We are posting videos again and in the latest we dive through the lava tubes in Hawaii! Swipe right for a little clip and head to to bio for the video! 📸 @j.kowitz #Hawaii #freediving #Ocean #nature #cave #exploration #deep

739 67

Light rays glimmering around Kelp as it sways in the ocean current. A quick clip of part of our freedive session from Sunday afternoon in Laguna Beach. . . . . #lagunabeach #laguna #californialove #californiaadventure #californiadiving

1,463 31

Throwback to Bahamas, in between diving with Tiger sharks our group found this hidden cenotes, shelves and cracks jutted down to over 80ft into the deep, old trees made it look like some type of abandoned forest. Here the freediver follows the light path to the depths below. Freediver: @itsannliuu . . . . #cenote #cenotes #bahamas #cavediving #underwatermodel

1,477 68

Freedivers @deepfreediving and @kristinkuba take time for a no fins dance session at the bottom of this incredible cave. One of my favorite parts of Hawaii diving is exploring all the incredible caves, swim throughs and amazing structure. . . . . #freedive #hawaii #skindiving #couplesphotography #caveexploring

978 58

Freediver @adamfreediver swimming with this incredible juvenile whale shark. The whale shark swam around us for almost an hour, very curious as practiced our drops. Two oceanic white tips came in to check out the commotion but the whale shark definitely stole the show. Incredible day on the water with some amazing freedivers. . . . . #freedive #freediverlife #whalesharkencounter #whalesharkart #underwaterphotoshoot

877 41

A rare photo of me behind the camera... Here I am photographing this amazing Tiger Shark named "Butt Face". Her face had some type of trauma at an earlier age which left this indentation, giving it this butt like appearance, she doesn't seem to mind the name. Such an incredible week diving with these big Tiger sharks! Thank you @jfdeez for the capture. . . . . #tigerbeach #sharkphotographer #bahamas #travelphotography #lovesharks

1,099 100

While blue water diving of the coast of Maui we noticed something floating, it quickly shot towards me, I soon realized it was a baby octopus. The octopus immediately latched onto my camera, investigated it for a moment, then made a home under the dome port. It stayed there the rest of the day, until we swam back to the shallows where I brought it close to a reef and encouraged it to leave. Such an incredible experience. Shot on @gopro because my camera was occupied 😁 . . . . #maui #gopro #bab...

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