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ʚnonbinary angelɞ ☁️ hbic at @shopheav3n ☁️ email: 💌
Los Angeles
United States

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43.0% of itslulo's followers are female and 57.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 11.90%. The average number of likes per post is 8632 and the average number of comments is 130.

43.59% of the followers that engaged with itslulo regularly are from United States, followed by Spain at 10.26% and United Kingdom at 7.69%. In summary, the top 5 countries of itslulo's posts engager are coming from United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia.

Itslulo loves posting about Music, Modeling, Art, Design.

Check itslulo's audience demography. This analytics report shows itslulo's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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43.0 %
57.0 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 79.20 %
  • Art & Design 77.56 %
  • Music 59.18 %
  • Photography 48.97 %
  • Books and Literature 43.48 %
  • Business & Careers 42.66 %
  • Entertainment 41.22 %
  • Movies and TV 37.60 %


  • United States 43.59 %
  • Spain 10.26 %
  • United Kingdom 7.69 %
  • Japan 7.69 %
  • Australia 5.13 %


10,316 469

Hi everyone 💕☁️ I first just want to say that the support I have received recently has not gone unnoticed and thank u so so much. It’s been a rough 6 days and a lot of thinking to figure out how I wanted to go about this. So here it is! I started #HEAV3N December 1st, 2014 and have been constantly working towards creating the biggest safe space & community I could ever since. An event almost every month for 5+ years sometimes two a month (pre covid). We have given a platform to the most talented artists, performers, djs and nightlife creatives & I’m so proud of that! We then launched our online store on Dec. 12th 2017 where we collaborated with numerous designers/artists from different countries around the world to sell their clothing along with our own pieces on our site. @SHOPheav3n. It was always an end goal to someday open an actual HEAV3N store & music venue. ☁️💕 The last thing I want to do from this post is to spread hate on behalf of me or @shopheav3n. All I want is to be heard and for all of the angels that have been a part of Heav3n for the past 5+ years to be recognized and not taken advantage of. 💕☁️ I want to stand up for all the small independent artists that constantly get overpowered by big corporations. The talented queer/trans poc artists that have had their designs and ideas stolen without a big enough platform to be heard when it happens. All we ask is for some accountability from @marcjacobs @themarcjacobs @heavn & @avanope. To listen and give back to the community that they are supposedly trying to represent & create a “safe space” for. And most of all to push for COLLABORATION NOT APPROPRIATION in the entire industry. 💕☁️

11,083 397

☁️🏳️‍🌈 Born a boy now an angel 🏳️‍🌈☁️ hiii ^.< so I know ive never really made a post about what I identify as or made it clear but I wanna try and be more transparent with all of u for supporting me for so long 💚 im Lulo & i was born a boy and identify as non-binary/gender nonconforming. I know I fall under the trans umbrella especially how I look but I do not personally identify as fully transgender. I am not on hormones and haven’t had any gender affirming surgeries nor do I plan to atm. 💚 Finding myself has been a long process and I will never put myself in a box and really feel like everyone should do the same and not be so focused on gender norms. 💕 Just do what makes u happy. Wear what makes u happy. Be with whoever the fuck u want to if that makes u happy!! 💕 As far as pronouns I’m not critical about that at all but she/they is cute. 💕 Times are especially difficult right now for black & poc trans/gnc femme angels so plz help by being vocal about it and donating when u can! I’m hoping by me sharing a little more about myself helps my followers & fellow non-binary/gnc angels know that it’s ok to be whatever the hell u want to be. Pride is everyday & ily 🏳️‍🌈☁️

7,079 99

Forgive me daddy for I have sinned 🥺🙏🏼☁️ this very holy very pure very wholesome swimsuit is by @praying 👼🏻

7,404 103

if I broke would u still play with me 👻🥀🖤 pics by the new photog in town @_alice_glass 🖤

3,952 120

🖤 can’t wait to join all of u when I get back to LA 🖤 plz see my story highlights on ways to help even if u can’t attend protests or don’t have money to spare 🖤 im also planning something for this Month Friday the 19TH with @shopheav3n to benefit the blm movement 🖤 love u stay safe!

9,210 85

🖤💚 Going crazy lately but that’s nothing new :) 💚🖤 ~ hiiii! me and my bf @_alice_glass made a sticker sheet together! Swipe right to see! 🥰 its up now in Alice’s @thehyv store (link in bio) & it would mean the world to us if u got one to support!! ^.^ 💚🖤 w/ some of our designs/logos and a few illustrations by @dedgrl6 !! Also have an exclusive @shopheav3n & Hentai Heart sticker in there too 0:-) lmk what u think! Oh & worldwide shipping! 💚🖤

8,972 108


8,504 100

I’ve spent most of the day walking around my house alone in stripper heels and no pants. Day 435 of quarantine is going great 🍒❤️

8,133 86


11,370 114

🖤💚 Pc 4 pc? XD 💚🖤 did a fun video shoot 4 my nonbinary king @dorianelectra so proud of u =] 🖤 Dorian’s creative team alwaysss deliver!!! 🖤 Go see my Lulo body pillow (& me) pretend like I can play bass guitar in the new video 4 “Guyliner” on YouTube now!! 💚🖤 📸 by Charlie Chops 🖤💚 ps!! Come to @shopheav3n party tonight!! 0;-)

6,874 67


8,744 78

powerpuff girls irl 💙💚❤️ these two mean a lot to me :)


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