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55.0% of issaplease's followers are female and 45.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.10%. The average number of likes per post is 132 and the average number of comments is 8.

Issaplease loves posting about Fashion, Modeling, Technology, Travel, Photography, Humor, Food & Drink, Hair & Beauty, Design, Cooking.

Check issaplease's audience demography. This analytics report shows issaplease's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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55.0 %
45.0 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 67.69 %
  • Travel & Tourism 63.83 %
  • Photography 56.69 %
  • Art & Design 46.11 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 44.88 %
  • Entertainment 37.68 %
  • Business & Careers 37.67 %
  • Music 37.62 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 34.19 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 32.97 %
  • Sports 32.45 %
  • Movies and TV 32.24 %


34 5

Happy Easter, Bayhanas. May we be reminded that life never ends and love never dies 🐥

177 13

You can't celebrate women and then be so quick to disrespect them at the same time. #iykyk

108 4

Let's talk about fears and hiding our true selves. I used to repress a lot of things about myself out of fear of what people would think of me. For a long time I repressed that creative, crazy side of me because I felt like I had to fit the mold of what society expected from me and you know what that gave me? Many, many years of feeling lost, feeling like a failure and depression. I think the universe can sense when we deny ourselves of the things of our heart desires and in my case, it pushed me so far off the edge until I was at the bottom & the only place to I could go from there was up. I had to lose everything & hit rockbottom for me to not just acknowledge what I really wanted but to really go for it. In hindsight, I am grateful for the struggles that my youth brought me. Now I can look at my life and say, I had to go through that to get to this and I can really say that there is so much liberation in finding and accepting your truest self. I no longer cower in fear or concern myself with the opinion that others have of me, I no longer despise mold but simply laugh that I was built differently and most importantly, I no longer hate myself and that's the best thing I have ever done for me ❤️ Should I share more of my self discovery journey in an Empowered by Bayhana podcast? Lemme know!👸🏻

190 42

I was told I could be anything so I did everything ✨💜 📸 By @hellobeansstudios

51 5

I often get asked- how do you deal with haters. I get asked it so much that I expect it everytime I get interviewed. I've had a couple or more hater experiences and I decided to share them in my 3rd episode of the Empowered by Bayhana podcast episode- here's a snippet. Catch the episode on Spotify or on your favorite streaming apps! Link in bio ❤️

78 0

Don't miss out on your chance to test drive a @changanphil unit at @changancebusouth branch! 🚗 Last day is tomorrow so don't miss out on this awesome experience. Sign up link is in my bio 💙

177 24

Who says women can't drive? I say we can take ourselves anywhere especially with the right vehicle! Explore the mountains or drive by the sea in this beautiful @changanphil CS75 plus and change your mindset ❤️ Test drive their units this weekend at their @changancebusouth branch! Sign up with the link in my bio 🚗

133 3


129 2

Oh you know, just making pahangin to my ilok cuz it's like... so alimuot. 😂

106 0

Life is all about adventures and who you're spending those adventures with. Looking to add a new buddy to help you explore the world? Why not try out @changanphil new game changers? Change your mindest and join the Changan Nationwide Test Drive Tour this March 23-24 from 10:00 am at their @changancebunorth Showroom at AS Fortuna St., Mandaue City. Secure your spot and fill up the form in the link in my bio 🚗 See you then!

197 7

Absorbing all the good energy ✨✨✨

95 8

Had a wonderful time experiencing the newest player in the game with @changanphil Change your mindest and join the Changan Nationwide Test Drive Tour this March 23-24 from 10:00 am at their @changancebunorth Showroom at AS Fortuna St., Mandaue City. Secure your spot and fill up the form in the link in my bio 🚗 See you then!

54 2

What's your favorite Bayhana video?🥰 Can't wait to go back to the studio and shoot episodes soon! Aaaah! 💜💜💜

263 9

It's about time we started planning for the weekend! This March 20 @cebuoceanpark officially launches their aqua dining experience for ONLY P1,000.00 NET for a 3 course Chef's meal 💙 Book your seats at to enjoy this wonderful dining experience

144 4

Just me walking into great things 💚

154 2

Today is gonna be a good day 😊 I'm owning it, wbu?

250 30


241 18

This is what I look like without eyeliner! is it as weird for you as it is for me?🤔

69 5

Try Not To Laugh 😏😏 Link in bio!

82 3

Oh you're a clown fish? Give us a joke!

157 11

It's been months since I had a proper salon day but knowing how @smseasidecitycebu takes the safety of their mallers as their priority, I knew I would have enjoy #safemallingatsmseaside. And based on my beautifully colored & treated hair- I obviously did! Extra precautions were set like pre-booking, contact tracing & wearing of face shields and masks and not only did I leave feeling extra, extra beautiful; I also left with peace of mind- which is honestly the best thing we could ask for in times like this! Visit @smseasidecitycebu now and enjoy a safe malling experience whether it's dining, eating or services like this! Also check out - they're currently offering 50% off an Keratin treatments when you get your hair colored!

130 2

Please sit here- let's talk. You doing good? You eating well? Getting enough rest? Remember to take care of you. We love you 💙

164 14

How did YOU find your Gspot? Polygel and nail art by ✨me✨ Clay vulva by ✨me✨

61 3

Which one is your favorite #Bayhana video?🤔 It's pretty fun seeing my different looks and all the crazy things I've done in the past year and a half!♥️ Catch this Bayhana compilation on @baitvcebu! Link in bayu

134 4

HAPPY WOMEN'S MONTH! Keep growing, blossoming and thriving, Bayhanas!

163 6

I'm offishally ready for the month ahead! 🐟 As we enter March may you spend today reflecting on the first 2 months that's passed by- assess what worked out & what didn't, figure out how to improve and what to do less of 💙 For me it's managing my time & priorities better, less procrastinating and using my extra time to focus more on my family. What about you?

126 0

I am both hellfire and holy water. And the flavor you taste depends on how you treat me.

178 15

Fish move aside and orange yourselves accordingly- the star has arrived 🧡

169 5

Will you be my, tweetheart?🐦 Book your tickets to @cebuoceanparkofficial this weekend via @klook_ph for exclusive promotions for your & your friends/ family! See ya there!

50 10

I've never really gotten the chance to ask you Bayhanas- what do you see/ think of when you see the Bayhana logo?🤔 Fun fact: My husband and I created this logo & I've been obsessed with it since!❤️

124 4

Of all the suits in the world- what suits you best is my favorite 💙 Yes, I changed my original caption

88 5

Happy Monday, Bayhanas! Starting off early this week with my favorite raw honey from @urbanfarmsph 🐝 Honestly, it's nothing like the other honey's I've tried before. It's pure, rich and it goes perfect with my morning cups of coffee, cheese plates or even alone for an extra health boost! 🍯 Urbans Farms also offers high quality drip coffees, tablea and more! Check them out and support our local farmers and businessmen!💚

123 1

Dance with me in my backyard, boy My heart is on wings I'm living in dreams And at the top of our lungs we sing- ✨everything is perfect✨ Yesterday was perfect! It was like having the entire @cebuoceanparkofficial to ourselves. Book your trip via @klook_ph to enjoy discounts and group promotions 🧡

134 10

So... What do you usually do during the weekends?🤔 I... I don't even know what day it is anymore 😂 Valentine package from @fashionartbeautycents. Thank you for these beautiful pieces!

105 2

One small step for man, #OneTeaForMankind 🌚 Day dreaming of drinking milktea with a beautiful view but in the meantime I'm rewarding myself this with a cold drink from @moonchaiph 🌛 I highly suggest trying out their milktea offerings along with their snacks. They're super yummy and affordable! Send them a message on FB/ IG! They offer free delivery within Mabolo! 🌖

65 1

Di ta mu sugot duwaan ta! We are not toys!😂 Life's a game but we are the players. Aw unsa ba! I played a period game on #Bayhana. Catch it on @baitvcebu on Facebook ❤️ New video up! Link in bio. Swipe up on stories

106 2

Our local industry has so many hidden gems much like this Manlilikha bag I got from @laolopido Sinapido Souvenir raffia bags division. DYK, this bag is made out of 4 materials which are leather, raffia,upcycled plastic sheets & rattan? It's such a beaut and it's great to carry around on casual days or even semi-formal events. Huge shout out to DTI for making an extra effort to help MSME’s. I love to #BuyLocal & #BaiBisaya because it helps our small- medium type businessmen and women. Catch the live selling show (that I will be hosting!) on DTI Region 7's FB Page soon!

167 3

Mao na ni akong forever? Sure na gyud?😂 Happy Valentine's/ Galentines/ Singles awareness day or whatever you're celebrating today!❤️

237 45

Thanks for watching my movie, #toalltheboysivelovedbefore #alwaysandfiorever. Charlung. Just practicing for the real thing 😂 Done with all my weekend tasks and am now being silly and pretending to be #LaraJean (who I relate to on a spiritual level) over on @tiktok_philippines If @toalltheboysnetflix was in the Philippines ➡️

158 5

Fashion tip: buy clothes because you like them and not JUST because they're "trendy" I learned this lesson the hard way. I was heavily invested in peplum tops and I wish to never be reminded of those moments again. What are/ were your least favorite fashion trends?

114 9

Naguba akong feed. Na stressdt ko.

64 4

Catch you tonight on @baitvcebu, #Bayhanas! Spoiler: fresh kaayo 🥺🍑🤤😉

84 2

Sunday's are usually grocery days in our household and today is no different except I don't need to leave the house! Thank God!🙏🏼 I'm doing all my shopping via @biggrocercebu today and YOU can too! Check them out on (link in bio) Enjoy your Sunday's indoors, Bayhanas!💙

114 3

Face shield but make it fashion 🥺😂✨

172 5

Feelin' Fuzzy 💜 Story time: My back hurts because I created a background set for my #Bayhana video. Took me 45 minutes to build it and 30 minutes to shoot the video so I decided to shoot this photo para sulit ang pamaol. Also, I ordered a massager during 2.2 and I'm really excited for it. @hopeyap, I got you 1, too! That's it. That's the story. Enjoy!✨

172 24

Show yourself (or ok, fine, your loved ones) some love this Valentine's Day by treating yourself to @iammanginasal 4+1 Large Chicken Inasal Take Out & Delivery promo starting this February 5- 19! I got these babies delivered via @grabfoodph ! Enjoy! 🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗

224 9

Fresh off a facial from @beautygetawayayala ❤️ Last week I was feeling some sort of way. I wasn't sad but my lack of motivation drove me to be. I hadn't felt like that in a really long time and the only thing I could think of was to just focus on myself. So I took an afternoon off and made my way to @ayalamallscentralbloc and got a hydrafacial & a meni-pedi from @beautygetawayayala. When that was done, I found myself being ushered by @alexongohh to a nearby parlor so I could get my hair cut and later on in the evening I had a bag full of goodies from @darabeautymarket. I slowly started feeling like myself again and this week, I pulled off a killer Bayhana video. Thank God!🙏🏼 I guess that's life. Sometimes we're up & sometimes we're down. Idk why I was feeling the way I was last week but I'm glad I listened to my body and that I gave it lots of love when I did. I hope you're also listening to YOUR body, Bayhana ❤️

106 7

Happy Wednesday! This week I shook my 🍑 and tried on some WEIRD undrwear! It was honestly SURPRISINGLY FUN and it taught me how to be more open minded. Just because something is uncommon to me doesn't mean it's bad or that it's not worth trying out! #KnowledgeISPower and #PearlPanties should be a THING! 😜😜😜 LINK IN BIO

154 7

Been doing some yoga at home recently, specifically a yoga series focused on breathing and I can truly say that the right work out deserves the right outerwear. Thankful to @isomatrixactivesportswear for sending over a workout set that allows me to move freely ✨

180 6

All my life I've been called putot or gamay. I've been told that I couldn't do certain things because of my height (or lack thereof) but like @cherryann.rondina beautifully said, "sa liit kong ito kaya kung tumalon sa pangarap ko". I caught a glimpse of this motivational quote on a @trueidph video. If you want to watch it, I'll leave the link on my stories & bio ✨ Go get your goals, Bayhanas!

175 19

Can't sleep! Too excited for Monday!🧡 I know what I'm excited for but what are YOU excited for?

103 0

Happy Friday! Here's an ode to my 1st podcasts cover art. I may or may not be hinting a COUPLE comebacks. 🤭😏😉

156 10

Business on top, on our bedroom floor in the bottom 🤪 What color bg should I shoot next? Don't be shy, I like, have ALL the colors of the cartolina on me HAHAHA

105 6

Hey Bayhanas! I know it's our favorite day for fun & educational videos, but I'll be skipping out this week and I hope you understand.🥺 My head's been a little clouded lately and I'm still trying to grasp why. I asked my @baitvcebu team if I could take a break this week so I could clear my head and they were so gracious to let me. This week I worked on creating a game plan, I focused on my family and myself and I hope this act of self love will put me in the right mood and path. Also, I cut my hair. Happy Wednesday and I'll see you next week!💖

209 14

Silly cake time. This was totally candid and yes, I use cartolina for my solid colored backdrops 😂

167 5

... eat cake 🌈


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