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40.0% of issac_eatsalot's followers are female and 60.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.90%. The average number of likes per post is 1993 and the average number of comments is 26.

31.65% of the followers that engaged with issac_eatsalot regularly are from Australia, followed by United States at 8.86% and Canada at 6.33%. In summary, the top 5 countries of issac_eatsalot's posts engager are coming from Australia, United States, Canada, Italy, China.

Issac_eatsalot loves posting about Food, Restaurants, Cooking, Food & Drink, Travel.

Check issac_eatsalot's audience demography. This analytics report shows issac_eatsalot's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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40.0 %
60.0 %


  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 81.87 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 48.36 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 37.45 %
  • Travel & Tourism 36.91 %
  • Entertainment 34.95 %
  • Business & Careers 32.25 %
  • Art & Design 31.94 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 31.16 %
  • Luxury Goods 30.67 %
  • Music 30.40 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 30.29 %


  • Australia 31.65 %
  • United States 8.86 %
  • Canada 6.33 %
  • Italy 5.06 %
  • China 3.8 %


1,075 11

🚩🚩 @rons.handburger 🚩🚩 πŸ” CLASSIC, DOUBLE FRIED CHICKEN & TRIPLE STACK πŸ” . Welcome to Sydney fellas. One of the few rat races in the world remaining in 2020 with lockdowns and covid pillaging and plundering all before it. Originally Melbourne based, Rons has moved North for the Summer and potentially long term if they can find some success into the future. I visited at their Kogarah location and the only issue I had was parking! The food was all cracker. The beef is solid, not a smash patty but they execute cooking and cheesemelt well. The fried chicken was big and juicy thigh fillet which I loved. For a $10 burger that chicken, pickles, Spicy sauce is an absolute winner. I doubled it and its still only $15. Looking forward to seeing you hopefully closer to me in the West soon mate! . . #ronshandburger #melbourne #sydney #classic #double #friedchicken #pickles #triple #beef #bacon #foodtruck #carwash #kogarah #southwest #cheesemelt #burgers #new #winner #burgergrip #teampixel #locationlocationlocation

2,154 33

🚩🚩 @mrwagyubeef @potatorolls @dillicious_au 🚩🚩 πŸ” FILTHY FOURSOME: 400g of smashed beef, american cheese, pickles, onions and sauce πŸ” . Sometimes you just need filth. Whether that's the organised mess of a bedroom you live in, the chaos of a personal life you call 'dating' or a quad patty cheeseburger with pickles, onion and sauce. Third cook of the arvo and I realised I had plenty of patties left so I went big and busty. Mr Wagyu's mince blend is so fatty it smashes near perfect everytime - then it's really just about letting the fat and heat do it's thing. I keep thinking about throwing in tomato or lettuce. There's just something offputting but. The balance of pickles and onions is everything. Can cook. Can buy good produce. Can blow my own trumpet. . . #mrwagyubeef #mrwagyu #smashpatty #wagyumince #fatty #quadpatty #awesomefoursome #filth #hotmess #american #potatorolls #dilliciousau #crust #homeburg #issaccooksalot #balance #chewcrewmedia #teampixel #cheeseburger #american #classic #iifym #tributeburgers

2,360 28

🚩🚩 @burgerpointofficial ECQ 🚩🚩 πŸ” SIX-TEA THOUSAND FOLLOWERS: THATS A SIX PATTY BURGER AND PEACH ICED TEA TO BE MORE PRECISE πŸ” . Originally I was used a Jenga stack of fries for BP 60k post but then I realised it was vegetarian and I might offend the carnivores - so I threw some meat in frame. Just under a kilograms worth πŸ₯©πŸ˜…. 6 of the finest smashies you'll see in Sydney and a peach tea. Six-tea. Geddit. Anyway the burger was cracker, no point trying to cheese dip there isn't a sauce pot in the world that beast was putting into - so I added some spaghetti and fried chicken instead. How good is three of the best comfort foods in one spot? Burger. Fried chicken and gravy. Spaghetti. Anyhoo - big grats to these guys it's been a slow and steady climb and hopefully theyleep on the up for years to come! . . #burgerpointofficial #sixtea #sixpatty #burgerpoint #60k #sixpattyfatty #friedchicken #spaghetti #jollybp #comfortfood #filo #gravy #easterncreekquarter #peachicedtea #chewcrewmedia #urbunbakery #teampixel #westernsydney #growing #family

865 25

🚩🚩 @masterbakermaria @thegumnutpatisserie@donutpapi 🚩🚩 πŸͺ CHOC CHUNK COOKIES - HAZLENUT MOUSSE CAKE - LECHE FLAN DONUTS πŸͺ . Three of the best. Two i was trying for the first time - the third i was jusy going back for coz #fatlyf. Maria like many before her capitalised on WFH and isolation to hone her craft this year and launch an online business - originally basque cheesecake with truffle (fml how did i miss that) - now boujee cookies, think salt/miso cho chip, praline, macadamia etc. Only availabke pick up and in limited numbers so preorder! Gumnut! Well that was a fluke. I was going for burgers and saw people crowding around this place, pulled in. Realised it was quite a reputable bakehouse and gave it a go. Damnnn. I didn't even get this cakes name but it was like a Rocher - hazlenut creme and chocolate etc. Was delicious and apparently the pies are even better! The infamous leche flan donut. Brought back for the night noodle markets first online effort during covid and avaikabke on Doordash exclusively. I'm no expert - but as a professional fat shit this is some of the richest lecheflan I've had. Like it borders on dulce de leche its so thick and sweet. Personally I love it! Piss off you don't. Limited time only - get around Donut Papi and @donutpapito 🍩🍩🍩 . . #masterbakermaria #cookies #nyc #misochocchip #salt #artisanal #boujee #amazing #thegumnutpatisserie #mittagong #chocolate #entremet #petitgateaux #hazlenut #donutpapi #lecheflan #donut #bigpap #limitedtimeonly #nightnoodlemarkets #exclusive

2,187 9

🚩🚩 @burgerco_hurstville 🚩🚩 πŸ” MEGA MACK, JUICY LUCY AND AN OREO COOKIES AND CREME SHAKE πŸ” . Piyal is on a mission to bulk up so he can kick scrawny kents to the kerb when they irritate him and the best way to do that is eat a Mega Mack (watch out X-ray!). Nearly 600g of freshly ground beef, triple tier bun, pickles/ lettuce/ sauce and all the cheesus. Its a fair whack of a meal but I feel the boys in Hurstville talk a big game so it'll be interesting to see. Got a current special Juicy Lucy to try too. The lime aioli gives it a zing and cuts through the heavier beef and cheese filling. I almost want a jus to dip it in. I got gravy on the side the first time - should have done it again. These guys have amazing produce but and offer halal feeds, so great for the area! . . #burgercohurstville #burgerco #megamack #juicylucy #cookiesandcreme #bulkup #milkshakes #cheesefilled #lime #hurstville #southwest #chewcrewmedia #teampixel #halal #cheeseburger #familyfriendly

1,741 17

🚩🚩 @boozy_burgers X @eden_brew🚩🚩 πŸ” TRIPLE CHEESEBURGER AND FRIED PICKLES with brews πŸ” . Mittagong. Wollongong's weird younger brother? A township just off the Hume about 40mins past Campbelltown is arguably known for two things. A patisserie and a brewery. Naturally they collaborate from time to time but its the brand spanking new burger truck i stopped in for. Lovechild of local chef Nathan and brewery owner Jacob - Boozy Burgers heros the brews through the menu. Beer pickles, beer in the aioli, beer in the batter, served with beer, and if you're kiwi - beerly impossible to resist. I jjsy went the double cheeseburger (not double double). Solid smash. Raw onion. Thicccc pickles. A roast garlic aioli that was ridiculous (breathes all over wife when telling her how good it was). Frickles were great too. Served with ranch and yes I got the beer flavour but not slap over the back of the head offensive. Will be back for sure! . . #boozyburgers #edenbrew #mittagong #humehwy #roadtrip #foodtruck #burgers #beers #southernhighlands #cheeseburger #friedpickles #thiccc #lovechild #finediningchef #beerbrined #teampixel

2,546 43

🚩🚩 @kurrajonghotel 🚩🚩 πŸ” MT PARMARAMA CHALLENGE: 3x300 chicken schnitzels loaded with ham, nap sauce and cheese, half a plate of pub fries and house salad πŸ” πŸ”₯ 60min limit. Prev.Record 14mins. Time 10:20mins πŸ”₯ . Hello darkness my old friend. The world of comp eating. I largely removed myself from.this scene two years ago for health reasons and family but I made a promise to Isaac at the bar so today I went back into battle. Its fitting (and purely by chance) that it's the week of Bathurst and Mt Panorama but the Parmarama is far and away the best slope to climb. Nearly a kilo of stacked chicken, cheese and ham - these were some of the thickest and juiciest schnittys I've ever had. No Taylor Swift chicken breasts here - all Dolly Parton. Technically I had an hour to do it - realistically I only had 14mins because that was the previous record. For a while I was gonna pump it. Then the chewing slowed, the brow furrowed. Chasing the last few chips and lettuce leaves around the plate cost me sub 10 but 10:20 was a good effort. Guys can do it faster - easily - for the the time being im essentially the Peter Brock of Erskineville though. No i did not go Conrod Straight to the bathroom either - uncomfortably lasted through a PR Google event with a belly full of Parmi haha! . . #kurrajonghotel #erskineville #innerwest #mtparmarama #manvsfood #foodchallenge #competitiveeating #parmi #pubgrub #sireatsalot #dusty #record #champion #legends #friendly #chewcrewmedia #teampixel #supportlocal

1,679 17

🚩🚩 @brgr_au 🚩🚩 πŸ” TRIPLE CHEESEBRGR with 4x Singles and fries 🍟 . Old mate @justin_time2eat called this his cheeseburger of 2020. There are alot of good cheeseburgers out there. I'd go as far as to say it's definitely the best new cheeseburger of 2020 and sky rockets into contention for one of the best overall. Quality suppliers from bread to beef - their grass fed black angus is the hero of a simple burger menu where smash is the word. Would their brgrs be better if they had vowels? Well never know. I'd rather buy a burgr for $12 then a vowel for $200 but πŸ˜…. On the march to finish 2020 strong and then push 2021 to the limits with new locations and more specials in store! . . #brgrau #brgr #realburgers #cheeseburger #smashpatty #tpe #triple #bestnewburger #oneofthebest #blackangus #brioche #chewcrewmedia #teampixel #classic #artarmon #halal

2,027 22

🚩🚩 @planbworksau 🚩🚩 πŸ” DR PEPPA PIG: Candied Bacon in Dr Pepper sauce, 100% Angus beef patty w/ American cheese Steak House chips lashed with Cheese sauce, Pickles, raw onion, vinegar mayo, All stacked in a Plan B bun πŸ” . Peppa Pig, meet Dr Pepper Pig, keep your head down - work hard in school and you too could end up on a burger like this fine specimen lol. This is such an easy burger to eat, dont get me wrong its a bit messy but the flavour combos are on form. The DP bacon is kind of like maple bacon but not as sweet I would say. Those 23 secret flavours working in unison with the saltiness of the bacon and steak chips to balance everything. Would love to try this special switched to or with added fried chicken too. I think it'd work a treat. Let me know if you try it yourself! . . #planbworksau #planbworks #planb #drpepper #bacon #cheeseburger #burger #special #crowsnest #topryde #castlehill #allstores #peppapig #hillsdistrict #northshore #chewcrewmedia #teampixel #sweetnsalty #balance

1,793 42

🚩🚩 @kfcaustralia 🚩🚩 πŸ” THE POPCORN CHICKEN SLAB: 6 dinner rolls filled with popcorn chicken, oozing with cheese sauce and bbq sauce πŸ” . I'm not sure this has ever existed on the actual menu in Australia before but like the Loch Ness monster and unicorns there have been rare and mystical sightings. Well now you can see it in the flesh and blood until 2 November! That's right KFC has dropped The Popcorn Chicken Slab as a special with 6 pillowy soft dinner rolls housing everyone's favourite popcorn chicken, BBQ sauce and tasty liquid cheese. Even better is that it's available by itself, in a combo for one and two or a family meal! #winning The only thing that takes this bad boy to the next level is some supercharged sauce - I added on the side since wifey doesn't like the heat and I just dipped my dinner rolls into it. Run, dont walk, limited time only people!!! . #kfcaustralia #kfc #theslab #ad #popcornchickenslab #popcornchicken #friedchicken #secretrecipe #familyfeed #combo #takeaway #bbq #cheese #chicken #dinnerrolls #limitedtime

2,365 28

🚩🚩 @supernashbrothers 🚩🚩 πŸ” ALL NEW NASH DOGS, NASHVILLE SANDO AND TENDERS BOX πŸ” . Hot diggity dog! Literally. As in Nashville Hot chicken dogs. That's what Super Nash are dropping and honestly they were fucking phenomenal. Available in three different varieties (Nash Mac n Cheese, Southern Fried Mac n Cheese and Buffalo (unreleased)) these were all game changers! The standard Nash sando is still one of my faves going around but this is taking it to another level. House made Mac n Cheese was banger too. I dunno #wherethefkiswaitarra but it's worth googling to try these bad boys out! . . #supernashbrothers #supernash #nashvillechicken #nashdogs #nashvillehot #hot #macncheese #waitarra #northwest #friedchicken #teampixel #chewcrewmedia #sydney #delivery #kimwarwicktennis #phenomnomenal #nomnoms

3,330 31

🚩🚩 @eatmybunsburgers 🚩🚩 πŸ” TRIPLE BISCOFF, DOUBLE BABY MAC AND THATTTTT AINT MY CHICK + @KERBSIDECREAMERY GOODIES πŸ” . Meeting up with Luca is usually dangerous enough. Its two grown men sitting and talking shit about matchbox cars and marvel lol. Through a food doctor into the mix and lawd have mercy on us all. This collab is gonna be so big McDonald's actually rushed through the Travis Scott thing 6weeks early coz they were concerned anything after EMB x Kerbside would just seem futile. #fact. The Buns chicken is off its head tasty but everything is worth eating. The Baby Mac is your classic style whereas the Biscoff biatch is more your fk boi style lol. Just dirty and fun. Pencil it in - 18th or 25th of October in Belfield folks!!! . . #eatmybunsburgers #eatmybuns #emb #collab #kerbsidecreamery #innerwest #belfield #dinneranddessert #datenight #friedchicken #biscoff #cheesecake #chewcrewmedia #teampixel #sydney #burgers #cheeseburger


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