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💍 Haziq Raffe 😻😽 @chichamuya +65 // 94 Counting my blessings every single day

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.70%. The average number of likes per post is 75 and the average number of comments is 6.

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50 2

Lamb chop in black pepper sauce with mashed potatoes & wild mushroom soup! All made from scratch! A team with the Hubbabe defo! It was sahhhh guuuuud! 💯 #whyknothxs #hypxcryptkfoodieventures

69 3

First night out of my parents’ place and I’m missing these babies (mostly Buddy) 😭😭😭 . Before I left, he kept pushing me away whenever I hug him, maybe bcs I kept telling him that I’m moving out. But swipe left to watch a video that my dad sent! I was so heartbroken and even cried before we went to bed last night... I miss you so much Buddy. But you have mama Ayah and Kakak Sarah okay? Kakak will come back when I can to see you again. I love you ❤️

177 19

Alhamdulillah! Our first major purchase in our married life! Can’t believe we have a house now 🥺❤️ #HxShome

75 3

103 3

Entered 2019 as your fiancée, ending 2019 as your wifey! Best thing that has ever happened to me this year is being your wifey! Thank you for choosing me every single day, and loving me in your own way!I love you, more than you’ll ever know. Now on to our future housieeeee! Let’s do this! 💪🏼 #whyknothxs #HS0204 #rumahkitahxs

47 9

24-25 Dec 2019 then we went to Batam for Abah’s birthday! Hehe this place is so pretty! Wished we’d stay longer tho! It’s so huuuuuuge!! Their food and breakfast were so good too! Can’t wait to come back again! Maybe longer next time 😝

29 0

21 Dec 2019 - La Familia bbq gathering to end off 2019 and celebrate December babiesssss!!! Great day of food and games after so long! Thank you la familia for food and prizes! We had so much fun! Next year plan in advance pulekkkk HEHE • 23 Dec 2019 - mama’s birthday celebration at our favvvvvv The Malayan Council!! Hehe 💖 #whyknothxs #HS0204 #lafamilia

109 13

18 Dec 2019 - We finally got a house for ourselves!!! WE’VE BEEN SO EXCITED but we’ve been keeping it on the low and gg thru more than 20 houses without any agents! All bcs I chose the right person to marry! HEHE, H was the one who kept researching on stuffs bcs that’s his forte! I was the one in charge of scrolling for houses! We’ve been viewing houses since earlier this year, before we got married! • We also met with diff types of sellers and agents, some who were so stuck up. You hear his name every where on the Malay radios, but didn’t even respond to us. Only his partner (I guess?) responded but also very late. And when we were supposed to view the house at said timing, they weren’t even there. They were so late and didn’t even bother apologising for making us wait for almost half an hour 😡 • We also made offers to two houses before we got this. First one, agent said no quota issues, seller was a Chinese fam. Once we offered, Malay quota filled. Checked HDB website, true enough. So no go. Second house, wife wanted to sell but husband doesn’t want to. So we waited for them. Very patiently and even gave them time till after our Phuket honeymoon. Still I answers, so we just moved on and found this house that we’re buying!!! • So alhamdulillah! If not for those people, we wouldn’t have found this house! The moment I saw this listing, I alrd told H I wanted this house! So after we viewed the house, I fell in love even more! So we immediately locked it in, and our sellers were really really nice and kind! So we are really so grateful for them! • So now we’re just waiting for the extension period to be over to move in hehe! Please doakan us so that everything will be smooth from here! I’m posting this not to boast, but to keep it as a memory and also to show that you can do it without an agent guys!! Hehe team effort! 💪🏼 thank you hubbabe for always being so efficient and knowledgeable when it comes to this! I love you! Now we just made the first big purchase of our lives tgt, we can do this! ❤️ #HxShome #whyknothxs #HS0204

48 0

15 Dec 2019 USS time! It was Sofea’s first time there! Hehe she couldn’t ride a lot of rides but she was running all around hahaha aunty penat 😝 Uncle H je layan. Just look at how manja she is with the Uncle H! 💖

81 2

My December has been so packed and tiring but so fulfilling with the fam bamz! • 14 Dec 2019 Kak Syeema wanted to go Christmas Wonderland and there we went! Hehe so pretty and so many things to do (esp when you bring a toddler!) haha so glad Kak Syeema, Abg Najib & Sofea had funnn! But it was SO tiring bcs we had to walk A LOT HAHA #whyknothxs #HS0204

69 0

Finally! Got myself the midnight green 256GB iPhone 11 Pro!!! HEHE been wanting this since it came out and telling H how pretty this is! I can’t believe I really got it. (& again, all my phones are paid for by myself ok!!! I’ve never asked H for expensive gifts like theseeeee) 😭💖 . Well it looks like my current iPhone X from the front but IM IN LOVE WITH THE CAMERAS AND MIDNIGHT GREEN COLOUR 😭😍


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