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Squad ➳ Tidus ◦ Yuna ◦ Kimahri 🇺🇸 ✎ Creators of @kibbletoraw Select your prizes! We’re celebrating 🥳 ⇙
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53.0% of huskysquad's followers are female and 47.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.30%. The average number of likes per post is 4392 and the average number of comments is 96.

Huskysquad loves posting about Pets, Dogs, Adventure.

Check huskysquad's audience demography. This analytics report shows huskysquad's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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53.0 %
47.0 %


  • Travel & Tourism 73.48 %
  • Pets 66.12 %
  • Music 48.67 %
  • Photography 46.75 %
  • Art & Design 35.77 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 35.23 %
  • Entertainment 33.48 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 33.38 %
  • Technology & Science 32.44 %
  • Sports 32.06 %
  • Business & Careers 30.91 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 30.77 %
  • Home & Garden 30.37 %


4,527 91

Over the many years with the Squad, we’ve learned that ultimately, what bonds you most is (intentionally) spending distraction-free time together ❤️ #dogsarefamily #mykidshavepaws . Do you make an effort to spend daily quality time with the ones you love? How is it impacting your bond and relationships? . Our tips for quality time: 1️⃣ Leave your phone in a different room or space. 2️⃣ Make family bonding time part of a daily routine (we block off time in our calendar every day!) 3️⃣ Try to quiet the mind about other worries/subjects by instead tuning in to your loved ones needs. . With love from @huskysquad ❤️🐺

3,936 85

Here’s a smile from Yuna to brighten up your Monday 💛😀. Let’s make it a wonderful week! Yuna says it’s all about our attitude and perception ✨#attitudeiseverything . How do you like starting your day? Is it coffee? tea? Breakfast? For us it’s all about waking up early, snuggling up with the pups on the sofa with coffee ☕️ and some reading. This sets the mood for a wonderful day for all of us 🥰 #familytime

5,321 90

Happy Weekend from Kimahri and her papa wolf 🐺 . When we rescued her, we knew right away she was not aggressive. All she needed was a good run, a whole lot of love, and a pack to be part of ♥️ . Later on she taught us about real food, and made us see that a raw diet makes her thrive. Instead of letting fear paralyze us when the vet said “she has cancer”, we gave Kimahri what she needed and transitioned her from @kibbletoraw 🥩🍃. She beat cancer to a pulp in 28 days and she’s now a super hero to so many dogs and dog parents 😭♥️🙏 . Today, all Kimarhi wants to do is hop in the car to #getthehuskyout for miles with her pack in nature, fill up on daily doses of hugs and cuddles, and come home to a big bowl of fresh raw food. I think it’s safe to say she’s feeling very fulfilled 🥰🙌 #mykidshavepaws . ⚜️Highlight from early September: This photo is one of my favorite memories from late summer this year. The daisies were blooming all over the mountain meadows, the temperatures dropped slightly, and signs of autumn made the squad happy!

6,519 105

Dearest @huskysquad Friends ❤️ . We want to thank YOU individually for supporting us and being there for us, especially when we lost our account. We’re so grateful! Thank you for finding us on our second account @huskysquadfamily and for sharing our story and all the kind messages you sent our way. . This special space has not only become our personal dairy of life with our fur kids, we also spent almost 4 years making new friends, sharing stories, sharing anything to inspire you, and helping so many in our community through private messages. From topics of training, switching dogs from @kibbletoraw , helping dog parents find where to rescue, helping new rescues, helping dog parents not to abandon their dogs to shelters, working through ACL injuries and so much more. All these special connections were wiped in a blink of an eye and we missed everyone so much!!! . We promise to continue bringing you inspiring, uplifting, and helpful stories - and together we’ll make it through these trying times. It’s not been easy for anyone, but together we can find hope, and build courage to stand strong for our future together. 🙌 . We’re excited to reconnect with every single one of you, and based on your requests, we’ll share highlights from the past three months on our feed, through stories, and maybe a few reels. . Of course, the first thing we did to celebrate this special time, was taking the Husky Squad for a beautiful hike, and now we’re ready to celebrate with YOU over the next couple of weeks. . 🎉 All of this will be happening here on Instagram with gifts, prizes and more! Be sure to turn on the notifications so you can be notified each time we post there. This is how you do it: 1️⃣ Tap Following 2️⃣ Tap Notifications 3️⃣ Turn everything blue . With lots of gratitude and love Tidus, Yuna, Kimahri And @jcandvee

11,592 280

Dearest @huskysquad friends ❤️😭😍 we are BACK!!! 🙏 . It’s been THREE months missing and we’re speechless to reconnect here with every single one of you. . By ways of the universe, we finally got in touch with @facebook who helped us save our main @huskysquad account 🙏😭❤️ we’re FOREVER grateful! We also learned that the wonderful individual at FB who helped us, recently rescued a husky 🐺❤️ and we LOVE when more wonderful dogs find furever homes 😍 . We’re giving EVERY single one of you a HUGE HUG 🤗 and the Squad is howling their hearts away with happiness 😁 WE LOVE YOU friends 😘

3,409 94

Let me just kiss you real quick so you remember that I like when you put your hiking boots on #trainyourhuman

3,349 73

If I sit and hide here, they won’t tell me it’s time to go home 🧸❤️ #Tidus . Built with @huskysquad Season Stories Preset Pack 🌻 link in profile ☝️

4,948 109

Don’t let the pretty faces fool you. These alpha females run in packs. But there’s only one alpha b*tch that always gets what she wants. Can you guess which one she is? #ilovemy3girls -Jc

4,770 123

Three running huskies attached to you can feel as powerful as a truck pulling you 😂 . All jokes aside, Jc and I never run with the entire squad attached only to one of us. It’s begging for trouble! Huskies have incredible strength and endurance! They’ve been bred to run and pull a load for hundreds of miles in the harshest environments, and it’s important to respect that about them. . However, it’s very important to give a Husky their “Husky needs” — so we love to #getthehuskyout safely. Jc handles Yuna and Kimahri very well, and I handle Tidus. . Tips from our experience: 1️⃣ If you’re a beginner to running with huskies, first get the edge off by hiking/walking for at least an hour. 2️⃣ It’s much safer to avoid running near moving cars or traffic. 3️⃣ Running on natural trails is much much better and healthier for dog’s joints than running on pavement or asphalt. These hard surfaces not only wear down the paw pads and can cause injury, but they can also cause long term damage to your dogs joints, ligaments, tendons, and hips. 4️⃣ Always begin with a warm up period to avoid injury and take time to cool down after. 5️⃣ Trail bikejoring is another fun activity with the same benefits. . 👉 As always, begin with baby steps and make sure YOU are feeling confident in the sport/activity before bringing your beloved dog into it. . Questions? Drop em here👇 . 📷 Built with the new “Seasons Stories” #huskysquad preset pack 🌲 available on 🐺

3,783 110

🐺 Welcome to the @huskysquad den, but you’ll need to know the secret code. What’s the password? #squadgoals

3,350 73

Do these wildflowers compliment my features? 🌼 #imsocute . 📷 Built with the brand new @huskysquad 🌲 Seasons Stories Preset Pack 🐺. Available for instant download on or link in profile ☝️ Transform your photos with a single click!


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