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1: naruto / hunter x hunter / code geass 2: aot/ erased 3: parasyte / Jojo’s bizarre Adventure 4: mha/full metal alchemist/ mob psycho 100
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10.1% of hotasshokage's followers are female and 89.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 28.50%. The average number of likes per post is 9336 and the average number of comments is 288.

Hotasshokage loves posting about Music, Singer, Entertainment.

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  • Music 54.93 %
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  • Beauty & Fashion 40.68 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 39.56 %
  • Movies and TV 39.50 %
  • Sports 38.09 %
  • Technology & Science 37.77 %
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2,381 607

Not enough slide to really detail about other aspects but aight. Y’all think madara was in the same level as Hashirama, but y’all clowning. Madara was never on his level. Hashirama never fought seriously, it’s exactly like saying naruto fought sasuke seriously, when really he was just blocking and protecting he lands, which is what exhausted them both. Ems was never a worthy opponent for Hashirama like AT ALL. The argument of the susanoo has been debunked and it shows. No matter the size of madara susanoo, and no matter its range of damage, itachi would always be able to protect himself with to totsuka, even if the entire area is devastated. As seen in the fight against sasuke, where everything was destroyed but itachi was in the center, perfectly safe. Now don’t even bother talk about the abilities shown in games ... this was never canon, or else you’ll have to account perfect susanoo itachi as well. The taijutsu is irrelevant since there’s nothing much we can have to really quantify it. Itachi has shown remarkable taijutsu feats against kcm1 naruto, while literally chitchatting with naruto/ and madara went on a brief taijutsu fight with kcm naruto also. So yeah madara is inarguably the weakest known user of ms, along with sasuke.

5,661 419

check my story to see madara’s perfect susanoo size comparison to kyuubi and Hashirama’s wood golem I can already see the clown emojis in the comments. BUT!! If you don’t believe this (which is basically stupid because it’s obvious asf ) give a clear size scale, based on real observations of the anime/manga

5,127 190

They all absolutely fire (Follow @hotasshokage for more anime things )

11,725 211

Someone put him in jail, his weapon too strong 😨

10,953 860

Also some of y’all think Madara got the same Rinne Sharingan abilities as kaguya. That’s wrong. He only has the mugen tsukuyomii which is the ability granted to all Rinne Sharingan users.

4,967 82


4,693 117

18,310 330

1/ it’s a joke lol I know the circumstances were completely different 2/ I’m not talking about war arc madara obito 3/ madara actually started to look for the tailed beasts few after faking his death with izanagi, but failed until he was old. As such he used obito to continue his researches. That’s what was the purpose of the akatsuki.

13,811 342

As an anime, I don’t see any other animes close to naruto in therms of rentability. Maybe as a manga things are different, but as an anime naruto is the most profitable by very very far. (Whereas as a manga one piece is number 1 in sells)

22,446 372

Such a long post but you know ... People were asking me obito philosophy, but imo obito doesn’t have a philosophy on his own, instead he is the tool used by the author to show another aspect of naruto or an alternative version of naruto. And to ultimately show how humans are shaped by their environment. When good people are around you, you can never fell into darkness, but when bad people are around, you are in a constant hell and you impose this hell with the rest of the world. That’s why i say , even tho you have no control over whatever is outside, you can have full control over whatever is inside. As such, don’t let your environment shape you. If someone can make you feel happy, then someone else can make you feel sad or angry. As such no matter what happens outside, remain undisturbed. Create consciously your happiness, anger, sadness ... be conscious of all this then you’ll be able to manipulate them at will

13,445 115

Then he became my aunt Margaret in boruto but that’s not the topic 😫


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