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警務處並不一定對本專頁的評論作出回應。 任何粗言穢語、涉及暴力或威脅、欺凌或騷擾、辱罵或侮辱、色情、侵犯私隱、非法活動或廣告推廣等評論將會被刪除。 本專頁並非報案或投訴渠道。如遇上緊急情況,請致電999。如有其他疑問或意見,請以電郵聯絡警務處警察公共關係科:
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22.7% of hongkongpoliceforce's followers are female and 77.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.40%. The average number of likes per post is 729 and the average number of comments is 63.

Check hongkongpoliceforce's audience demography. This analytics report shows hongkongpoliceforce's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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22.7 %
77.3 %


  • Luxury Goods 51.54 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 44.16 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 43.68 %
  • Photography 39.67 %
  • Sports 38.78 %
  • Art & Design 38.49 %
  • Travel & Tourism 36.29 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 35.44 %
  • Pets 35.01 %
  • Entertainment 34.63 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 31.97 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 31.67 %
  • Movies and TV 30.96 %
  • Music 30.95 %


802 42

【🔎 智破騙徒 • 攜手滅罪🤝】 【🔎 Outsmarting scammers • Fighting crime together 🤝】 今年5月,一名獨居婆婆接獲假冒內地官員的電話,騙取她的個人資料,假借上門保護婆婆為名,多次於大廈屋苑流連,甚至陪同及指示她到銀行辦理手續企圖轉走她畢生積蓄。幸好銀行職員察覺有異,報警求助及協助警方成功拘捕兩名騙徒。 為了打擊及預防電話騙案,新界北總區防止罪案辦公室除了在區內加強針對獨居長者的預防電話騙案宣傳外,更到相關銀行分行,表揚銀行職員的機警及提供更多防騙建議,攜手打擊電話騙案。 In May this year, a granny living alone received a phone call from a scammer posing as a Mainland official who tricked her into disclosing her personal particulars. Claiming to protect the granny, the scammer wandered into the building where she lived, and even accompanied her to a bank and persuaded her to make some withdrawal instructions, in an attempt to steal her life savings. Suspecting that a scam was occurring, the bank staff called the Police for help and assisted officers in arresting two scammers. Determined to combat and prevent phone scams, officers from the New Territories North Regional Crime Prevention Office stepped up publicity aimed at reminding elderly people not to fall for phone scams. They also visited certain banks to commend staff on their vigilance and provide them with additional anti-scam tips, in a bid to quash phone scams together.

544 44

【 法網恢恢 • 後果自負 】 【 Lawbreakers shall bear legal consequences 】 由2019年6月9日至2020年5月31日,在反逃犯條例草案示威活動中,警方一共拘捕了8,986人,其中204人已完成司法程序,並有166人 (81%) 須承擔法律後果 (包括被定罪、簽保守行為、獲頒照顧或保護令)。 警方在此提醒市民,犯法須負刑責,切勿以身試法。 Between June 9, 2019 and May 31, 2020, a total of 8,986 persons were arrested in protests against the extradition law amendment bill. Among them, 204 persons have their judicial proceedings completed, of which 166 of them (81 percent) were convicted, bound over or placed under a care or protection order. The Police remind members of the public that all illegal acts come with criminal liabilities. DO NOT ever break the law. #守法是原則與暴力說不 #犯法就是犯法一定要負責 #只要仲有一口氣警察必定捉到你

483 33

【 拘捕 • 涉嫌多宗爆竊案】 【 Arrest on suspicion of committing multiple burglaries 】 警方根據情報分析及經深入調查後,於6月9日拘捕一名39歲懷疑非法入境的男子,並於該名男子位於旺角的賓館單位,檢獲一批懷疑爆竊工具,包括鐵筆、螺絲批等。行動中,警方在旺角區一間店鋪起回一隻懷疑屬於失物的手錶,價值約五萬元。 警方相信該名男子涉嫌與5月至6月至少3宗在西貢區及西區發生的村屋或獨立屋爆竊案有關,該3宗案件的損失包括現金、首飾及手錶,總值約57萬元。 警方呼籲市民,應提高警覺,加强家居保安及防盜設施。 After conducting intelligence analysis and an in-depth investigation, the Police arrested a 39-year-old man on June 9 who was suspected to be an illegal immigrant. A cache of tools suspected to have been used in some recent burglaries, including crowbars and screwdrivers, were also seized from a guesthouse in Mongkok where the man had been staying. During the operation, the Police also recovered a suspected stolen watch worth around $50,000 from a shop in Mongkok. The Police believe that the man had burgled at least three village houses or villas in Sai Kung and Western Districts between May and June. The amount of cash, jewellery and watches stolen in these burglaries were worth around $570,000 in total. The Police call upon members of the public to stay vigilant and consider enhancing their home security and anti-theft devices.

598 41

【 電話騙案及網上情緣騙案呈上升趨勢 】 【 Upsurge in phone scams and online romance scams 】 與去年同期相比,2020年1至4月本港電話騙案的宗數與涉及金額均呈大幅上升,「猜猜我是誰」及「假冒官員」騙案仍然是最常見的行騙手法。 網上情緣騙案的宗數上升超過5成,涉及金額則上升近三成。而電話騙案方面,涉及的金額亦達1.4億。兩方面的上升趨勢均令人擔心。 警方提醒市民,切勿輕易相信來歷不明人士的來電,上網交友也要小心,亦請提醒身邊長者及親友,提防騙徒藉詞索取金錢。如有懷疑,請即致電防騙易熱線18222。 Compared with the same period from last year, between January and April both the number of phone scams and the amount of money involved in such scams have a drastic upsurge. “Guess who I am” and “Bogus officials” remain to be the most common modi operandi of scammers. The number of online romance scams reported to the Police in the first quarter this year has increased by over 50 percent whereas the amount of money involved has increased by nearly 30 percent compared with the same period last year.  The amount of money involved with regard to phone scams has scaled to HK$140 million.  Such an upsurge has caused concern. The Police would like to remind members of the public not to believe in dubious callers and exercise caution when making new friends online.  Meanwhile, please also remind your family and relatives to avoid falling prey to such scams. When in doubt, please immediately call the “Anti-Scam Helpline” at 18222 for more information.

796 56

【 判刑 • 6. 21 • 刑事毀壞警察總部 】 【 Sentence • Criminal Damage to Police Headquarters 】 去年6月21日晚上,大批示威者包圍香港警察總部及大肆破壞。一名19歲男子用白色油漆在警察總部外牆塗鴉, 其後被捕及檢控。 被告早前承認控罪,並於今日(6月10日)在東區裁判法院被判接受感化12個月及賠償1,200元。 今案已是反修例事件以來,第4宗因破壞警隊建築物而被判刑的案件。警方重申,任何人如無合理辯解而摧毀或損壞他人財產,最高可判處監禁十年。 In the evening of June 21, 2019, a large group of protesters besieged and vandalised the Hong Kong Police Headquarters. A 19-year-old man defaced the exterior of the building using white paint, and was subsequently arrested and prosecuted. Earlier, the defendant had pleaded guilty to the charge. He was given 12 months’ probation and ordered to pay $1,200 in damages in the Eastern Magistracy today (June 10). This is the fourth sentence handed down for vandalising HKPF premises since the outbreak of protests against the extradition law amendment bill. The Police reiterate that anyone who destroys or damages any property belonging to other persons without lawful excuse is liable to a maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment on conviction. #守法是原則與暴力說不 #犯法就是犯法一定要負責 #只要仲有一口氣警察必定捉到你

928 65

【 拘捕 • 被捕人涉嫌透過海外網站購買槍械及子彈 】 【 Arrests on suspicion of purchasing firearms and ammunition from overseas via the Internet 】 警方毒品調查科早前收到情報,指有人透過海外網站購買槍械配件。警方調查後,於昨日(六月九日)突擊搜查一個位於元朗洪水橋的村屋單位,並在單位內檢獲一支手槍、390發實彈、一批槍械配件以及一支伸縮棍。行動中,警方共拘捕兩男一女,年齡介乎38至65歲。其中一名38歲的本地男子,會考慮被控一項「無牌管有槍械或彈藥」罪,其餘人士暫准保釋。 警方近期破獲多宗涉及槍械及彈藥的案件,情報顯示案件與極端暴力人士及勇武組織有關連。對於此等近乎恐怖主義行為的勢頭,警方高度關注,會採取積極行動予以打擊。警方強調,非法藏有槍械彈藥及彈藥屬嚴重罪行,根據香港法例第238章《火器及彈藥條例》,一經定罪,可被判處14年監禁。 Earlier, police officers from the Narcotics Bureau had received intelligence about some persons purchasing firearm components from overseas via the Internet. Upon investigation, the Police conducted a spot check yesterday (June 9) on a village house in Hung Shui Kiu, Yuen Long, and seized a handgun, 390 live rounds, a batch of firearm components and an extendable stick. In the operation, the Police arrested two men and one woman aged between 38 and 65. Among them was a 38-year-old local man who may be prosecuted for “Possession of Arms or Ammunition without a Licence” later, while others were released on bail pending further investigation. Recently, the Police have thwarted multiple cases involving arms and ammunition, with relevant intelligence indicating their association with violent individuals and radical groups. Extremely alarmed by acts gravitating toward terrorism, the Police will proactively combat relevant offences. The Police also stress that the illegal possession of arms or ammunition is a serious crime. In accordance with the “Firearms and Ammunition Ordinance”, Chapter 238 of the Laws of Hong Kong, anyone found guilty of the crime is liable to a maximum penalty of 14 years’ imprisonment.

1,806 146

【❤️ 從心出發 • 守護動物🦉】 【❤️ Safeguarding animals any time, and anywhere 🦉】 今早(6月9日)約六時,有市民報案稱途經機場路時在路旁發現一隻貓頭鷹,疑似受傷。機場警區人員經一輪搜索後,終於在七時左右發現懷疑受傷貓頭鷹。同事立即通知機場管理局及愛護動物協會人員到場協助。 期間為免貓頭鷹受驚,誤闖馬路進一步受傷,警員及機管局人員一直在現場守護。最終貓頭鷹在早上十時左右被帶走,送到嘉道理農場作進一步檢查。 警方呼籲,如市民發現任何懷疑動物受傷或懷疑虐待動物事件,請即通知警方,或致電愛護動物協會緊急熱線電話:2711-1000。 At around 6AM today (June 9), police officers at the Airport District responded to a report of a seemingly injured owl sighted at the roadside. After searching the area, the officers eventually found the owl around 7AM. The police officers then promptly notified staff members from the Airport Authority as well as the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and asked for their assistance. While waiting for the arrival of SPCA staff members, police officers and staff members from the Airport Authority protected the owl, in order to prevent it from dashing across the road out of fear, which may lead to further injuries. Eventually, the owl was taken away at around 10AM and sent to the Kadoorie Farm for further checkups. The Police appeal to citizens who discover any animal that may have been injured or abused to immediately notify the Police or call the SPCA’s emergency hotline at 2711-1000. #尊重生命 #愛護動物

868 100

【 五大數據 • 明辨錯對 】 【 5 Key Figures • Telling Right from Wrong 】 由2019年6月9日至2020年5月31日,在反逃犯條例草案示威活動中,警方一共拘捕了8,986人,控告了1,754人。被控告的首三位罪行分別為「暴動」(612人)、「藏有攻擊性武器」(278人)及「非法集結」(242人)。 在疫情期間,市民除了要保持社交距離外,更要與罪惡保持絕對距離。犯法須負刑責,切勿以身試法。 Between June 9, 2019 and May 31, 2020, the Police have arrested 8,986 persons in connection with protests against the extradition law amendment bill. Among these persons, 1,754 have been prosecuted, and the top three charges are “Rioting” (612 persons), “Possession of Offensive Weapon” (278 persons) and “Unlawful Assembly” (242 persons). Amid the pandemic, not only should members of the public practice social distancing, they should also steer clear of unlawful activities. Breaking the law comes with legal liabilities. Don’t ever break the law. #守法是原則與暴力說不 #犯法就是犯法一定要負責 #只要仲有一口氣警察必定揾到你

964 100

【 踢保不等於清白 • 8.31及9.29 • 五人被控暴動及非法集結 】 【 Refusing bail doesn’t make you innocent • Five persons charged with “Rioting” and “Unlawful Assembly” 】 去年8月31日及9月29日,暴徒分別於灣仔及銅鑼灣非法集結及堵路。警方當場拘捕多人,部分人士及後拒絕保釋 (俗稱「踢保」)。 警方經深入調查及徵詢律政司意見後,昨日 (6月7日) 再次拘捕其中五人(4男1女) ,並控以「參與暴動」及「非法集結」罪名。五人今早(6月8日)於東區裁判法院提堂,案件押後至7月7日再訊。 警方絕不姑息任何違法行為。警方強調,「踢保」不代表終止調查,被捕人踢保後仍可被起訴。 On August 31 and September 29, 2019, groups of rioters engaged in unlawful assemblies and blocked roads in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay respectively. In response, the Police made multiple arrests at both locations. Later on, some of the arrested persons refused bail and were released unconditionally. After conducting in-depth investigation and consulting with the Department of Justice, the Police arrested four men and one woman yesterday (June 7) who were among the arrested persons who had refused bail, and prosecuted them for “Rioting” and “Unlawful Assembly”. The five persons appeared at the Eastern Magistracy this morning (June 8) and the hearing of the case was adjourned until July 7. Having zero tolerance for any illegal acts, the Police stress that just because an arrested person is released unconditionally after refusing bail does not mean the Police will terminate the investigation. The arrested person can still be charged later on.


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