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A Neuroscience student & a Chartered Accountant on the road 🗺 Travel is our Passion, Culture is our motivation 27 Countries🌎 📍🇬🇧 YouTube coming soon

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47.0% of heradventureswithhim's followers are female and 53.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.30%. The average number of likes per post is 301 and the average number of comments is 10.

Heradventureswithhim loves posting about Travel, Photography, Adventure.

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🗺 🌍 Quarantine post 2: We go about our lives, planning things, not thinking about tomorrow and how things may change. The covid-19 situation has changed plans for everyone around the world! This is the time to get creative, to be more than grateful, to revisit memories, to daydream even and to stay home, of course Even though our plans for Arctic got cancelled in March, our trip to Belgium is cancelled for April, our trip to Japan got postponed and a trip in June seems to be changing soon as well, one thing that hasn’t changed is our habit of daydreaming about traveling! And remember all the wonderful trips we have had so far. We are not booking any new flights/trips because the situation is so uncertain but honestly it is surprising to think that we just go about our lives and not think twice that tomorrow the world can be completely different! Stay home, wash your hand regularly, pray for everyone, be kind and Oh, stay home!!!

657 33

📚 Quarantine Post 1: AN ANNOUNCEMENT AHEAD It is now day 23 of lockdown here in England and it still hasn’t sunk in. The fact that the world has stopped! And we as humans are dealing with covid-19 pandemic. What has been the biggest change for you since this entire situation? Every once in a while we forget for a moment what is happening and than the next moment it hits us like something out of a movie - it’s reality though. Many of us have gone through a weird transition, I guess! At first, I remember conversations where many thought of it as a common flu and not even one person around me said that this is something serious and so the life went on. Than,businesses started shutting down! Flights were cancelled! People were stranded! Plans were altered and life started getting isolated. It is okay to take time to accept this reality because there is nothing anyone can do except practice social distancing, wash their hands, pray for their loved ones, be grateful to God, health care workers, delivery workers, grocery store workers, etc. But I am happy to see many people who are seeing this Quarantine as a way for them to take a little break from their busy life and a moment for them to spend time with their family. Of course it is a difficult time but I guess people around you, who you love and who love you make it better. Books have been a great way to escape! We often look forward to reading now that we have a little more time on our hands. Ever since we moved into this apartment, we have dedicated a small corner of our living room and we call it “The Reading Corner.” This is a photo of that corner A little announcement as well. The instagram account I had for my book, Pakistan for Women, I have now decided, with your help, to turn it into an online book club! I will be making proper posts on it starting this week but for now, please say hello to @TheWomenBookClub and join in! Also, just because it says “women” does not mean that it is only for women to join in! Everyone is welcomed. Happy Reading 📚 ☀️

353 10

In today’s busy, online world where photos are taken less to capture memories and more to post online, we often forget the true purpose of “photos” We are currently in lock down here in England and we are praying for our family, friends and everyone around the world. Quarantine can feel exhausting real quick but I think one of the most fun things to do during this time is to look at old photos and may be journal? Create a scrap book? A photo album from a previous dream trip? You can easily order print photos from online such as from @LALALAB and we actually have a code for you to get £5 off your order: PG3OCFI2 I think I will go for creating a photo album and especially adding photos from our wonderful trip to Mallorca this past January. It is truly devastating to thing how Corona virus is impacting the world and every single person. Stay safe and stay united

309 8

It is an extremely difficult for us all! And while we should be doing our part by staying safe, keeping others safe, washing our hands, spreading awareness, etc - at times it can be really difficult to accept the reality because of the uncertainty at the moment! During the quarantine, we have found ourselves reading even more and more. It is a good way to escape into a different time, different world and at the same time, a great way to stay productive, learn something new and build good habits. Swipe to see some of our favorite reads at the moment! We have also shared about it in the stories. #1 : Educated by Tara Westover. Absolutely loved this book! Through this book, I got to learn about so many different things! It is a memoir and a beautiful one at that! #2: What I talk about when I talk about running by Haruki Murakami! He is a brilliant writer and this book is a memoir but focusing more on his runner side! Lovely read #3 The shadow of the sun by Ryszard Kapusinski. Currently reading. It is from his travels from across Africa. Love it so far #4 The moment of Lift by @melindafrenchgates . If you are going to read 1 book this year, please make it this one. A great book! It is about women empowerment but not the general idea or women empowerment! It goes deep into various cultures, various studies done on women and a wonderful read which will change you, and educate you! #5 The world atlas of Coffee by James Hoffman! I LOVE this book! And it is more of a read for coffee lovers but of course everyone can pick up a copy! It talks about the history of coffee, various farms, difference between different kind of coffee beans and more. Love it. Happy reading and I would like to end this caption on this note: We all need to pray for others, people around the world who may loose their jobs, who have lost loved ones, who have had their entire lives altered! Keeping all this in mind, we MUST do our part as well. It is impacting us all! Stay safe and stay united! Photo taken previously 📷! #books #bookriot

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#ad Saying that it was a great day would be an understatement. ✨🌴🍃Kew Gardens has been on our list for the longest time and finally, this we visited these beautiful gardens. It was like a different world in there! Totally unreal. You will see plants, flowers, trees from all around the world. The glass houses were absolutely beautiful. It was so mesmerising to walk around, learn and just have a wonderful time at the Kew Gardens in partnership with Virgin Experience Days. @virginexperiencedays sell extraordinary experience gifts and we believe that gifting experiences is so thoughtful! So next time when you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, you don’t have to look any further! #virginexperiencedays

254 5

💻 📸 🗺 🧳 Running any business, big or small, as a self-employed individual or a freelancer - any business is a responsibility! Especially when you put in your hard work and heart into it! Managing finances well is part of any business and so I wanted to share my experience as someone who uses @Starlingbank ! Firstly, the process of opening an account is absolutely hassle free! I remember I opened my account while on the train to University and it took only a few minutes If you ever need any help, their customer service team is there 24/7! They are big on sustainability- so as a branchless and paperless bank, they are a eco friendly bank. More over, they are fair to their customers so they want to make sure that the voices of their customers are heard. Even the people working at Starling Bank, they get fair wages - not just the amount the government has set but wages that match the living cost. Starling Bank has helped me so much in terms of managing my finances and I know it is a great for any entrepreneur or businesswoman/ businessman to manage well as well #MakeMoneyEqual #helpingbusinessfly #ad #paidpartnership

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“Solo Traveling” as a women Tag a woman who 🗺✨✈️Tag a inspires you to travel more March is women’s month and while you do not need a month to feel empowered, Women’s month is a great time to start your journey towards feeling more confident and independent! Through out this month, I will post about various topics surrounding woman and today we will be talking about “Solo Traveling” as a woman When it comes to Solo Traveling, where to start. Well, this completely depends on your age, the kind of family/background you come from and also your travel plans and while I can talk about all these various aspects for hours, let’s talk about how safe is solo traveling for women! And the answer is: it is SAFE! There are millions and millions of girls around the globe traveling solo every single day! Some of them have even made it their life style so anyone aspiring to do the same can take inspiration from them and embark on their own journey Even though I no longer travel solo majority of the time, my Solo-traveling journey started at the age of 17 when I visited China and Japan. A good way for you to feel more safe and confident is to plan every aspect of your trip beforehand such as Hotels, Tours, Day to day itinerary, etc! This way, there won’t be any room for you to feel lost and think,” what should I do now that I am here?” Ofc the future trips can have more spontaneity to it but I remember when I visited China, I planned everything beforehand and I had a blast! Japan was a bit different because it was by accident that I ended up in Japan. I missed my flight back from China to California and ended up in Japan for 4 days (now that I think about it, how did it even happen) but I was excited and so when I arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, CAPTION TOO LONG, continuing this in the comments Photo from my solo trip to Innsbruck, Austria 🇦🇹 #SoloTraveling

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#ad 🗺🍃 Tag an expat in the comments Are you an expat? When you live in another country, you embrace everything that’s different yet beautiful about your new home - culture, cuisine, you name it. HSBC’s Expat Explorer survey is the longest running global study of expat life. Each year, the survey mobilises thousands of expats worldwide to share their experiences on what makes expat life so rewarding. These experiences are key in allowing future expats to decide on their next destination. If you are an expat, we invite you to participate by filling this survey, which is linked in our bio! For us, being an expat is incredible because it allows us to travel more, be a better part of the society and educating ourselves on global values Join the world’s largest expat community today! LINK IN BIO The content of the post is a paid #Advertisement by HSBC Expat. #HSBCExpatExplorer #ExpatExplorer #livingabroad #TakeTheExpatSurvey #expatlife #expat

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💓 Tag your partner Do you know what? Is you are a bit different than your partner, that is alright. But the biggest thing is that you must respect them! Someone in the stories asked, “where to find a travel partner?” And it is honestly one of the common questions we get! Neither of us were actively looking for someone who loves traveling because traveling isn’t the only thing that defines us and in the past 4.5 years we have been together, we have learned so much from each other and have also picked up so many interests/hobbies that we didn’t have before we met each other. It is like anything else, even traveling. We are so different in many ways but that is the best part! We balance each other out. We constantly learn from each other and honestly, things stay interesting thanks to this This photo was taken in our new fav cafe @steep_street in Folkestone! An amazing town we got to discover thanks to @se_railway #sehiddengems

370 12

#ad Travelling is wonderful. You get to explore cities, cultures, food, etc. But have you really travelled on the “offbeat” paths to find the hidden gems! Beautiful little towns with art galleries, little tea shops, bakeries, and so much more. We believe, this is one of the best ways to experience something new and connect with great stories. If you have been following us for a while, you know that visiting small towns and off beat places is one of our favourite things to do and that is why we are here to tell you all about @se_railway and how our adventure with South Eastern Railway helped us discover the Port town of Folkestone - hidden gems so close to home! It is such a colourful town, full of vibrant streets, artsy shops, cafes serving delicious food! Not to mention, train is a much more environmentally friendly mode of transportation, so it seems like a win-win situation for all! We encourage you to explore more like this and find those hidden gems! #SEhiddengems 🚊 ☀️ 🗺

136 1

#ad It is so important to stop and look around every once in a while. To take a deep breath in fresh air and forget about everything for a minute. To feel alive and be a part of nature 🍃 We also like to bring the feeling of nature into our daily lives, with a little bit of @palmoliveuk. @palmoliveuk #LittleBitofNature #FeelMoreHuman

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#ad ☀️✨ 📚Remember the Phone booth library? I have hidden something great in there for one of you to find! A storybomb booklet! full of stories of women farmers! Fairtrade chocolates and products are not only delicious, they are serving a bigger purpose! A purpose we all should contribute to. When we choose a @fairtradeuk product you are helping to protect people and planet. Fairtrade means fairer pay, workers' rights, protection of the environment and much more. Their #SheDeserves campaign aims to raise awareness of issues experienced by women cocoa farmers. Through Fairtrade these women farmers are able to live better today and have brighter hopes for the future. #Fairtrade #FairtradeFortnight


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