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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.50%. The average number of likes per post is 61 and the average number of comments is 3.

16.95% of the followers that engaged with hellocookly regularly are from United States, followed by Thailand at 8.47% and Indonesia at 6.78%. In summary, the top 5 countries of hellocookly's posts engager are coming from United States, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil.

Hellocookly loves posting about Nature & Outdoors, Travel, Photography, Cooking.

Check hellocookly's audience demography. This analytics report shows hellocookly's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 16.95 %
  • Thailand 8.47 %
  • Indonesia 6.78 %
  • Australia 5.08 %
  • Brazil 5.08 %


65 6

Thai Green Curry Paste. If you missed our last cooking live stream, check out the link in our bio to see the full recipe and video recap on our YouTube channel. What Thai green curry dish would you like to see in our next videos: Chicken Green Curry or Green Curry Fried Rice? Leave us a comment below! #cookly #cooklylive #cookingclass #thaigreencurrypaste #greencurrypaste #thaicooking #thairecipes

59 1

If you want to know how to make your own Thai green curry paste at home, join our next live stream cooking event on our Facebook page (link in bio) LIVE from Thailand with our Cookly Ambassador @shitmendycooks #cookly #cooklylive #cookingclass #onlinecookingclass #thaigreencurry #thaigreencurrypaste #greencurrypaste #realfoodiescook #shitmendycooks

41 2

Join our next cooking live stream with a fifth generation baker from Portugal! This time we’ll be making a traditional Portuguese dessert. LINK IN BIO #cooklylive #cookly #leitecreme #onlinecookingclass #livestream #portuguesefood

93 4

A little known fact is that Puglia is the “breadbasket of Italy” producing tremendous amounts of wheat. From all this wheat comes amazing artisanal breads. Apulian bread has a particular characteristic that distinguishes itself from other breads in Italy. If you're curious about artisanal Apulian breadmaking, Chef Franco hosts private online baking classes, where you will get a taste of one of his bread recipes and learn to make traditional Apulian bread. LINK IN BIO #cooklylive #cookly #breadbaking #bakingclass #apulianbread #onlinecookingclass #apulianfood

54 0

Live from Tokyo, Yuca will show you how to master Japanese Omelette on our Facebook page, Sunday, April 26, 10am JST. LINK IN BIO For a private and interactive live cooking class with Yuca, visit: https://live.cookly.me @yucasjapanesecooking #cokly #cooklylive #japaneseomelette #onlinecookingclass #japanesecooking #tamagoyaki

51 5

LIVE: Learn to make delicious Pierogi at home with Maria from Poland. (LINK IN BIO) SUN 19 APR, 6pm CET/12pm EST During this step-by-step live cooking class you will get to know how to knead and roll the dough, then you will discover various folding techniques and hacks that make dumplings really tasty. Dumplings is the most popular comfort food in Poland. Pierogi making is a perfect family activity, suitable for children almost all ages and ideal for boosting their creativity. Last but not least, dumplings are quite inexpensive to prepare and make very good use of leftovers in your fridge :-) All in all they are the ultimate dish for quarantine! @pierogiandmore #onlinecookingclass #cooklylive #cookly #pierogi #polishfood #pierogies #virtualcookingclass

35 1

TODAY, 11am CST, Live from Mexico City on our FB page! LINK IN BIO Learn to make Churros with few ingredients, with Chef Graciela @gracielamontanomx from @auramexcooking #onlinecookingclass #cookly #cookingclass #churros #churrosrecipe #mexico

63 5

31 MAR, 4pm CET, Live from Naples on our FB page! LINK IN BIO Learn to make your own Ricotta cheese with Peppe. You only need 2 ingredients, milk and vinegar or lemon juice! --- A MESSAGE FROM PEPPE --- "I've been in many situations where ingredients are not easy to find. Some of those are for sure dairy products, among them ricotta, which is the easiest to make, yet not really easy to find in supermarkets all over the world. Ricotta makes a good base for either sweet or savory recipes that will make you and your friends rethink about your cooking skills. So let's learn how to make ricotta." #cookly

48 0

Mezcal is a produce of so many different cultural intervenes. Agave, that's considered to be a sacred native plant Mexican during the pre-Hispanic times, was used excessively to produce alcohol. But there's no actual evidence that they knew how to distill it back then. And you can't make Mezcal without distilling it. So how did all come together? For a very long time, Native Mexicans made a drink called Pulque from the agave plant. It's a slimy, milk looking drink that has a taste of sour yeast. It's safe to say it's an acquired taste. The legend goes that people first learned about this thanks to a lightning hitting an agave plant and extracting the alcohol by cooking the sugar inside. Not surprisingly, they named it Elixir of the Gods. When the Spanish arrived to Mexico, they learned about Pulque but were not impressed with it right away. They brought their distilled hard liquors with them after all. Though when they ran out of them, they started to look for alternatives to produce there. So they started distilling the agave sugar with their distillation method learned from the Arabs. That's when they realized the importance of Agave. When distilled, it produced an alcoholic beverage that tasted noting like what they knew from back home. And that's the drink we now call Mezcal. From Mesopotamia to Andalusia to all the way to Mexico. Every step had a crucial point in the history of Mezcal. Next time you have a glass of Mezcal, don't forget to thank all all the bloody wars that happened to help create this delicious drink. Written by our Cookly ambassador @cookingupamuseum #cookly #mezcal #mezcaltour #foodhistory #foodresearch #agave #pulque

45 0

Follow the Mexican culinary journey of our Cookly Ambassador and food history researcher, Can ( @cookingupamuseum ). For the next days he will be taking over our Instagram stories and walk you through Oaxaca's unique food culture. #realfoodiescook #cookly #oaxaca #mexicancuisine #cookingclass

84 13

We want to know what you'd love to see more of here on our Instagram! 🔪🥘🍙 Traditional recipes, stories of our community, cooking techniques, food guides, ingredients, you name it! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below 🙌


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