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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 12.10%. The average number of likes per post is 123 and the average number of comments is 10.

36.19% of the followers that engaged with heidimin regularly are from United States, followed by Australia at 7.62% and France at 6.67%. In summary, the top 5 countries of heidimin's posts engager are coming from United States, Australia, France, United Kingdom, Japan.

Heidimin loves posting about Art, Design, Architecture.

Check heidimin's audience demography. This analytics report shows heidimin's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 36.19 %
  • Australia 7.62 %
  • France 6.67 %
  • United Kingdom 6.67 %
  • Japan 4.76 %


134 11

Dearest Presley, Momo’s favorite part of her day is when I get to FaceTime you and for just a few minutes be transported into your world of laughter, joy, pretend, wonderment and play. You teach Momo that this world is still worth fighting for and that there is still beauty and goodness in the midst of such unprecedented times. You turned 4 this past weekend and we had our first slumber party and Momo is still smiling from our time spent together ☺️. We had a big princess themed party and Momo’s apartment glowed of all the shades of pink imaginable. You learned how to play card games like Go Fish and Old Maid and after playing said “I’m good at this!”. We opened all your gifts and played with each toy over and over and over again! 😆You are growing so fast yet so beautifully and strong. You’re so imaginative and gifted, fearless when you put your mind to something, and trying your best to be a patient and kind older sister (I know it’s hard but it gets easier Pres, trust Momo 😉). You have a smile and laugh that will light up anyone’s world. You have been the source of joy for our family since you were in your mommy’s tummy and you continue to be that light and joy for us today. I love you so much my cutie pie. Momo will always be here for you, my princess. Never stop laughing and being curious and may God continue to guide your every step as you navigate through this world. May you share your light and joy to all those that come around you and bless them the way you bless this family. I love you 10,000 Presley...😘🥰😍 - Momo

127 10

My nephew turned 1 yesterday and even during this pandemic we put together a small Dohl for him and he was the perfect baby all day. He lights up my world every time I see him and I love his cute little smile when he sees his Momo. He gives me a reason to smile and laugh and even forget in this season and I’m so thankful for the joy he brings to my life daily. Jaxson, you make Momo so happy that I don’t know what to do with myself. Watching you grow has been the highlight of this year. Momo will always be here for you and remind you how loved you are. My little prince, I love you so much 😘🥰😍💙 Happy birthday Jaxson James Chin! Big thank you to @milieuflorals for the always beautiful and perfect floral arrangements and @sweetcelebrationsbyani for the exquisite and delicious cookies and rice cakes.

175 31

Post 2 of 2 ... your GIF game – spot on every time as if you had a collection of Angelaisms, you being obvious when you didn’t like someone which was my cue to pull you away, your walk – quick short steps but always on a mission, our in depth discussions on K-drama and constantly adding new things to our Korea Trip Google sheet because we always said we would go back, you yelling at me to go workout and then going to eat or drink something unhealthy right after, you yelling and hitting me when I don’t eat, you just yelling and hitting me...and so much more that I can keep going. That is the kind of friend she was to me, someone I can talk about forever with a smile. Angela you brought so much joy into my life and I still can’t believe you are gone. A month has gone by and I still don’t know how to move on from this. I hope I was able to properly and fully show you how much I cared for you and loved you during our time together. I will never be the same without you by my side but I will do my best to continue celebrating your life and the beautiful soul you were to so many around you. Miss you so much. May you finally get the rest you deserve. You lived a beautiful, God-filled, and obedient life and I’m so proud to have known you and call you a dear friend. Today is Thursday and we laid your body to rest. I think you wanted me to remember you forever so you claimed this day all to yourself, and that’s fine with me. I hold you close to my heart today and everyday. I love you so much Angela Kim. This is going to hurt for a while but I was reminded of your life story today at the funeral and it has sparked a little hope back in my heart to continue living my life the way you did. Your life was such a gift to me Angela and it’s one I will hold onto forever.

191 12

Post 1 of 2 Thursdays used to be my favorite day of the week. It was the day Angela came into the office and brightened all our days with her infectious laugh, her loud voice, and often yummy pastries for the staff to enjoy. I would excitedly walk in and the first thing I would say was “Angela is hereeeeeee~!” and run into my room to see her sitting in her usual spot on our big table with her day old drink and her laptop opened ready to go. She was never late, always early and I could always count on her to be there. She filled a part of my work that was once disorderly and desperately needed the special touch of her Google Sheet skills. She was my anchor in so many ways. When I got lost in my thoughts and the workload she reminded me that she was there to help and that together we can do anything. We made a great team working together but more than that she was a true friend. A friend that I also saw as a second younger sister. I was protective of her because I only wanted the best for her which meant giving her both tough love and sisterly love. I’m going to miss so many things...our talks about anything and everything, our spontaneous after work Disneyland trips and splitting an uber together, our food runs to “sample” things for a potential dinner option for future events, our travels where all I had to do was feed you to buy myself two hours at a museum or some artsy thing that you didn’t have much interest for, you getting in my shots when taking photos, our early morning and late night event production days prepping for every worst case scenario since that’s what 6’s do best, your incoherent explanations that only made perfect sense to me and laughing about that every time, you smacking your lips to see what your taste buds were craving when asked what you felt like eating, our walks at the park in Cerritos, me always telling you to smile when serving, me yelling your name when you said something too sassy, you stinking up the whole office with instant ramen, your comprehensive knowledge of all chips and places to eat that are hot and new, ... (continued on next post cause I wrote too much and because she deserves it 🙂)

90 3

Black is beautiful. Black lives have always mattered 🖤 I will never fully understand the pain but I will choose to speak up and support in any way I can. I will learn and listen and respond with action. I am a Christian Asian American woman who stands in solidarity with my Black brothers and sisters who have been on the receiving end of this country’s iniquities for far too long and I am guilty of being part of the problem–we all are. The state of our nation is proof of that. We need to write a new script, one that begins with reparation, repentance, reconciliation and restoration. I hope for a day when righteousness and peace come hand in hand. May we not relent till all our brothers and sisters are equal and justice is served to those who have defied it. Lord, have mercy on us all. We need your renewing grace. Lord, will you heal and comfort all those that have lost and suffered. Will your steadfast love be a light in this time of darkness...

123 7

Happy Mother’s Day to this beautiful woman who I have watched grow from a clingy younger sister, tough volleyball player, number crunching accountant, the most beautiful bride, and now into an amazing mother of two. My sister and I are like two peas in a pod and I can’t imagine life without her. The bond we have is unbreakable and I would do anything to make sure she’s safe and happy. That’s right, I was that overprotective sister growing up and always will be. Don’t mess with my sister or I’ll hurt you 👊🏼 She makes me ugly cry 😩 and ugly laugh 🤣 like no other and I see so much of my mom’s influence in the way she mothers and loves on her babies. We’re as close as can be because of the way our mother raised us and I see my sister instilling all those values into her family and it makes me so proud. I can brag about my sister all day. She’s my rock and I love being her older sister and I celebrate the strong woman she is everyday. I love you teether so much!!! Thank you for making me the proudest sister and auntie!!! You have given me so much and I’m so incredibly blessed by you. You are doing an amazing job navigating motherhood–you got this! And when you don’t, you know I got your back! 👭🏻😘

73 3

Spring vibes in my bedroom 🤍 it’s the little things that make all the difference in this season. #shelterinplace

171 23

Missing my beautiful mom more today because it would’ve been her 63rd birthday. My family would have bought her a Paris Baguette cake, take her out to a nice restaurant cause she never treated herself, bought her something expensive that she would want us to return, sing happy birthday to her really loud with all the kiddos and Cooper on her lap, and then we would take pictures to remember that moment. What I would give to do that for her again and again. Miss her smile and her cute mannerisms and her amazing meals always made with so much love. She taught me the beauty of classical music, how to host guests, Korean culture, the power of a fly swatter when she’s angered, how to be a good sister to my Teether, how to be a strong independent Asian woman, to follow my dreams and not cut myself short and so much more. She was an amazing woman and I celebrate and remember her today and every day. I love you 엄마 🤍 - 보애 & 다애

101 4

Part 2 of Casa Gilardi cause it was just that good. I also may have taken over 600 photos on this trip so I think it grants at least 2 posts ☺️ Loved how he was so bold with his colors but in a tasteful way that it would actually work for a home. Walking through imagining their family gatherings and everyday routines in a space like this was surreal. #casagilardi #luisbarragan #mexicocity #cdmx

131 1

Staying home all day reminded me of the beautiful Casa Gilardi in Mexico City. Finally getting to post some pictures of this architectural gem by Luis Barragán. The entire house is arranged around an old tree and his use of bold hues made me feel like I was in a different space depending on what part of the house I was in. His intentional play on light and planes throughout the house was noticeable and appreciated. So much thought into where everything was placed – minimalism at its finest. A definite must if you ever go and have an appreciation for architecture. #casagilardi #mexicocity #luisbarragan #cdmx

95 6

Finally getting a chance to look through and edit 600+ photos from my recent Mexico City trip. But somehow this photo just felt like the right one to post for now. I’ll be editing all my colorful photos that reflect Mexico’s beautiful art and culture and post throughout the week since I’ll have some time to do so. Meanwhile I hope everyone is making good use of this time at home and recharging and being reminded of how blessed we are to have basic needs like food, water, shelter, community and family. I for one have been reminded of how much I do have which makes my heart go out to those that have less. My focus is shifting from looking inwards to looking outwards to those that are in need during this time. What would it look like if our initial response to this pandemic wasn’t just about us and we first looked to see how we can help the other? I think there would be less fear, panic and anxiety and more kindness, love and peace. 🤍 Just my random thoughts for the day. Be safe yet kind everyone—both are possible. 🙂


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