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70.7% of hannaoeberg's followers are female and 29.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.20%. The average number of likes per post is 43255 and the average number of comments is 325.

18.18% of the followers that engaged with hannaoeberg regularly are from Sweden, followed by Germany at 9.09% and United States at 9.09%. In summary, the top 5 countries of hannaoeberg's posts engager are coming from Sweden, Germany, United States, France, Norway.

Hannaoeberg loves posting about Fitness, Training, Coaching, Health & Fitness, Cooking, Food & Drink, Education.

Check hannaoeberg's audience demography. This analytics report shows hannaoeberg's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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70.7 %
29.3 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 78.37 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 48.47 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 42.45 %
  • How-to & Style 40.62 %
  • Sports 39.27 %
  • Business & Careers 38.67 %
  • Travel & Tourism 36.32 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 35.16 %
  • Books and Literature 32.83 %
  • Entertainment 31.18 %
  • Art & Design 31.04 %


  • Sweden 18.18 %
  • Germany 9.09 %
  • United States 9.09 %
  • France 4.55 %
  • Norway 4.55 %


52,754 485

ITSAAA RAW & REAL KINDA DAY itsaaa cyyyber red friday poppin on here today!! 💃🏽 @gymshark x @whitneyysimmons is a about to go downnn again, eeek this collection is stinkin cute 😩 more details further down in the caption back to a day with rawww training 🔥 no editing just plain sets and reps being made. I wasn’t my strongest in weights today, but I pushed myself to failure 🥵 today I had the luck of having robin pushing me throughout the session.. he always bring out that little, but cute monster in me lol 😂. last sets being made in these vids. I’ll give you that struggle faces for free lol it’s easy to get comfortable in the gym. but when you step out is that comfy zone, what when the results are hitting you as well MY WORKOUT; 1️⃣ seated db lateral raises // 4set x 10-12reps 2️⃣ seated db shoulder press // 4set x 6-10reps 3️⃣ lying incline side raises // 4set x 10reps 4️⃣ cable chest flyes // 3set x 8-10reps 5️⃣ db incline chest press // 3set x 6-8reps 6️⃣ cable triceps push down // 3 set x 15reps 7️⃣ cable face pull SUPERSET db back flyes // 3set x 10reps each I’m wearing @gymshark x @whitneyysimmons collection. LAUNCH DATE - Thursday 29th October 19:00 GMT 20:00 CET/EUROPE 15:00 ET 14:00 CT 13:00 MT 12:00 PT

38,908 291

FULL BODY DRIPPPP please don’t forget to leave a LIKE & save it for later thank you so much donno if you’re ready, I suuure wasn’t when we recorded this lol 😂🥵 hitting you with a full body sweat using dumbbells. perfect for a home session or to end your gym week stronggg. give it a go and let me know which move is your fave METHOD: 3-4 rounds x 45sec ON / 15sec between exercises / 2min rest between rounds 1️⃣ front raise to overhead squat // 45sec 2️⃣ isolated mountain climbers to tricep press // 45sec 3️⃣ jumping lunges to twistovers // 45sec 4️⃣ mountain climbers to plankhold row // 45sec 5️⃣ still DL to bicep curl to press // 45sec song is love scares 3 - Trippie Redd wearing new @gymshark vital seamless coming soooon ❇️ Spotify: haoberg

43,097 279

HOT FIRE ABS please don’t forget to leave a LIKE & save it for later thank you so much you wanted a hot hot ab routine 🥵🔥 so here we gooo ladies. this is the moves I did on today’s session and they have become a painful faveee 😂 left me sore for days the first time. let me know what you think METHOD: 1️⃣ isolated mountain climbers // 3set x 20reps 2️⃣ bicycle claps // 3set x 20reps total 3️⃣ dragon flag & alternative // 3set x 10-15reps 4️⃣ plank to elbow crunch variation // 3set x 20reps song is crash my whip - iann dior wearing @gymshark camo leggings and training spots bra ❇️ Spotify: haoberg

37,338 215

STRONG UPPER BODY - full workout please don’t forget to leave a LIKE & save it for later we neeeed some upper body sweat up in hereee ladies 🔥 here’s a FULL workout to kickstart this week with. go give it a try and let me know what you think! also we are less then a fewww cute weeks from the launch of my APPPP!! (this month is THEEE month!!!) eeeeeek cannot believe this is happening!?!! both training AND nutrition will be there to support you guys, for whatever goal you might have. METHOD: 1️⃣ Pull-ups // 4set x 10reps or max 2️⃣ cable bicep curl to upper press // 4set x 12reps 3️⃣ cable revere grip row // 4set x 12-15reps 4️⃣ cable cheat fly SUPERSET diamond pushups // 4set x 10-12reps each exercise 5️⃣ abs circuit // 3set x 10reps each exercise song is alkaline - KOTA the friend wearing new litttt @gymshark flex shorts bra and leggings LIVE NOOOOW link in bio @hannaoeberg ❇️ Spotify: haoberg

37,209 267

HIIT LOWER BODY SWEAT please don’t forget to leave a LIKE & save it for later thank you so so it truly means so much let’sss get those weekend vibessss all up in here with a sweaty lower body workout 💃🏽 perfect if you want a intense session with pulse, weights and sweat, this is for you girl. go give it tryyyy and lemme know METHOD: 3-4 rounds x 45 sex each exercise / keep rest time minimal / 2 min rest between rounds 1️⃣ DB swings // 3set x 10reps 2️⃣ reverse lunge to jump // 3set x 10reps each arm 3️⃣ reverse lunge to side lunge // 3set x 10reps each arm 4️⃣ sumo squat walks // 3set x 10reps 5️⃣ hamstrings in & out walks song it like that - doja cat wearing new cute cute @gymshark flex shorts bra dropping Monday 12th October BE READY ❇️ Spotify: haoberg

14,949 72

1,5 months postpartum -> 4,5 months postpartum read @anniinasara story below. she did the Summer shred guide.. I’m simply gonna let her results speak for themselves! proud of you girl! ⁠ -“My body went through a huge change while carrying a baby and even though I was proud of what it had done I didn’t feel comfortable in it. ⁠ Seeing that Hanna was going through the same journey was empowering so I decided to do the Summer Shred Guide and it was great not to have to wander around the gym not knowing what to do especially while being a busy mom!⁠ Being able to track the weights that I had used was a big part of the progress I made. The second part of the guide was so hard and sweaty💪🏻 ⁠ I am probably in better shape now than ever and I feel comfortable in my body again!❤️ I want to thank you Hanna for being such a great example for me and so many others”. DO IT FOR YOU. put in work for YOU. show up for YOU @oebergfitness

61,858 369

a welllll needed rest day y’all, ughhhh 🥵😅 rest day nowadays means all day fix in the house. imma build my ownnn desk and have spent the day on pinterest looking for inspo and ideas lol. can scroll foreverrrr man 😂 also went to ikea to finalize our new kitchen.. I cannottt begin to tell you how excited I am to show you the kitchen.. but I wanna show you when it’s 100% done!!! anywho, hope you’re having a great wednesday guys! is there anyone else resting today? how many rest days do you have and what do you do on these days? lemme know 🤍. wearing @loungeunderwear balcony set “HANNA10” for 10% ladiesss

43,273 425

REAL & RAW, UNEDIT & UNCUT -“do you train every day?” answer is no I don’t ☝🏼 you are many asking about my workout split so I thought I share it with you again. I train 4 days a week, 2 lower body workouts, focus quads/glutes & hammies/glutes. and 2 upper body workouts, focus back/biceps/abs and shoulders/chest/triceps/abs this video is a raw lower bod workout from last week. and as always I don’t wanna leave out anything in these videos. so here’s you have it, a girl fighting her last sets, struggling and chasing her goals 🔥 no one said that was gonna be easy. no one said that was gonna be pretty. this is outside the comfort zone! I love that YOU guys love these workouts as I can show you more of ME and how I train. but as always, you also know I’m here for you to support you with workout videos, beginners as much as advanced in the gym 🤍 WE GOT THIS. OWN you and your body. WORKOUT; 1️⃣ dead stop hip thrust // 4set x 10reps 2️⃣ walking lunges // 4set x 20reps total lol it’s huuurts me watching myself here 🥵😂 3️⃣ bb heel elevate front squats // 4set x 10reps 4️⃣ abductor machine SUPERSET bb sumo squat variation // 4set x 15,12reps 5️⃣ leg extension machine 3set x 15reps rest time between sets is 45-90sec I’m wearing new news @gymshark vital seamless dropping soon

42,492 305

BOSSY HOT SHOULDERS please don’t forget to leave a LIKE & save it for later thank you so so much for the love a support letssss start the week happy, strong & confident! show up for YOU and push it for YOU! we got thissss 🔥😏 backkk with a power shoulder seshhh! mix these exercises together with chest and trizzz and you have yourself a killer upper bod session! go get it METHOD: 1️⃣ around the world’s // 3set x 10reps 2️⃣ one arm arnold press alternating // 3set x 10reps each arm 3️⃣ high row to lateral raise // 3set x 10reps each arm 4️⃣ leaning beach front raise // 3set x 10reps song it retail therapy - fastlane wez ft. mostack wearing newww @gymshark vital seamless coming sooon ❇️ Spotify: haoberg

47,215 301

ABS ABS BABYYY please don’t forget to leave a LIKE & save it for later a million times thank you I missed or.. tbh skipped my AB workout this week 🥵😅 shame on me lol.. but sometimes that happens and that okey. normally I train my abs 2 times a weeks. aaaanywho.. here’s some fun move 💃🏽 using the cable and they are honestly a real deal killerrrr for those baby abs. give it a go and let your girl know that you think METHOD: 1️⃣ cable aide crunch // 3set x 10-15reps each side 2️⃣ standing cable crunch // 3set x 15reps 3️⃣ lying cable crossover crunch // 3set x 15reps each side 4️⃣ leg lift to hip lift // 3set x 15reps song is candy - doja cat wearing @gymshark adapt seamless & training sports bra ❇️ Spotify: haoberg

54,356 460

FULL BODY SWEAT please don’t forget to leave a LIKE & save it for later hunniessss thank u so much happy full body intense thursday y’all 🥵😌🔥 grab a pair of dumbbells and lets go get that sweat goinnn. I can train heavy in the gym with minimal rest n all... but these workouts are absolutely kicking my butttt every time 😬👏🏼 specially last one holy heckkk that one is hard okeyyy perfect when wanting to grab a quick one in the gym or at home. here we goooo METHOD: 3-4 rounds x 45sec ON / 15sec between exercises / 2min rest between rounds 1️⃣ DB lunge to bicep to upper press // 45sec 2️⃣ DB squat to overhead squat // 45sec 3️⃣ DB stiff DL to row// 45sec 4️⃣ reverse burpee // 45sec song is toosie slide - drake wearing @gymshark adapt animal seamless and training sports bra ❇️ Spotify: haoberg


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