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💚 Interior stylist & writer for mags💚 Presenter | workshops | 💚 We also sell AMAZING original art, textiles, ceramics and curated homewares.

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71.2% of greenhouseinteriors's followers are female and 28.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.20%. The average number of likes per post is 449 and the average number of comments is 32.

Greenhouseinteriors loves posting about Events, Design, Interior Design, Decoration.

Check greenhouseinteriors's audience demography. This analytics report shows greenhouseinteriors's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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71.2 %
28.8 %


  • Art & Design 92.05 %
  • Home & Garden 74.84 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 60.50 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 55.28 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 54.04 %
  • Children & Family 53.08 %
  • Entertainment 49.90 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 48.44 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 40.03 %
  • Travel & Tourism 38.50 %
  • How-to & Style 32.92 %


193 21

It's got all 'dem summer feels this one....fresh as a daisy. And the best bit? Every time you stare at it, you will find some new little patch that catches your eye. I love that most about Beth's artwork...there's always something new to discover. Stunning new original work by Beth Kennedy, acrylic gouché and ink, 'Leaf Green', 51 x 61xm, $860, fully framed and delivered to your door. Who’s getting lucky tonight ? You’re so clever @bethemilykennedy

593 17

I’d appreciate a nap under here every afternoon between 1-3 thanks and bye ... Shop this entire nap under NEW ARRIVALS or rappity tap tap the screen ! Styling for @greenhouseinteriors by @hygge_liv_australia @genevievemanleystylist assist @chaisepriestley @bibianaandco Pic @nikoleramsay Location @oceanhousegreatoceanroad

163 10

Wanted to introduce you to this kickers sparkly sequinned recycled jean overnight bag with art adorned panel and cutie patootie detachable leather key ring .... please become aquatinted . We think you will really like each other- and are in fact made for one another !!!! Who needs a dating service when you’ve got us to introduce you to all of the spunks in town!! $199 and tap it to own it ! Artwork by Natalie Jade

200 24

OMGEEE FOLKS...YOU ARE ALL IN FOR A VERY VERY BIG TREAT....! URGENT- clear your busy social calendars for next friday...! COS on the 23rd Oct, 2020 at 7pm- you and all of your besties are invited to the 'virtual' opening night of our BIGGEST ART exhibition to date, entitled 'LIFE', where we plan to BEDAZZLE you with an interactive gallery-esque experience and share some of our artist's best original works yet. This collection is next level brilliant, and breathtakingly beautiful, and captured largely with moving image. In this new era of isolation and anonymity, we wanted to give a 'face' to our artists, share their backstories, their motivations, and their very souls with you, as we believe art is ALL about connections. And let's face it, 2020 sure has thrown the book at us all, so we invited some other notable Australian entertainers to join in on the lineup- so you will be shrouded with music, dance, and a beautifully captured series of videos from our very own gang in their natural habitat- their studios. This is a pure hour of bliss, and escape from our mad mad world. We are SO proud of this exhibition. Months have gone into its production, and we hope you can ditch the tele, and tune into this celebration of the arts with us. See you there, with a glass in hand. Oh and we suggest widescreen to get the most out this experience.(ditch yer' phone!) x JG and team GI Tile by gi’s @jade.fisher.artist

777 33

/Sheesh SOLD IN SECONDS / NEW ART ALERT...!! Get ready for an ART attack folks..! Cos every time artist Lou Martin delivers a newbie our way, our hearts skip a beat, followed by our feet as we do a sweet little dance celebrating her IMMENSE talent. Lou happens to have a heart of gold herself, she's such a delight with more patience and stamina than most- I mean I'd get 7 dots in - and head for the hills quite frankly! We love working with you Lou- your professionalism and talent are equally inspiring to all of us here at GI HQ. 'Ngargan', 76 x 76cm, original work on stretched canvas, $1990. Limited edition prints on their way ! Free delivery Aus wide, get a quote for international shipping

225 16

THE sunday morning cuppa takes on a whole new meaning when wearing THIS robe. You'll end up swanning 'round in it all day, cos it looks and feels so good, and then eventually just throw a white tee and jeans on underneath it -with your bed hair- and VOILA, rockin' it all over the joint all day long and ready to hit the supermarket, which is by far the most exciting place us victorians can frequent. WINNING. And only $139, these french flax linen beauties are avail in three designs, ALL gorgeous. Take your pick, scroll to see all 3. Happy dayzzzzz. Congrats to @bibianaandco @jensievers_art Nat Jade on your designs !! Styling for @greenhouseinteriors by @hygge_liv_australia @genevievemanleystylist assist @chaisepriestley @bibianaandco Pic @nikoleramsay Location @oceanhousegreatoceanroad

309 37

True story ... This is a round bed . And it was in a round room in a round house . And I slept in it a few weeks ago when we shot our new Native campaign here. And when I tried to get up out of this bed for a midnight tinkle at 2am I bounced off all the walls and couldn’t find my way out of this circular maze! Let alone a light switch on those round walls. So I held on. All night . But all of thats irrelevant and superfluous . What you REALLY need to know is that our incredibly well priced -soft high quality French flax linen and art inspired quilt are a dream to sleep under even if you’re busting for a wizzer. And that’s a true story. Tap to own xxx Styling for @greenhouseinteriors by @hygge_liv_australia @genevievemanleystylist assist @chaisepriestley @bibianaandco Pic @nikoleramsay Location @oceanhousegreatoceanroad

605 48

BREAKING NEWS ..!!!!! Pause yer Netflix - Interrupting your sat night with important news...!!!! We have 7 new mini original art works by one of my ALL time faves on the planet - Janey Forbes ! This girl brings the party to your walls for a small tidy price every single time WITHOUT FAIL. Trust me -my very own walls are still breakdancing as we speak ! Winners are grinners friends - add to cart nowwwwww!!!!! Bravo @janeyforbesart - you’re a total STAR !! From $395 Search NEW ARRIVALS

1,436 145

We made an ‘art’ sweater !!!!! And it’s my fave new thing ever !!!!!! We’ve only got 40 of this one though and they’re flying out the door ..!!!! I’ve always loved @kimmyhogan ‘s ‘flowerbed’ design so seeing it on this delicious fleece with soft gold lurex band just adds that touch of luxe and cool !!! I don’t think I’ll ever take if off .... Avail in small med large . Get yours before it’s too late !!! A nifty $129 X Ps thx to our fashion designer Briony Marsh for her wonderful help with our apparel this season !! Styling for @greenhouseinteriors by @hygge_liv_australia @genevievemanleystylist assist @chaisepriestley @bibianaandco Pic @nikoleramsay Location @oceanhousegreatoceanroad

547 33

/SOLD/ I mean, what am I supposed to do? Or say? When work like this hits my desk daily? Sheesh ! I usually start with a word that begins with F. Then I jump up and down til the floorboards shake. Then I start plotting where in my home I could put the said object/pacing corridors looking for spots. And inevitably, by the time I go to purchase it, it's gone, like up in a puff of smoke. And you see, that's the thing round here folks...we don't have ANYTHING that is mass produced. It's all so damn special, and limited, and you WISE style owls know it. So if you see it, love it, I say GRAB it before someone beats ya to it....cos nothing lasts for long is our solid experience. Powerhouse artist, Katie Wyatt's latest collection sports lots of greens and pinks (yup we all that wrote in asking) here ya go.. this is for you ! 'Felix', 33.5 x 33.5cm, box framed in Tas oak, $549 with free delivery to your door Aus wide. Tap it to own it lovers.

778 64

WHO’S READY TO GET OUTTA HERE ..????? Let’s pack our bags and GO -and GO OUT in style !!!! Each duffle bag is made from a unique pair of denim jeans ...adorned with the coolest art design by @bibianaandco printed on canvas . Best bag going ‘round we think - even if we wear it to the front door and back !!!! A steal at $119! Styling for @greenhouseinteriors by @hygge_liv_australia @genevievemanleystylist assist @chaisepriestley @bibianaandco Pic @nikoleramsay Location @oceanhousegreatoceanroad

253 18

IN AMONGST all of the launch excitement of our new range, ‘Native’ - DON'T forget to take 5 to check out all of the new original artworks listed on our site over night too...!!! Search under NEW ARRIVALS.... Cos Crikey Moses do we have some STUNNERS on offer! Have a little scroll sideways, to take them in colour lovers, cos there may be one in there that tickles your fancy and has your name on it! (all products tagged for eazzzzy shopping..!) x


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