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✖️RHN. HLC. Red Seal Chef. Wellness Architect + Activist. ✖️Witch. Mentor. Consultant. Creator. // @feedmepxvxc ✖️Empath. F᛭D ᛬ ⓥ Protect the Sacred.
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57.1% of goodxwolf's followers are female and 42.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.10%. The average number of likes per post is 912 and the average number of comments is 29.

Goodxwolf loves posting about Soul, Yoga, Jewelry.

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57.1 %
42.9 %


  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 53.71 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 51.58 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 51.40 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 49.76 %
  • Photography 43.58 %
  • Music 42.57 %
  • Art & Design 42.07 %
  • Travel & Tourism 40.46 %
  • Business & Careers 35.09 %
  • Pets 34.59 %
  • Books and Literature 33.99 %


959 46

✖️ seasonal offering : radical sincerity ✖️ . light your bonfires, blaze your trails, bury (and celebrate) the ashes—lead with your truth as the match, your heart on your fucking sleeve, and all the lifetimes of sweat & strength of who the fuck you (really) are to make your mark, make a move, make it real, make it true—let the mantra: bring the fire (or fuck off) be the only sound from your mind to lips to ears (yours and others). . step softly but profoundly, dear one; it’s time to take all the learning we’ve been doing and make this shit count for all, for all time. receiving all these repeating numbers (...don’t even act like you’re not seeing them) is no joke at this point; this has been teed up for you big time, based are loaded, you’re being waved home and cleared for a clean sweep if you would only just show up fully—so what are you gonna choose, shrinking back into bullshit beliefs, mediocre misdirected hustle, paying to play and uncomfortable safety or courageously stepping forward toward what the fuck you’ve asked for, speaking it into being, and opening yourself just a bit more and a bit more and a bit more and all the way (because that is the fucking point) to actually receive it? go back up and read this again. . may all the burdens & bridges you burn light the way for your benefic rebirth, best of blessings & beautiful renewal on the deepest of levels. . right fucking all the way here with you. | X . photo / @zen.tarot deck / zombie tarot

1,602 50

• cleanse your feeds • . We are all in a supreme moment of healing, shifting, rising. We are in the liminal now-space between what came before and what is next. Welcome the invitation for transformation if you haven’t yet. Allow the current dissonance to change you. Give yourself permission to say “I don’t know”—to release, forgive, to accept what you need. Discomfort means growth. Growth is the way forward. Surrender to becoming a curious observer. . The fabric of our timelines is breaking, converging, being woven back together beyond our wildest understanding. We’ve been presented with opportunities to revisit every decision we’ve ever made or not made in all of our lifetimes. Yes—shit has been REAL AF. Profound awareness at a cellular level has been the aim; now, it’s time for the heart to be opened for wholeness, integration. This, our homework in the weeks ahead. So, hold on tight. Rest, renew. Hone your perceptions. Reinforce boundaries. Your vibration is always being reciprocated; aim high, attach only to being aligned with what is meant for you. Recognize where you’ve given power away. Your tendency to (want to) go dark. To pull away. To push. To be triggered. To choose fear. Your difficulty with embracing the light, what’s light. Your light. Take the overview of your cycles: be in your heart about whatever comes up. The slate IS clean if you’ve done the work. Time always an ally. Burn what burdens to build anew. Celebrate everything; position yourself to receive the best of the best yet to come. . Take a deep breath for you; breathe the last three weeks of shredding through lessons out. Take a deep breath for the collective who gather here; breathe out the year(s) of upheaval. Take a deep breath for all, our planet; breathe out our lifetimes before now. . We are in the beginning stages. We are the forerunners, the pioneers, the living & leading proof of what it means to exemplify relating self-awareness, soft power, worth, light, strength, success, empathy, love. Broadcast it. Compassionize it. Hold space for it. It’s coming. Open up. Be willing. Cleanse the feed. | X . 📸 @tumblr

1,592 54

• gemini full moon x sagittarius season x celestial report : a contained dumpster fire of all the feels, behaviours, and beliefs; all those we’ve lost or left behind, whether it be 20 years or 20 minutes; all that we’ve been holding in, onto, and accumulating for our lifetime (some of those inherited to heal from our ancestors)—a complex clusterfuck that has finally become unmanageable and just won’t go out. . Respect & observe the pause that is here for us with Mercury retrograde, giving us the window to do the big picture life-excavation and perspective recalibration work at hand with methodical mindfulness. The challenge now is to choose feelings and authenticity over falsehoods and distrust. Breathing and space over arguing and control. Respect, acknowledgement, and welcoming over worry, anticipation, and resentment. Soul over ego. Love over every single fucking fear. Lean into it all openly as the lifeline, the North Star. . Whatever is real will heal and rise; the healing of one heals all. Hold on tight to what makes you expand before your beliefs and habits have the ability to kick in and sabotage the sweet process of awareness, growth, resolution, and evolution. . Put the fires out. If you cling to familiarity and block growth, the fires continue. Again—what is, is real, and will rise out of the ashes. What has come to pass on every level got you here, but it can’t move you forward—and forward is the only direction we’re headed. Take a blowtorch to it. Empty out. Let go. Express profound gratitude for the love, lessons, the levelling up—and yes, just like that, let it burn away, whatever is too heavy to carry, whatever distracts you from going the distance—and make sure you know, feel, and see the difference. You deserve real, and to rise. | X

978 39

• 11 : 11 : 11 • Unity. Wholeness. Love. Abundance. Wellness. Power. . Today is the most benefic day of the last decade for manifestation, blessings & miracles coming into physical form. We haven’t had a day or month like this for a decade; as with the 22nd, we won’t see another like it for another decade more. Intuition & consciousness are heightened; hearts are open; mass healing is possible. Probable, too. . 11 (all repeating digits) is a Master number in numerology—a unique magical moment where we have the full attention & support of the cosmic Powers that Be; how are you choosing to spend & wield this day, this month, this power? . Affirm & intend with pen to paper, aloud to yourself with conviction, any form which allows you to internalize & root down what you want to see, feel, embody, embrace, empower on repeat with relentless, reckless love, gratitude & focus. Be willing to release unhelpful thoughts, behaviours, energies, relationships & situations in exchange. Please don’t forget that once you’re done with your own desires & dreams, to deposit some of your intention into the collective for us all. . Intend it in high vibration. Intend it with kindness & compassion. Intend it inclusively of, for all beings. And so it is; and so it shall be. | X | 528+++ — A special note for highly sensitive empathic beings: we are feeling the collective doing this work; we are a channel, helping to transmute & transform the healing & heightening of existence & evolution that is taking place. Don’t be afraid! We have to protect ourselves from taking on and in what doesn’t belong to us. Surround yourself with those who truly support you. Practice relentless self-care to create the path toward self-balance, nourishment, clearing, grounding & protection. Be kind to yourself. See where boundaries need repair & renewal. Light palo santo, a candle, and pull the light over/into yourself like a cocoon, trusting you are shielded & protected. Despite its overwhelming nature, this portal is the opportunity to step into the unique superpower that Source gave us to help heal all. If you want further support to do all this and more, I’m just a 🔗 away. Please take care of you. xx

1,190 16

• • • fresh new moon vibe: gratitude. ... gratitude for all that has come. ... gratitude for all that is. ... gratitude for all that is to be. ... gratitude for all who have lent their magic and medicine, their blocks and boundaries, their sacrifice and suffering, their gifts and guidance, their pleasure and pain and price and persistence and patience and power along the way to get us where we are now. Where we are going. ... gratitude as the foundation upon which we meet ourselves. We find ourselves. We check ourselves. We build ourselves. We forgive ourselves. We accept ourselves. We change ourselves. We love ourselves. We nourish ourselves. We heal ourselves. We gift ourselves. ...... where we meet each other. We really see each other. We hear each other. We empathize with each other. We check each other. We shape each other. We care for each other. We accept each other. We forgive each other. We support each other. We lift each other. We hold each other. We heal each other. We protect each other. We love each other. We release each other. Together. Again. We see. We let go. We dream. We rebuild. We rebirth. We renew. We intend. We open. We grow. We give. We receive. We grieve. We release. We forgive. We accept. We commit. We empathize. We empower. We heal. We change. We choose. We protect. We support. We stand. We overcome. We progress. We insist. We lead. We live. We love. We begin. Again. And again. We love. . Grateful for you, dear ones. No fear. Love yourselves hardest. The rest follows. | xx —— Accompanying this energetic offering is a bit of new moon ‘homework’ in my IG Stories; if I can help support you to set solid intentions, achieve goals, ease and translate the seasonal & celestial transmutations, gain clarity on (re)building your authentic, empowered no-bullshit foundation forward (+)—🔗 in bio. I would be honoured; let’s do this. ⚡️ @jolie_adele

885 27

• attending the annual ancestors dinner this evening, talk around the coven table weighs heavily on the subject of true power, self-empowerment, societal view / misuse of power, and the effort (responsibility) of rising to it in our time (or not). Since a great deal of fear always seems to accompany both living & dying in accordance to and in honouring ones own magic (and values for that matter), allow me to circumvent what I feel is calling, crawling in the air tonight; to all those who have made peace with their own true power & presence, for those who have yet to embrace it: ...May the thin spiritual veil of this solemn, sacred time of year and turn of the wheel honour you to rise into your authentic self, no fucks given; ...May you see with your magic the mystery and unique aspects of yourself as the super powers they are, to release the notion of being broken, being a failure, being perfect, needing fixing or some thing to make you complete, being less than as you are; ...May you give space to the supportive energies & ancestors afoot to methodically, deliberately guide you home to yourself, to the help, medicine & healing you (we) need, in favour of all that you are, as you are—all that you desire, and all that we all know you are and need you to be for the challenge that calls us all to it, for it; ...May you give space to the great changes that need to be made, to the flow of and trust in the power you innately have to handle any bully or bullshit that shows up, inside & out; ...May you use your magic to build upon the foundation you have; to cast & create the world you (we) want to see; to help others to stand tall in theirs for all, too; ...May you use your light to summon the will to stay in it, to stay open and with spirit & gratitude to inspire, even and especially when it gets dark and feels like magic has abandoned you, when the energies of others and their magic seek or appear to oppress yours. No matter what, in the face of every fear—claim yours. Celebrate yours. Intend yours. Own yours. Share yours. Stand in yours. Keep fighting for yours. For ours. . . . Samhain & Hallow-Tide blessings. Harm to none. No fear. It’s a new year. | xx

426 21

• the veil is thin between this Newtonian world and the spirit world—Samhain, Hallow-tide, the Days of the Dead are nigh. It’s a dead man’s party to aid in our supreme recommitment to life and the living. . What a deep, dense, sweet, and savoury month this has been so far. Deliberate. A time of facing, of shedding, of renewal. Of trickery turning into signs of treats on the way. With our diligence, our discipline, toward giving thanks for what has come to pass, for refocused intending what still has yet to manifest. Tending to the harvest of our dreams, planting new perspectives and re-defining purpose. Big shifts are occurring, timelines are being upgraded. This uprooting is why so many are struggling—trust it’s THE breakdown to break through, a poignant coming-off-the-rails to get onto new ones. Better ones. Always. Divinely sent ones. . But, what has been tolerated too long can no longer stand. What is, persists. Insists. Not so much in the choosing so much as destiny is firmly funneling intention toward it. The tone and timbre is no more bullshit. Full stop. It’s not a suggestion so much as how things are now. Resistance is foolish, unless we crave another few years of destruction, detours, and misery. . Speak to those that came before you. To the living who you can still pull wisdom from. To the dead, to your ancestors whom are now close at hand and from whom you wish to draw strength, direction, power, medicine, love, for the days of darkness ahead. All are listening, longing equally for a whisper of our directed deliberate energy as permission to assist in our compassionate castings and benefic bidding. . Speak the truth of who you are into existence. Act accordingly. No more time wasted. Things are dying, only what we do not allow to go peacefully resurrects and wreaks havoc. Revert to the right of way—to what’s right, just, and equal for all. This, the surest bet. There is no more tolerance for our separateness or those systems that would seek to separate us. We are on the cusp of great change, for our highest good. . Set an extra place-setting at your tables. Take focused care in thought and deed. Our attendance is mandatory. And so it is. | xx

814 29

• the tides are changing. We’ve come through the autumn equinox, a powerful full harvest moon, and the thinning of the veil as we approach Samhain, too. Now, in the benefic arms of this Season of the Witch and at this last quarter phase, is the time for deep cleansing and release—for deep gratitude therein of what’s come to pass this lifetime, this year, for what is coming up still yet. The name of the game this year is external change—becoming comfortable with it, flowing in spite of it, inspiring and surrendering to it in tandem. Our relationship to it, to ourselves and with each other in the face of it. Our ability to rise, and rise again—allowing for the lion in us to bow before the lamb we inherently also are, and the lamb to empathetically, courageously rise to meet our lion, too. Dig deep. Shift perspective. Heal those wounds that come from the illusions of control and perceived loss. Love the ones that lift you through it. Love (but leave) the ones that make it impossible for you to get through unscathed. There is nothing spiritual about sucking back feedback, ethics and integrity always on the line. Cycles are coming to completion, contracts closing out or being served up anew, to those avoiding what has long been past due. Sorry not sorry. Things are exactly as they seem; when someone or something shows you who or what it is—trust them the first time. Release your entitlement. Trust your intuition. Uphold boundaries around your value (you’re the only one who will). That’s the way through, everything always happening and conspiring for the highest overall good of all. Breakdown to breakthrough, but don’t speed the former; we are already in accelerated times. You have all the permission you need to leave or lean into that person, that place, that job, that thing: don’t misinterpret—the anxiety that is present is actually the excitement of what’s coming. Trust it. Do not harm, take no shit. And then let it all go. Keep it moving, keep it real.

652 13

• reminder: wake up and be stronger than your history.

528 7

• quiet yourself; see what wants to emerge through you instead of being in charge of it. Reactivity is ALWAYS unresolved, unconscious material. Do not superimpose a value system on the wonderment of being | Anon. We are less than a week away from the Fall Equinox in The Northern Hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. The equinoxes are the two days out of the whole year when the northern and southern hemispheres receive the same amount of sunlight and the days and nights are the same length. At this time I have decided to stop treating life like it’s a race. I am now making a commitment to slowing down in order to recognize and appreciate the gift of each moment instead of sprinting past them. It is time to stop worrying about things that don’t matter. Instead, focus on the things that are important like the joy of spending time with friends and developing new supportive relationships. When was the last time you wandered through your city, or countryside, or did something without an aggressive goal or transaction attached? When was the last time you did something for someone (any being) who could do nothing for you? When was the last time you decided to let go of your list to be led by intuition, inspiration, intention? While diving in and getting definition is necessary for structure at a certain point—endeavour to live a real life of discovery. Full of curiosity. Challenge yourself and each other to explore. To live in your inherent brilliance. Take advantage of these benefic transitioning seasonal days. Tend diligently and assertively to the seeds you/we are sewing and growing during the lunar cycle and annual cycle thus far. Slow and steady magickally wins the race—while enjoying it, too.

814 20

• life is full of promise. Though it may seem as though the turbulence is slightly increasing, the current celestial weather is at a particularly sweet point with the ending of a season, connecting to our society’s turn toward the next jump start to our work year. A slow, busy month ahead. A REAL one: it’s Virgo season. Virgo, the virgin, the ‘Great Classifier’—a symbol of feminine wholeness—acolyte to the cycles of life, the turning of the wheel of the year, the very soul of nature. An unfortunate or fortunate sign or time, it matters not. What always matters most is what we do with information in our energy & actions forward. It may feel like it’s taking a long time to get to where we want to be, but we will get there; of that, there is (!) no doubt. The more we trust the benefic energies that guide us, the faster we’ll get where we want to go—we have only to reach a tipping point in alignment toward (or against) it to make it so. Look for your deepest, most methodical & fiercest compassion as we begin to evaluate & cultivate the harvest. Scrutinize the thoughts that pass through your mind for hulling the seeds of your future. Look for meaning in the way you live your life—in the way you contribute & collaborate to ours. Virgo’s greatest wisdom lies in the awareness of what is real—that all of life is sacred and we are all connected, despite the illusion of duality of separateness & designs we individually hold. Make no mistake—our dividing lines *are* illusions, your dreams are not your own. Look closely at the lines you draw; why do you draw them, where. With whom. How can you smooth their edges, blur them, mend them for the whole to heal our divisions, to actualize this dream together. Together is the way through, in case you haven’t read the memo, the fine print, the instruction manual. It’s all or none, all for one, all beings, period. Ride or die, FYI. It’s on if we comply or not—but of course, it’s easier to turn a wheel with grease, with compliance & heart over ego & disconnection. Always—exercise empathy in excess; show gratitude for all that is in life and the benefic energies that protect & guide will give more. [ 📷 ‘Haeresis Dea’ ]

706 22

• early days of this new lunar month—despite the still-settling dust from those previous, there is no reason not to feel blessed & highly favoured. To act as if, too. Yesterday’s new moon in leo x partial solar eclipse x mercury retro-celestial configuration—coupled with the slowest time of the summer for savouring these ‘dog days’ (and all the dogs) of methodical right-movement at hand... its an important time. No, it’s a purely benefic, prosperous, proactive & fortuitous time. Somewhere in each of us, this season, this year—some more, some less—we have been struggling; with self, with others, with the world. We have all met the enemy or negotiated with the friend or confronted the foe; it is now time to take charge & implement that which has been decided. FULL STOP. ...Hopefully you are not inclined to build a wall to keep others (or yourself) out, but instead, to co-create with real-time initiative a world that works for the good of as many as possible, in any & every way possible. I know I’m here for it. Still, wounds, mess and all. When you’re in sync (in flow, allowing, surrendered to) with celestial / nature’s rhythms, you’ll ride the waves like a pro [#eddiewouldgo]. You don’t have to have years of skills (though you do) or understanding of the current (ditto) to stay afloat or let go, for that matter: reading this, feeling the alignment it carries is proof that you are enough, alone, and can (are meant to), too. All you need is a willingness to be in alignment, to expect the wave—and it (and more) will find & lift you right back. Promise. Focus intentional energy on what you would like to achieve, to welcome, to become—not with a conduct of control, but of supreme knowing & open trust; send those waves your desires & dreams, and use what you have here & now to root them into reality without the past fear that may have made them (or you) what they (or you) are. Make no mistake: we each are being heard & helped (healed) on every level as much as our fellows. Our job is to start acting like it, with unwavering accountability, for our highest good. It’s this or better, to our present, for our future—for the good of all. To our becoming, again. | xx


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