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pronounced “toe-me” lifestyle content creator ✨ probs ranting about reality tv FREE INFLUENCER GLOSSARY👇🏾 💍 @willbelk in clt 💌
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72.1% of goodtomicha's followers are female and 27.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.60%. The average number of likes per post is 1368 and the average number of comments is 75.

40.21% of the followers that engaged with goodtomicha regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 5.15% and Nigeria at 5.15%. In summary, the top 5 countries of goodtomicha's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, Nigeria, United Kingdom, France.

Goodtomicha loves posting about Fashion, Styling, Hair & Beauty.

Check goodtomicha's audience demography. This analytics report shows goodtomicha's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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72.1 %
27.9 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 91.14 %
  • Children & Family 63.83 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 49.42 %
  • Art & Design 48.05 %
  • Travel & Tourism 41.16 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 39.48 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 38.67 %
  • Entertainment 36.97 %
  • Business & Careers 35.15 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 31.43 %
  • Home & Garden 30.85 %


  • United States 40.21 %
  • Canada 5.15 %
  • Nigeria 5.15 %
  • United Kingdom 5.15 %
  • France 4.12 %


536 17

SKIN UPDATE PT. 1! 😋(swipe for a lil glow ✨ Raise your hand if you love trying new things skincare products! 😬🙋🏾‍♀️ I’ve been finding out what works best for my skin during these transitional months. Am I too oily? Too dry? Combination of both?!? OR your skin might just be dehydrated 👀 I’m sharing tips for keeping your skin nice and hydrated all season long (and a few product faves) on the blog!Link in bio 💦 #ltkbeauty #hydratedskin #hyaluronicacid #skinfluencer #skintips #moisturizer

1,033 53

Due to personal reasons, I’ll be kicking things up a notch in 2021 😌 - Thanks, management Linking the cutest 🤍🤍 earrings in my bio! #charlotteblogger #springlook #shopthelook #whiteshoes #ltkstyle #blackinfluencers

1,079 43

SHOUTOUT TO ALL THE PLANTS GROWING THROUGH CONCRETE 🌱 Thanks for all the kind DMs as I was recovering from a mini-MS flare up 💛Ya girl was going THROUGH it these past couple of days 🥲 but finally getting my energy back and on the up & up! I just got a few fun skincare PR packages in the mail so that always puts me in a good mood 🤣👏🏾 Linking my outfit with the app! Click the link in my bio to shop details ✨ #ltkspringsale #ltkspring #lovelulus #springstyle #charlotteblogger #mantras #mswarrior

1,073 22

I’ve taken the past week to have some reflection on the recent hateful events in our country surrounding the Asian community. My heart is breaking for my AAPI brothers and sisters. As a fellow minority in this country, I can sadly empathize to what it’s like to wake up and see such hurtful acts day after day on your timelines. Often white supremacy leaves us with a feeling of anger, frustration & hopelessness. “Will sharing a post even do anything?” “I donated money but now what?” “How do I take action in my personal life?” 🗣Raising awareness is NOT nothing. How many of us knew about the attacks that didn’t make national news because someone shared a news article? Acknowledging anti-asian racism and vowing to create change puts us one step closer to a more equitable society. 💲Funding local AAPI-led coalitions lend direct support to the communities who are hurting right now. Continue to find ways to support Asian-owned businesses, especially after a year of global anti-asian xenophobia. 🛑 Denounce those in your circles who continue to perpetuate harmful rhetoric against Asians. And LISTEN when they ask for us to do better. When our Asian friends tell us that politicians putting the blame on certain ethnic groups for the virus is potentially violent, believe them. Anti-Asian racism didn’t start in 2020 and real allies know that it wasn’t going to end with a new president. But it’s up to us to confront these systems and educate ourselves to do better. Protect Asian Women. Protect Asian Elders. Stop Asian Hate. Resources: @stopaapihate @hateisavirus @advancingjustice_aajc @aajaofficial #stopasianhate #stopaapihate #antiracism

1,226 83

HELLO, SPRING 🌸💅🏾💓🌷🎀 Ironically colder today but the weather app says good vibes ahead! 😎 Does it feel like spring yet where you are? Linked this dress (and a $12 dupe I found the day after I bought this lol🤦🏾‍♀️) in the app! Click the link in my bio to shop! #firstdayofspring #spring2021 #ihavethisthingwithflowers #pinkpinkpink #southendclt #amazonfashion #springdress

1,727 69

What does the perfect date night in Charlotte look like for us? ☺️ #AD Will and I got to test drive the new 2021 #ToyotaCamry over the weekend and had so much fun! Here’s what we did 👇🏾 🌮 Grabbed the tastiest tacos in town 🎥 Drive In Movies/art strolls at @campnorthend 🌃 Head into uptown for skyline views of the Queen City But honestly, sometimes it’s nice to just take a drive (especially in a ride as nice as this!), dream about the future and enjoy the sunset. While we were taking out the Camry for a spin, we got to enjoy ALLLLL of the fancy features like Wi-Fi connections for easy podcast listening, a double sunroof for maximum breeze in the spring… but my FAVE feature has to be the 360 degree backup camera! For those who still struggle with parking like me 🤣 I used to say I would never drive anything smaller than my Toyota 4Runner, but this might have convinced me! 🚗💨 If you had the new 2021 #ToyotaCamry for the weekend, where would you go?! @localtoyotadealers

1,441 85

Let’s keep the green theme going, shall we? 💚🧩🍏🥬🌿🦚 Call me optimistic but I think spring/summer might be back in 2021?! 👀 I’ve had a few people message me for dress recs for small ~socially distant~ events and LOVE this dress from @lulus! Shop the look and the rest of my spring finds in my latest blog post! LINK IN BIO🌞 #liketkit #LTKwedding #LTKunder100 #LTKSpringSale #lulus #ltkspring #southendclt #704 #petitestyle #blackfashionblogger

1,190 73

HAPPY ST. PADDY’S DAY! ☘️ Every time it rolls around I’m SHOCKED by how few green items I have in my closet 🤣 Anyone else?! I guess it’s just not something I gravitate to. QUESTION: Which green outfit matches your vibe today? 💚 Download the app to shop each photo by screenshot! #stpattysday #stpatricksday2021 #amazonfashion #abmlovesmurals #confettistripeswall #charlottesgotalot #caliabycarrie #cltblogger #founditonamazon

2,082 134

I PUT TOGETHER AN INFLUENCER GLOSSARY! 📖 (Swipe for a preview) ICYMI: I created a FREE (yes, free) PDF with 50+ influencer marketing terms that every content creator should know. WHO IS THIS FOR? 💡 🤳🏾 CREATORS looking to own their pitches with brands and understanding the terms they need to focus on 🧠 NEW influencers in the space focusing on solidifying their knowledge of the industry 🤝 BRANDS/MARKETERS that are planning to add influencers to their marketing mix and create positive partnership experiences If you you fall into one of these categories (or you’re just curious, it is pretty cute 😉) head to the link in my bio to grab your FREE copy! ❤️ Design credz: @lilyyhopkins #tipsxtomi #creativegalgang #igtips #microinfluencer #charlotteblogger #socialmediamarketingtips #discoverunder100K

2,037 157

My type of casual Friday 🌼 #ExpressPartner OK HERE ME OUT: I know we’ve been boycotting jeans for a year but I promise this pair is worth re-introducing them into your life. 👀🙌🏾 As a petite GA girl without the peach, I’m loving how they play up my curves (or lack thereof 🤣)! Swipe for the receipts!!! I’m planning on enjoying some sun with our new patio this weekend! What about you guys?! Shop my look with the app or you can click the link in my bio! 💕 @express #liketkit #ExpressYou #sponsored #LTKunder100 #LTKstyletip #LTKsalealert #spring2021 #springtime🌸


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