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GigaCrete is a "green" building material manufacturer specializing in high performance coatings 🌲🏡🌲
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50.0% of gigacrete's followers are female and 50.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.10%. The average number of likes per post is 28 and the average number of comments is 1.

Gigacrete loves posting about Design, Travel.

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50.0 %
50.0 %


  • Entertainment 70.89 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 61.78 %
  • Art & Design 59.25 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 47.53 %
  • Books and Literature 44.22 %
  • Business & Careers 44.22 %
  • Music 44.22 %
  • Photography 37.70 %
  • Technology & Science 33.86 %
  • Travel & Tourism 33.86 %
  • Movies and TV 33.86 %


21 0

Resilient Construction: Building Structures That Withstand Nature's Fury GigaCrete’s GigaHouse This is a steel-framed insulated expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam panel system. GigaHouse arrives at the build site as a complete kit with pre-engineered parts. An average house structure including roof can be erected in days, as opposed to a traditional structure's weeks or months. The company utilizes unique non-Portland cementitious plaster coatings and its own stucco material to construct durable, long-lasting walls and roofs built to withstand hurricane winds up to 200 miles per hour.

24 0

GigaCrete is proud to work with Jewel Coast Builders in Southern California providing UL Level 7 ballistic security. BallistiCrete can change any space into a fortified enclosure providing a safe haven until first responders arrive. #BalllistiCrete #Bulletresitant #Highimpact

23 2

Fires, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes--primeval facts of life on planet Earth. Comes the GigaCrete Building System--sustainable and remarkably disaster-resilient. #architects #fireresistance #earthquakeresistance #hurricaneresistance #ecofriendly #energyefficient #arrilecron #qsr #netzeroenergy #netenergyzero #fastfoodrestaurants #habitatforhumanity #hurricanes #earthquakes #disasterresilience #disasterresilient #sustainable #green #insulatedbuilding

31 3

News. Miami-Dade County, Florida, Notice of Acceptance NOA 19-0326.04 re: GigaCrete Exterior Wall Panel System. NOA approval date 30 May 2019; expiration date 30 May 2024. "This product is approved as described herein and has been designed to comply with the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) of the Florida Building Code." FYI: HVHZ (156-185mph winds) specifically refers to Florida's Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, areas of greater risk of extreme hurricane force winds and impacts. Stricter criteria for certification applies. The Miami-Dade NOA seal is known nationally, if not internationally, to building officials, design professionals, contractors and insurers. #architects #fireresistance #earthquakeresistance #hurricaneresistance #ecofriendly #energyefficient #arrilecron #qsr #netzeroenergy #netenergyzero #fastfoodrestaurants #habitatforhumanity #buildingpanels #hurricanes #residential #commercial #disasterresilience

31 2

Top CA architectural firm recommends GigaCrete! Cf. Holly Bieler's article,"Fire-Resistant Homes in Any Style," in Malibu Magazine (May-June 2019). Q.v. 1) GigaCrete panel withstands constant 1,700 deg. F (927 C) for duration of 4-hour flame test. 2) In recent lab test, a $300,000 earthquake simulator exerted increasing weight & pressure against the side, top and bottom of a sample GigaCrete wall; the GC wall remained intact throughout the test. That said, the stresses applied to the GC wall were so forceful that the earthquake machine broke! 3) A GigaCrete project in Haiti "has survived three hurricanes and an earthquake. It was the only building left standing." 4) "One client said his new 10,000 square feet (GigaCrete system) home uses less energy than his previous 3,000 square feet wood-frame house did." 5) "Arri-LeCron Architects are pre-eminent experts & builders of fire-resistant homes with an unparalleled reputation for delivering dream houses, large & small, that don’t burn and are within budget." 6) "They (Arri-LeCron) have worked with Legacy Construction to build a 10,000 square feet home in Los Angeles using the GigaCrete system, and have used it all over California, Hawaii, and worldwide. They have found the benefits to building this way are tremendous." See: #architects #fireresistance #earthquakeresistance #hurricaneresistance #homebuilders #ecofriendly #energyefficient #woolseyfire #woolseyfire2018 #arrilecron

28 0

Panda's Progress. 16 workdays in. Erecting Panda Express QSR utilizing our exclusive fast-build GigaCrete Building System (GBS). Photos show ongoing construction after only 16 workdays from start with a prepared concrete slab. Photos taken 09 May 2019. Location: Casa Grande, Arizona USA. See #fireresistance #earthquakeresistance #moldresistance #waterresistance #hurricaneresistance #sustainable #green #qsr #fastfoodrestaurants #architects

13 0

GigaCrete building materials contain no Portland cement. Traditional concrete (Portland cement + aggregate) is the most widely used construction material in the world. Annual production ca. 4 billion metric tons. Portland cement accounts for 83% of total energy use in the production of non-metallic minerals and 94% of CO2 emissions. #sustainablebuildingproducts #architects #healthymaterials #greenbuildingproducts #savetrees

25 0

Panda's Progress. 24April2019 #energysaving #zeroVOC #ecofriendly #fireresistance #hurricaneresistance #waterresistance #disasterresilience #earthquakeresistance #savetrees #moldresistance #mildewresistance #sustainable #architects #fastfoodrestaurants

22 0

The winning ticket: GigaCrete Building System + QSR. Carl's Jr. Oxnard CA (480 N. Rose). Built 2016. #quickservicerestaurants #restaurants #ecofriendly #fireresistance #hurricaneresistance #disasterresilience #earthquakeresistance #savetrees #moldresistant #mildewresistant #healthymaterials #zeroVOC #sustainable #architects

36 3

GigaCrete Building System (GBS) in play: Panda Express, Casa Grande, Arizona USA. Why is GBS ideal for erecting QSRs? Safe nontoxic materials, cuts heating/cooling cost by 50-60%, fast-build, pre-engineered parts, easy assembly local low-skill labor, fire resistant, hurricane resistant, earthquake resistant, impact resistant, waterproof, vermin&insect resistant, mold&mildew resistant, abuse resistant & disaster resilient, zero to very low maintenance. #ecofriendly #zeroVOC #fireresistant #waterresistent #hurricaneresistant #disasterresilient #disasterresilence #earthquakeresistant #savetrees #moldresistant #mildewresistant #sustainable #architects #restaurants #qsrmagazine #green

44 0

Our protective, high-performance, eco-friendly StuccoMax shown! WSJ piece (3.28.2019) by Senior Writer Jim Carlton: "The Malibu House That Was Prepared for One of the State's Worst Wildfires." (2-pages 03.29 print edition) The "high performance stucco" mentioned is none other than non-Portland, nontoxic GigaCrete StuccoMax. Adheres permanently by direct application to ICF (EPS foam), CMU block, DensGlass, Securock, cement block, concrete, stucco etc. High-impact (3500psi), water-resistant, fire-resistant exterior coating. Zero-VOC , zero to low maintenance. You've tried the rest, now try the best! Carefully copy & paste whole URLs: e-states-worst-wildfires-11553783662?mod=e2li & #fireresistant #earthquakeresistant #moldresistant waterresistant #hurricaneresistant #ICFhomes #ICFcontractors #ICFbuilders #ICFprojects ICFcoatings #sustainable #healthymaterials

33 0

See our Special Offer!! LAS VEGAS (PRWEB) February 12, 2019 -- Andrew Dennis, the Inventor and Founder of GigaCrete Inc, is excited to announce that the GigaCrete Building System has passed all formal, rigorous tests at Blackwater Testing lab (Florida) that are required to apply for and to achieve Florida’s Miami-Dade County’s Notice of Acceptance (NOA). With impressive strength and durability, GigaCrete performed beyond test standards. Now,formal application for the Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance is underway. GigaCrete houses have survived multiple hurricanes in St. Thomas, Haiti and the Bahamas with sustained winds of 180mph and gusts over 235mph with no damage or water intrusion, Andrew Dennis states that “securing the Miami Dade approval will be a significant achievement, which adds additional credibility to an already impressive list of sustainable advantages.” Indeed, the published test results alone are a significant milestone for the company.The GigaCrete complete steel framed building system offers a true “thermally broken” design. The exterior finish StuccoMax is waterproof, impact resistant and contains no silica (a bigger issue today with the new EPA rulings). Each homes interior is finished with PlasterMax, which boasts an impressive 8,500+ psi, with no silica and no source to support mold or mildew. Dennis went on to say “our homes are fire resistant, water resistant and can be built in any environment from hurricane coastal markets to seismic and fire prone areas.” The GigaCrete building system is on display at this years International Builders Show in Las Vegas on February 19th to the 21st in Booth #SU778. Dennis’s vision for a smarter, healthier and more sustainable home has prompted the company, in the spirit of supporting our veterans, to donate its materials for use in building up to a 500 square foot ADU/Small home. The first person/company to order a GigaCrete home at the show will have the home donated in their name. See to learn more or visit us at IBS 2019.


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