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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.70%. The average number of likes per post is 126 and the average number of comments is 5.

15.09% of the followers that engaged with gallerioxholm regularly are from United States, followed by Denmark at 14.15% and Norway at 10.38%. In summary, the top 5 countries of gallerioxholm's posts engager are coming from United States, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France.

Gallerioxholm loves posting about Art, Design, DIY & Crafts, Architecture, Education.

Check gallerioxholm's audience demography. This analytics report shows gallerioxholm's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 15.09 %
  • Denmark 14.15 %
  • Norway 10.38 %
  • Germany 9.43 %
  • France 5.66 %


115 7

A quick studio visit to collect a new work by @simonfensholm for our upcoming show ‘Fall Expressions’ #fallexpressions. If you are curious to see the actual piece by the Danish artist please feel welcome to come by the gallery tomorrow between 12-2 pm for the opening of the show. @simonfensholm #simonfensholm @gallerioxholm #groupshow #finishingtouches

142 4

Tomorrow is the last day to see these works by the German artist @kinki_texas as part of his solo exhibition ‘Audio Video Disco’. We are open until 5.30 PM and tomorrow 11.00-2 PM. Do not miss out on that extra weekend experience. 📷 Small piece. Kinki Texas, Lief Ericsson, mixed media, 93 x 68,5 cm. 2020. @kinki_texas #kinkitexas @gallerioxholm #lastdays #audiovideodisco #weekend

108 1

Saturday is the final day of our solo exhibition ‘Audio Video Disco’ by Kinki Texas. We are open until 5.30 and tomorrow and Friday 13.00-5.30 pm. Saturday 11.00 - 2 PM. Pictured here: North Field Raid, mixed media on canvas, 160 x 200 cm. 2020. @kinki_texas #kinkitexas @gallerioxholm #soloexhibition #audiovideodisco

103 5

Our current exhibition ‘Audio Video Disco’ with works by @kinki_texas is coming to an end this week. Last day to witness the amazing drawings and large paintings by the artist is Saturday whereabouts We will be open from 11.00-2 PM. @kinki_texas #kinkitexas @gallerioxholm #gallerioxholm #finalweek #soloexhibition

130 1

Buffu... our Kinki Texas art companion for the weekend. We are open until 5.30 PM today and tomorrow Saturday from 11.00 - 2 PM. For inquiries e-mail 📷 Kinki Texas, Buffu Kill Wild Wild West Show, mixed media on paper, 67,5 x 49,5 cm. 2020. @kinki_texas #kinkitexas #audiovideodisco @gallerioxholm

102 4

Our current exhibition ‘AUDIO VIDEO DISCO’ by @kinki_texas runs until 10th of October. Feel free to come visit us for a first hand view of the works. We are open until 5.30 PM today and follow the guidlines from the Danish authorities so visitors can feel safe when entering the gallery space. For booking of a private visit please contact . . . 📷 Kinki Texas, Adam Quadmos Cartwright, mixed media on paper, 49 x 36,5 cm. 2020. @gallerioxholm #kinkitexas #soloexhibition #audiovideodisco

89 3

We are pleased to announce @engholmmaria as participating artist in the exhibition NATUR=VIS at Fussingsø Slot, Randers, Denmark. The exhibition is curated by @rita_houmann and on view through 18th October 2020. It presents 12 different artists working with different media and in different dimensions, but with a common artistic goal to reflect on human behavior in relation to climate, nature preservation and sustainability. . . . 📷 Maria Engholm, Create Mountains...!, mixed media on wood, 177 x 104 cm. 2020. @engholmmaria #mariaengholm #naturvis

120 2

Kinki Texas, Cains Caravan, mixed media on canvas, 220 x 160 cm. 2020. Part of the solo exhibition ‘Audio Video Disco’ and on view through Oct. 10 2020. @kinki_texas #kinkitexas #soloshow #audiovideodisco @gallerioxholm

109 1

Today we repost King Richard II and his horse because everyone should enter the weekend this way. With humor, pride and in good company. Have a pleasant weekend everyone and be safe! German artist @kinki_texas Solo show #audiovideodisco is on view through Oct 10 2020. . . . 📷 Pictured: Kinki Texas, Richard II, mixed media on paper, 67,5 x 49,5 cm. 2020. @gallerioxholm #gallerioxholm #kinkitexas #soloshow

146 8

For his current solo exhibition ‘Audio Video Disco’ @kinki_texas has done a number of paintings in mixed media. A body of work that is truly captivating with all it’s grotesque and fun unexpected details. This one is ‘Olympic Wracker’. We welcome everyone to come by and have the Kinki Texas experience if in the area. The gallery is open till 5.30 PM. @kinki_texas #kinkitexas #soloexhibition #audiovideodisco @gallerioxholm #gallerioxholm 📷 Kinki Texas, Olympic Wracker, mixed media on paper, 93 x 68,5 cm. 2020.

183 5

This painting by the German artist @kinki_texas is titled ‘Balder’. Balder was a god in the Norse mythology. Son of Odin and Frigg. Married to Nanna. The common story about Balder is that of his death. He was killed by an arrow made out of mistletoe. Prior to the sad event his mother had promissdd to let nothing harm her son. The insignificant mistletoe, however, she did not think would be of any danger and so she did not pay any attention to it. Loke - the mischievous god that he was - knew that and made an arrow out of mistletoe and placed it in the hands of the blind Hødur who eventually killed Balder with it. Darkness killed what no one else could. The light of god. Balder’s role in mythology is widely discussed. He is regarded the ‘God of Light’ - ‘The God of all things good.’ Unlike in the mythology where Balder is pictured as a passive character - a victim - Kinki Texas has chosen to portray the God in action. Surrounded by chirping birds and on his horse with an arrow on fire we are witnissing an unusual and powerful side of the mythical figure. Further, the intricate background and texture with wax and layers add to the complexity of the interesting and much told story of Balder. The work is on display in the Gallery through Oct 10 as part of the solo exhibition ‘Audio Video Disco’. 📷 Kinki Texas, Balder, mixed media on panel, 160 x 120 cm. 2020. @kinki_texas #kinkitexas #soloexhibition #audiovideodisco @gallerioxholm #gallerioxholm

253 15

Installation AUDIO VIDEO DISCO by Kinki Texas. On view through October 10. @kinki_texas #kinkitexas @gallerioxholm #gallerioxholm #onview #justopened


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