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Design + Business + Short hair Currently under @jimmodels #Kobostudio
Grand Rapids
United States

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.70%. The average number of likes per post is 204 and the average number of comments is 13.

32.56% of the followers that engaged with galaghea regularly are from Indonesia, followed by Japan at 25.58% and United States at 16.28%. In summary, the top 5 countries of galaghea's posts engager are coming from Indonesia, Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Eritrea.

Galaghea loves posting about Art, Photography.

Check galaghea's audience demography. This analytics report shows galaghea's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Indonesia 32.56 %
  • Japan 25.58 %
  • United States 16.28 %
  • United Kingdom 9.3 %
  • Eritrea 2.33 %


302 21

✨🌟Virtual photo with @_riop_ and @cameliatsubaki #virtualphotography #virtualphotoshoot Start with yellow girl who hates mosquito Shizuka waiting suneo Shizuka do laundry and pose Jojo Bizarre adventure

302 28

[[PART 2]] --they put their own perfection that they can't reach by them self, and put it into other people projection. It's not like I don't enjoy modelling I do grateful for the progess that I've made I want to said thankyou for all these people that said they want me to be change My feeling? To be honest my entire life is always felt like I was being judge Everyday is an audition, And audition that made me felt worst Cause you need to be lined up with all of beautiful, slim, tall, slender body figure And you need to be choose By the end of the day Sometimes no matter how hard you try, no matter how far your home to the audition place. No matter how late you go home after the runway, there eventually will be another better than you geneticaly. And between this graceful period of time I just want to take a reflection The conclusion is Nobody is perfect, we all just lived inside others people minds On other people perfect standarts Who loves to speak before thinking twice that It might hurt your point of view Grown up inside social media standarts, that is ridiculously high And I am enough, I am beautiful with long or short hair With pimples or no With my unisex shirt or with my skirt It's fine if you are not choosen today, God knows what the best and you have done great things that is trying think before you talk or type Your own judgemental mouth and fingers can change many people life I am kobo I love my self the girly one, the short hair boyish one, and the clumsy face of me

508 47

[[PART1]] Have you ever met job that requires you to be insecure 24/7 Have you ever think there is another person that is more insecure than you? Then try ask me and those beautiful human being that called as "Models" Have you ever get your self esteem drop while met bunch of models? But trust me, aside from our looks We are a full package and the most insecure people in the world We always think how we dressed from head to toe before going out Mantaining our food, exercise like crazy people, starve our body and by the end of the day always do complaining the same stuff This is some memorable stuff I get since the past 5 years by fashion peoples "You should cut your hair, cause you are boring" "I bet no agencies will ask you in, cause you are simple girl, no stand out" "Made it colorful, to be recognize" "Why you cut your hair short? Is it because of hair bleaching?" "Are you lesbian, why you use black and no feminime" "Are you tomboy?" "I don't want to use short hair girls, let me change with long hair cause for me they are the same face and size I just need long hair" "Eat less, try this diet pills" "Not losing weight? Try water diet" "Do injection" "Oh my gosh see that pimple girl? Looks not same as in picture" "Too masculine next" "Too flamboyant and girly, next" "How can you eat that? We have audition next week" "Your skin now, not fair" "Go to that doctor for laser your face it's great" I do strict diet, it explain I dont have regular period and my skin is bad someday And after TRYING SO HARD this is what non fashion people thought: "So skinny, ugly" "Why you became more ugly with this bleached hair" "Eat more la, people get terrified by you" "Your have no girly clothes?" "Don't looks so iconic, you need to just look decent" "Dont said you are a model towards your mother in law, its disgraceful cause models works is bad" "Am I pretty?" I always said NO So in my conclusion, even If i'm born as barbie There will be a lot of people that will demand many stuff and will not agree I don't mind, cause in the end we all live inside a very judgemental society ////////to be continued/////// #instagrammodel #fashion #model #indonesia #stopbodyshaming

221 18

Dari bosen, ga bosen, sampe bosen nya kebosenan dirumah aja. WFH with @tropicthundervintage starling collection Tapi tenang, untung nya jaman sekarang udah ada handphone buat ngehilangin rasa bosen dirumah. Dirumah tetep bisa meeting video call, ajak maen semua temen aku petak umpet online sampai baku hantam di Ludo Menarik kan, jadi #dirumahaja #jfwfromhome #workfromhome

132 2

Disaat masih bisa bebas megang tangan nunung gausah cuci tangan pake karbol 🤫🤫🤫 Me and @yukeapr for @wearingklamby @jimmodels

298 23

What people see today is only the surface of my journey But cannot see the miles I've taken Hundreds of miles from home, hundreds of trial and error, takes me over and over, 5 years trying to repeat it all over again. This time I'm beyond grateful I would like to give my best thankyou for @jfwofficial Mas @panca_m Kak @witajuwita Mba @intansferisya Special thanks for @jimmodels @frejapriscilla that support me and nunung @yukeapr 🔥 Also please vote us, so we can bring more best in the future #jfwmodelsearch #jimmodels #jakartafashionweek

224 6

Rayuan kain- Bin House @binhouse_official @jfwofficial JFW 2019 It was my pleasure to be a part of mamah Obin collection last year 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you 💖 Photo by Detik com . . . . #jfw2019 #fashionshow #jakartafashionweek #binhouse

191 7

@naranararu "Subversive Generation" - @sickymag Photo by @prabowbow Styled by @gisela_jizeeru Hair by @iamjyuming Makeup by @oktrinazzahra Wardrobe by @studiomoral . . . . #editorial #sickymagazine #fashion

96 1

Me for @wearingklamby 2019 collection catalogue


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