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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.90%. The average number of likes per post is 342 and the average number of comments is 56.

42.22% of the followers that engaged with franceleslia regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 4.44% and Nigeria at 4.44%. In summary, the top 5 countries of franceleslia's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Thailand.

Franceleslia loves posting about Celebrities, Art, Design, Fashion.

Check franceleslia's audience demography. This analytics report shows franceleslia's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 42.22 %
  • Canada 4.44 %
  • Nigeria 4.44 %
  • Puerto Rico 3.33 %
  • Thailand 3.33 %


331 79

Guyssss, my last post got totally distorted and pictures got blanked out. I ‘m reposting because what we created deserves to be seen and indulged wholesomely. Show LOVE to an incredible piece of art ❤️ You guys HAVE to swipe all the way through. We killed this visual for the superstar @justgemaine gemaine ‘s new hit “Take Off” snd you guys MUST see it. When @carlyle_ reached out to me about casting the lead, I knew I wanted someone super feminine but fierce and not afraid to give us regality & raunchiness on a platter so I hit @melissa right away. Naturally I took on extra roles and ended up styling ( had to snatch @tomibruhh for the assist ) and pulled in my love to create art with Melissa’s hair & makeup. To a brilliant woman who executed flawlessly, @cas.tle , you are a gem & I adored working by your side to help produce this. @carlyle_ thanks for believing in me & giving me the boost I needed. Peep the full video in my bio !

130 20

Tomorrow is going to be 1 for the books. Really excited to dive into this chapter about how to best optimize your energy in order to keep a level head in the music & entertainment business. Navigation can sometimes take some rocky turns and we’ll discuss what those detours look like. We’ll also explore solutions to any adversary you’ll face in the process of acquisition. Link in my bio gets you a golden ticket ! #SMILEITGETSBETTER @digitalcoachesprogram

426 66

For someone who loves being in front of the camera & on stages, I started to shy away from all of the attention to focus on my inner workings. There comes a point where you can get lost in the sauce, lose your footing and start looking for validation in the wrong places. I’ve taken a few wrong turns, rubbed some people the wrong way, fumbled bags & the whole 9 based off ego & pure ignorance. I didn’t have a mentor to guide me through any processes. I learned a lot via trial & error aka the hard way. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for the world though because putting out fires (most of which I started) is now something I do in my sleep. I do think there’s always space for reconciliation & growth. Stepping behind the camera forced me to take myself seriously so everyone else could. I always had the innate ability to build and connect people/things from scratch so I knew how to re-work my personality, emotional intelligence, sense of awareness, etc. Putting in the effort to do so was where it got tricky. Yea, I ‘m super posi & always put out messages of inspiration but there were times when I was the toxic one, when I wasn’t listening and was too stubborn to step outside of myself to accomplish anything. It’s those moments of sitting in front of the mirror and being completely honest with myself that got me to finally practice what I preach. No one follows the lead of someone who doesn’t believe in themselves or someone who doesn’t embody the message they want to put out there. It’s never too late to be a different you (even with cancel culture amongst us) so you just have to be willing. Willing to sacrifice, ugly cry, punch walls, lose people, step out of your comfort zone & relinquish control. Here I am, now, so aware of myself & who I am to the people. This place is freeing. #SMILE #SMILEITGETSBETTER Makeup By @beautysprotege

435 59

Let love find you. It’ll come when you least expect it but need it the most. Love is the sunlight that lays on top of your comforter waiting for you to wake up & hit the ground running. It’s those parked car conversations with someone who understands you. Love is the way you feel when you see that Amazon delivery box ( lol ), the stranger who gave you $1 when you were 35 cents short at the store, the mystery person who refilled your meter when you were stuck in a meeting that could’ve been a phone call, the baby that waved at you from 6 people away while standing on the Target Saturday morning entry line. Sometimes, we tend to overlook these small gestures & forget that love is infinite and exists everywhere. Most times we don’t have to look because being our raw self attracts the love we NEED. Those heartbreaks you’ve experienced are nothing short of lessons you NEEDED in order to transition you to a higher tier in your journey. There is insurmountable joy in just experiencing people without a laundry list of expectations and projections of who we want them to be. Imagine what your love language looks like and be an example of that during your time with people. Only those who align will come and stay. #SMILE #SMILEITGETSBETTER

494 38

There’s an infinite amount of creativity that has been flowing through me for the past 2 weeks. Like so many of you, I was unproductive & seeking some kind of momentum but I found a way through the fog and all it took was deciding just be in every moment. I relinquished the need to control every aspect every day. It’s a task making these days as progressive as you’d like and there’s nothing wrong with just being still. There’s nothing wrong with taking this time to just be, to exist & to get to know The Most High. I’m finding freedom in taking my dreams back to the drawing board and I’m getting used to having time to actually execute everything on those boards. We’re all experiencing some of the same feelings including excitement, angst, uncertainty, growth, healing, hyper productivity, laziness and the list goes on. Balancing these emotions for me starts with being intentional about every thing I do. Your morning is the catalyst for the events that follow. Being clear about the kind of day you’re pursuing sends signals to the universe to attract what aligns with you. Sometimes, things will slip through the cracks and not go as planned. The great thing is you’ll be so emotionally intelligent that you’ll know how to put out fires with your eyes closed. Manage your intake, switch up the people/stories you follow, set the tone your way, engage with the things that trigger your endorphins and force you to THINK. I do believe we’re capable of defying gravity but it starts by tapping within. You’re a human being and sometimes just being that is ... ok .... and sometimes ok is enough. #SMILEITGETSBETTER #SMILE

462 89

You have stepped into a new wave of energy, a heightened, awakened, advancement of Energy-especially when it comes to your career, who you are to the greater public and the contribution you want to make. Sit down with your SOUL to understand what your intentions are, how you want to show up and how you can use your power to move mountains. Now is the time to tap in with your dormant capabilities to create some serious impact. If you haven’t been feeling confident in your abilities or future, let this new energy wave soak you in the essence of resurgence. Let this new wave mirror to you all that is within you. You are the chosen one & you are equipped to make NOISE !! Be loud, be bold, be undeniable. #SMILEITGETSBETTER #SMILE

507 61

I keep taking these long breaks in between posts and prolonging the process of releasing S.M.I.L.E. out of straight fear. I get caught up in semantics to the point where I lose my footing in being top of mind for folks. One of the focal priorities for me is establishing consistency by stepping away from self-doubt. There are too many times that I’ve found myself missing out on amazing opportunities & chances to build beneficial relationships because I let self-deprecating preconceived notions cloud my better judgement. Those bouts of anxiety will no longer weigh in on the decisions I make from here on out though. I declare to show up. If I ever told you I’d be somewhere (literally and figuratively) and wasn’t, I promise I was weak. I acknowledge my shortcoming and vow to do better in the coming years. If you’re stuck asking yourself 20 questions that lead to you backing out of keeping your word, this isn’t the end all be all for you. Shake doubt off and leap into everything your lack of confidence said you didn’t have the strength to conquer. You can’t build bridges in a place of indefinite solitude. The key is to master the balance between being present when absolutely necessary & ducking off to recharge your energy but not getting complacent in your seclusion. We can work on it together because trust me, you are not alone. So, consistency, showing up, recharging and confidence are what we are declaring as fragments of our identities/reputations starting today. I’ll drop a video that expounds on how to do so next week. #SMILE #SMILEITGETSBETTER 📸: @pborberry #artbasel


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