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Bath - Shower - Face - Body - Hair - Fragrance Vegan/CF 🌱 Founded & handcrafted solely by @afroxvx Est.2015 #VEGANBEAUTY 🌞 As seen in VOGUE
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64.3% of foxiecosmetics's followers are female and 35.7% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.20%. The average number of likes per post is 748 and the average number of comments is 19.

Foxiecosmetics loves posting about Beauty, Art, Organics.

Check foxiecosmetics's audience demography. This analytics report shows foxiecosmetics's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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64.3 %
35.7 %


  • Art & Design 82.88 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 73.15 %
  • Children & Family 65.66 %


1,305 95

been working with plants and fruits 🍉🍋🌺 infused with Mimosa Flowers! The flowers and bark are used for calming and lifting the spirit. Mimosa Flowers can be used to help treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, grief, and other emotional traumas. i have a whole collection idea of skin fruit/plant juices. what do you all think? 🌞 edit: THIS IS JUICE + SKINCARE. YOU DRINK IT BBY 😋

1,692 84

to go off of what i said in my stories the other day — HI 🌞 i’m Kayla/Foxie and this has been my one woman operation since 2015 (i was 23 when i started)! i’m a freak that loves plants, skin, chemistry, video games, harsh music and feeling great with what i’ve got. i’ve helped inspire the industry and have created 600+ unique products with my own two hands (it saddens me that new Foxes don’t get to see ALL of the old, fun products i’ve made!). everything has been handcrafted by me from conception, and making it to your doors. i’m embarking on expanding/taking risks so that these visions can come to life even greater, and i don’t have to sell out as quickly as it always has. that means more hands in the pot and more ways to get Foxie. I CANNOT WAIT, but please be patient with me when asking for restocks - it’s hard to fathom, but the hundreds of units per product really do get made by me only, photographed, described. there’s never been a team. they’re my ideas, my babies, that deserve time and love put into them. thanks for reading, and keeping our community fun and hype 🌞🦋💛

1,690 35

hi! 👋🏽 there are A LOT (2000+!!) of new Foxes that’ve just joined our community here - WELCOME AND THANK YOU for the countless amount of shares, and for selling me 98% out! i can’t wait to share with you where my heart has been and where growth has gone 🦊🌞🖤 this is a community for weirdos who want to feel good for ourselves and nurture our skin through plants, so that skin does what skin wants at its best, because it always will. to live Foxie is becoming aware that we’re all floating here, and simply want to feel our best without judgment, fear or regret of who we are. no one else walks in your mind or shoes! here are some other amazing vegan and CF brands to shop! give them the same love, please. it’s no secret where my voice lies, and as the owner, designer and maker of Foxie, i am anti-cop, and for the complete take down of systemic oppression by any means necessary. i hope everyone stays aware, loud and HEARD. -Kayla 🌞

222 21

👀 Did you know the entire store is on sale and there’s a little updated blog detailing the new launch? 👀 I’m moving back to texas (after 8 years!) so everything must go! The relaunch products are nearly all different and brand new, so what’s up now is the last bit. Everything else will be sent through to those apart of the foxie chronic illness program!

429 7

Y’all when your Foxie Cosmetics orders come in after this #blackfriday sale going on RIGHT NOW 😛💅🏽

445 15

🔮 COVEN 🔮 Liquid Soap is perfectly scented with Rose, Plum, Black Raspberry, Amber, Peony, Vanilla Bean, and Musk with a hint of Cotton Candy 🍬 🌹🌸 Infused with Almond Oil and Shea Butter to replenish your skin!

226 5

Let’s see, we’ve got blood red 🔪, creepy green 🐍, ultraviolets 😈, sage powder 🌿, and a sprinkle of shimmery gold ✨ That’s pretty spooky to me! Scented with Orange Blossom, Thyme, Dirt, Orange Clove.

534 5

A 👻 ghostly 👻 mask for Skin Renewal, Hydration, AND Moisture. APPARITION Mask combines Yeast with creamy clays, butters and botanicals to give your skin a new, healthy and hydrated appearance, fight breakouts and scars. Wipe away dead skin to reveal glowing skin and cleansed pores.

731 3

Sylvie Fleury, 1996 Don’t forget the most important step! Know the difference between hydration and moisture in skin care, it could be the answer you’re searching for ✨

942 2

stay clean, y’all! 🧼 @jessekorman for @foxiecosmetics shot by @evaspence_ with the Green With Envy Face + Body Cleanser, Cucumber Face Toner, and Softer, Softest Moisturizer


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