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⚜️Certified Permanent Cosmetic/Paramedical/Microblading Artist 💎Lic. Tattoo Artist/Cosmetologist💎CPCP SPCP💎NYC|Chicago ☎️ 646.740.6247 👇🏼Book Online
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69.4% of flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa's followers are female and 30.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0%. The average number of likes per post is 16 and the average number of comments is 2.

Flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa loves posting about Art, Beauty, Modeling.

Check flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa's audience demography. This analytics report shows flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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69.4 %
30.6 %


  • Art & Design 81.50 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 63.17 %
  • Business & Careers 49.56 %
  • Books and Literature 41.96 %
  • Music 39.94 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 33.93 %
  • Entertainment 33.71 %
  • Movies and TV 33.70 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 32.20 %
  • Children & Family 32.20 %
  • Sports 30.86 %


19 3

Scar Camouflage Healed.❤️ I love what I do and that I can help women and men minimize the appearance of their scars with scar camouflage and needling techniques. @flawlessstatenisland @flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa I donate 1 free scar camouflage procedure per month & offer free consults for all of my services. #scars #scartreatment #scarcamouflage #aesthetictattoo #tattooartist #pmu #permanentmakeup #cosmetictattoo #paramedicaltattooing #scarrevision #services #needlingtechniques #artist #nyc #chicago #elsa

17 4

Honored and humbled that Chicago Wellness Magazine asked to do a piece on me regarding my Areola Micropigmenation and Scar Rivison & Camouflage work. I’m so grateful that I can give back and help those who have survived Breast Cancer. Check out the article. Elsa Torresiani-Milani CPCP https://cancerwellness.com/stories/beauty/ #breastcancerawareness #paramedicaltattoos #tattooartist #permanentmakeup #chicago #nyc #givingback #fuckcancer🎀 #breastcancerawarenessmonth

8 2

Honored and humbled that I was asked to participate in the SPCP Panel of Experts with these other amazing artists! Check it out now at www.spcp.org Members get free from members only page. Others will be able to purchase soon! #spcp #permanentmakeup #permanentmakeupartists #panelofexperts #pmu #medicaltattoos #corrections #tattoos #tattooremoval #camouflage

14 2

CHICAGO WOMEN become a brow model for ombré or powder brows October 15, 2020! DM or text 646.740.6247 to become a model & get more info. My talented student (who is also a body art tattoo artist) will perform the initial procedure under my supervision. The follow up will be done by me 6 weeks later FREE. Pay only $150 for either ombré or powder brows and includes free follow up with me! Models must not have previous brow tattoo/pmu/microblading. @flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa @teachmepmu #browmodel #pmu #powderbrows #ombrebrows #teachpmu #teachmepmu #pmutrainer #permanentmakeup #cosmetictattoos

31 4

Thanks for my custom mask! 😍 @jasonbrickhill @jasonbrickhill.shop #covidworklife #thankyou @flawlessstatenisland @flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa

10 1

She was thrilled with her results, we just did a minor touch up today on her eyeliner. She was so sweet to bring me a thank you card! ❤️ More posts to come! I have 3 months of before & after pictures to collage & post! So stay tuned! #sogladtobebacktowork #smallbusinessowner #permanentmakeup #eyeliner #eyelinertattoo #tattoos #artist #beauty #yaaas #nyc #chicago @flawlessstatenisland @flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa

13 0

This happy client made my day ❤️ #grateful #permanentmakeup #love #lovemyclients #permanentcosmetics #tattoos #tattooartist #permanentmakeupartist @flawlessstatenisland @flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa

29 4

And what a year it has been for our NYC Location! Making the decision to open a business as big as we did was not an easy one. It was hard to come out of the comfort of our small studios, but Elsa and I were excited to spread our wings and make the leap! With the help and support of our friends and family, we did it! We opened Flawless September 1, 2019. Not only did we design and build this beautiful space, but we added new services and brought in amazing employees to join our team. It was quite an undertaking and just as things were going smoothly and the growing pains started to subside...we got hit with COVID CLOSURES! What a way to take the wind out of our sails for sure. Between March and July we have run the entire spectrum of emotions from depression to anxiety. So many of our fellow business owners have closed, so you can imagine the constant worry. In July we were allowed to re-open. Juggling the new restrictions and covid procedures has been a challenge, but the health and safety of our staff and clients has always been our #1, so it wasn't much of a stretch for us. We would like to thank everyone who supported us throughout the quarantine as well as our loyal clients who have had our back from day 1. It is truly humbling and inspiring to pour your heart and soul into something, and to have people love it. So thank you, from the very deepest parts of our hearts! To celebrate, we are offering 20% off all new services!!! 20% applies to all new services (permanent makeup, body treatments, waxing) but does not apply to follow up services (permanent makeup refresh, color boost) www.FlawlessSi.com to book or call 929-624-2586 #spa #flawless #pcaskin #procell #prp #vampirefacial #permanentmakeup #cosmetictattoo #pmu #microblading #educatedartists #talentedartists #licensedestheticians #wokeuplikethis #flawless #everyday

7 0

Check out the video of me doing this lovely ladies eyeliner! Wake up flawless everyday! Tattooed eyeliner! Book online today www.flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa.com @flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa @flawlessstatenisland #permanentmakeup #permanenteyeliner #tattoos #chicago #nyc #artist #elsa

19 0

Microbladed Eyebrows. Shape Correction. She will heal a little lighter and softer looking then the right after image, stay tuned for healed results! Wake up & go with permanent makeup! flawlessstatenisland @flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa #permanentmakeup #permanentcosmetics #permanentmakeupartist #nyc #chicago #cosmetictattoo #tattoo #beautyqueen #eyebrows #brows #browsonpoint #microbladed #microblading

19 0

Combination Brow- powder & microblading combined to correct old bad microblading. She will heal lighter and softer looking then the right after image, stay tuned for healed results! Wake up & go with permanent makeup! flawlessstatenisland @flawlesspermanentmakeupbyelsa #permanentmakeup #permanentcosmetics #permanentmakeupartist #bigbrother #nyc #chicago #powderbrows #powderbrowtattoo #cosmetictattoo #tattoo #beautyqueen #eyebrows #brows #browsonpoint #microbladed #microblading #combinationbrows


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