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47.8% of fitnessbyalicia's followers are female and 52.2% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.70%. The average number of likes per post is 476 and the average number of comments is 35.

Fitnessbyalicia loves posting about Music, Fitness, Training, Coaching.

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47.8 %
52.2 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 93.26 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 77.87 %
  • Sports 46.75 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 46.74 %
  • Books and Literature 33.69 %
  • Travel & Tourism 33.61 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 33.08 %
  • Art & Design 32.32 %
  • Technology & Science 29.96 %
  • Entertainment 29.96 %
  • Movies and TV 29.96 %


421 20

Heart and stomach both v full after this weekend 🥰👏🏻 #foodtour

459 22

Happy Friday from me and my hella humid hair Soft smiles for 6am legs😩 Here’s the exercises I did today: 🔹 Leg press 🔹 Dumbbell RDLs 🔹 Smith machine lunges 🔹 Seated hamstring curl 🔹 Abductors SS calf raises Currently training 5x a week and training legs 2x per week. Now it’s time for a day full of work, client onboarding/check ins, and tacos and margs tonight ☺️ Probably will still be in bed by 10 because that’s been the mood as of lately.

483 30

Wearing pieces from the @tslcollection Power Collection this fine Taco Tuesday. I’m slowly but surely getting acclimated to 6am lifts (cue eye rolls from people who workout at like 4) Surprisingly I don’t dislike it as much as I thought. I’d probably rate it a 7 out of 10 on the enjoyable scale if it’s not leg day and a 5.5 out of 10 on leg days - in case you were wondering. I would say my biggest tip when it comes to early workouts is plan ahead so you don’t have to make decisions in the morning. What do I mean? 🔹 Lay out your clothes the night before 🔹 If you drink coffee before lifting, have it prepped and ready 🔹 Know where things are so you aren’t running around in the dark (keys, hair ties, socks, water ottleetc) 🔹 Write down your lifts prior to going 🔹 If you always snooze your alarm the first time, set one 10 minutes before you actually want to get up 🔹 Get mentally prepared for the fact that it’s going to be dark as shit and you might be unmotivated but you’re going to go anyways. I spent months over summer wishing the gyms were open, so now that they are I’m not taking it for granted💁🏼‍♀️ priorities baby

596 50

Happy Sunday🎉 Some food for thought as I sit here eating my third meal out this week⬇️ I never thought I could live my life and feel good in my skin without having macros and food at the forefront of my thoughts 24/7. 🔹 If the anxiety surrounding last minute plans, going out to eat, having a drink you really want, or going out to an event involving food makes you want to curl up and deflect from any social interaction so you can stay home and eat your perfectly portioned chicken - let’s re-assess what’s going on. 🔹 I think what led to me finding my balance came mainly from two main events: 1. Traveling, eating all the pasta and italy, and realizing I wasn’t going to die. Life goes on. Your habits don’t leave you. 2. Being friends with people who love fitness, but also enjoy themselves. I took on this approach if “if they can find a balance, so can I?” So I actively threw myself into situations where I would have less control and forced myself to get comfortable being uncomfortable. While I do think saying no and setting non-negotiables is important, take a step back and make sure the boundaries you’re setting for yourself have good intentions behind them. In other words, make sure you’re not just saying no out of fear. Take the initiative to say yes and keep progressing through your fitness journey, whatever season you’re in.👏🏻👏🏻

601 29

First week of work ✅ There’s a lot of change happening for me this month. Currently learning how to manage my time with my new job, my amazing clients, my workouts, my social life, and some upcoming projects. It be like that sometimes. Still finding time for the beach. Happy Friday ❤️

406 28

Ah the pre March 12, 2020 glow😂 (+ a spray tan but hey with “quarantine” and “mask” not on my frequently used list of words, I look pretty happy.) While 2020 was an absolute blur and a half, I definitely think I’ve progressed through the hardships of this year. In the times of March - May I DEFINITELY handled things poorly mentally because I thrive off of socialization and the mf gym. Even though gyms are open where I live, 2020 changed my relationship with food and the gym in a good way. 🔹 I’m now okay with having shorter, more efficient workouts and I appreciate the hell out of the gym. After being away for months I cherish the ability to be able to workout let me tell ya. 🔹 I don’t need macros to feel in control. This one is huge. Looking back, I’m surprised at my ability to continue to not tracking macros. It seems like my personality would’ve led me to crave some control in these ~uncertain times.~ Macro tracking isn’t bad, but after 4+ years of tracking it was my goal to step away. Proud I was still able to do that. 🔹 Contrary to the first point, I now don’t get anxiety if I take an extra rest day or have a quick workout. Life happens. I know I’m not one to make excuses, and 9 times out of 10 I go. However, sometimes if I’m busy asf and a gym session adds to my stress, so I’d rather just not. 🔹 I am completely okay with going out to eat, getting drinks, last minute plans, and going with the flow. This was apparent before COVID as well, but even moreso now. If you get anxious over going out to eat because it’s not your typical routine - take a look at how you approach food. Nothing feels better than hearing a client progress past anxieties towards going out to eat and enjoying the COMPANY surrounding plans stress free. This isn’t to downplay the fact that A TON of people got jobs ripped away from them or their businesses shut down (my problems aren’t shit). But this year HAS changed me, and I’m finally in a place where I can be grateful for it.

428 21

Friends since Jr. High 🥺 My body is now 90% chips and salsa. Solid weekend

529 47

My goal for the month of September was to go walk along and sit by the water every single day, even if it was just for 5 minutes. I freaking love the ocean so much - even more so when I’m eating a sandwich. One would say the vibes are immaculate. 🔹 On a serious note, as a constant over-thinker, planner, worrier, e-mail/phone checker, Google calendar addict, etc. setting aside time to just sit or walk and be in the moment is necessary. 🔹 In addition to this new habit I’ve now started writing down and manifesting my goals, taking my morning routine more seriously, and saying no to things I don’t want to do in order to make room for more things and environments that fill my cup. 🔹 This isn’t to say I’m a stress free gal all of a sudden (lol i cried at the DMV yesterday) BUT it’s a start and I definitely feel like my brain is less cluttered. 🔹 Do something for you today. For me, imma continue to go in the water ❤️ 🌊

365 45

Bruh I was TODAY years old when I found out I have a restless left foot when I do lat pull downs and rows. Like wtf am I doing calm down lil guy😂😂 ... this is what caffeine does to me apparently 🔹 Enjoy this back workout. Build wings so you can fly away from the bullshit (especially after last night’s debate) 💫😌

434 44

Happy Tuesday ☀️☀️ So I start my big girl job in a week😌 Things are about to be changing and I’m about to be a morning workout gal.. like 6am. yikes. Just the thought of deadlifting at 6am makes me want to barf but here I go😂 I have some clients who workout at 5 and 6 am daily and the question sometimes comes up with HOW to fuel for a lift so damn early. Even if you’re hungry that early, few people want to down a big ass meal then go immediately hit the weights before the sun comes up. 🔹 A solution? Eating a carb loaded meal the night before. Does this cause you to ditch the notorious myth that carbs before bed make you fat? Ya lol. Because they don’t. As long as you’re able to digest your meal at night and not go to bed HELLA full and it’s not affecting your sleep you should be good. I’ll be showing my meals over the course of next week and how I’m transitioning from a big breakfast gal to a big dinner gal😂🙌🏻 #OatsAfterDark

400 31

SO I want to talk about a topic because ever since my journey of not tracking macros began I’ve been asked, “how do you deal with weight fluctuations?” 🔹 I don’t talk about my weight a lot on here because I want to encourage women to think beyond the scale, but up until now I’ve answered that question with “my weight has stayed the same!” (which has been true thus far) 🔹 It’s easy to stick with not tracking macros when nothing is changing, but over the last 2 months the scale has been creeping up and I’m now 5-6 pounds above where I started. Why? I’m living my best life between my birthday, trips, moving to SD, catching up with friends over drinks, going on dinner dates (ok one), etc. 🔹 5-6 pounds isn’t a lot by any means, but it’s enough consistent weight fluctuations to consider going back to tracking. So have my goals and perspectives changed regarding macros? No. If this happened at the very beginning when I deleted MyFitnessPal, maybe I would’ve been more hesitant to continue instead of reverting back to tracking to have more “control” over everything… however I’m so far past that now. 🔹 I like how I look, I’m filled out, I’m lifting heavy, I’m still healthy, and I’m enjoying life. I always preach that there are SEASONS of life and fitness. Balancing it all doesn’t look the same day to day or year to year. Not tracking doesn’t mean you’ll NEVER overeat by saying yes to cake when you’re not really that hungry. Show yourself grace. Cake is good. You won’t die. 🔹 SO here’s me practicing what I preach. I’m not going to intentionally under eat or say no to events involving food if I actually want to go. It’s building szn babyyyy embrace that shit, whatever season you’re in.

604 64

*Uses 60 SPF while laying out then goes home to self tan*


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