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49.5% of fitbunnyjill's followers are female and 50.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.30%. The average number of likes per post is 219 and the average number of comments is 36.

26.97% of the followers that engaged with fitbunnyjill regularly are from Canada, followed by United States at 24.72% and Japan at 5.62%. In summary, the top 5 countries of fitbunnyjill's posts engager are coming from Canada, United States, Japan, Mexico, Italy.

Fitbunnyjill loves posting about Fitness, Training, Coaching, Health & Fitness, Education, Cooking.

Check fitbunnyjill's audience demography. This analytics report shows fitbunnyjill's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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49.5 %
50.5 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 88.67 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 73.64 %
  • Sports 51.86 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 40.27 %
  • Books and Literature 37.41 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 36.08 %
  • Entertainment 34.24 %
  • Business & Careers 34.00 %
  • Art & Design 33.22 %
  • Travel & Tourism 31.39 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 30.91 %


  • Canada 26.97 %
  • United States 24.72 %
  • Japan 5.62 %
  • Mexico 5.62 %
  • Italy 3.37 %


404 65

. . 💥New Photo- I call it, I AM GOOD ENOUGH 💥 . . Have you ever felt like everyone else was doing better than you? Have you ever felt like the deck was so stacked against you that you would never catch up? I understand that feeling. I had it for much of my life. . . I was always a dreamer with big ideas & ridiculous plans, but I was unable to make those plans a reality because the story I told myself was that I wasn’t enough. As long as I continued to tell myself that story, I would continue to be not enough. . . Identifying my story about not being good enough was surprisingly difficult for me initially because I told myself that story for so long that I didn’t think of it as a story at all. I thought of it as true & that was, at its heart, quite ridiculous. It took a lot of thought before I even realized that this was the story I was telling myself. . . The difference between you & the people doing the thing that you’ve always wanted to do is the stories you tell yourselves. Changing that story is one of the most important steps to changing your life. . . If you change the limiting stories you tell yourself, you will be able to change your life.💥 . . Photographer Hmu @thehouseofflo

289 35

. . 💥THE ‘F**K IT’ FALLACY💥 . . Isn’t it crazy how if we have just one bad meal for the day our mindset instantly shifts to the ‘F**K IT’ mentality? . . ➡️It won’t matter, I’m already over. ➡️I won’t bother entering all that food into my food diary; I know I’ve overshot my calories for the day . . We think that because we have already exceeded our calorie budget from one meal we get a free pass for the rest of the day. . . ♥️If only your body thought the same thing♥️ . . The ‘F**K IT' fallacy is one of the most common problems in transformations. It’s a classic example of people throwing in the towel because things haven’t gone quite to plan. . . 💥The Solution💥 Before you find yourself stuck in a day of gluttony, the trick is to exhibit a little bit of damage limitation. . . ➡️Take action to try & limit or offset the damaging effects of your one ‘bad’ meal. ➡️Instead of embarking on a chocolate-fuelled rampage because, you know, ‘what’s the point?’ refocus & limit the effects of your earlier incident. ➡️Curbing a day’s consumption to 3000 calories is always going to be better than letting it eclipse to 5000. . . Stop, think of YOUR end goal & put the motions in place to begin a fresh start. That fresh start could be the difference between progress & failure. . .

259 29

. . 💥THE ‘I’LL START TOMORROW’ FALLACY💥 . . You’ll start soon right? . . ➡️I’ve got to host Thanksgiving, & I can't say no to Grandma's apple pie. so I’ll start my diet after. ➡️Things are a bit hectic at work at the moment, so I’ll start going to the gym when this big project is finished. . . Everyone has, at some point, fallen for the ‘I’ll start tomorrow fallacy." . . The belief that now doesn’t matter, because we are going to start following better habits later. . . We use this fat loss mindset fallacy to justify poor decisions; as if tomorrow is going to be a magical day, when the clouds are going to align, everything is going to fall into place & eating, exercising & living a healthy lifestyle is somehow going to become a lot easier. . . 💥It’s procrastination at its finest💥 . . Unfortunately, our body doesn’t know the difference between a Sunday & a Monday, nor does it know the difference between us being supposedly ‘good’ & ‘bad’. . . All it cares about is the splurge of calories we give it, or amount of exercise we don’t; not the day of the week or time of the year. . . 💥The Solution💥 There’ll always be a dinner, or holiday, or life event that gets in the way. Always. . . The more you press the pause button on your fat loss journey, the better you get at stopping, starting & not seeing results. . . The solution is to keep going. No matter how big or small our contribution is, we must keep going. . . There’ll be times when focusing on exercise & nutrition is the last thing we want to be doing, but as long as we are staying focused NOW, we won’t have to worry about a lack of progress later. . . Avoid the mentality of assuming the right time will come. It won’t. . . 💥💥If you are ready to start & not let Thanksgiving be the excuse? swipe up to JOIN! BONUS OFFER with our 12 week transformation - FREE access to the CBT 4 WEEK ONLINE COURSE!💥💥💥 . .

271 64

. . 💥THE ‘CATASTROPHIZING’ FALLACY💥 . . ➡️I missed the gym today so I’ve ruined all my progress so I’m going to sit in my Pj's & binge watch Netflix all weekend. ➡️ I had one chocolate from the box at work today so I might as buy all the chocolate and devour it all because what’s the point anymore? . . We tend to focus on our slip-ups, & because we're hyper-focused on that one slip-up, it becomes totally blown out of proportion. . . As a result we either enter mini-starvation mode to make up for that one (yep, only one) bad day of eating, try to exercise ourselves out of that one lapse, or give up altogether. . . This ‘catastrophizing fallacy’ indicates we exaggerate the importance of insignificant events. As a result, this leads to a snowball effect of bad behaviours to offset one particular mistake. . . The truth of the matter is, we don’t massively need to stress out. One meal, or day for that matter, won’t completely ruin things; especially if that slip-up is fairly infrequent. . . 💥The Solution💥 . . Whenever you find yourself falling into this trap; remember & focus on the good, positive points you had throughout the week. . . These high points are what lead to progress, not just the failures & are ultimately what will break that vicious cycle of freaking out, & believing everything has been ruined. . . It’s imperative we think of the bigger picture. Just because one bad thing occurred doesn’t mean the whole world has fallen in & we're never going to reach our goals. . . Comment ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ if you found this helpful... And enjoy the different style of pics 💥

235 49

. . Have you ever whispered these words to yourself? ➡️After the stressful day I’ve had I deserve a nice glass of wine. ➡️I’ve helped a lot of people this week so I deserve to treat myself this time. ➡️I worked so hard at the gym earlier so I’m allowed to have a treat later on! . . 💥This is the moral licensing fallacy💥 . . Falling for this mindset fallacy means we give ourselves permission to do something ‘bad’ because we’ve been ‘good’. We reason that we earned or deserve something following a particular action, or that a ‘good’ behaviour has offset a ‘bad’ behaviour. . . The problem is, the two incidents are often incomparable. A stressful day doesn’t automatically allow you to indulge in a glass of wine. Neither does going to the gym allow you to devour doughnuts or pizza. . . You’re only serving to ruin progress because you’re justifying a poor behaviour with an action that isn’t actually going to take you anywhere near your fat loss goals. . . 💥The Solution💥 Before you indulge in a particular food or activity that you think you’ve ‘earned’, ask yourself whether this new behaviour will get you closer to your goal or further away from it, rather than trying to rationalize it. . . Need more tips like this to help start your day? ❤️The 7am Post ❤️ is going to be doing videos & quick tips again - in the form of an emails! So if you are ready for some new CONTENT that you can access anytime.. sign up in the ⬆️bio link⬆️ for "weight-loss tips" to kickstart your day! . .

147 20

. 💥 I SHOULD LOSE 2LBS A WEEK’ FALLACY💥 . . You step on the scales. Nightmare. You’ve only lost 1lb. ➡️"This is pointless, I should be losing more." ➡️"I’ve only lost 10lbs these past few weeks; that’s terrible." . ‘You should aim to lose 2lbs a week!’ That’s what most magazines, weight loss websites & personal trainers will claim. But does this hypothesis hold true? . . Yes, most people can get away with attempting to lose 1.5-2lbs of body weight a week; however, the problems arise when everyone assumes they should be fitting this model of weight loss. . . If we have a 35-year-old male, weighing 200lbs, who wants to lose 20lbs in 10 weeks, compared to a 52-year-old female, weighing 130, who wants to lose 10lbs in 5 weeks, should we expect to encounter the same rate of weight loss? Unlikely. . . There are a plenty of physiological & psychological limitations to the ‘lose 2lbs a week’ hypothesis & is the reason why we shouldn’t always get discouraged if dropping the weight ‘the way it should be done’ doesn’t happen. . . Here are a few: ➡️Your resting metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn at rest) may be faster or slower than someone else ➡️Your total bodyweight (if you weigh more you’ll burn more calories) may be higher or lower than someone else ➡️Your total muscle mass (if you have more muscle you’ll be able to burn more calories) may be more or less than someone else ➡️The amount of weight you’ve previously lost can impact how much weight you can now lose due to the body’s adaptive systems ➡️Your ability to sustain the calorie deficit you’re currently in ➡️The amount of calories you burn within a gym session may be more or less than someone else . . 💥The Solution💥 . . ➡️Don’t assume that because you’ve been told ‘2lbs a week’ is the go-to formula, you should also expect to be able to experience it religiously. ➡️Don’t let thoughts of a certain amount of weight loss – because everyone else is facing the same – cloud your rational thinking. ➡️Take any weight loss you can over a prolonged period of time & if the trend is heading downwards, then you are on the right path, regardless of how quickly or slowly it’s going. . . #weightloss #cbt #teambunny

869 104

💥Stop Negative Thoughts & Lose Weight💥 . . When I reflect on what makes a successful transformation - without a doubt I will put how we think at the top of the list! Yes; I mean thinking is right up there with the importance of nutrition, training & sleep! . . Looking at the pics above - what you see is only a small fraction of who I was; the end result of relentless hard work & dedication. I would thrive off of the amount of “hard work” I would put in each day; thinking that the only way I was going to “win” was to work harder, & focus more than any other competitor. . . Did it work? Sure… but as I sit here 4 years retired; I know there was a better way; had I just seen the importance of thinking realistically. . . Did I need to do as much cardio as I did, stacking 2-3 workouts a day? Cut down food to get the lean physique? YES… I DID! WHY? . . Because I didn’t know how to train my brain to think consistent realistic thoughts. It was on overdrive - in a heightened fight state 24/7. And at that time, I didn’t believe that my thoughts could literally change my physique! So, the typical go hard & punishment mentality was my "go to" strategy for competing - (it worked & I am glad that I trained that way… because it led me to find a solution for myself & NOW also YOU!) . . I have a pretty similar physique now; as I did when I competed on stage! And this is even after battling thyroid cancer! The most important ingredient I have discovered? CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy!) . . 2 years of studying CBT & working with clients - I have seen the changes not only in myself; but also 100’s of other women! Today marks a very special day; the milestone launch for the health & fitness industry that we love so much!… . . I welcome @cbt_meets_fitness to YOU NOW! THE RESOURCE for you to learn & practise CBT in connection to health/fitness & weight loss! NO matter what plan you are on, or what goals you have, CBT MEETS FITNESS is the perfect fit! . . Take a look on the site, download the FREE STOP NEGATIVE THOUGHTS & LOSE WEIGHT PDF & get ready to learn the tools that transformed my LIFE & BODY! (Click bio link)⬆️⬆️ . . Comment with ♥️♥️ for CBT 💥💥

198 25

. . ♥️Like Attracts Like♥️ . . This law of attraction applies to literally every aspect of life; including health & fitness. The law of attraction means that people with low self-esteem, who don’t have dreams & are negative will attract each other. On the other hand, people with aspirations, who exhibit positive energy, optimism & have dreams will also attract each other. . . As we begin acting on our dreams we will need to be conscious about who we surround ourselves with. If our so called “friends” laugh at us every time we talk about our dreams, then we may need to let them go. . . Distancing ourselves from them is crucial because they can’t see what we see or feel how we feel about our dreams. I like to say, “If they aren’t helping you grow, let them go”. It might sound harsh, but the truth is we have to protect our dreams. People will hate & laugh at our dreams because they are incapable of achieving what we are trying to do. The negative remarks & lack of enthusiasm will weigh on us & eventually sink our ship. . . No matter how focused in life we say we are, I guarantee if we hang with a bunch of dream crushers, we will become our own dream crusher in the process. . . Let’s not settle for mediocre friendships, because we will become mediocre by doing so. Be around people who have big dreams. Now they may not share the same dream, but we have optimism in common. The optimistic person will attract other optimistic people, hence creating positive energy.. . . Creativity, aspirations, determination are just a few traits of the type of people we want to be around. Those people with no ambition will literally suck the life out of us & before we know it, life is over. . . Seek quality people who are excited about life. Surround yourself with dreamers & stay positive along our journey called life. . . THINK: In your circle, who is a positive dreamer that you would like to give a shout out too? Let’s create the most positive group below of POSITIVE people & we can all start following eachother! . . I will start with … @alickydoukas @latinag79 @laurie_mackie @paulbuceta

93 16

. . My client Jess has had a difficult few weeks. She’s been dealing with stress at work & as a result, her eating has suffered. She’s struggled to track her food & was feeling too worn out to get herself to prepare a healthy dinner at night & consequently fell back into old habits of ordering takeout. . . When we talked on the phone, she was feeling mad at herself for getting off-track & questioning whether or not this was really something she could do. What happened to Jess is what happens to so many of us when we get off-track: The off-track mentality steam rolls in. 💥 . . The off-track mentality is full of helpless & hopeless thoughts; ones we likely have after failed dieting attempts in the past: ➡️This situation is hopeless, I can’t do this. ➡️I’m helpless to ever make real lifelong changes. . . When we get off-track, it’s almost as if something takes over our brains & we forget that we were ever on-track. We forget that there were days/months/years when we were fully in control & dealing successfully with difficult situations. We forget that we are NOT helpless & that we really CAN do this. . . Jess needed reminding of all the hard situations she had navigated successfully in the last few months. She needed reminding of how many times she had strong cravings but overcame them. The last few weeks of struggle don’t discount the previous months of success & as long as she sticks with it, she will get back to a better place. . . Jess & I made a few response cards to remind her that if she feels helpless, it’s just her off-track mentality lying to her & not a true assessment of reality. We also made some cards detailing some of her successes over the past months, to remind her that she really can do this, & when she does, she feels awesome! . . Swipe over to watch a quick clip of an upcoming podcast… did it hit home? (THIS IS CBT MEETS FITNESS & HOW I BRING IT INTO TEAM BUNNY EVERYDAY!) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ . . #teambunny #cbt #weightlosswednesday #weightlosstip #mindset #womenshealth #healthandfitness #weightlosssabotage #cbtmeetsfitness #morningpost #startyourmorninghere #train #fitness #cbtcoach

168 37

. . 💥FIND IT DIFFICULT TO LOSE WEIGHT?💥 . . Once the fear/negative thoughts or emotions are identified, we must first accept that we have them & try to not push them away or pretend they aren’t there. It is the persistence of these parts of ourselves, that keeps us stuck in the position we are & prevents us from getting to that happier, more peaceful place that we thought losing weight would get us too. . . Once we have accepted that being overweight may mean (for example) that we have a higher risk of becoming ill, or that generally people are more attracted to slimmer frames; then we are no longer being controlled by those fears & negativity, as we have already accepted that it might be a POSSIBILITY! . . It’s the lack of acceptance that we currently have that is keeping us at mercy of the fear & is why a lot of us still struggle with keeping the weight off. Why? We still have the fears & negative thoughts/emotions eating away at us, that prevent us from enjoying the benefits & opportunities that our weight loss has already given us. . . This is why acceptance of fears & negative feelings is SO important; as it’s the resistance & believing the message of the fear that keeps it in place. Once we have accepted the POSSIBILITY of it being true, it's no longer a scary prospect anymore. It doesn’t have as much of a hold over us & therefore won’t shape our life choices anymore as it once did. . . I don’t want to put you under any false pretences so will say that it is easier said than done to find & face your fears as I have described this week & in the picture above. But from personal experience, it's possible & in my opinion, the only way to permanently overcome any negative aspect around weight/health. . . . It gives us the space, peace & freedom to get in touch with ourselves at a deep level & follow & create in life, what really excites & interests us. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ . . #teambunny #cbt #weightlosswednesday #weightlosstip #mindset #womenshealth #healthandfitness #weightlosssabotage #cbtmeetsfitness #morningpost #startyourmorninghere #train #fitness #cbtcoach

119 16

. . 💥FIND IT DIFFICULT TO LOSE WEIGHT?💥 . . How else could we approach the problem of struggling to lose weight? (CONT’D FROM YESTERDAY…) ‼️‼️‼️‼️ . . To answer this question, it's helpful to look at what lies behind the feelings that are making us unhappy with our current weight in the first place. These will usually take the form of a FEAR of some kind. In the examples from yesterday; the fear’s would be of: 1️⃣Becoming ill 2️⃣Being alone 3️⃣Not being appreciated/accepted by others . . Fears are what drive all of our negative thoughts & emotions. Finding them, facing them & accepting them is a important step to bringing about any sort of lasting change in ourselves & our lives. . . It’s NOT necessary to always find the fear behind the negative reason or emotion (but can be helpful if you do see it). By just becoming aware of the negative part of you that is driving your motivation to lose weight is sufficient to start to get rid of it & begin to focus on a more positive reason for losing weight; that will make the whole thing a lot easier to achieve & sustain. . . When you do catch these thoughts/emotions, start to ask yourself what the true motivation behind them is & see if it is really helpful or not in achieving your goal of losing weight. . . So once we do identify the negative thought, what should we do next?…. find out tomorrow! . . PS, isn't it mind blowing how our thoughts & feelings are indirectly connected to weight-loss efforts? Comment with our signature❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ if you are starting to see a new piece of the puzzle that can help with weight-loss/fitness transformations!❤️❤️❤️ . .


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