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65.6% of finnharries's followers are female and 34.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.80%. The average number of likes per post is 56546 and the average number of comments is 187.

Finnharries loves posting about Actors.

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65.6 %
34.4 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 66.74 %
  • Travel & Tourism 64.36 %
  • Photography 61.79 %
  • Art & Design 46.87 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 41.14 %
  • Technology & Science 36.49 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 36.38 %
  • Business & Careers 35.23 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 34.05 %
  • Books and Literature 33.66 %
  • Sports 32.74 %
  • Movies and TV 32.41 %
  • Home & Garden 32.04 %


77,221 311

I’m excited to announce that I’m now a student at Architectural Association in London! I’m continuing my training in architecture and design with a focus on environmental sustainability and climate adaptation. This is a school with a long history of innovative design and right now we need that. Our built environment is facing its greatest challenge yet and it’s up to us to boldly reimagine the place that we call home.

34,072 50

Last week we set up a photography backdrop in the middle of the street at the London Climate Strike to document the humans that came out to protest. @aliceaedy captured these portraits while @jackharries and I interviewed each person to find out why they had decided to strike. The @guardian newspaper have published this series on their Instagram story today along with the quotes. Head over there to see more. Thank you to everyone who got involved! 🌍💚#globalclimatestrike

79,507 327

Face of joy☝🏼 In July I wrote a post about mental health and eco-anxiety. I had been struggling for a couple of months and was keen to share what I had learnt along the way. The response was incredible. It turns out I’m not alone... far from it. We live in crazy times which means it’s important we talk about the emotional impact of the changes that are happening in the world just as much as we talk about the physical impacts. It shouldn’t be a taboo to share the mental burdens that we all carry around with us... in fact something as simple as sharing them can often be all we need to break the vicious cycle of inner thoughts. I’ve been reading as much as I can recently about the brain. I’m fascinated by ideas around consciousness, meditation, Buddhism and even the neuroscience of psychedelics. The mind is such a mystery, learning more about it has given me more control in the way I respond to the world around me. 🧠 I’m going to share some of the resources that I’ve found useful below. Please comment anything you’re reading or watching if you’ve found it helpful in your own journey. 🙏🏼👊🏼

43,298 47

I took this photo at Sheffield Doc Fest just before the premier of Jack and Alices new short film ‘Disconnected’. They were pretty excited about it. 😏 The short film explores the epidemic of loneliness in our hyper connected society. It is still making its way around the film festival circuit but we’re all excited to share it publicly soon! Taken on #35mm film.

73,156 173

In 10 days we begin the global strike for action on climate change. If you’re reading this, I’m asking you to join us, wherever you are in the world. We’re asking for emergency action from our political and industry leaders to help stabilize the global climate before it is too late. We’re calling for an end to the age of fossil fuels because our future literally depends on it. Join us on September 20th. You can find out more by visiting the link in my bio. #unitebehindthescience

57,777 71

Time spent outdoors with @matthewkfirpo. Check out his page to see more from this adventure. 🌲🏔

57,485 297

Dear fellow human: Earlier this year the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii recorded 415ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. That is the highest recorded concentration of CO2 in human history. In fact it’s the highest concentration of CO2 in the last three million years on planet earth. This concentration of CO2 is threatening the existence of our species. It has already led to the extinction of thousands of animal species. Our north and south polar ice caps are melting. Our forests are burning. Our coral reefs are bleaching. Our cities are flooding. The global temperature is 1 degree hotter than pre industrial levels and current projections suggest we’re on a path for at least 3+ degrees of warming this century. We are facing the worst environmental and ecological crisis we have ever known. Today I made the radical decision to tattoo this scientific recording onto my body both as an acknowledgement of our current reality and as a personal commitment to action. Whether we like it or not it is now our collective responsibility to stabilize global levels of carbon dioxide. Our lives depend on it. 🌍 Make your voice heard in two weeks and join us on the global climate strike. Link in my bio.

48,642 149

Wow. I’m out! I’m on a little bus leaving the retreat after 10 days completely disconnected from the outside world. I’ve been practicing Vipssana meditation for 10 hours each day, everyday in total silence. Sleep, eat, meditate, repeat. I’m very grateful to of found my way to this course. It’s the first step on a long path of practice. I’m slowly adapting back to real life. I’ve been completely disconnected. What have I missed? Give me the headlines! 🙏🏼 Photo by Mr @matthewkfirpo

114,761 516

Tomorrow I am turning off my phone and saying goodbye to all communication and internet for the next 10 days. I’ll be in silent retreat at a Vipassana meditation center. Each day begins at 4am with 10 hours of meditation. I feel nervous to be completely disconnected from the outside world but I’m also excited to spend that time observing my inside world and practicing a new skill set. I was inspired to take this journey by writers that I’ve been reading such as Sam Harris and Yuval Noah Harari. We live in crazy times and I hope the skill sets I learn over the next 10 days will better equip me for whatever road lies ahead. Photo by @matthewkfirpo

46,340 86

We’ve spent the last two days traveling through Switzerland and I’m awe of the landscape. We’re surrounded by great cathedrals of greenery, low lying misty clouds and the distant glaciers. It’s like an ethereal dream world. I’m feeling very grateful to be here. It’s nourishing for the soul. 💚🌲


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