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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.80%. The average number of likes per post is 106 and the average number of comments is 5.

39.81% of the followers that engaged with farahramos regularly are from Philippines, followed by United States at 7.77% and Japan at 5.83%. In summary, the top 5 countries of farahramos's posts engager are coming from Philippines, United States, Japan, Indonesia, France.

Farahramos loves posting about Photography, Travel, Nature & Outdoors, Architecture.

Check farahramos's audience demography. This analytics report shows farahramos's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Philippines 39.81 %
  • United States 7.77 %
  • Japan 5.83 %
  • Indonesia 5.83 %
  • France 3.88 %


79 1

My best cousin, @raf_rafff, who's also my best travel buddy is a hero! Naks! Our clan is so proud of you. Go save lives in New York! And take good care of yourself! 💪 Everyone in the family is staying at home, pinsan! 🙂 📷: @chillphil (He's also saving lives, you guys!) #frontliner #elnido #palawan #hero

100 2

An unintentional shot. I was enjoying the beach by myself. But ooops... may naglalandian sa dagat. Oo nga mag-isa nga ako eh. You guys didn't have to rub it in. 😅 But seriously, I am now back in Manila doing my self-quarantine for 14 days. I will see my family after that. For now, tiis tiis muna. I hope everyone is observing social distancing. This will be for everyone's welfare. #ElNido #Palawan #selfquarantine #socialdistancing

140 6

The other day I was enjoying this island and now everything just became different. They say obeying the rules is being mindful. Taking care of ourselves, making sure we're not gonna get sick is a sign of respect to the people around us. Taking all necessary precautions like social distancing, sanitizing, etc. will help prevent the spread of the virus either by not getting infected or be a carrier without knowing it. I must be enjoying the island and meeting new people but instead I went to the market to buy fruits to boost my immune system and just really spending time with myself. Now is also the time to pause and ponder. We'll be surprised by what we'll discover about ourselves. Let's take this time to take our much-needed rest as well because once we overcome this virus (I know we will), we will all be back on our feet, grinding once again. Let's all stop panicking but still see the good out of this situation (even if it's a hard thing to do at this point). 🖤🖤🖤 #ElNido #Palawan

102 3

Staying on this island for a few more days. It was crazy outside this morning but what else can we do? Will enjoy the beach for now and will keep watching this kind of sunset every single day I'm here. 🖤 #ElNido #Palawan

97 2

Will worry about everything later. Enjoying El Nido for now. #ElNido #Palawan

163 7

New profession: Self-timer Photographer #ElNido #Palawan

169 7

Not ashamed of my big tummy. It has 4 slices of pizza and tanigue with rice in it! Lol! Food is just so yummerz! #ElNido #Palawan

102 6

It's an honor to speak infront of my fellow Maryknollers at the Communication Week 2020 in @miriamcollege_qc last Friday, March 6. I was over the moon when I read the invite! Up until now I still can't believe that my school recognizes me and what I do. I mean, we're talking about the institution that shaped me into the empowered woman that I am now! Kaya talaga nga namang nakakataba ng puso. 🖤 I was asked to talk about modeling tips and freedom of expression. I actually gave emphasis on the latter. While it is true that we live in a generation where information is easy to spread through social media, it is important that we are responsible in what we are posting and sharing. Being on the receiving end of cyber bullying can greatly impact people's lives negatively. I, for one, once experienced this which eventually lead me to opening my own businesses: @farahmodels & @farahmodelscamp. I allowed myself to share my painful story so that my fellow MC students could learn from what I went through. I was crushed and put to the ground. I was brought back to zero. But for what? Some of us will never know the reason why these things happen. But I am blessed to have turned my life around. In the end, why don't we spread optimism instead of posting negativity? And if people try to destroy us, let's not focus on revenge but instead do everything in our power not to make someone else feel what we have felt in the same situation. Always, always choose to be a good person. And when you reach a point where you have an influence on social media, use that platform to uplift and empower people. Freedom of expression is a responsibility and not a privilege. I would like to thank Zach Jonson of CCATT Models and of course the Communication Arts Chairperson in Miriam College, Ms. Lynda Garcia for allowing me to share my experiences in my field and for welcoming me back home. I hope that my fellow MC students learned from me. This is the best birthday gift I received this year. 🖤 📷: @maacahplanes

117 18

As I turn a year older, I realized I have truly kept my real friends. They're so real that they're the ones who invited themselves tonight. So all of a sudden, may celebration. Haha! And I love it! ❤️

65 1

It's such a great honor to be invited as a speaker at the Communication Week of my Alma Mater, @miriamcollege_qc, happening tomorrow! I'm really happy to be recognized by the institution that shaped me into the empowered woman that I am today. I will talk about confidence, modeling tips and freedom of expression. I am so nervous. I feel like I am sent back to college haha! But more than that, I am excited to meet my fellow Maryknollers, CA students and CCATT Models. See you tomorrow!

94 4

It's time for another hair experiment! Looking at all the hairstyle pegs to try on at the newly opened branch of @thecolorbarph at Estancia Mall makes me so excited. Will it be ash blonde this time or should I try the multiple color gaming? Hmmmm? #thecolorbarph #nomatterwhatcolor


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