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71.1% of fabmanila's followers are female and 28.9% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.10%. The average number of likes per post is 41 and the average number of comments is 3.

Fabmanila loves posting about Design, Shopping, Fashion.

Check fabmanila's audience demography. This analytics report shows fabmanila's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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71.1 %
28.9 %


  • Entertainment 58.57 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 56.56 %
  • How-to & Style 48.83 %
  • Art & Design 47.40 %
  • Business & Careers 47.40 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 46.39 %
  • Children & Family 43.53 %
  • Travel & Tourism 34.20 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 31.77 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 31.77 %
  • Movies and TV 26.89 %


27 2

Just hanging around. 🙈 #HomeSpunByFabManila Reversible Mitt & Potholder (set) P295 《fabmanilashop.com》

38 12

The evolution of #HomeSpunByFabManila 🖤 This was 2018 in our Glorietta shop. It started as an experiment, curating things that we loved and found useful for our homes. I think all projects start this way right? You start small.. and then watch your efforts grow. Thanks for welcoming our pieces into your homes. Then and now. Will always be grateful. Though our stores remain closed, we are open online 24/7.

13 0

Thank God sun's out. ☀️ What are your weekend plans? Ours is grocery shopping lol. Pantry is running low. 🙈 Not-Your-Ordinary Placemat (used as tea towel) P220 set of two #HomeSpunByFabManila 《fabmanilashop.com》

21 0

When your placemat matches your snack🧁 Cloth Wipes P120 (used as placemat) 《fabmanilashop.com》

34 0

🍵+🧁.. is a match made in snack heaven. I love Heath & Heather organic tea. And my labs.. carrot cupcake.🥕 If you're from the south, you might have heard of Cielin's. It's an unassuming cake shop that's been a staple in our family celebrations for years. This is not an ad. Their chocolate cake is the 💣 too. #SupportLocalBusinesses #cielinscakehouse

96 8

From my sister-in-law's kitchen. 🖤 She got our Water Jug Cover (Rectangle) in navy blue stripes. Thanks for sending us a photo @karminadv 😘😘😘 #HomeSpunByFabManila

37 0

Almost gone. 🙈 Thank you for supporting #HomeSpunByFabManila We're excited for these to arrive in your homes so you can try them out yourselves. Tell us what you think okay? We don't bite and we welcome all suggestions. The rainy weather is making us want to snuggle in bed all day.. but work has to be done! Sharing another new project sooooon. Can you guess. 🎁 This was probably the most requested service in our Glorietta and ATC shops for the last.. oh I don't know.. six years. 😂 All in good time. Sharing soon!

39 0

I've been using the cloth wipes, jug cover and placemats/tea towel in my small studio kitchen these past couple of days. I ordered on our own website as soon as #HomeSpunByFabManila was live! 😅 Mahirap na maunahan guys haha. I don't know about you but I spend roughly a third of my day doing meal planning, grocery lists, recipe hunting, organizing the pantry/fridge, food prep or cooking. It's a chore, another avenue to be creative in or a way to destress all in one. But even a small bit of joy has the power to lift big things... and I find seeing my Beet Root print cloth wipes at my kitchen sink or my Japanese Wave tea towel hanging on a hook, gives me that extra inspiration to enjoy my time in the kitchen. 💛 Love, Sheila #FabManilaStories

67 6

Your kitchen BFFs 🖤 #HomeSpunByFabManila More in our stories! Reversible Mitt & Potholder (set) P295 《fabmanilshop.com》

13 0

.. ICYMI, our Mitt & Potholders are REVERSIBLE. 🖤 one side for Him and the other side for Her. Or both sides for YOU. Swipe >> Reversible Mitt & Potholder (set) P295 《fabmanilashop.com》 #HomeSpunByFabManila

34 1

2020 ~ the year we learned to love our kitchens. 🍳 #HomeSpunByFabManila Reversible Mitt & Potholder (set) P295 《fabmanilashop.com》

90 10

When I got married ten years ago, one of the first things I did was get myself a set of corelle plates. Back then there were no online shops yet.. and the only choices were from the department stores (which were.. 😏.) So on our honeymoon in the US, we got a complete set and I handcarried them all the way home. Fast forward to 2020, and I still love my pristine white plates despite the plethora of choices we have now (there are tons of online shops making the platita in me hyperventilate haha). I just find it the most basic of all colors, and it matches with ANY placemat I use it with. If you haven't noticed, I am a sucker for things that last a long time.. and for things that I can use over and over til they fall apart lol. Anyway next to white, I love all things black. I have a feeling.. you platitas out there will relate. I think when you purchase something with intention, it becomes more meaningful. And when you find something you really like, as in love like, grab it haha. I know I have a lot of regrets over the years. I tried my best to be minimalist at some point in my adult life but what I realize is that all things must be done in moderation. It's nice to be surrounded by things you love, the ones that have stories.. the ones gifted to you by special people in your life.. and the ones you bought for yourself just because. It makes for a more interesting life and home, don't you think? 🖤 Love, Jen #FabManilaStories #HomeSpunByFabManila


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