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41.7% of evolutioneat's followers are female and 58.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.20%. The average number of likes per post is 48 and the average number of comments is 2.

Evolutioneat loves posting about Coaching, Fitness, Health.

Check evolutioneat's audience demography. This analytics report shows evolutioneat's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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41.7 %
58.3 %


  • Art & Design 65.51 %
  • Entertainment 61.00 %
  • Children & Family 59.01 %
  • Business & Careers 54.39 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 53.40 %
  • Photography 51.43 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 50.67 %
  • Music 49.58 %
  • Travel & Tourism 42.93 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 42.37 %
  • Movies and TV 40.79 %


94 5

The Yo-Yo Diet Curse 🤯 . For the first few days you feel super motivated. It’s awesome. You might even lose a few pounds. . You think to yourself, “Maybe this time is different. I’m really going to do this.” . Maybe that motivation even carries over for a few weeks. . You keep on restricting yourself, rejecting your hunger, feeding yourself low-fat, low calorie meals and snacks packaged in cardboard or wrappers while you tally up your daily calories or points, and hit the treadmill for an hour to cap off another day in the life of a dieter in denial. . “I can keep it up,” you say to yourself. . But then something happens. An unplanned business trip...or you get sick...or there’s a string of social engagements you didn’t plan for...or you go out with your friends for a night of pure debauchery... . The list of triggers is endless. But the conclusion is always the same. You veer from the plan, and the next day you wake up feeling like a failure. . Hopelessness creeps in ever so slightly. Suddenly, you’re not as motivated. The “few days off” leave you wondering if you can do this. The mind games you play with yourself won’t shut up. That voice in your head gets louder and more opinionated. . You’re trying to keep up with the diet but you start to lose steam. Life gets in the way. You fall off track. The urgency you initially felt just sort of...disappears. And then your motivation dies altogether…. . You give up. . WHY does this ALWAYS happen? . Because you’re only motivated when it’s easy. It’s easy to follow a new diet for a few days. The novelty of the experience makes it fun and exciting and, well, easy! . As soon as real life gets in the way and the rules need re-writing, what happens then? You feel totally overwhelmed and lost. . Chances are, you give up sooner than later. You go back to your old routine. . …Oh, and the weight that you lost? It comes back. Immediately. . Can you relate? Tell me I’m not the only one who’s experienced this.

74 1

I am declaring war on the term “Cheat Meal!” and here's why...👇🏻 . Think of healthy living like skill development. No one would continue practicing guitar if they felt pressure at every moment, if they didn’t have fun with it, make a few (or many) mistakes and let the groove take over from time to time. But how do we do take this principle and transfer it to the domain of weight loss and lifestyle transformation? ...BY CELEBRATING! 🎉 That’s why I want to do away with the idea of “Cheat Meal.” Who are you cheating? Yourself? That seems dumb. Let’s instead CELEBRATE our accomplishments. Everyone overeats eventually, whether on or off a diet. It’s better to take control and schedule it ahead of time to limit the damage than delude yourself into thinking it’ll never happen. Celebration Meals are moments of what we call “planned imperfection” here at EvolutionEat, a form of “letting go of control in order to take control” that offers mental relief, an outlet to satisfy cravings, and an opportunity to let your guard down, be more social in the traditional sense, and motivate UP. My client, Angie said: “Sometimes for me it came down to focusing on when I would be able to have my next cheat meal. That’s what got me through the bouts of feeling unmotivated.” When “Celebrating” there are two things I tell my clients: 1️⃣ Don’t worry about the “what ifs” - There are so many what ifs that you could start to worry about. 2️⃣ Have fun! - This is actually fun. It’s fun to master a part of your life that’s forever been an issue. It’s even more fun to give yourself a pat on the back sometimes and remind yourself that you’re kicking ass. So, from here on out...let’s call it our “CELEBRATION MEAL!” . Who's with me!? When is your next Celebration Meal? . . . #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthfood #diet #celebrate #dieting #mindset #mindsetchange #growthmindset #evolutioneat #healthcoach

61 3

✍️ Re-inventing yourself is not about changing what you are “doing” — it’s about changing who you are being. It takes courage. . It also builds resilience. You prove to yourself that, above all else, you will come out on top, no matter the circumstances. . Turns out, I was destined to become an entrepreneur before I even knew what an entrepreneur was. . True entrepreneurs are designed for evolution. For pushing the boundaries of what’s possible into the realm of “impossible.” . I was lost. From 15-25, my life was one big haze of megalithic aspiration and zero direction. . So many times I felt like I had nowhere to go and nothing left. Every time I ran up against my limits, I stopped looking “out there” and started looking within, even if I couldn’t see anything. . We’re each in our own personal evolutions, but we’re all in this together. . What are some ways you’ve reinvented yourself lately? Let’s talk about it. 💬 . . . . #personalevolution #mindsetcoach #mindfullon #reinvention #personalgrowth #personalstrength #mondaymindset #motivation #healthymindset #personalcoach #selflove #entrepreneurship #serveothers #healthandwellness

72 3

🚨Words of wisdom: Whatever you do, do not scale back from eating three big healthy meals per day. . The goal here is to heal your relationship with food and repair your metabolism. . This is NOT the time to reduce portion sizes, count calories, revert back to the “low-fat” paradigm, and start micro-managing your choices. . Remember, the goal is to master your diet, not lose weight as quickly as possible. This is not just another diet, it is a new way of life, and it’s a worthwhile investment. . Do not (I repeat, DO NOT) count calories. Instead, focus on changing the types of food on your plate (less sugar, less starches, more veggies, more protein, more fat). At a baseline you should be eating three healthy meals per day, every day. Period. How good does this @sophisticatedcaveman plate look? What’s one of your favorite meals that adds plenty of color to your diet?🥗 . . . . #foodforthought #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #eatgoodfeelgood #itstartswithfood #cleaneating #healthybody #nutrition #nutritioncoach #growthmindset #ditchthediet #positivecoaching #nondietapproach #weightloss #knowledgeispower #eatsmart

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Do you ever start your day with the perfect "plan" only to find by mid morning you're already on the hunger hunt? . 👉🏻You have yogurt or oatmeal neatly packed and ready for your morning meal or a quick grab and go option like a banana. 👉🏻You hit the gym, get ready for work, grab your planned breakfast and off you go! 👉🏻Then, 1 hour later it's high alert hunger! Shoot!🚫Lunch isn't for 3 more hours! Ok, let's unpack your plan... A healthy breakfast is important, but having the right amount of macronutrients is the game changer. You see, when we wake up and start our day with a healthy, but low protein breakfast. we spike our blood sugar. All food raises your blood sugar ⚠️ . And, if not anchored, that blood sugar will shoot up, and then crash down, leaving you with the early morning hunger, ultimately reaching for something else to quickly raise your blood sugar again, and because it wasn't planned, you may be temped to reach for the office bagel or another piece of fruit to only spike your sugar again. Hello Rollercoaster 🎢 However, by adding 30 grams of protein to your breakfast, you're going to stabilize that blood sugar. It will rise, but not spike and will create a steady level of blood sugar for your body to use for energy and help you get all the way to lunch. I personally love eggs 🍳 for breakfast! They are packed with protein and very easy to transform by adding different veggies so I never get bored. What ways do you enjoy adding protein to your breakfast? 👇🏻 . . . . . #evolutioneat #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #nondietapproach #eatgoodfeelgood #itstartswithfood #evolveandsucceed #growthmindset #cleaneating #healthybody #nutrition


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