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✨being myself and writing songs about it 🧠 mental health & recovery @projectheal 🌈 lgbtq advocacy @itgetsbetter
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 12.70%. The average number of likes per post is 841 and the average number of comments is 30.

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588 16

Hi y’all. i just wanted to say thank you so so much for your messages. i have a whole folder of the things you DM me so i can look back on them. I won’t post them here because anonymity, obviously. but the fact that some of u migrated from TikTok to message a small random artist on here is so kind. the idea that my music actually reaches people I’ve never met is wonderful. It makes my whole life to know that there’s actual humans on the other side of the screen listening to my stuff. that’s all! 🤍

619 11

smilin’ and settling for biden 🤪 anyways DM me if you’re interested in phonebanking or joining one of the @joebiden interest groups (I’m in Todos con Biden and Out for Biden!); and/or if you’re interested in being a poll worker on Election Day! this is the most important election of our lifetime and all hands on deck are necessary 💖 #vote #voteblue #bidenharris2020

1,079 51

Happy lesbian visibility day ✨💫 I remember being so inspired by others in previous years being unapologetically themselves on social media, so here’s to doing the same 🎉 I also want to thank @itgetsbetter for being the biggest reason I feel comfortable being myself on social media 🧡 #itgetsbetter (scroll for my favorite video of all time) #lgbt #lesbianvisibilityday #gay #pride

830 24

it’s frustrating that every time I post something on TikTok about my choice to vote for Joe Biden next month, I get comments of LGBTQ+ people or “allies” saying that Trump is the most pro-LGBT president we’ve ever had and that’s why they are voting for him. That is simply not true. Biden is the only candidate in this election that has concrete policy ideas that protect LGBTQ+ people. {Before I get comments saying Biden did not used to support gay marriage: I know. But I am voting for concrete policy, not for candidate’s previous personal opinions that they have now changed.} Trump has undermined this community and our freedoms. He has used everything is his power to take away the rights we have been granted through activism and previous administrations. So, if you are a voter that loves an LGBTQ+ person or if you are part of the community yourself: vote for Joe Biden. I’ve compiled this list of just a fraction of his policies. Feel free to share! #voteblue #biden2020 #lgbtq #lgbt #vote2020 #voteblue2020 #bidenharris #lgbtrights #pride #biden #joebiden #blue #dumptrump

963 51

ayyyyy it’s HEALweek!!! @projectheal Soo. Around a year ago I discharged from eating disorder treatment for what I know deep down was the last time. I was so ashamed of my relapse last year and didn’t speak publicly about it for fear of letting everyone down. But now I feel proud of myself and I’m taking this HEAL Week to celebrate how far I’ve come! for a long time, my life consisted of treatment centers, hospital appointments and worried caretakers. That’s no longer true. I never knew that this is what freedom would feel like: i genuinely feel at home in my body, which i never thought i could feel while being fully weight restored. I rarely think of food in a negative way, and when I do, I am able to turn those thoughts around before they become behaviors. I am independent and genuinely happy. Basically, I’m saying all this because I’ve always been an open person so it’s pretty on brand, and I want you to know that it’s ok to have bumps in your journey ❤️ Swipe for some of my favorite inspo 😊😊😊 #HEALweek #edrecovery #neda #mentalhealth #selflove #bodyposi #bodypositivity #inspo #nedawareness #recovery

472 5

Little moo’s first time at target

886 19

stickers!!!!! 🌈💖 these limited stickers are linked in my bio — 5$ each 😍 huge thanks to @squigley123 for the design!

785 37

For my next couple posts, I’m gonna be sharing the meaning behind some of the lyrics from my new song, “I’ve Never Written a Song About a Boy” 🤗 (out on all platforms, link in bio)! So first up is a lyric from the bridge: “My parents say it’s nice to watch me look so free.” My parents have always made it clear that my happiness matters most of all to them, not who I marry or how I choose to express myself. They often say that, up until a little while ago, the “real me” seemed dampened somehow, and that I now seem free and comfortable with myself. I couldn’t agree with them more! Honestly, I’m just proud to be myself and beyond thankful to have parents who accept me unconditionally (and I wanted to find a way to express even a tiny bit of my gratitude for their support in this song)❤️🌈✨ (Also perdón Mami if you don’t like this picture but i gotta promote the song hehe) #lgbt #itgetsbetter #pride

1,141 42

✨happiness hit her like a train on a track ✨// also big smile due to my best friends suprising me w a late bday (social distanced) rooftop gathering

849 37

“I’ve Never Written a Song About a Boy” comes out (🤪) September 7th at midnight. Presave in bio 🤍

1,085 75

Turning 20 in a country that believes in science, is run by a lady, and actually handles corona is just so... *chef’s kiss* ✨

725 10

pictures shot by @elliebmaclean, collage edited/curated by @takeyourtimeart . these are two amazing, creative women i am so proud to align myself with as i reinvent myself and my music to reflect who I’ve always been on the inside :) also: I am not doing this without intention. Profits from my streams will continue to go to the NAACP Legal Defense fund and The HAF Project.


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