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14.7% of esportskobe's followers are female and 85.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 7.80%. The average number of likes per post is 3258 and the average number of comments is 45.

Esportskobe loves posting about Sports.

Check esportskobe's audience demography. This analytics report shows esportskobe's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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14.7 %
85.3 %


  • Technology & Science 49.17 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 44.94 %
  • Movies and TV 43.31 %
  • Entertainment 42.28 %
  • Music 40.51 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 38.18 %
  • Art & Design 37.85 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 37.03 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 36.62 %
  • Business & Careers 36.14 %
  • Photography 36.07 %
  • Travel & Tourism 35.83 %
  • Sports 35.72 %


3,006 24

It's been a while because of quarantine but here's a quick behind the scenes of #Worlds casting with da Cap from today. Tomorrow we cast the first 3 games with Phreak, including the TSM vs FNC rematch! 😲

3,795 60

We are still stuck in quarantine, but studio or not, I'm dressing up and going all out for @cloud9gg vs @TSM today for the last NA spot at Worlds!!! . . . . #LCS #leagueoflegends #esports #videogames #instafashion

3,598 42

Beautiful day for some league of legends 😊 After today I get a week off! Going to take the opportunity to fully disconnect and relieve stress. When I come back I'll be casting all of week 7 so Azael can take his turn on vacation too, see you then!

3,774 113

Yahooooooo quarantine birthday time!! Greatful to find a nice open rooftop and appreciate the small things right now. 😊 Already thinking about the LCS games this week and topics for The Dive, 10 thoughts, This or That and Countdown! So many roster changes with the teams at the bottom trying to improve should be interesting, as well as some NA talent getting the spotlight and Twisted Fate 1-3-1 taking over!

3,433 84

Hello friends! I will be posting additional content on Thursdays here with analysis on team performances and upcoming matches. This week I want to start with TL and my friend @esportsjatt as they’ve shown some pretty clear trends in just their first two drafts of Summer, picking almost identical comps of Morde/Trundle/Aphelios in BOTH games + Azir/Ori which fill the same roll leaving Sup the only main difference. So far in summer TL have made sure to ban Graves both games and then 1 of the S tier adc (Varus, Ezreal, Aphelios, Kalista). This opens them up to early pick Trundle+Aphelios in their first two picks to focus on objectives and scaling for 5v5. Then they answer whichever solo lane matchup was shown by their opponents to ensure decent matchups for mid/top with scaling options. This resulted in Morde both games top which they used to teamfight instead of split push. With both Trundle to shred 1 enemy frontliner and Morde who can ult another one to steal their stats or isolate an enemy carry if out of position this completely destroys an enemy battle line. I will say that Broxah has talked about wanting to play aggressive in interviews and to be a part of a proactive team so look out week 2 👀. For GoldenGuardians I have loved the way they’ve fully embraced and empowered the Damonte+Closer combo. They drafted Closer two power farming invade junglers Graves/Nidalee with Damonte’s pressure of Ekko/Jayce mid and CC options for themselves in bot side forming an exciting aggressive team looking to prove themselves but also the requirement to snowball. This week they will have a big advantage over CLG with Closer vs Wiggly but probably get dumpstered by C9 like everyone else. Here's a stat for you: TSM has the fastest average game time in the league at 25:20 beating Dig very quickly but losing to TL even faster. The comical part is that their Kayn game against TL was SO bad that Kayn didn’t transform until 23min… and the game ended just 2 min later. Been hearing that scrims have been a rollercoaster for this team and they definitely need more time to iron out their style and play! *2 more continued in comments since I even ran out of room here 😅😅*

3,397 49

Got to cast in my sweatpants yesterday 😎business on top, comfy on bottom. Super happy to be back on the broadcast and focus on some work in these crazy times. Thanks to the tech team for making it possible. Had a lot of fun in the TSM vs 100T and C9 vs EG games through wet socks and crab police 🚨 Hope you all can stay healthy and have some laughs every now and then!

2,919 23

Sending all my energy to the engineering team, production team, casters, players, and orgs putting on the #LCS show today! Sadly my ISP issues won't let me participate so this is how I #LCS from home 👍

3,383 41

2020 has been extremely difficult, stressful, and anxiety inducing but we are working to get league of legends content back to you ASAP. Recording a new episode of The Dive in two hours and will be 100% remote broadcasting the #LCS this weekend. I also have an educational video on gank tips and minion vision tricks next week so stay tuned! I hope everyone is staying safe and being kind to each other, we can and will overcome these difficult times together ❤️

4,162 41

Hiking adventures part 1: Into the wild with Turtle 🌞 Now time for some soloqueue on my off day, hope you have a good one!

2,721 31

Had an absolute blast doing the #LCS game show yesterday even though our caster team failed miserably at the family feud audience poll questions 😂 Looking forward to next time so I can get my revenge!! If you missed it the vod is on @lolesports , it is our whole countdown pre-show.

2,544 33

Hahaha it's cool to have an action figure but not sure if my pose is hype commentator or old man yelling at clouds? 🤔 "Give me back my LP!"

2,230 43

Hey! Dropping some thoughts on some of the big LCS stories and teams this morning ahead of recording the Dive: C9 will be our MSI representatives but the upcoming buffs to cinderhulk which follow these sejuani buffs improve tank options for their competitors and when you pair that with the increased power of enchanters and scaling champions like Orn, teams will have better chances in the last 6 weeks of LCS to turtle out a possible win against the powerhouse C9 squad. I think liquid will rise to be a top 3 team again but it is going to take more time practicing with Broxah and they will still not surpass C9 or reach their previous levels of NA dominance because even though they will improve this split, the rest of the league has improved as well. What the FK happened to Crown and CLG? We don’t give out a “Dade award” for regular season but Crown has got to be the biggest underperformance of a single player compared to expectations set for him preseason. Ruin also seems to be struggling and the entire team having problems coordinating their engagements with their DPS at the same time resulting in the L’s piling up. TSM went 0-2 and made some more mistakes in the mid game resulting in them getting out scaled but they have shown real promise in their draft flexing (Qiyana, Sett, Orn…) and I do prefer a proactive style of play so I would encourage them to continue to work through the mistakes and not give up on their new direction. IMT are second place right now, and deserve the spot. However, I don’t think they will even be able to hold onto a top 4 spot if Eika doesn’t step up individually or they don’t import a different midlaner. Roaming is incredibly important for the mid position right now and he is currently sitting at the 2nd lowest forward % and lowest damage % of all mids. Meanwhile, their team play and objective focus is really paying off and having veterans like Xmithie and Soaz can often get you wins that people didn't expect you to get on paper. See you next weekend! I'm really excited for patch 10.4 tomorrow in soloqueue so I'll be spamming games ;)


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