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Wife to @vitopresta Birth Doula CD(DONA) Prenatal Coach(CPC) Believer Podcaster @miraculousmamas Ep w @mommyberrieshealth is out! Lull discount! 👇🏼
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67.4% of esandoz's followers are female and 32.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.40%. The average number of likes per post is 2735 and the average number of comments is 60.

Esandoz loves posting about Fashion, Modeling, Music.

Check esandoz's audience demography. This analytics report shows esandoz's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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67.4 %
32.6 %


  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 57.72 %
  • Children & Family 57.43 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 54.20 %
  • Travel & Tourism 53.42 %
  • Art & Design 52.71 %
  • Entertainment 50.39 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 49.39 %
  • Photography 45.47 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 44.68 %
  • Business & Careers 38.51 %
  • Home & Garden 38.37 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 35.14 %
  • Pets 34.27 %


869 13

Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is M-A to the M-A.... 😂 I seriously love this Mama necklace from @analuisa so much. It’s been a rough week for Jovie and I since her tongue and lip revision but I wouldn’t trade my job as her mama for the world. I do find myself needing to give Hutch some extra love though!! Earrings and necklace by @analuisany I love this company because they are affordable, sustainability, and have the cutest pieces. #analuisa Get 10% off with ESANDOZ10 💫 💛

3,678 166

Jovie had her tongue and lip released today... The tears, the exhaustion... all the situations that you never prepared for before becoming a mother. The journey has been much different than I anticipated. I do believe it’s great to plan, prepare and research although you will never be fully prepared. However, it does equip you to feel empowered to make decisions and ask questions. I didn’t want to get this procedure done. After hearing from our pediatrician, lactation consultant, and myotherapist, I couldn’t resist that this was the right decision. I had hoped that the orthodontist would tell me she didn’t need her ties revised but he said “if it was my baby, I would do it.” I know this is a common procedure and so many babies have ties but it doesn’t make it any easier on my mama heart. Now we begin 6 weeks of stretches 6 times a day and continued therapy. I think I cried just as hard as she did today. I see all you mamas out there struggling through feeds (bottle and breast), crying when your baby cries and doing everything you can to interpret their cries and take away their pain. Motherhood has opened a whole new level of my heart that I didn’t know was there. A level filled with deep love, hope, anxiety, fear and joy. I experience each of these daily. 💛

1,048 13

Being a new mom, I quickly realized how important and valuable sleep is.   We recently upgraded to a king bed and knew we had to get a Lull mattress.   It is so comfortable that I am able to fall asleep easily in between those late night and early morning feeds.  And those postpartum night sweats aren't as bad with their cooling gel layer!  We are big fans of the @lullbed here at the Presta household! #lullpartner #getyourlullon

1,756 10

Yesterday was #nationalboyfriendday My forever boyfriend, baby daddy and love of my life. We are taking on and learning new roles, but at heart we will always be boyfriend and girlfriend. 👫🏻 📸 @josie.england

2,693 44

We make the wine. 🍇🍇 #traditions #thattimeofyear #LizNLaVitoDulce

2,492 13

My world 🌎 💛😍

6,245 175

Our birth story is up on the podcast. This girl is worth the 18 hour very hard labor. Vito and I rewatched our birth video and we both feel like it was too soon to relive. It was very emotional, intense and amazing. As a doula, I know birth plans are good for educational purposes but don’t always go as “planned.” It took 8 hours to go from 2cm to 5cm with very hard contractions and it took another 6 hours to get to 7cm with baby sitting at a +2 for a long time trying to get into the right position with an anterior lip. This is not what I saw happening. I did all the work to plan and prepare and was hoping my labor would be smoother. We did every labor position in the book and used every tool but sweet Jovie had plans of her own to take her time. 💛 📸 @karishmadarji

10,088 412

September 1st at 9:41pm, Jovie Noelle made her entrance into this world. We are so incredibly in love and grateful for the support we had in labor and delivery and this week following. Although she made her entrance into the world a week ago, she just made it home to us. I planned a lot for birth but I never planned on leaving my daughter in the hospital NICU. She is such a strong fighter and has wowed the doctors with her ability to overcome since day 1. We are still processing this last week and going to take some time together as a family to soak everything in since this is the first time we get to be all together as a family. We could not have done it without our incredible @omgmidwives family, our midwife @sarahstetina and our doula @karishmadarji We cannot wait to share Jovie’s birth story with you next week on the podcast! 📸 @karishmadarji (my amazing doula)

1,831 18

Yesterday was #NationalDogDay A little over a year ago, we brought this boy home. We love Hutch so much and can’t wait to watch him become a big brother soon! 🐾 💙

3,002 99

A lot has changed in the last week. I went from being comfortable and not in a hurry to being very uncomfortable and in pain. Everything hurts. I’m slowing down A LOT and I feeling like I can’t carry this baby much longer. BUT I will be patient in waiting. I was praying last night with my hand on my belly. I realized this baby will only be mine for a little longer. I will only be able to carry him/her 24/7 and protect the baby from the world a little longer. I am blessed that I get to be a vessel for this little one. If I make to 42 weeks, I will get induced and for me this is the best decision. There are several reasons I don’t want to be induced and the main one is potentially missing out on the amazing hormones that my own body would produce in a birth without medical interventions. There is amazing research out there on this that is linked in my latest pregnancy blog. Plus, inductions statistically (in the USA) lead to more unnecessary medical interventions. Again, I am not against inductions at all! Inductions can save lives. Also, as long as your provider has shared the research, risks and benefits with you then it’s your choice to decide what’s best for you! Most of my friends have been induced and all of them turned out happy and healthy! I know my birth may not go as I have envisioned it, but I am educated in the research behind different interventions if needed, my rights in a hospital setting, and the importance of choosing a birth team that practices informed consent. This is why I love birth plans. Not that your birth will go as planned, but you will learn your options and be able to make informed decisions during your birth. I am beyond grateful for my birthing team! @omgmidwives I have full faith that however my birth goes, these amazing women will help me along the way and guide my baby earth side. Don’t forget to check out my latest blog where I share our packing lists and birth plan. Link in bio! 📸 @nikki_sandoz_gentry

2,467 20

I cannot wait to have this man’s baby and watch him become a dad. 😍👶🏼 @vitopresta remember when we used to be able to hug this closely and now there is a giant belly in the way?! I used to feel so small in your arms and now I can’t fit in them 😂 #babydaddy 📸 @josie.england

2,133 32

I thought that by 39 weeks I would be feeling uncomfortable and so over pregnancy. I surprisingly feel great and I’m staying comfy and cute with my first shipment from Motherhood Rental. ⁣ I’m so excited to share my personal picks with you! ⁣I am a big fan of being able to rent clothes especially since my size is continuously changing! ⁣⁣ @motherhoodmaternity @apeainthepodmaternity #MotherhoodRental


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