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Careered event/interior designer living in Upstate New York. Event design locally/nationally/globally
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60.0% of erinmcdonaldco's followers are female and 40.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.30%. The average number of likes per post is 90 and the average number of comments is 7.

Erinmcdonaldco loves posting about Events, Design.

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60.0 %
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  • Art & Design 91.96 %
  • Entertainment 86.29 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 64.17 %
  • Photography 52.46 %
  • Business & Careers 42.41 %
  • Travel & Tourism 41.15 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 40.49 %
  • Home & Garden 35.74 %
  • Luxury Goods 34.06 %
  • Movies and TV 33.14 %
  • Sports 32.77 %


68 0

Easter EPopUP hopping into Rochester. Come see us again at @merconmain for this holiday store. We've expanded the store a bit to include a few extra "peeps". Once again @vigneriny with some amazing chocolate treats. @linwoodcandleco with some fantastic Spring scents. @impactearthrocs with Earth Favorable products. Adding a few more special friends too as we get closer. Same location, just a slightly different layout. Thank you again to all the fine folks at @merconmain and special thanks to @f_ken_greene @palermosmarket, @brothonmain, @nanisonmain, @rococo_coffee_ , @cutmerconmain, @flourkitchenroc for having us be apart of your Renaissance of downtown Rochester. Dates are March 24-April 3rd. Come see. This time it is all planted spring delights like muscari , tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, lilies and orchids. Wonderful, fragrant arrangements for@your home, to take to Moms, or to share with friends. Stop by 10-7 each day.

151 27

The tents are coming...the tents are coming. This year at @lincolnhillfarms we will be overseeing the design of the glamping sites at this fantastic property. This, all inclusive, venue offers so much to their clients. Tons of property to roam through, several types of outdoor venues to choose from, outdoor ceremony settings, and these fantastic glamping sites. Don't forget to check them out. They are not only the nicest people but they care about their farm...deeply. Wedding in front of a sunflower field your thing? Want to have your rehearsal in the center of the hops farm? Check these wonderful folks out. Who knows what the future holds with events...we know that outdoor events are a safer place. Take a look at @lincolnhillfarms Special thanks to @revivalrental for the unique pieces in our tent last year. #weddingsinflx #flxwedding #flxny #glamping #glampingwedding #wedding #floristsofinstagram #shoplocal #designer #floraldesign #floraldesigner #interiordesigner #upstateny #chicago #chicagowedding #midwestwedding

113 18

Daydreaming back to a fantastic trip I took to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of @mdurpettievents and @collinpierson (photo cred) This was my special gift to them that weekend. It was the last evening we were to spend time in the house in Puerto Vallarta. Everyone left the house early that morning and, with the help of the house manager, I foraged the property for all the flowers used on the table. I asked them to gather all the blue glass, China, containers from their other houses that were located close by. I had the best time, listening to music, drinking beers, and designing...3 things that I love. When everyone came back to the house I refused to let them see it until it was dinner time. It was so awesome to see everyone's faces when they came down and were dressed for dinner. This was my gift to the couple for including me in their lives and for allowing me to be on the list. Looking forward to entertaining folks soon in the whatever form. Too many people to tag that also know who you are. #airhorn #destinationwedding #destination #weddingsinmexico #puertovallarta #wedding #floristsofinstagram #shoplocal #designer #floraldesign #floraldesigner #interiordesigner #upstateny #chicago #chicagowedding #midwestwedding

111 16

St.Patrick's day wedding last year in Chicago. Super fun families to work with. Loved the vibe. Custom Celtic knots designed by me hung behind the band, furnishings by @boweryandbash, sexy linens by @bbjlinen This was a collaborative effort with myself and @astemabovechicago One of many we designed together. @jfitzquaid with @entertaining_co always the best. @architecturalartifacts looked amazing that night. Lighting, drapery, cafe light creation by @eleganteventlighting #chicago #chicagodesigner #wedding #floristsofinstagram #designer #floraldesign #floraldesigner #interiordesigner #chicago #chicagowedding #midwestwedding

76 5

Trying to re-energize the soul and get back into our creative spirit. Easter is coming. Hop on over to our next little pop up where we will be selling some cute little gems like these. Details of times coming soon. We will be updating our online store this week. @vigneriny is going to be selling some amazing chocolates and hopefully some super cute sweets from the delectable @sobellyhappy and those amazing, hand poured candles from @linwoodcandleco @merconmain Don't miss out. Still working out all the deets! #merconmain #visitrochester #downtownrochester #easter #easterdecor #popupshop #wedding #floristsofinstagram #shoplocal #designer #floraldesign #floraldesigner #interiordesigner #upstate by

85 3

So fresh as so clean. Spring is coming. Let's party! @mdurpettievents @gene_georgetti @windycitylinen #downtown #chicago #chicagowedding #midwestwedding #downtownrochester #wedding #floristsofinstagram #shoplocal #designer #floraldesign #floraldesigner #interiordesigner #upstateny

53 10

We would like to thank all the patrons who visited our little PopUP at the @merconmain this past week. We can't thank you enough and hope you were thrilled with our product and service. Special thanks to the folks at @palermosmarket @cutmerconmain @nanisonmain @brothonmain @flourkitchenroc and @f_ken_greene for having us there to share VDay love with all of your customers. We gave away a handful of flowers today to all who dined there and hope it brought a little smile. Till next time! Look for more PopUP's in the future for @erinmcdonaldco Be sure to check@out all of the fabulous things coming to @merconmain in the coming months. Very special place in the heart of downtown Rochester! #merconmain #visitrochester #downtownrochester #wedding #floristsofinstagram #shoplocal #designer #floraldesign #floraldesigner #interiordesigner #upstateny #chicago #chicagowedding #midwestwedding

136 10

Springs coming sometime...LOL. Loved this table designed with expert event planner and friend @mdurpettievents @bbjlinen Fresh, bold, and big...just like I like it. This was an homage to Lagerfeld after his passing. #designer #weddingstylist #styledshoot #visitrochester #downtownrochester #wedding #floristsofinstagram #shoplocal #designer #floraldesign #floraldesigner #interiordesigner #upstateny #chicago #chicagowedding #midwestwedding

89 1

Final flowers, candles, chocolates, sweets going out the door today. Get your honey something fabulous. Hand ties bouquets to go, small yarn wrapped vases with flowers, or take a home beauty like this one. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! @merconmain #merconmain #visitrochester #downtownrochester #valentinesgiftideas #valentines #wedding #floristsofinstagram #shoplocal #designer #floraldesign #floraldesigner #interiordesigner #upstateny #chicago #chicagowedding #midwestwedding

105 3

Looking forward to blossoms in shades of yellow, peach, apricot and watermelon. Cold snaps like this remind me of what's around the corner. Hopefully this year it is filled with a bit more people around the table...but I will take what we can. 2020 was a hard year for me and so many but I am truly thankful for my health, my families health and my friends health. Be thankful for what you have in front of you and move past what you can't control. It's how I've been able to stay positive through all of this craziness. Sounds cliche but it's true. Come visit us this weekend and take a pieces of love home to your significant other, mother, father, wife, husband...side piece. Whatever you got cooking we have the perfect VDay gift for you. Chocolate treats from @vigneriny, confectionary love from @sobellyhappy, handpainted cards from @eight21studios you name it we have it. Gift sets, wrapped bouquets, single stem roses or LUSH bouquets of mixed flowers. @merconmain, @palermosmarket , @rococo_coffee_ , @brothonmain , @nanisonmain, @cutmerconmain @flourkitchenroc these are ALL wonderful food spots to grab some delectable food and enjoy being downtown again. Come visit and see what's up! I am honored that they have asked me to join them for this holiday PopUP. #thankful merconmain #visitrochester #downtownrochester #valentinesgiftideas #valentines #wedding #floristsofinstagram #shoplocal #designer #floraldesign #floraldesigner #interiordesigner #upstateny #chicago #chicagowedding #midwestwedding

62 0

Stop by from now till VDay at @merconmain VDay pop up! Grab some of these little beauties. Your partner will love you for it. Promise;) #merconmain #visitrochester #downtownrochester #valentinesgiftideas #valentines #wedding #floristsofinstagram #shoplocal #designer #floraldesign #floraldesigner #interiordesigner #upstateny #chicago #chicagowedding #midwestwedding


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