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58.0% of erinclairejones's followers are female and 42.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.10%. The average number of likes per post is 1699 and the average number of comments is 55.

Erinclairejones loves posting about Yoga, Soul, Health.

Check erinclairejones's audience demography. This analytics report shows erinclairejones's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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58.0 %
42.0 %


  • Art & Design 67.30 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 65.14 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 61.09 %
  • Business & Careers 57.93 %
  • Music 56.43 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 51.87 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 50.51 %
  • Travel & Tourism 45.19 %
  • Children & Family 41.54 %
  • Home & Garden 40.09 %
  • Photography 37.48 %
  • Entertainment 36.04 %


2,644 58

// a note on purpose & a free event // . I’m hosting a free webinar on human design & purpose this wednesday and wanted to share a few notes. this is just a taste of that information — there is so much to explore around how we can use our human design to help us align with our purpose and design a meaningful career. . if you’d like to join, it’s totally free to join and the link to rsvp is in my bio. if you’re not able to join live, the recording will be sent to those who register ✨ . for the projectors, you are our natural guides and advisors. trust your gift is not in how much you do, but in how you see. your job is to master your craft, recognize your value and make yourself visible, so people can invite you in to share. . for the generators, trust your desires to guide the way. you may not know where they’re taking you, but know what you’re uniquely lit up by is exactly what you’re meant to do and share with the world. . for the manifestors, honor the natural ebbs and flows of your energy. take rest when you need and create space for the inspiration to hit. trust your gift is in the initiating, not the doing. . for the manifesting generators, embrace your multi-passionate nature and give yourself permission to pursue all the things you have the energy for as well as to pivot and move on when the energy is no longe there. trying on lots of things is natural for you. . for the reflectors, surround yourself by the right people and spaces and allow them to guide you in the right direction. honor the fluidity of who you are and invest in the opportunities that remain exciting over time. . can’t wait to dig deeper on weds 💛 . if you’d like to dive in, you can look up your design in my profile. when you’re ready to dive deeper, you can order your blueprint (a written guide to your design), book a session or join the next flow there ✨

1,566 65

// a note on marketing yourself by profile // . I wrote on a post on this many months ago and decided it was time for an upgrade. how I share about human design evolves with each post I write and session I do, so wanted to share this evolution 💛 . if you don’t yet know your profile, you can look it up in the link in my profile. pay attention to the two numbers relevant to you. for instance, if you’re a 3/5, read the 3 and 5. . if you have a 1 in your profile, market your authority and your solid foundation of knowledge. inspire us to trust you as the expert. . if you have 2 in your profile, cultivate what comes easy and allow yourself to be called out for that thing. release the need to explain how you do what you do. . if you have a 3 in your profile, you are here to learn by doing and to make mistakes and learn from them. share your personal journey and what you’ve learned — transform us through your lessons. . if you have a 4 in your profile, lean on your personal connections. your opportunities are meant to come not from strangers, but from people you know. . if you have a 5 in your profile, leverage your ability to solve problems and offer solutions in a way no one else has before. be practical, clear and grounded in what you can offer. . if you have a 6 in your profile, you’re here to point the way forward. offer your objective, optimistic perspective and honor your truth. you are here to be a living example of authenticity. . as with all of human design, so much unfolds when we align with who we uniquely are and market ourselves that way too ✨ . and as always, if you’re curious to learn more, you can look up your design in my profile. when you’re ready to dive deeper, you can order your blueprint (a written guide to your design), book a session or join my next group immersive (tomorrow!) there 💛

2,567 48

// notes on trust for this week // . aligning with our human design is an everyday kind of thing. I’m 5 years in and still uncovering and stepping more fully into it with each day. it’s a practice and I share these reminders to remind you of that 💛 . so today, I wanted to share a few notes on trust. do you trust these things about your design? if they resonate, can you try them on this week? and explore how they feel? . for manifesting generators, can you trust the power of saying no? can you release the need to fit yourself into one box? can you trust your gut to guide the way? . for projectors, can you trust the invitation as a tool to protect your energy rather than limit you? can you trust the importance of rest and study and learning for you? . for manifestors, can you trust you are here to lead? that you are not for everyone and you step into your potential when you are bold and fully expressed? that you are here to initiate and are not meant to wait for things to come to you? . for reflectors, can you trust the importance of your space? can you embrace your fluidity? can you trust the value of your perspective and way of seeing the world? can you trust that you’re meant to do it differently? . for generators, can you trust your magnetism? that saying no only opens up space for more aligned opportunities? can you trust your gut to guide the way? . wishing you all a beautiful week 💛 . as always, if you’re curious to learn more, you can look up your design in my profile. when you’re ready to dive deeper, you can order your blueprint (a written guide to your design) or book a session or join my next flow workshop (this friday) there ✨

433 54

// an introduction // . hi! I love introducing myself every couple months for those new here. and I absolutely love hearing from you. I’m grateful you’re here with me 💛 . here are a few pieces about me: . in human design, I’m a 6/2 emotional projector. if you don’t yet know your design, there’s a link in my profile to look it up. the content I share will be even more meaningful if you know your design, so I’d encourage you to look it up and take note of your type, authority and profile. . I grew up in seattle, went to college in providence, rhode island and have lived in new york ever since. I currently live in brooklyn with my partner, a 1/3 sacral generator. . I’ve been sharing human design with the world since 2015. when I started my first business, human design was still totally new and most people had never heard of it. 2 years in, I almost gave up, not sure if the world would ever be ready for human design. and then in late 2017, the people were ready and my life has been a whirlwind ever since. . my mission is and always been to make human design as practical, accessible and empowering as it can be. . I’ve now made blueprints for over 5,000 of you, sat with more than a thousand of you in sessions and worked with so many teams. whenever I take a moment to step back, I’m in absolute awe of these past few years and I know it’s just the beginning. . I share a lot of free content on here, in my stories and on so many podcasts. I’ve been on over 100 podcasts and some of my favorites are with: @organic_olivia, @almost30podcast, @loriharder, @raquellemantra, @christinehassler, @iamsahararose, @natalia_benson and so many more. . and finally, if you’re interested in diving into your design and working with me, yay! a beautiful place to get started is your blueprint — a 30+ page written guide to your unique design. I also offer individual or partnership sessions (just a few left for this year). and I offer 3-hour group immersives (the next one is this friday). a training is coming next year ✨ . I’m so glad you’re here. tell me: what’s your design? how’d you find way here? anything you’d like to share about yourself or ask? . sending love to each of you 🥰

983 26

// trevor noah’s human design // . @trevornoah is a brilliant comedian from south africa as well as an actor, writer, producer and host of @thedailyshow . I cried and laughed my way through his book recently and so many of you asked for me to share his design ✨ . trevor is a powerhouse manifesting generator with a tremendous level of energy, power and charisma. there is so much energy and lifeforce running through this man — it’s electric. . he is naturally magnetic and carries the strength of charisma. this makes him an unstoppable energetic and creative force and gives him the capacity to bring an idea to life almost immediately. . he carries the strength of conviction and an incredible ability to persevere when he honors his truth. when he embraces his authenticity, he inspires all of us to do the same. . he carries an insatiable energy to improve and poke holes in everything as well as a desire to make anything he’s part of better. . he’a got a gift for marketing and an ability to intuitively language things in a way people can hear and resonate with. . he is deeply empathic as well as has a totally open head and mind, meaning he’s open to receiving inspirations and ideas from everywhere. he is fluid in the way he looks at the world and his gift is exploring all the possibilities and angles instead of getting locked into just one perspective, which is exactly how he describes his podcast. . he carries the quality of ideas, meaning he has a constant flow of ideas and is not meant to pursue them all, but rather share them with others as a natural storyteller. . and finally, his larger mission is about pursuing almost impossible dreams, sometimes failing, and always rising back up. he’s constantly transforming and part of his purpose is about remembering to laugh (truly!) — leaning into his sense of humor and not being so serious. he’s a creative, spirited and romantic dreamer. . such a fun design to look into and truly such a powerful human and book 💛 . as always, if you’re curious to dive into your design, you can look up your design in my profile. when you’re ready to dive deeper, you can order your blueprint, book a session or join the next flow ✨

1,542 90

// on what each profile may want to hear // . just for fun today, wanted to share some notes on what each profile may appreciate hearing 💛 . your profile in human design is made up of 2 numbers, so pay attention to the slides with your 2 numbers. for instance, I’m a 6/2, so I would look at the 6 and 2. . if you don’t yet know your profile, you can use the link in my profile to look yours up. . for those with a 1 in their profile, it’s honoring they are here to be our experts and authorities. it’s honoring their need for creative solitude and their need for a strong foundation of trust in relationships. . for those with a 2, it’s recognizing their innate genius and inviting them in to share it. it’s honoring their hermit nature and need for time alone. it’s not asking them to explain how they do what they do, but recognizing and appreciating it. . for those with a 3 in their profile, it’s honoring the power of their personal journey and how much wisdom they have to share. it’s encouraging them to make mistakes and experience things for themselves, knowing it’s an essential part of their process. . for those with a 4, it’s recognizing their opportunities come through their community, so actively creating opportunities for them. it’s honoring that it’s healthy to be friends with those they work with. and that while community is key for them, they need time alone too. . for those with a 5 in their profile, it’s acknowledging they’re gifted problem solvers, but knowing it’s easy for people to project things onto them. so checking in to make sure they feel seen and are saying yes to what’s correct. giving them space to be all they are. . for those with a 6, it’s honoring their natural wisdom and authority. how they inspire us all to step into our authenticity by embodying it themselves. . do you have a favorite that resonates with you? what’s your profile? ✨ . as always, if you’re curious to look up your design, you can use the link in my profile. I’m also hosting a free intro webinar this weds! link in profile. . and if you’re ready to dive deeper, you can order your blueprint (a written guide to your design), book a session or join the next flow workshop there ✨

2,998 80

// mantras for october // . what a wild year this year has been and continues to be. you all loved the mantras, so wanted to try a new thing and share some mantras by type for october. find yours and let me know what you think ✨ . for projectors, it is about stepping into your leadership and honoring the need for your voice and perspective right now. and nourishing yourself through rest and time to study and learn. . for manifesting generators, it’s about trusting your creative power and knowing how unstoppable you can be when you invest your energy in the right opportunity. and taking care of yourself by tuning into your desires and honoring where your energy wants to take you. . for manifestors, it is about owning that you are here to chart your own path and lead the way forward. where you go, we follow. and trusting that you’re not here to do it all on your own. . for reflectors, it’s trusting the power of your perspective when you don’t take on others’ feelings as your own. and taking care of yourself by spending time with people and in places that are uplifting. . for generators, it’s trusting your gut as your guide and releasing the need to explain why something feels right. it’s knowing the more you let go of what drains you, the more you create space for what is correct for you. and taking care of yourself by creating space to follow your excitement. . sending love to each of you today. let us make sure we take action and take deep care of ourselves this month in the ways that feels uniquely right for us 💛 . as always, if you’d like to look up your design, you can in my profile. when you’re ready to dive deeper, you can order your blueprint (a written guide to your design), book a session or join the next 3-hour group immersive there ✨

1,541 11

// showing each other how much we care // . my partner has been particularly hard at work this week and it’s got me thinking on how we can love on each other and show one another how much we care we care based on our design. . so wanted to share a few notes for this week 💛 . for manifesting generators, ask questions and give them things to respond to as a way to help them connect to their truth. know we all benefit when they honor their desires and what they truly have the energy for, so don’t make them wrong for pivoting or changing course. . for projectors, it’s all about recognition. they are so gifted at making others feel seen and recognized — can you do the same for them? . for manifestors, honor their powerful nature and remind them of the impact they have. trust and honor how sacred your connection is once they let you in. never tell them what to do or try to control them in any way. . for reflectors, honor their sensitivity to space, respect their fluid and ever-changing nature and sort through your own stuff, so you feel good to be around for them. . for generators, get curious and ask questions about what excites them. encourage them to pursue their unique desires, even if they don’t involve or immediately serve you. remind them how good they feel when they honor their boundaries and what they have the energy for. . wishing you all a beautiful week of both honoring your design and showing those around you how much you care 💛 . as always, you can look up your design in my profile. and when you’re ready to go deeper, you can order your blueprint (a written guide to your design), book a session or join my next 3-hour flow workshop there ✨

1,538 28

// on dating by type // . tonight, I’m hosting a (free) webinar on human design & love and felt inspired to share a few notes on dating by type today. . if you’d like to join the webinar, the link is in my profile. it’s at 6p est and if you can’t join live, you’ll receive the recording after (if you register). there are 1.2K of you registered 🥰 . for generators, trust that when you follow your desires, you attract the most aligned people and opportunities to you. keep your awareness open and see who naturally lights up your gut. . for manifestors, trust your urge to initiate when it comes. communicate often and keep those around informed of what you’re choosing and when. stay in your own flow. . for manifesting generators, you are meant to be lit up by your relationship in the same way you are meant to be lit up by life. the more you honor your desires, the more aligned people you will attract to you. honor where your gut wants to go and give yourself permission to pivot and move on when it’s time. . for projectors, it is so key you feel deeply recognized and invited in. you can make yourself visible on a dating app or sharing with a friend where you are romantically, but make sure you feel deeply recognized in the connection before you commit. when the recognition is there, lean in. and take plenty of time alone to recharge. . for reflectors, being in the right space makes you available for the right connections. you will magnify your partner’s state, so make sure they feel good. honor your sensitivity to space always and take your time entering into a relationship. . human design sheds light on how we’re meant to enter into a relationship correctly from the outset as well as how to cultivate a meaningful relationship(s) once we’re in one. I can’t wait to dive in with you all tonight ✨ . and if you’re curious to dive in, you can look up your design in my profile. when you’re ready to dive deeper, you can your blueprint for you or a partner (a written guide to your design), join the next group immersive to better understand the chart or book an individual or partnership session 💛

948 43

// ruth bader ginsburg’s human design // . justice ginsburg passed away last friday. she was the second woman ever to be a supreme court justice and a warrior for women’s rights and equality. . while we don’t know her exact time of time of her birth, much of her design remained consistent for 95% of the day, so I’m sharing below what is most consistent and likely. . she was an emotional generator with a 3/5 profile. . as a generator, she was here to be masterful at what she did and carried tremendous stamina and energy. when she committed her energy to what felt truly meaningful to her, anything was possible. . she had a powerful mind and a gift for formulating and communicating her logical, organized and detailed opinions in a way that could transform the way people looked at the world. she was known for her powerful, often dissenting opinions. . she carried the strength of community and a deep motivation to be in service of those around her. as she said herself, “to make life a little better for people less fortunate than you, that’s what I think a meaningful life is. one lives not just for oneself, but for one’s community.” . she also carried such potential for loyalty and was here to learn through partnership, which she demonstrated beautifully with her partner, martin. . she carried a warrior quality and motivation to be the first. she continually went places few before her had gone — as the second woman appointed to the supreme court, as one of 9 women in her harvard law class, as the first female tenured professor at columbia, as the first in her class there and as a pioneering lawyer in women’s rights. by being self-empowered herself, she empowered all of us. . and finally, with the 3 in her profile, she carried a natural resilience and persistence to keep going, even through failure and setbacks. and with the 5, she was a natural leader, one that created a sense a possibility for us. . just wanted to share a taste today to honor this superhero of a woman 🙏 . and as always, if you’re curious, you can look up your design in my profile. when you’re ready to dive in, you can order your blueprint, book a session or join the next flow there 💛

1,798 54

// thank you notes for each other // . human design reveals how different we each are and in doing so, it can make us so much more appreciative of one another’s uniqueness and bring us closer together. . so today, I wanted to share thank you notes for each type and just one example of the positive impact each type can have (there are of course infinite possibilities). . they are for each type in general and if they resonate, I’d encourage you to thank your favorite manifestors, projectors, manifesting generators, generators and reflectors for bringing their unique spark of magic to the world. . if human design has taught me anything, it’s that we need each other and aren’t meant to go at it alone. always & most especially now. . for my projectors, thank you for seeing us, recognizing us and asking all the right questions. . for my generators, thank you for honoring who you and what you’re here to do and lifting us all with your infectious, inspiring energy. . for my manifestors, thank you for letting us in and inspiring us with your vision and boldness. . for my manifesting generators, thank you for reminding us everything is possible and expanding us with your energy. . and for my reflectors, thanks for offering a much needed perspective always at the perfect time. . to each of you, thank you for bringing your unique spark of magic to the world ✨ . and if you’re curious to dive in, you can look up your design in my profile. when you’re ready to dive deeper, you can get your blueprint (a written guide to your design), book a session or join my next 3-hour immersive (tomorrow!) there ✨

1,856 88

// mantras for each profile // . our profile in human design sheds light on how we’re uniquely designed to manifest our purpose. I wanted to share some mantras for you to keep in mind this week (and always) ✨ . if you don’t know your profile, you can look it up at the link in my profile. there will be two numbers (e.g. 6/2). pay attention to the slides speaking to your two numbers. . for those with a 1, it’s all about becoming an expert and authority in what you do and trusting how valuable your knowledge is for the world. . for those with a 2, it’s about honoring what comes easily and naturally to you and honoring your hermit nature (but not spending so much time alone that people can’t recognize and see you). . for those with a 3, it’s about learning by doing doing, embracing your trial-and-error process and sharing your experiential wisdom with the world. . for those with a 4, it’s about investing in the relationships you’re drawn to and trusting your community as the powerful well of opportunity it is. . for those with a 5, it’s about honoring your unique and powerful perspective, knowing yourself deeply and having strong boundaries around who and what you’re available for. . for those with a 6, it’s about trusting the innate wisdom you carry, taking perspective whenever you can and inspiring authenticity in others by embodying it yourself. . wishing you all a beautiful week wherever you are 💛 . and if you’re new here, you can look up your design in my profile and sign up for my intro webinar on thursday. when you’re ready to dive deeper, you can order your blueprint (a written guide to your design), book a session or sign up for my next 3-hour group immersive this friday. links to all are in my profile ✨


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