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Anti-racist 👆Glamorous Pioneer 🪓💎 Desert punk 🌵🛹Artist by Nature 🎸Producer by Nurture 💻 Dog Mom to Ozzy 🐶 Homestead Mom at Wildwood Pool 🏚
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46.3% of emmywildwoodmusic's followers are female and 53.7% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.50%. The average number of likes per post is 131 and the average number of comments is 10.

Emmywildwoodmusic loves posting about Music, Songwriting, Singer.

Check emmywildwoodmusic's audience demography. This analytics report shows emmywildwoodmusic's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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46.3 %
53.7 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 62.20 %
  • Music 54.24 %
  • Art & Design 51.09 %
  • Business & Careers 45.68 %
  • Photography 45.44 %
  • Entertainment 43.35 %
  • Books and Literature 42.69 %
  • Movies and TV 35.63 %


101 5

Hello I’m a nice lady who needs a medium amount of help putting together things like new racks in her recording studio via zoom and am feeling medium overwhelmed by it. Will gladly supply you with medium good Dad jokes or vintage t-shirts in return ❤️DM me. Also how am I pulling off this #MickeyMouse shirt @ms_newvintagecurvylife 🔥🔥🔥🔥?? #musicislife #musicianproblems #producerlife #producerproblems #vintagestyle #vintagetshirt #redhair #redhead #red #redtshirt #mickeymouseparty #mickeymousetshirt #protools #laptopproblems #halp

41 6

Best part of #quarantinelife is coming in from the studio and seeing these two handsome boys working on the couch 😍#mylove #myloves #theyneverstopworking #mybuddies #myboys #mustlovedogs #artist #artistatwork #artistathome #artistinstudio #artistinaction

344 33

Look who got all dolled up! Tomorrow I may even wear a t-shirt with no holes 💄🎸 I’m gonna tell those less experienced in the world some advice below about “beauty” I wish someone had given me as a young person 💕 . I worked in beauty and fashion for years and I had to get fully made up every single day as per uniform requirements. That’s partially why I had opportunities for so many outfits! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t totally recognize myself lately and I know we’re all feeling that way. It’s a harsh and critical time and it is superfluous to worry about a few pounds or split ends. The focus should be on taking care of one another. . That being said, it’s easy to enjoy the break from having to be made up for so long but tbh I remembered myself today after some pretty generic self-care 101. I looked at some art, scrolled Pinterest for inspo and self-expressed which, as silly as it seems, is what you are doing when you present yourself to the world. However you feel best, you should look it for your own strength. It’s like a vitamin. Sometimes pulling yourself together gives you what you didn’t know you needed which is love. . There are no rules. There is no one-size box to “beauty”. There is only enhancing to where you feel confident. “Beauty” is an average-a sum of parts -and you are so much more than that. Make up is like music and you can enjoy many instruments together in an orchestra or just a stand alone classical guitar. There is no right way and you are perfect however you feel best. So just go spend some time making yourself feel good when you are able. Now I feel confident in taking my #shameless “I VOTED BLUE” selfie 😜 . . #newhairdo #babybangs #desertpunk #desertgirl #redhead #bangs #fringe #selflove #selfcare #dolledup #shamelessselfie #selfie #selfportrait #someadvice #beauty #beautyisaconstruct #enhance

57 2

If you’ve followed me for a while you know that I love art in all mediums. I do not draw or paint so a gallery is one of the few spaces I can enjoy it without much analysis. It just gets me to see how another person sees things in their mind. I am flattered by the intentions of the artist pleasing themself. To me - seeing a painting show in gallery means the artist has hopefully reached the point of satisfaction with that particular piece that I get to see what they find to be a complete, if not exceptional, representation of an idea in their mind. Wow. It’s like art is conversation for the subconscious. Things most people won’t say out loud artists will show you in pictures because artists are gifting us with their power to paint it. Staring at paintings in a gallery is like buy a ride on a roller coaster. New rides all the time. I fell in love with Instagram because it is essentially a gallery of gateways into creative minds and it’s bottomless. This is one of the very first artist pages I followed in 2013. I have essentially watched this artist - @radomirpetrov - grow, complete work and sell it for 7 years. Two New Yorkers who never met but followed along. If you think art is as fun as I do then you will understand when I say how rewarding it has been. The impact of beauty, tragedy and sense of humor in this work is immediate but lasting. I love it and I look forward to it. Thank you to all the artists giving everyday because you are the outlet when there is nowhere else to go. . #art #artistsoninstagram #artist #artwork #arts #artistic #artlover #artlife #artoftheday #artdaily #artists #artappreciation #artistsupport #artistsupportartists #artforlife #artanddesign #illustration #color

170 18

To be a feminist is to understand there will be parts of a woman’s story that YOU will never fully understand and to be a feminist is to fully accept that how you think and feel is entirely subjective because of your personal history. To be a feminist is to accept that there is a world outside of youuuuuu that you have never seen or had to understand. If you think Amy Coney Barrett is the right choice it actually makes you seem not intelligent to me. To define what a good woman is to be disqualified from feminism. To understand that choice, sexuality, and gender neutrality open mindedness is a threat to insecure souls is the beginning of healing. The hive mind women develop against other women comes from THEIR NEED for power over others. To feel comfort in how their life has turned out. To be a feminist is to treat every women with the respect they deserve at all times not just when they are saying what you like or checking the Heteronormative boxes. To be a feminist is to not stand by and let your daughter live in a world where she is viewed as less worthy because that is the reality. 71 cents on the dollar. Just because you long for the values of the 50’s it doesn’t mean it’s an intelligent use of time. People will evolve no matter how nostalgic you are. Finally, females voting Republican is woman on woman crime. Period. How dare you hurt women with your laws that shame and control. Shame on you. Photo by @hinovafox my forever Queen Mother.

178 9

Bringing you the drama with the nastiest guitar I own. It’s a short scale Telestar and it’s terrific for almost nothing but it sits nicely in my lap and I’ve written some pretty gnarly rockers on it. 🎸🌵📸 by @nicpoolmusic #electricguitar #banger #mybanger #vintageguitar #oldbetsy #shortscale #whammybar #whammy #redhead #femaleguitarist #femaleartist #femaleproducer #producer #shred #songwriter #songwriting

55 2

@justnajima is fundraising towards her dream of touring and playing live in Tanzania! Najima is a kind, smart, emotionally thoughtful artist and couldn’t be more deserving ❤️Please donate to making GOOD and important dreams come true!! #linkinstories . . . #tucson #tucsonaz #tucsonartist #tucsonmusic #tucsonlove #tucsoncommunity #dreamscometrue #dreams #singer #tour #tourlife #fundraiser #fundraising #funds #independentartist #indieartist #originalmusic #indie #indiemusic #womensupportingwomen #artistssupportingartists

218 18

My Mom and I are both allergic to mascara 👀Here we are all vogue and snuggles pre-covid @christylong4187 💋💋#himom #mom #mymom #likemotherlikedaughter #loveyoumom #twinning #twinningwithmommy #redhair #tucson #desertgirls #desertpunk #desertlife #desertvibes #tucsonarizona #arizona🌵

317 19

26 years old, afraid of everything, reckless anyway, rehearsal spaces off the Morgan stop, diy rooms that were built by past hipsters, trying not to cry in front of boys and hiding in bathroom, red pants only, hats4eva, studded leather motorcycle jacket, wayyyy tooo hard on myself but nice to everyone, mostly. ❤️🎸❤️🎸 #feminist #femaleartist #beyourself #remember #remembering #rememberme #punksnotdead #williamsburg #vintagehat #redpants #redjeans #musicfashion #brooklyn #nyc #newyorkcity #citylife #cityphotography

58 2

@mudpuppyaz just dropped a new single that - I kid you not - is barely a minute and a half of steady bangeroo. 🎸🥁🎸Link in #stories!!! 🔥🔥#desertpunk #punkrock #punkfashion #albumart #tucsonaz #tucsonmusic

63 15

Today @nicpoolmusic is releasing his newest record that I produced under the moniker #streaming all platforms! 🧡 Read below.. . To produce for Nic is to to recall how at one time for me, walking into a studio felt like I was being let into the captains quarters on an airplane. He is the embodiment of the joy of possibilities! . While he is a long time singer, Nic has always passed the reigns over to bandmates or producers when making albums, often letting his ideas take a back seat. I told Nic from the beginning that I wanted to hear every idea he had and that he could try literally anything he wanted. Why? Because that is where producers find things they’ve never heard before. What a disservice to distract artists from their FULL vision with what you might think would be better for acquiring future opportunities or for the industry standard. Trust me, it always turns out poorly that way. . We also wrote these songs together as we went in a “the demo is the record” kind of manner once we made sure that they stood on their own with an acoustic or piano. We committed to the record being “a record of an event. The event of 2 people making music in a room” (Ani DiFranco) and, I kid you not, it just happened to us. . I watched Nic go from being an abstract wordsmith to becoming a serious top liner while managing to remain a humble servant to the message and melody (two very important approaches) and the proof is in the songs. . Selfishly, I’d like to say how this experience changed me but today is about Nic and his aquatic calisthenics in singing, writing and empathy. What a joy it is to watch him work out every angsty, artistic moment. Bravo kiddo. Listen to his new release right now! #linkinbio . Mixed by the talented Steven Lee Tracy @saintceciliastudios and mastered by Adam Boose @caulifloweraudio . #newmusicfriday #newmusicfridays #fridaymusic #fridaysongs #album #albumcover #nicpool #emmywildwood #femaleproducer #malesinger #indiemusic #indie #unsignedartist #albumartwork #albumart #spotify #releaseradar


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